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ok so one of my favorite things

is during the final battle ™ in diu when josuke catches up to kira At Last and basically flings him into a concrete wall, hard enough that it leaves a visible dent and cracks where kira’s head hits, and kira slides down and says cliche anime villain line #938734824 “h-he’s strong…”


Signs as Autocorrect

gem surprise
camp sir
scorn leo
sag nefarious
captain corn

Feysand jokes

Feyre: *laying in bed while Rhys brushes teeth* Rhys?

Rhys: *pops head out from bathroom* hmm?

Feyre: you are driving a bus, 450 people get on.

Feyre: 3 people get off…

Rhys: *finishes brushing teeth*

Feyre: *watches as Rhys blows out candles* 67 people get on, 32 get off…

Rhys: *smirks, crawling onto bed*

Feyre: 17 people get on, 4 get off…

Rhys: *cocks head to side, sliding under covers*

Feyre: *wicked grin* what color are the bus drivers eyes?

Rhys: *puzzled* ummm…how does that pertain-

Feyre: HA! I GOT YOU. *pokes Rhys in the stomach*


Feyre: *laughing wildly* YOU are the bus driver, remember?

Rhys: * unable to stifle his own laughter as he kisses her smile*


Request: y/n is out with Justin and she’s pregnant, the paparazzi become aggressive and rude, so Justin becomes overprotective.

“Don’t leave my side. Okay?” Justin says before helping you out of the van. You nod your head slowly before sliding your hand into his. The two of you made your way to the the building following security. Suddenly a bunch of flashes appear from cameras and screaming from fans. You’ve been with Justin for over 3 years and you still weren’t use to all the media. At times it gave you anxiety but it wasn’t as serious so you never told anyone.

“Justin!” “Over here!” “Y/N! Look here?” “Where are you guys going?” “Is it true Justin cheated on you?!” “Y/N are you only using Justin for money?” You hear various people yell, some of the questions were ridiculous but it was hard to ignore. You felt Justin’s grip tighten. He looks at you reassuringly before continuing to lead you to the building.

Suddenly a swarm of paparazzi begin to crowd the both of you. You were starting to feel anxious, you tried to block your face from all the flashes but it was no use they were everywhere. “Can you please let us through?” Justin replies politely as possible but you could tell he was getting impatient.

Sadly, no one listened.

They continued to swarm the both of you, making it very difficult to pass through even with security around. All you heard were rumours, insults, questions all sorts of stuff that was starting to make you feel uncomfortable.

“Justin! How sure that baby is even yours?! Y/Ns a slut for all we know!” A man yells, you decided just to ignore the question but Justin suddenly stops walking and you could feel his hand clench working yours which was usually a sign that he was angry.

Oh no…you thought to yourself.

Suddenly Justin turns around towards the guy and charges at him.

“What the fuck did you say?” Justin yells as he shoves the guy backwards, causing the mans camera to fall and shatter on the floor.

“Justin!” You yell shocked as you tried to make your way through the crowd to stop him. Justin didn’t listen, he continued to fight the man, as security tried to pull the two apart.

Just as you were about to make your way to him, one of the paparazzi elbows you in the face.

“Ow!” You shriek in pain, before holding your face.

“Y/n!” Justin yells worried looking at you as he stops. You didn’t look at him. Justin wiggles out of security’s grip before running towards you. Justin suddenly turns to one of the paparazzi that hit you.

“Hey man I told you to fuck off!” Justin yells angrily. You were about to to hold him back, but out of nowhere a man grabs your arm arm. You gasp in response as you struggle to get free. “Don’t touch her…” Justin says harshly as he pushes the mans hand away from your wrist. “She’s fucking pregnant for crying sake!” Justin yells louder, you swore you’ve ever seen him so angry. Usually this type of stuff doesn’t get to him…until now.

“Justin-” you say grabbing onto his arm. “lets go…” you whisper before pulling him away from the crowd.

The two of you finally made a way through the hectic crowd with the help of security. Justin gently grabs your hand as you both walk into the building safely.

As you two walked in Justin quickly turns around. You could tell there was something wrong by the look on his face. You then realized he was looking at your lip.

“I’m okay, don’t worry…” you smile reassuringly, before giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Y/N your lip is swollen, you’re not okay.” He says before gently placing his finger over your lip. You flinch in response. You didn’t even realize your lip was becoming purple. Justin runs his hands through his hair before sighing in frustration.

“Justin…” you say quietly. “I really appreciate you defending me but I promise you that I’m okay.” You say but he didn’t look convinced.

“Y/N the things that they say are nasty-”

“I know, but I try not to let them affect me. In fact I don’t even care what they say about me because thats not the truth.” You say, but Justin doesn’t look up. You could tell he was upset at the fact that he wasn’t able to protect you. You gently place your hand onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, what good of a father am I going to be if I can’t even protect my own wife?” Justin says quietly, you grab his hands before smiling.

“Hey…let’s not stress about this. You did way more than you should have, and I’m so thankful to have a husband who’s willing to kick someones ass just to protect me.” You say smiling trying to lessen the tension. “Trust me, once the baby is out and they start talking crap. That’s where we come in.” You say giggling causing Justin to crack a smile. He looks at you before chuckling.

“That’s my girl.” He says as he pulls you in for a hug.


Requested by @trinh06

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I cannot wait for my top surgery to happen. I have this fantasy? sort of thing in my head where I just slide a t-shirt over my head and I’m good to go. I would be able to walk around without a shirt without feeling dysphoric. I would be able to look in the mirror shirtless and be comfortable with what I see. I can’t fucking wait until those days.

half-light chapter 8

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“Your hair is longer,” he says.

She makes a mismatched picture, in pajamas with her hair twisted on top of her head and glasses sliding down her nose as she works on paperwork. “It wasn’t much shorter than this in 2016,” she says, not looking up. “It was longer than this when we were living in West Virginia.”

“It’s longer than it was in 1996.” He kisses the space below her earlobe. “The first one, I mean.”

She shrugs. “I like it long.”

He kisses her hairline. “Me, too.”

She twists her head to look down at him. “If you like it, then why are you saying anything?” she asks. The sudden motion jars thick hair loose from her clip, hitting Mulder in the face.

He shrugs, pushing the strands behind her ear. “It’s just different,” he says, because it’s better than saying your hair is shorter in the flashbacks.

“Not for where we came from,” she says.

“No, not there,” he agrees, tugging the laptop back onto his lap to resume the report. Scully offers him a smile before resuming their work, folding her leg underneath her.

Their caseload has been relatively light lately (Scully’s insistence, following a two week trek in Washington State in search of Bigfoot that had been ridiculously rainy). Their flashbacks have also been relatively mundane lately, based off the lack of anything major happening in the early days of 1996. It’s almost nice, this sequence of near-normal life.

(Mulder knows it won’t last. He’s trying not to dwell too much on that fact, but he knows.)

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Meanwhile in the Band Room at Any Given Moment: Band Senior, Sobbing About Something
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time empTYING MY SPIT ONTO THIS FLOOR
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time getTING STUCK WITH THE SHITTY STAND
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time conSIDERING KILLING ALL THE TRUMPETS WITH A MALLET
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time beiNG WHACKED IN THE HEAD WITH A TROMBONE SLIDE

ayyy so to motivate myself to finish this (originally short) klance wedding fic here’s an excerpt of it

In the quiet of an otherwise bustling hotel, on the the top floor in his suite out on the balcony overlooking the calm coast, Lance stood with his hands gripped on the railing, completely petrified.

