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Today in Big Mistakes, I accidentally trained my pigeons to swarm my face when I am trying to feed them

So typically in the mornings they wait by their food and water dishes until I give them food and water. I will grab one to sit on my shoulder while I get the food and water ready, and the one on my shoulder normally gets to sip the water while I count out the food. I didn’t really think this through.

My pigeons caught on that my shoulders mean water before everyone else and head scritches because a couple have started landing on my shoulders when I greet them in the morning. I should have stopped and thought, pigeons are pretty smart birds. The pigeons still in the loft can see me when I am grabbing food, they can see me with one or two of the pigeons, and they can see that the one or two that go with me get water before everyone else. I should have thought about what that might lead to. Hindsight is 20/20

Anyway this morning every single one of my pigeons tried to land on my shoulders

My dad’s new favorite show is an animal rescue show, where people are like “someone found this baby rodent in the gutter and she’s all alone so now she’s gonna live with us for the next two years as she grows up, also she’s high maintenance and she screams a lot, we love her and want the best for her”

And I love the idea of early days intrepid space explorers discovering aliens to whom we are lost baby animals that they must rehabilitate and send on their way. Like ship crash landed on a planet and the humans are clearly gonna die, until up comes this a swarming mass of tentacles and the small symbolic grooming birds that keeps the tentacles clean, and this being/beings/colony gently deposits several tons of scrap metal and a basket of strange fruit that smells alarmingly like rotten fish

“Oh Grex'ylna, can we keep them?” the small blue hatchling asks its broodmother as they watch the humans cautiously bring the offerings to their respiratory ports (the hatchling hopes they accept the sustenance; humans have notoriously flexible diets, but they all have individualized and seemingly baseless preferences and hatreds of certain nutrients).

The several of the broodmother’s anterior facial tentacles dry up in gentle refusal. “The humans are beautiful wild creatures,” the broodmother hums. “We cannot take away that wilderness by teaching them to be dependent on us. Just look at what happened Sxyn-nnxz. You can’t go a mile without finding some humans milling about helpless, a danger to themselves and others. Your broodaunt hit one with her boat just the other week. Scared her half to death. And you can’t keep them out of your garbage, such a mess.” The broodmother wraps several bits of herself around the hatchling. “We’ll heal the humans’ sky bird and get them back on their migratory path before they settle and breed.”

I think my cats’ personalities are best summarised by how they ask for cuddles:

  • Freyja: sits politely at my feet and looks up at me expectantly until I give her verbal permission to jump up into my lap.
  • Thor: climbs onto my desk, flomps down in front of my monitor, throws his head back for better scritching access, and begins purring VERY, VERY LOUDLY.

dogs-on-logs  asked:

do u have a grimm pet peeve. what about ur buns. i would like 1 (one) pet peeve per pet pls

!!! you did the double-m Grim!! how could this be!! (her name is short for Grimalkin, after a witch’s familiar in MacBeth)

but alright, here’s my pet peeve: sometimes Grim’ll let me hug her like the Warm Pastry she is, & she’ll purr & stretch her giant talons out? but 25% of the time the response is “nah, not feeling it bro” & I’ll have to leave this soft-bellied cat be…..an impossible task.

rabbit pet peeve: Furby & Aglet both came to me old & unsocialized. it was a huge triumph just getting them to willingly approach me for pets! I sit w them each day to give some Human Interaction, & sometimes this results in two elderly rabbits squished violently against my knees competing for head-scritches. but other days, they’re content chilling together in the corner with their asses turned toward me, & that leaves me guilty….like guys I haven’t Touched You in 2 days, get over here….I’m neglecting you, c’mhere!

I’ll also do a Pangur pet peeve to round things out: my camera album is constantly out of space bc 24/7 she’s doing weird shit I need to document


miracle likes his head scritched and he always makes this face
also here’s a gif of him thinking he saw a fly but he did not because he’s silly


This is my Luna Bear. She has lymphoma but is still a happy camper except when she has to take her yucky tasting medicine. But don’t worry, after she takes her medication she is rewarded with some whiskas and lots of head scritches.


so just hear me out okay

so like.

Adrien and Marinette get closer as friends (thanks in part by wingpeople Nino and Alya, though rather than dating…  They become super awesome platonic buddies).  They get really close, getting to know each other a lot, and Marinette is just all the more in love with Adrien but perfectly happy with him as a friend.

And Adrien is slowly having this revelation of “oh crap I like-like her…!”

But he doesn’t wanna give up on Ladybug, of course.