He swallowed, his grip tightening on the cool metal, trying to think safe, calming thoughts. But with every passing second he only grew more and more nervous. He reached up and loosened his navy blue bow tie, but it didn’t ease the pressure in his throat; the tight constricting feeling of a lump in his throat that was choking him more and more no matter how hard he tried to swallow it down. Lance took his trembling hand and smoothed down the front of his white tux jacket taking a deep breath, but he couldn’t find it in himself to calm down.

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How the Grinch won Christmas

Here’s another late Christmas gift! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and friends! Merry Christmas and happy holidays Richonners!

“Daryl, honey, will you please get in here and help me?” Jesus whines loudly from the kitchen, picking up a tray of assorted crackers, cheeses, and grapes before moving into the dining room.

Daryl takes a sip of his beer and turns his head slightly, sliding his eyes toward his husband. The crowd on the TV cheers loudly and his attention is again back on his Atlanta Falcons as Julio Jones saunters into the end zone. He fist bumps the air slightly and pops another cracker, piled high with thinly sliced sausage and Havarti cheese, into his mouth.


He rolls his eyes and stands from his spot on the couch, noting the anger flashing through the small but dangerous Paul “Jesus” Rovia-Dixon. He walks into the dining room and leans against the wall, watching with a smirk on his face as Jesus works himself up into a tizzy, “What do you need babe?”

Jesus cuts his eyes toward him before returning his attention to the twelve lemon centerpiece in font of him, “You to not be a dick. It’s Christmas Eve.”

Daryl chuckles, “Okay, what else?”

“The wine please.”

Daryl doesn’t fuss, he just moves into the kitchen and starts tucking bottles under his arm and filling his hands with a few more before moving back into the dining room to arrange them on the table. The doorbell rings and they both look toward it, Jesus swearing under his breath, causing Daryl to shake his head with another smirk, “Relax. I got it.”

Daryl treks through the house, jogging a little toward the door before throwing it open to reveal the much smaller, but much cuter Michonne on his doorstep, “I got the damn fondue forks Paul was screaming about. Shit, I had to go to three different stores!” She complains, stepping past Daryl and shrugging out of her jacket, “But how are you?” She asks, turning into the taller man to hug him tightly, “Still alive, which is good.”

“He is on a fucking roll tonight.”

She laughs loudly, moving through the familiar house and ends up in the kitchen. She tosses the forks on the counter and joins the frustrated Paul as he scurries around the long dinner table, “Paul, stop being mean to Daryl.”

He looks up, throwing his hands in the air as he scoffs loudly, “Where is he now? Back in front of the TV again?”

She laughs in response, walking up to him to place her hands on his shoulders, “He never helps you! Don’t expect him to start now.”

“Thank you Chonne!” Daryl calls toward them, picking up his beer once more and settling into his usual spot.

Michonne shoots a toothy grin toward her long-haired friend and he scoffs again, shaking his head but not able to stop the grin from spreading on his own face, “What are you so damn happy about?”

“Oh, you know, the usual.” She says happily, playing with the fringes of the decorative runner laid across the table, “It’s Christmas Eve, I’m spending it with my very best friends-”

“And finally being able to see Rick.” He cuts her off.

“That too!” She basically squeals, biting her bottom lip as an infectious smile spreads across her face again, “Between his kids and crazy schedule and my workaholic nature, we almost never get to see each other. I haven’t seen him in a week.”

“Is he on his way?”

She nods, popping a grape into her mouth before picking up a bottle of wine and popping that open as well, “He texted me like twenty minutes ago, said he’d just clocked out. He’s gonna run home and shower.”

It’s been about a month and a half since the infamous Wentworth binge challenge went down between Rick and Michonne. They text and talk every day, but between her insane workload and the crazies running the streets of Atlanta, they’ve only managed to actually seen each other a grand total of three times. The first date was supposed to be dinner and a movie. They were only halfway through dinner when some asshole decided he wanted to hold up in a convenience store located just around the corner. They were about five hours into their negotiations when they gave up and called Rick.

The second date was ice skating with his two kids, Carl and Judith. The night started out pretty well, everybody was having fun until Carl decided to get cute in front of a group of high school girls. He skated right into the wall, flipped over it, and face planted on the cement. So, Rick and Michonne spent the night in the emergency room with a cranky two-year-old and a bloody, bruised teenager. Date number three was a disaster from the start. Netflix and chill at his place he proposed. Well, Merle Dixon had other plans for her. She had bent over backwards for Daryl, trying to keep his brother out of prison for the umpteenth time. She pulled ever string she had and this idiot just has to get popped for reckless driving. She was two streets away from Rick’s place when her phone rang and the usually testy Daryl was beside himself with anger, screaming more at his brother than her, but screaming none the less.

So, here she is. Hopeful as ever on Christmas Eve to finally see her possibly, maybe, future boyfriend, husband, father of her children. But one thing at a time. They at least need one night where the rest of the world doesn’t interfere. The annual dinner party heats up after a while, Maggie and Glenn showing up within minutes of Michonne. Sasha and Abraham trudge in a while later, with Tara and Rosita bringing up the rear. Morgan and Carol even make a rare appearance since bringing home their newly adopted baby girl. Everyone but Rick. Michonne sits next to Daryl, checking her phone like a dope fiend waiting for their dealer to call.

“He must have gotten caught up at work or something,” Daryl whispers, squeezing her knee underneath the table, “He’ll be here.”

Right on cue, her phone chimes but her heart sinks as she reads his words.

Judy took a tumble down the stairs. Lori’s freakin out so she’s taking her to the emergency room and wants me there. Don’t hate me :(


Michonne rolls her head toward Daryl, poking out her bottom lip as she rests her head on his shoulder and tilts her phone toward him. He reads it carefully before turning slightly to kiss her on her forehead, a slow chuckle bubbling up in his chest, “Sorry kiddo.”

“What’s wrong Michy?” Rosita asks, taking notice of her now somber demeanor.

“Oh, nothing really,” Michonne sighs, stabbing her fork into a baby potato out of anger, “Just being stood up on Christmas Eve, just my fucking luck.” The table laughs and she joins them, knowing that she has too much to be thankful for to be bummed out over some dude, “Y’all don’t call me the Grinch for nothing.”

“Here’s to Michonne!” Tara pipes up, raising her glass.

Everyone joins in, whooping and hollering as they click glasses at their friends’ misfortune playfully. Hour pass, and the alcohol is flowing freely through all the party goers. Carol and Morgan packed up and hit the road after dinner but the rest are hanging strong as the clock strokes two am. Daryl and Glenn sit at the table, cigars hanging off their lips as they play poker, taunting one another as they both claim victories. Tara and Rosita laugh with Paul as they slowly decorate the small tree, but do more reminiscing than anything. Maggie and Michonne, who are supposed to be helping, slow dance together to Sam Smith in front of the TV.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had sex?” Michonne asks, slurring her words slightly as she rests her cheek on Maggie’s shoulder, “Too god damn long!”

“Glenn!” Maggie screams sharply, “Have sex with Michonne.”

“Okay.” He answers back simply, shooting a finger gun in the girls direction before wiggling his eyebrows a little.

Michonne laughs as she twirls away from Maggie, spinning in a slow circle, “Aww, thanks man!”

“Anytime girly. Anytime.” Glenn blows her a kiss but slams his hand on the table as Daryl throws down a royal flush, “Shit!”

Paul turns his attention toward his vibrating phone as he pulls it from his pocket. He reads the incoming text message and darts his eyes toward the windows in the living room. He quietly excuses himself from Tara and Rosita, tapping Daryl and Glenn on their shoulders to drag them along with him as he passes by. The girls continue to laugh and sing, Michonne somehow ending up wrapped in a string of white Christmas lights. Tara plants a Santa hat on her head to complete the look then kisses Michonne on her cheek, pulling her close to pose for a quick photo by Rosita.

Daryl peeks back into the room, snapping his fingers to get Maggie’s attention. He points toward the banister behind her to the mistletoe that Paul laid along the fireplace in decoration. She catches a pair of blue eyes over Daryl’s shoulder and smiles widely, grabbing the leafy plant and holding it above her drunk friends’ head. She clamps her free hand over Michonne’s eyes and waves the four boys over.

“What are you doing?” Michonne giggles, trying to wiggle out of Maggie’s grasp and the lights that keep her arms plastered to her sides.

“Okay,” Maggie coos, waiting for everyone to get into position. She slides her hand away from Michonne’s face and steps back a little, “Open your eyes.”

Michonne pops open her chocolate brown eyes and gasps a little as Rick stands before her, beaming at her all the while, “Hey.” He greets her softly.

“Hi.” She lets out slowly, a smile spreading across her face, lighting up her features even more than the white lights wrapped around her, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you.” He shrugs, his eyes dipping toward her lips, “I really wanted to be here.”

She’s still all smiles as her dreamy eyes bounce back and forth between his, “Seems like the universe is against us, huh?”

Nodding a little, he whispers, “Not anymore.”

He reaches out and places his hands on her cheeks, rubbing slow circles into her skin as his eyes roam over her face. She beams up at him, biting her bottom lip as he lowers his pillowy soft lips to hers. When they connect, it’s like an electrical surge that all of them can feel. Paul smiles up at Daryl, leaning into him and wrapping an arm around his waist to apologize for his behavior earlier. Tara grabs her phone and goes live on Facebook, turning her camera toward the new couple.

“How romantic is this shit?” She comments, zooming in on Rick and Michonne as she giggles when he nibbles at her bottom lip before pulling her in for another deep kiss, “Merry Christmas guys.”

She grabs Rosita and smacks a kiss on her lips, drawing a giggle from her before she zooms in all the way on Rick and Michonne, staring stupidly at each other.

“Oh hell,” Abraham booms as he and Sasha walk through the kitchen, returning from their booze run, “We leave for fifteen minutes and y’all start shooting a porn? Not cool.”

“Way to ruin the moment Abe.” Glenn sighs, wrapping his arm around Maggie’s neck.

Michonne rolls her eyes, scoffing loudly, “Sorry. He is such an ass.”

“No worries,” Rick coos, dipping down to capture her lips once more, “I’m sure he’ll ruin many more occasions for us. Merry Christmas Michonne.”

She laughs wholeheartedly, knowing that good old Abe will do exactly that, “Merry Christmas Ricky dickey dooda.” She giggles, too drunk and too happy to care that she’s making a fool out of herself.

“Alright, alright, alright. Quit with all the mushy shit! Get in here and get some of this hooch!” Abe booms once more, smacking Sasha on her behind.

Everyone starts to move into to the kitchen, grabbing more glasses as the bottles begin to pop again. Michonne wiggles a little, trying to free her arms from the string of lights wrapped around her. She goes to move but halts as the string tugs at the electrical outlet, “Guys? Hold on. Are you gonna untie me?” She calls, but gets drowned out by the sounds of her friends and new boyfriend laughing in the kitchen, “Guys? Hello?”

Cherry (Part 9)- wolf!jikook story

Jimin invites his whole grade to his birthday party.

In the corner of the backyard, presents are piled on the rectangular table, a few pretty boxes spilling onto the ground. In the middle of the area lies a huge bounce house filled with screaming and happy children, party hats strapped onto their heads.

Beside the sliding porch doors, smile so wide it crinkles his eyes, stands the birthday boy himself. There’s an additional sparkle to his eyes tonight, tail wagging like a helicopter. He positively beams whenever someone wishes him happy birthday, his groomed ears flicking when the attention’s showered on him.

“Jungkookie!” Jimin shouts when Jungkook warily steps onto the porch, overwhelmed by the different smells invading his nose. When he’d walked past the kitchen, Jimin’s mom cooking up what smelled like brownies, she’d laughed at his nervous expression and assured him that it’d be fun. “You’re late!”

“My mom made me do the dishes,” Jungkook grumbles, showing Jimin his wrinkly hands. It was torture, listening to the music and laughter next door as he did his chores! “It took me forever.”

“Oh no! You should have some brownies, then you’ll feel better.” Grabbing a hat from the pile lying on the table beside him, Jimin snaps it on Jungkook’s head, giggling as the string bends one of his ears.

Just as he’s about to ask Jimin to come with him, the older wolf becomes distracted with a few of his friends that suddenly greet him. They do a handshake and mess up each other’s hair, and they look so close that Jungkook wonders how they became friends. Maybe they like his cherry smell, too?

Silently making his way to the dessert bar, head hurting from the hundreds of scents bombarding his sinuses, Jungkook glances at the delicious food spread across the table. Cupcakes, snicker doodles, brownies, and a cake with Jimin’s name printed in red frosting covers the area.

Jungkook almost lets out a whine when he smells a familiar beach scent. Ears perked and the nervousness in his stomach quelling, he scans the wolves carefully. One of them must be his friend!

“Taehyung!” he shouts, waving his arms as said wolf glances up from the tray of brownies. He can’t describe how happy he is to see him!

“Gukkie, hi!” Taehyung grins, the brownie staining his lips brown. “Have you bounced yet?”


“Well, c'mon! Let’s go!”

The rest of the night is spent with Taehyung in the bounce house. They slam each other against the sides, attempt to climb the walls, and hang from the ceiling, giggling so loudly the other kids stare. It’s the most fun Jungkook’s had in ages, and when Jimin finally crawls into the bounce house, both boys squeal.

“Jimin, look at what I can do!” Taehyung shoves the birthday boy into Jungkook then leaps into the air. Hanging from the ceiling, his tail curls as he swings.

“Tae, let me!” Jimin hops in excitement, grabbing onto Jungkook’s arm. Squeezing his skin, hand warmer than his mother’s, he says, “Kookie, let’s jump together.”

“One,” Jungkook smiles, bending his legs.

“Two,” Jimin giggles, intertwining his tail with Jungkook’s.


The end result has Taehyung’s butt crushing both of their bodies, and as they leave the bounce house, Jimin tries to correct his crushed party hat. It’s dark out, which is why Jimin’s parents turn on the porch light and thank everyone for coming.