But like, both of them are really touchy-feely, and they’re cuddly, and it’s like.  All the platonic cuddles.  It’s cold?  They’ll be cuddling somewhere.  One of them had a bad day?  They’re cuddling.  Bored?  They’ll just curl up somewhere and cuddle because they just are.  Ridiculously cuddly.

Sometimes they manage to drag Nino and Alya in and they have group cuddles and it’s v therapeutic for them all and it’s a good time.

And this sort of bleeds over into their hero behavior–the Ladyblog is blowing up with ladynoir cuddle pictures even though both insist that it’s strictly platonic “c’mon, can’t a pair of best friends just cuddle when it’s cold and they have to watch out to make sure somebody doesn’t turn into a monster for stubbing their toe?  Can’t we just have this?”

And Chat is slowly feeling more platonic towards Ladybug as his feelings for Marinette grow, meanwhile Mari is starting to find her crush on Adrien is shifting towards Chat.

And it gets slowly harder to separate their hero and civilian lives when they’re sleepy and cuddling because it’s just so familiar and without even realizing it one time Marinette is just scritching Adrien’s head where she usually scritches Chat’s and is like “Love you, minou.”

And he sleepily nuzzles her and mumbles “love you too, princess.”

And neither of them actually realize it at first.

Because they’re both half asleep and the cuddles as civilians and heroes blur together so neither of them realizes they’re not transformed and forget about it when they wake up.

Until one time they’re curled up together after a patrol under a blanket and cuddling and have hot chocolate LB brought and some sweets from her bakery and Chat just sleepily mumbles “Your parents make the best cookies, Mari.”

And she just sleepily responds “You always say that, Adrien…”

And that’s when it clicks.

And…  Instead of freaking out, they’re both like “Oh.  Okay.  Yeah.  Yeah that makes sense.  I’m glad it’s you.”  And go back to cuddling and they’re even more cuddly later.

(And Nino and Alya are like “We KNEW it wasn’t platonic!” when they end up kissing a few days later during group cuddles)

can we just all agree that Ben Affleck petting puppies on the Tonight Show was exactly how Bruce Wayne would have done it? Like, 

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“hello pupper, I’m going to awkwardly scritch your head while giving no fucks about Jimmy Fallon, plz don’t climb on my suit–alright, fine, I guess you’re vaguely cute…”

Brave Benjamin

The day before yesterday, we had quite a scare. Benjamin was exploring and ripped his toenail on something sharp, I believe the metal part of a file folder holder that I had sitting on a shelf near the ground. The next thing I knew, there was bright red blood all over… we’ve had broken blood feathers and small amounts of blood in the past, but never like this. It was all my fault for not watching him carefully and making sure the area he was playing at was bird-proofed.

I was so scared and literally quite useless for a little while, but luckily, after we put some pressure on the wound and drowned the injured area with starch to slow the flow, the bleeding from his toe gradually stopped. Benjamin was very brave, and with the help of some green cabbage leaves nearby to keep him calm, he didn’t even complain and only rested a while before starting on preening his feathers and feet clean. This is a photo of Benjamin all tired out after the whole ordeal (the bit of blood on his head feathers is from when he scratched his head with a bloody foot; I cleaned it off for him with some water on my fingers afterward):

Benjamin is already doing much better and mostly back to his normal self today. What a strong and brave bird he is.

I thought about whether I should share this experience since it was stressful and scary for us… but I wanted to show this as an example of what taking care of a bird really entails (not just all cute photos and videos), and to urge all of you with birds (or any animals really) in your family - PLEASE be careful and keep an eye on your feathered friend when he or she is out and about playing.

You never know what little, innocent-looking household items may end up causing injury to your bird when you least expect it. They don’t know what might hurt them, so WE, who chose to take them into our homes, are completely responsible for their safety. I took my eye off Benjamin for just a few seconds, and he ended up getting hurt - it could have been much worse.

And he doesn’t even blame me. He asked me for head scritches that same evening.

In case your bird does get injured one day in the future (you never know), please do some research into what you can do in order to be prepared. Have some emergency items such as styptic powder or corn starch on hand to help stop bleeding, and be well acquainted with your bird’s behavior so that you know what would best help her or him calm down in a stressful situation (greens in Benjamin’s case), since struggling or flapping about may worsen the injury. Find out where your nearest bird vet is (look for one who specializes in and has extensive experience with birds) and find out if they accept emergency cases, in advance. 

Thank you for reading, and please be the best friend and guardian possible to your animal family members!