“It’s done for,” Taehyung comments as Jimin pulls at the string, a thoughtful look on his face. “Just like this party.”

“Hey!” Jimin smacks his arm, chucking the hat into the garbage. “Be nice.”

“Well, everyone is leaving,” Jungkook motions at the nearly empty backyard.

For a moment, Jimin pouts, his eyebrows furrowed. “I didn’t even get to open any presents,” he mumbles, kicking a dead leaf beside his bare feet. “I don’t want my party to end.”

“You wanna have a sleepover?” Taehyung offers, pulling leaves from his tail. “My mom said I could.”


With their parent’s permission they grab their sleeping bags and huddle on downstairs. Jimin’s hyped on sugar, causing his body to tremble and tail to flick against Jungkook’s as he settles himself beside his friend.

“Jimin, say goodbye to your friends!” his mother shouts, causing him to dart from the sleeping bag and thunder up the stairs.

“Jungkookie,” Taehyung yawns when the door slams, crawling over and smooshing their noses together, “I wanna mark you.”


“Cause you smell weird.”

Receiving Jungkook’s presented neck in reply, Taehyung immediately nips the skin, harsher than Jimin. Licking, nibbling, and nuzzling Jungkook’s neck, Taehyung pulls back when he deems Jungkook ‘clean.’

“Guys, I’m back! And I brought brownies!” Jimin practically rolls into their space, changed into a pair of dark blue pajamas. He stills when he sniffs the air. “Taehyung-”

“He smelled so bad! I had to fix him.”

“I don’t smell bad,” Jungkook comments as Jimin immediately nuzzles his neck, prodding at his chin. Squeaking when Taehyung also presses his nose against his neck, he freezes as both of his friends rub their scent on him.

“Do I smell that bad?” Jungkook asks when Jimin licks his ear, smoothing down the messy fur.

“Yes.” Nuzzling his cheek against Jungkook’s, breath warm against his cheek, Jimin adds quietly, “But you smell better now.”

BBS Monster AU (Chapter 2)

Time is nine twenty seven at night.
Place is the Back Way Woods.

Lui swiftly puts the sharp end of his scythe around the Adlet’s head and jumps up. The end curves around the Adlet’s neck and Lui lands behind it. He flung it to the side, getting the small amount of blood of the metallic piece and watch as the head slides off, the body hitting the floor and blood squirting everywhere.
“ Alright you little shit biscuit! Give me my gummy worms!” Lui exclaimed, his face changing from serious to a childish, pouty face.
Brian threw the bag to Lui and watched as Lui opened the large bag of diabetes, taking ten in his mouth.
“ Job well done everyo-”
“ I did it all!!!” Lui interrupted Brian.
“ Job well done, Lui. Let’s take the head and head back to HQ,” Brian grabbed the head and started his way back to their headquarters.
Lui put his Scythe back into his brief case, closed it, and ran after them, dropping a few gummy worms on the way. He caught up to Marcel and Brock, who were behind Brian. He offered them some gummy worms, but they declined his request. He just shrugged and threw them in his mouth.
When they got into the city area, a few people looked at them in horror, but the rest cheered as they saw the Adlet’s head. The boys just smiled and kept heading to HQ. They just got next to the water fountain out front, before they heard a familiar voice calling Brock’s and Brian’s name. They all turned and saw a certain brunette standing next to a bench, not noticing the head.
“ Hey there, Craig!” Brock yelled to the brunette.
Brian tossed Marcel the head, and asked him to put it up for them. Marcel grunted and him and lui walked into the base, the automatic doors closing behind them.
Mini did notice the head that time. His eyes got wide and he gulped, thinking about what could happen to him if he showed them that he was a monster.
Brian and Brock walked over to Mini, gave him a pat on the shoulder, and greeted him.
“ What have you been up to, Craig? I haven’t seen you around for a while,” Brian smiled and sat down.
“ Oh, ha ha. I’ve just been busy with my job, and stuff. Nothing to worry about,” Mini scratched the back of his head and followed Brian.
Brock sat on the other side of Mini and sat his suitcase down, “ where did you work again, Craig?” Brock asked him.
“ An amusement park. I get paid pretty good there,” Craig started sweating bullets, “ sorry about the sweat! Just been running around all day!”
Mini looked up at the night sky and saw a air balloon just over the nine story HQ. He’s been in there once and does not want to go back in there. Ever.
“ Hey, um, I have a question. If the MHA doesn’t want the monster and you don’t have to kill it, what do you do?” Mini asked, in a worried tone.
“ Well that’s pretty out of the blue, but we head hunters decide their fate. And only the head hunters can, ” Brian explained, “ for instance, head of sector 3, Felix, took a merman as his pet. I’ve seen his aquarium. It’s huge.”
Mini looked at Brian, not sure on how to feel about the ‘pet’ thing. It seemed inhumane to keep a monster as a pet. He’d rather be killed then be a human’s servant. Mini flenched as he felt Brock touch his shoulder lightly.
“ Craig, are you ok? You look a little pale,” Brock asked, sincerely concerned.
“ Yeah! Just thinking of something when you were talking about you guys deciding their fate,” Mini laughed, “ well it’s getting pretty late. I think I better head off now, if I don’t want to get attacked.”
“ Oh ok! Here let us take you back home,” Brock piped in, standing up, grabbing his suitcase.
“ I mean, you don’t have to. I’ll be fine.”
“No no no. We’ll take you back because we want to see you again, alive, and not in a grave or coffin.”
“ I…if you insist. I’ll let you two escort me home.”
Brock smiled and Brian put a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it, and taking a quick puff.
They started their way to the Creeptacular Amusement Park and passed a few children on the way, asking for autographs from Brock and Brian. Of course, they gave it to them, but that delayed their escort mission. Eventually, after passing a hell of a lot of cars, they made it to the bright front entrance. A few of the creepy clowns came hobbling out and gave them a toothy grin, laughing maniacally. Brian frowned and Brock flenched, gripping his suitcase tighter.
“ Alright, friends. This is my stop. I’ll talk to you guys sometime on Friday or Saturday,” Mini said turning his back from them.
“ Alright, Craig! Have a nice night,” Brock said, smiling, waving to Mini.
Mini turned around, smiled at them both, and waved back, strutting his way through the entrance. Once they were out of view and gone, Mini sighed, a heavy weight getting off his shoulders. He slumped, slightly, and passed all the happy, scared, and down right horrified humans, passing one or two monsters on the way.
The Creeptacular is an amusement park, completed on July 17th, 1907. It was always a amusement park for creepy stuff, but was once almost twice as big. A fire spread on the now abandoned part of the amusement park and nobody cared to fix it, so they threw some trees in between and let nature take its toll. One day, in 1957, the owner of amusement park adventured out to the abandoned part to find out monsters lived there. They weren’t there to harm anyone, just to find a home. Due to that, the owner and the monsters signed a document agreeing that the monsters owned the abandoned part, but only if they didn’t harm any customers or workers. Ever since then, it’s been passed down to the boys the workers all know and love.
Mini continued his journey, now in the woods. Looking around to make sure he was alone, he transformed into a metallic orange creature, with wheels as feet, to help him get home quicker. He beeped a little and zoomed through the forest, braking any twigs or branches in the way.
When he got to the abandoned side, he transformed back and looked up to see Ohm sitting on the carousel, watching the east side of the park. Ohm looked over at Mini, yawned, and then looked back to the gross and foggy area. Mini want inside the gigantic clown head, and looked at the bundles of clothes stacked in a pile that he called his bed. He jumped on top of it and looked through the patches of the eye missing, the moonlight reflecting onto his face. He slowly drifted off to sleep, cuddling into the soft articles of fabric.

Time is eleven thirty seven.
The place is the MHA HQ.

Marcel sat in his office, stacking some papers on top of each other. He looked out the window of his seventh floor office, at the bright lights down a head. He sighed and stood up, pushing in his chair, and grabbing his suitcase.
He locked his door and headed down the hall. He leaned against the wall next to the elevator and yawned loudly. He was getting tired so he hurried his ass up and started acting pissy. Once he got down to the main floor, he clocked out and walked out the building to his slick, black Lamborghini. Rushing he tossed his brief case in the back and started the engine.
He headed off onto the highway. He had a thirty minute drive to his house, and picked up a bit of speed, just going fifteen miles over the speed limit. He looked at the road and down at the steering wheel. His eye lids growing heavy and his head started to bob a little. His exhaustion took over him as his head dropped and he fell asleep. His foot pushed against the gas, causing him to go twenty five miles over the speed limit. His steering wheel turned to the left, and his car went straight into the other lane. An eighteen wheeler driver honked his horn, as he suddenly braked. The horn woke up Marcel. He hit the brakes and his car skidded, the truck hitting the passenger side, causing Marcel’s car to flip over and roll over three times. He landed upside down and hit his head against the window, causing the glass to brake, and cut his skin, and fracture his jaw. He passed out instantly, blood dripping down his face. Sirens could already be heard in the distance.

Words (1487)

21. Part 5

Robyn is completely naked and kneeling at my feet, her mouth inches away from my dick. Her saliva mixed in with my cum dripped down from the head of my length, I can feel her warm, rapid breath tickling my skin. After getting my way, well practically begging Robyn she obliged and let me tie her up, she is all mine. Robyn did agree to anything goes sex, so here I am reaping my reward. With her arms clasped behind her back and head tilted to the side, Robyn stared up into my eyes, my naked body towering over her. Stroking my full length just staring at Robyn, besides the sound of our rapid breathing, the room is silent. Silent and mostly dark. Moving my hand away from my length, grabbing Robyn’ chin “open” I demanded, watching her stick her tongue out before opening her mouth wide enough for me to slide the head of my dick back in.

She hummed out a moan as I filled her mouth, she used the smooth flat of her tongue to please me, lapping it around the head. I thrust my hips forward, slowly inching my dick deeper into her warm mouth. I let out a loud groan and almost imploded when Robyn hummed out another moan against my dick. The vibrations coming deep from the back of her throat and traveling to the centre of her mouth, tingling around my dick. Our eyes were still locked together while Robyn completely worshiped my dick with her mouth, her lips tugged on my dick while her tongue flickered along the tip right down to the base. She placed her tongue against the roof of her mouth before pushing it forward and gently sucking down “fuck” I mumbled, her mouth feels so good.

Slowly pulling back she allowed my dick to slip from her lips and dangle in front of her, moving her neck around she placed light kisses along my length until she reached the base. Her tongue briefly licked my base before her mouth claimed my balls. My breathing was becoming ragged, my heart was a beat away from exploding out of my chest. My blood is boiling at the feel of Robyn’ tongue pressed against my balls, Robyn’ mouth has so many talents. Digging my toes into the carpeted flooring I stood on, I groaned out her name again. Robyn ran the tip of her curled tongue along the underside of my dick until she reached the head and took him into her mouth again. Both of my hands cupped the side of her face, holding her head in place as I rocked forward, thrusting myself deeply into her mouth. I clenched my eyes shut and my mouth fell open in a daze, my head dropped forward and my knees went weak as I came into her mouth.

My dick pulsating in her mouth, she stretched open her jaw wider, allowing me in deeper. Thrusting myself towards the back of her throat at a faster speed “man, fuck! Ahhh shit” I froze at the action as every bit of my cum left me and into her mouth, breathing out slowly. I moved my hands away from Robyn’ face, I slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. Robyn closed her mouth “come on now, swallow my babies” stepping back, she looks like she is about to spit. Robyn swallowed and opened her mouth “being a good girl for daddy” I grinned “always daddy” Robyn smiled saying before stretching her sore jaw.

Robyn is still on her knees with her legs spread open wide enough to give me a clear view of her smooth sex. The seductive grin on her swollen lips, clasping my hand around her arm, I yanked Robyn up, she stood with her nipples pressed against my chest. Pressing my lips against hers, I lifted her chin and placed my hands around her neck. Moving down as I kissed down to her jawline, running my tongue up the side of her neck, teasing her ear with my teeth. Nibbling on her lobe before taking her completely by surprise. Grasping my fingers around her waist, flipping her upside down. Robyn yelped as I held her mid-air, buried my face between her legs. With my arms wrapped tightly around her midsection, I slowly walked towards the bed, licking her from one end of her centre to the other. Careful not to fall or trip over an object on the floor, I slowed my steps down while teasing her opening with my tongue before setting her down on her stomach in the middle of my bed. I jerked her waist towards me so that her ass was now pointed and arched up in the air.

Robyn rested her head on the covers, running my fingers down the curve of her spine, I grazed her cheeks with my fingernails once I got to her ass. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I moaned blissfully at the sight in front of me. Her pussy was purring for attention and the way her sex glistened from behind, waiting for my length to pound inside of her, it made my knees buckle. Running my fingers across her ass, I brought my hand up and smacked her left cheek before repeating the same action with her right. A slight whimper slipped from Robyn’ lips, I roughly pressed my hands over her sex, rubbing my fingers against her sensitive centre. Her whole body curved towards me when I slid two fingers inside of her tight, wet core. Stroking in and out of her “Ahhh” Robyn moaned, rotating her sex on my fingers. Her walls clenched around me and her juices spilled down my hand.

Running his hand across my ass one last time Chris stood up and grabbed my tied up arms, pulling me towards him “Chris!” I gasped when he picked me up, I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands clasped the bottom of my ass, my nipples grazed his bare chest and our lips pressed together, tongues flickering in each other’s mouths as he carried me out of the bedroom. Breaking the kiss “What you doing?” I said in a whisper, he ignored me and continued on licking my jaw line, I am stuck with tied up arms.

Chris set me down on my feet before bending me over against the kitchen table “anything goes, I locked Liana’ bedroom door for now” my eyes widened “you really did that!?” I spat “we are bad parents Chris” I can’t believe he locked her in the room “just don’t think” he shushed me and moved towards the freezer. Watching him open the freezer door, he pulled out the tray of ice cubes and set them on the counter. Emptying the tray in a bowl, he closed the freezer and walked back over to me. Watching his manhood swinging side to side, biting on my bottom lip.

I gripped my fingers together when he let the cold water drip down the crack of my ass, clenching my eyes shut feeling Chris caress the lips of my sex with the ice cube. Feeling him place an ice cube at my opening, my legs shook as I squealed and wobbled around the ice. Spreading my cheeks apart, Chris dipped his tongue in and licked me from the back of my ass to the front of my pussy. My juices running freely down his tongue “shit!” I shuddered, my legs went completely weak and I pressed the weight of my body on the table to hold me up. Still in ecstasy but hearing one of the kitchen chairs being moved, looking behind me Chris set it next to him. Finding balance on my feet again, I shook my ass back towards him.

“Christopher…!” I murmured, Chris smoothed the back side of his hand against me before gripping his dick and setting his foot down on the chair next to him. Using his hand to stroke his dick a few times, Chris angled himself above me and sunk deep into me. My walls gripped and snugged him tightly, I squeezed my warmth around his dick and Chris forcefully bucked inside of me “I always feel in heaven” he said thrusting into me, my moans urging him on. He began pounding into me like a jackhammer, running his hands all across my body. His right hand found its place around the back of my neck, his fingers forming around my nape, while his other hand smacked my cheeks, making my ass jiggle.

He rammed into me at full speed, one powerful toe curling, lip biting, eye rolling stroke after another. His balls slapped against my sex, I was experiencing the kind of pleasure I didn’t know existed. Every nerve inside of me was alive and I didn’t know how long my body could last, my yells and moans were beginning to falter, my voice slipping away from me as Chris slammed into me. Slowing down his strokes almost completely, Chris tiredly thrust into me at a slow pace. He spread my ass apart and then picked up a little speed, with one final stroke before catching me off guard and pounded into me fast and hard. One, two three slow strokes then boom one long hard thrust. He continued to fuck me like this until my muscles clenched and I let out an ear piercing scream, creaming around him. Chris jolted into me one last time before spilling into me, with a loud grunt Chris fell forward against the back of me, pressing his body against mine.

Breathing heavily as Chris’ movements came to a complete halt, that was so amazing but I feel so numb right now. Feeling Chris move back from me “untie me” I mumbled, Chris yanked me up which caused me to gasp. Resting my head back on his shoulder, breathing heavily still. Feeling Chris playing around with my tied up hands, feeling my arms become free “don’t move, I am so tired” I told him, Chris chuckled “I can tell” he said, attempting to move my legs I wobbled, my weak body fell against the table. Feeling Chris hold my waist “woah there, come on you” Chris swept me off my feet, placing my arms around his neck “thank you so much, this should tie me down. I know we did it a lot” Chris said, he is so sweet “oh I am just lazy Chris, I feel on cloud nine. Thank you for this wonderful night baby but please unlock Liana’ door” I said as we got upstairs “I’ll do it now” Chris laughed, he is so bad for doing that.

The feeling of being in bed “Oh Chris, I love this bed. Why is everything so nice here” sighing out, Chris got into bed next to me “you can buy this bed off me, I will sell it you” shuffling closer to him “whatever, you smell like sex" I told him while cuddling my face into his chest “you smell like sex” he retorted “I smell like you” lazily Chris ran his finger across my belly button while I laid content with my ear pressed against his chest, listening to the familiar rhythm of his heartbeat “I want to keep this smell forever so I can be close to you, so close to you” pressing a kiss lightly to his chest “I will miss you so much” Chris wrapped his arms around me “I will miss you too Robyn, those hotel rooms are the loneliest things to be in. Especially when I have my family here in LA but it was coming, I was due for this tour” Chris sighed out “be strong though, when you go home. When you look at your phone just don’t let them get to you, they are evil and will bring up everything I have done to you. Sucks I can’t be around but call me, if things get too much then please call me. Still worries me you had that little set back, you make me worry” closing my eyes slowly, I can’t help it “I won’t let them poison my mind” look at my baby worrying about me.

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181 with Jamesss

James x Reader drabble:

You laid across the grass, your head resting in your best friend James’ lap. He was running his fingers through your hair lightly, telling you about the newest members of the Quidditch team. About this time your boyfriend walked up, glaring down at the two of you.

“I knew you were a slut Y/N but I never realized just how much of one you were,” he sneered, causing you to flinch and James to tense beneath you. He gently lifted your head, sliding out from under you and getting directly in your boyfriends name.

“You wanna run that by me one more fucking time?” James growled, grabbing the front of his shirt.

“James wait!” You pleaded, trying to push them apart gently.

If he’s going to treat you like shit, then i’m going to kick his ass,” James hissed, not once taking his eyes off your boyfriend. “She hasn’t done a damn thing wrong and you don’t deserve her, but you do owe her an apology.”

“Oh i’m so scared of famous Potter,” your boyfriend scoffed, rolling his eyes. The words had barely left his mouth before James had pushed you out of the way and his fist connected with the hard bone of his cheek. You heard a crunch and instantly knew that had been his cheek bone breaking, not James hand.

“Leave her the fuck alone or i’ll do something extremely worse,” James threatened, walking away from where your now ex boyfriend was collapsed on the ground, taking your hand in his and pulling you towards the castle. “Are you okay?”

“Thank you James,” you smiled softly, giving his hand a small squeeze. 

“Anything for you Y/N.”

Anchor - Lydia Martin

listen to the song here

Took the breath from my open mouth
Never known how it broke me down
I went in circles somewhere else

You were sitting in the library, eyes trying to memorize every word in the beastiary.  Since Allison had stolen it from her grandfather, you’d been going through it page by page, writing down the translations in a separate notebook.  All this kanima and werewolf shit just seemed to spiral out of control.  Your hands ran through your hair, then typed in your next translation.

“Anchor a domino vel a amicus potius in kanima searches” You turned, seeing Lydia standing behind you, and you smiled instantly.  “The kanima searches for a friend rather a master or anchor” Lydia repeated, but in english this time.

“My genius in shining strawberry blonde” Lydia crinkled her nose, before pecking the crown of your head, and sliding into the seat across from you.

“I can’t believe you’re still working on translating that whole thing y/n” Lydia sighed.

“Me neither.  I’ve barely made a crack in it.  At least it feels like that” You began writing again, copying word for word.  “I’ve been doing this for three weeks”

“Baby you need a break” Lydia said, taking the pen out of your hand, and intertwining your fingers.  “Let’s go out tonight”

“I’d love to Lyds.. but I can’t.  I’ve gotta finish this by Thursday and I have test corrections for Geometry, and I have to write my conclusion for English-”

“Give me your test”


“Your Geometry test, I’ll do it”

“Lyds that’s cheating, if you get caught we’re both in trouble”

“We won’t get caught just give me your test” You rolled your eyes, but smiled at her as you opened up your folder.  “I’ll have this done in seconds.  Want that conclusion too?” You giggled.

“Lydia Martin when did you become such a badass?”

“Since I resurrected a serial killer and was deemed crazy.  Sometimes you need to be a little kick ass” She winked and you giggled.  “But tomorrow? We could go out and try that new little diner in town?” You smiled at her, and nodded.

“Yeah I’d like that”

You and Lydia had been dating since the beginning of the year.  You’ve had a crush on her since you were kids, having pretty much grown up together.  But you’d kept your feelings hidden, in fear that she wasn’t into you, and would reject you, and that you’d lose your friendship.  When the angel named Allison Argent moved to town, and Lydia seemed to take an interest in her, the tables turned. The more Lydia would hang around Allison, the more jealousy would build up inside you.  Until one day it was all too much, and you ended up telling her how much you actually liked her… while waiting for your coffees at Starbucks.

But hey, when she kissed you, everyone clapped and you got free frappuccinos.

“Alright cool, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at six.  But I’ll see you before then right?” Lydia asked, standing up and handing you your finished corrections.  She really was a genius.

“Course you will” You grinned as she walked over to you, zipping her coat up.  She leaned over and kissed you sweetly.

“Call me when you get home” You nodded, stealing one more quick peck.

“Will do” And with that she walked off.

Shook the best when your love was home
Storing up on your summer glow
you went in search of someone else

“y/n- y/n stop!” Lydia screamed, kicking and squealing.

“Or what?” You taunted, continuing your attack.

“Anything I’ll do anything just- please!” You hovered over her.  “Stop tickling me!” You giggled, sitting up, still straddled over her body.

“FIne fine, but you owe me” You said with a cocky smile.  Lydia raised a brow, a daring look on her face.

“Anything, your highness” She said, and her hands rose to rub up your arms, lightly pulling you down.  You smiled, lowering over her, and setting your forearms on either side of her head.  Her eyes stayed connected to yours the closer you got.  You moved to the side, placing a chaste kiss near her ear.  Then again to the other side.


“M-Mhm” Lydia nodded shakily.  You moved your head back to look at her again.

“Because we live in the world that we do,” Lydia giggled softly, and you smiled warmly.  Reaching a hand up to brush the soft strands of hair from her face.  “Was that consent?”

“It was indeed” She responded, a pink blush tinting her cheeks.

“Well, then I give you mine as well” You said.

“Alright” She murmured.

“Alright” You whispered back.

You didn’t know she had such a scream to her.

And i hear your ship is comin’ in
Your tears a sea for me to swim
And i hear a storm is comin’ in
My dear is it all we’ve ever been?

“Look, all I’m saying, is that you have no reason to be upset with me!”

“Oh I don’t?” You yelled back, crossing your arms.  “You let this bozo stab his claws into the back of your neck Lyds!” You screamed, arm waving towards Scott on the couch.


“Trust me, stay out of it” Stiles mumbled, cutting off Scott’s protest.

“It was to help Stiles! Our friend!” Lydia said, her voice tight, trying not to show her anger.

This pack meeting had really taken a turn for the worse when Peter got all cocky about how his little prodigies have really turned out to be some badass kiddos.  You hadn’t known that Lydia had gone to the Hale loft with Scott Stiles and Allison.  You hadn’t known Scott did whatever it was that plunged them into Stiles’ mind.  Just that it involved him sticking his claws into your girlfriend’s neck, and that if he was even a centimeter off, she would be dead.

“Well great.  Good for you.  You nearly got yourself killed.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have meant it Lydia but Scott’s still new at this.  One slip and bam.  You’re dead, and my whole world is gone!” You were seeing red.  “I love you so fucking much! Do you know how devastated I would be if you died!?” Everyone silenced.  No more whispers between Stiles and Scott, and no more yelling between you and Lydia.

“You-you what?”

“Stiles! Allison! Help me with uh… in the kitchen!” In seconds, Scott had steered the others into the kitchen, giving you and Lydia your space.

“Lyds I-I’m… I’m sorry” She took a few hesitant steps towards you.  “Look I’m not mad I’m just… I’m just worried about you, you can’t heal like Scott and Isaac… I don’t want you to get hurt and I’m sorry I yelled but I really-”

“I forgive you” Lydia waved her hand dismissively and crossed the remaining space between you two.  She tugged the collar of your shirt, smashing her lips against yours.  Your arms instinctively wrapped around her pulling her closer.  “Did you mean-”

“Of course I meant it” You breathed, and her hands raised to cup your cheeks.

“Then I love you too” Lydia smiled wide.  So wide that it was difficult to kiss her.

“Lyds” You mumbled.  “Close your mouth” SHe let out an airy laugh.

“I can’t” She said through small giggles.

“Lydia I can’t kiss you when you’re laughing!” You exclaimed, settling for peppering small kisses over her cheeks.

“I’m sorry I can’t help it” Lydia wrapped both arms around your neck, shrugging away from your ticklish pecks.  She buried her face in your hair and neck, and you hugged each other tightly.  “Next time, we talk before either of us makes any supernatural based decisions” Lydia offered, and you nodded, squeezing her tightly.

“I can handle that” You whispered, and pressed a long kiss to her temple.

“Hey! Whenever you’re done making out we’d like to come back into the living room and you know, not puke our guts out?” You both ignore Stiles’ calls.

Caught the air in your woven mouth
Leave it all i’ll be heaving how you went
In search of someone else

It was early in the morning, early enough that the sunlight that reflected onto Lydia’s face was an orange purple mix.  You hadn’t meant to wake up at this hour, but when you caught sight of her, you couldn’t find it in yourself to shut your eyes.  Her strawberry blonde hair looked warm, and her skin creamy.  You shuffled closer to her, stroking your fingertips ever so lightly across her cheek.

She moaned and stirred, eyes fluttering open to meet yours.  Her broken, green brown eyes.  Exactly how you’d expect to see them after she lost her best friend.

“I didn’t mean to wake you” You whispered, and she shook her head, inhaling a shaky breath.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t having the most pleasant of dreams” She murmured back.  You gave a sad smile, hand combing through her long locks of hair.

“You’re allowed to wake me up, if they get to be too much” You told her, and she nodded.  “Lyds…”  Her eyes flicked up to yours.  “Baby I just want you to know I love you so much” Lydia managed a small smile, kissing you softly and slowly.

“I love you too y/n” She nuzzled her face into your chest, and you readjusted the blankets to drape more over top of her.  “You’re my anchor.  Even if banshees are damned to walk the earth alone” You smiled warmly, and hugged her tight.

“I’m never gonna let you be alone” You promised, stroking her hair.  “Just get some sleep, alright?” She nodded, and when you heard her yawn, you flt some relief.  

“Can we talk in the morning?”

“Yeah of course, I’ll even splurge on Starbucks” A soft and short giggle sounded from her throat.

“Sounds like a plan”

You talked for a long time the next day.  Sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper article about the ‘mysterious murder’ of the late Allison Argent.  Then again in the living room, watching the news reports.  Later in the afternoon, you took a walk, meeting Stiles in the park.  Scott stayed at home, and Isaac was missing with Chris Argent.  The three of you hung around in the grass, drinking more coffees, and talking about your favorite memories of the angelic girl.  You didn’t go home until it was dark.

Lydia cried herself to sleep for many nights before you learned how to calm her down.

Taught the hand that taut the bride
Both our eyes lock to the tide
We went in circles somewhere else

“Baby come here” You called, and Lydia turned on her heel, smiling at you from where she stood by the tide.  Her bare feet sunken into the damp sand.  You knew her toes were still painted a deep grass green, from your pedicures you’d gotten earlier.   She still had on her blue bikini top, with black stripes going across it, a bow tied behind her neck and her upper back.  But she’d pulled up a pair of (rather small) denim shirts to cover the bottoms.

You’d spent your whole day at the beach, a small celebration between the two of you for successfully finishing your first year of college.  You’d painted your nails, picnicked, talked, read, swam.  It was great.  Not a lot of people came, and right now it was absolutely deserted.  Just you on your blanket, still in your swimsuit and sunglasses perched up on your head, a book resting on your legs.  Though now you were just watching your beautiful girlfriend as she waded through the small waves.

Lydia gave you a bright smile, her hair being blown around her face by the wind.  You watched her giggle, twenty feet away, as she pushed it back behind her ears.  She waved at you, kicking gently around the water.  You shyly looked down at your bag, opening the small zipper, and pulling out a small object.

Then you got up and sprinted towards Lydia.  She turned just as you grabbed her, then lifted her up and spun her around.  The banshee squealed, her wrists crossing behind your neck as you placed her back onto the ground.  Then gave her a long and passionate kiss.

“Hm” She hummed happily in surprise.  “What was that for?” She asked, her fingers running slightly over the back of your scalp, through your still damp hair from earlier.  “Not that I’m complaining.  I thought it was sexy” You giggled softly, pressing another chaste kiss to your girlfriend’s lips.

“Am I not aloud to kiss my beautiful and genius and amazing girlfriend?” You said with a cheeky smile, and Lydia cocked an eyebrow.

“I like where this is going.  Go on” You licked your lips.

“Alright” You said, glancing behind her at the band being held in your fingers.  “I will then” You released her, holding your hands behind your back.  “Close your eyes” You whispered, and she gave you a look, but obeyed.  Eyes fluttering shut.  You sucked in a deep breath, and got down onto one knee.

“Can I open?”

“Lydia Martin, you are the first person I ever fell in love with that wasn’t Troy Bolton” Lydia giggled, opening her eyes.  Her smile softened when they landed on you, kneeling in front of her.  “And every day since being with you, the feelung never fades, not once, every day is just a new adventure.  Whether it be werwolves of college, or having to buy a new brand of Ramen because they were out of our favorite” There were tears welling in her eyes.  “And I want to live that way for the rest of my life, with you”

“y/n…” Her voice cracked.  You opened up your hand, revealing the small golden engagement ring.

“Lydia, will you do me the honors and marry me-”

“Yes! Yes! A million times yes!” She crashed down into you, pushing you onto the sand and hugging you tightly.  Then pulling back to kiss you, a rushed and love filled kiss.  One that promised a future.  “I love you, I love you so much I would love to be your wife” You sat up, onto your knees, and she did as well, both of you staring at her hand as you slipped the ring onto her finger.  “It’s beautiful”

“You’re beautiful” Lydia blushed, and leaned forward, kissing you slowly and softly.

“I’m so excited” She said, smiling into your kiss.

“I’m excited too, I’m excited to start a life with you” You stood up, holding your hands out and pulling her up too.  You walked back to the blanket together, sprawling out and star gazing on it.  Lydia turned her head, staring at you intently.  A soft smile on her lips.

“We could get a little house, after college, move out of that apartment” SHe whispered to you.

“Mm what else?” You hummed, laying your hand between you on the blanket.  She instantly linked her pinky around yours.

“I see… I see a garden in the backyard… not too big but… we could grow our own fruits and veggies” You giggled lightly, loving the idea of Lydia in a sundress, watering her flowers in the early afternoon.

“And a pet”

“Mhm, a big fat cat” You laughed more with her, and rolled onto your side, completely facing her now.  “And like… a lizard”

“A lizard!?” Your lips curled into a wide smile.  Again you pictured Lydia, dressed in a big rubber raincoat because it wasn’t fair you were always the one cleaning out Lizzy’s tank.  Screaming when it jumped on her.

“Alright, maybe a goldfish, or a turtle” You nodded, liking that idea.  “Our kitchen would be beautiful, leading right into the dining room and the living room.  We’d have a big couch, but you and I would always choose the loveseat”

“Mhm cause you always lay your head in my lap” Lydia nodded.

“And… and we’d have a guest room too, so Scott and Stiles and Malia and Kira and all our friends could stay over for a night”

“Yeah that’d be nice” You hummed.  “We could continue pack sleepovers” You said.  “Scott and Kyw would always take the bed in the guest room, maybe we could even get a bunk bed!” Lydia giggled.  “Yeah… and Stiles would sleep on the couch downstairs, and Mal would stay… I don’t know she always ends up sleeping somewhere different”

“I like this plan” Lydia murmured.  “For our future” You nodded in agreement.

“I do too Lyds” You said, wrapping an arm over her.  “I love you” You whispered.

“I love you too y/n”

And i hear your ship is comin’ in
Your tears a sea for me to swim
And i hear a storm is comin’ in
My dear is it all we’ve ever been?

“Wise men say, only fools rush in”  You twirled Lydia around in your kitchen.  She giggled, kissing your nose, before releasing your hand, and walking back into the living room.  Where Stiles and Malia were yelling at the tv, and Kira was explaining to Scott how football worked.

“We’re out here, actually having fun, so whenever you two are done being all lovey dovey…” Stiles trailed off when you hit him upside the back of his head.  He whined and rubbed his hand over the pained area.

“It’s been six months, they’re still in that um… Kye what’s it called?” Malia looked over to the petite asian with a mouth full of nachos.  You sat down on the loveseat.

“Hon-ee moon stage” Kira muffled through a full mouth.  Malia clicked her tongue, and pointed a finger gun at you.  You rolled your eyes, but Lydia grinned.

“Credo semper fore ancoram” Lydia said, leaning over the back of your seat, and wrapping her arms in front of your collarbone.  I do believe we always will be, my anchor.  You may have picked up a little bit of archaic latin from your wife.

“mea quidem” Indeed, my love, you murmured back.

“Hoka no gengo no shiyō o yamete mo īdesu ka?” Kira whined.  Everyone looked to her for a translation.  “Can we please stop using other languages?” She clarified.

“Uh, si” Malia said, bouncing in her seat out of pride.  You had to laugh at her, whilst Lydia plopped onto your lap.  An arm hooked behind your neck, head nuzzling against your chest.

“Why do we always watch football? So boring” Lydia groaned.  This turned into a debate between the boys and the girls.

Later that night, you were pulling back the blankets to your bed.  Stiles had already passed out on the couch, and Scott and Kira were curled up in the guest room bed.  Malia was in coyote form, sleeping in a basket full of blankets.  A habit she’s come to form since you and Lydia had kept spare blankets in that basket.  In all honesty, everyone thought it was adorable.

“Hey uh.. Lyd” You said quietly, while she padded over to her dresser.

“Yes anchor?”

“So you know how Scott and Kira were talking tonight about uh… about wanting twins?” Lydia nodded, slipping off her top and jeans, then pulling a long sleeved cotton nightgown, then walked back over to you.

“Wanna be the cool aunts that let their kids do pretty much everything?” You giggled for a moment and nodded.

“Yeah yeah that sounds… that’s great but I wanted…” She looked up at you, tying her hair into a bun.  “I wanted to ask you if uh… if maybe someday…”

“y/n” Lydia got on the bed, shuffling across it on her knees, and standing up (still on her knees) on th mattress.  “I’d love to raise a baby with you some day”

And with that she pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.

You were going to have everything that you ever wanted.

Oh, anchor up to me, love