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13 Vintage Halloween Songs from the 1910s, 20s, & 30s

01. This House is Haunted, Roy Fox (1934)
02. At The Devil’s Ball, Maurice Burkhart (1913)
03. Bogey Wail, Jack Hylton (1929)
04. The Skeleton Rag, American Quartet (1912)
05. The Boogie Man Is Here, Tom Gerun (1929)
06. Undertaker’s Blues, Helen Gross & The Kansas City Five (1924)
07. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm, Cyril Smith (1934)
08. That Syncopated Boogie-Boo, The Premier Quartet (1913)
09. Strange Enchantment, Ozzie Nelson & Rose Anne Stevens (1939)
10. The Ghost of the St. Louis Blues, Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets (1930)
11. Spooky Spook, Victor Military Band (1917)
12. Spider Web Blues, Victoria Spivey (1926)
13. The Ghost of the Terrible Blue, The Peerless Quartet (1915)

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On this, the day of Harry’s movie premiere, Liam represented.

Credit: hsfashionarchive, lpfashionarchive


Michael Rooker just being his usual lovable self at the premiere of the first GotG. 

Guys! Can you believe it was almost 10 YEARS ago since Merlin Season 1 aired in 2008?! 😄😎 🗡⚔ ⚖⚗ 🕯🗝🔮 The Great Dragon - Kilgharrah: “In a land of myth and a time of magic; the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name….Merlin!” *theme music plays*

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How do you make your Adventure Zone animatics? pencil, then transfer them to a program (which one)? You capture the characters so well! I love your art:D

You’re too kind friend!! I promise you making them is not as arduous as that. My boards are done 100% digitally ( apart from early planning stages ). I use 2 programs: Photoshop and Premiere.

I organize my boards by scenes in groupings on Photoshop ( so folder will be numbered as the ‘scene’ and then in each folder there will be layers labelled as 1,2,3 and so on for each pose for the scene ).

I use my all-time favourite brush - and I mean favourite as I basically use it for EVERYTHING now - Kyle’s Animator Pencil. I cannot stress how great this, and all his brushes, are. They are worth every darn penny!

So once I got all my boards down, I go over to Premiere and fuss with timing and assembling. Generally when I start my animatics I have everything roughly timed out mentally. So it’s just a matter of fine tuning and adding or subtracting frames when they’re all laid out. I also tend to time my boards AS I create them. So I’ll finish a few scenes in photoshop and then head over to Premiere and assemble as I go. That’s just the best way for me.

Apart from that there’s not much else to it. Just a lot of forethought and designing things/streamlining things. I also do a VERY rough layout of the background / area the boards take place in so that it’s not all over the place and helps with keeping the characters grounded and the direction of the shots flowing!

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to send em my way!


Double pages 152-153 showcasing West and East Coast Premieres of
The Country Girl

Left Page: Program for LA Premiere, Album cover for soundtrack
and bottom photo of marquee CRITERION THEATRE in NYC

Right page: Grace arrives at The Criterion Theatre for the premiere.
( She was accompanied by her brother and father who are not in photo )
Police pass for Western Premiere, and sketch of Edith Head design that Grace Kelly wore to the NYC Premiere.Sketch was done by Edith Head’s sketch artist, Grace Sprague.
It is not mentioned that Miss Kelly also wore the same elegant gown and evening coat to the Academy Awards when she won Best Actress !

Credit: Grace Kelly: Hollywood Dream Girl by Manoah Bowman and Jay Jorgensen (2017, HC)

it’s the opening scene of 6b. Something’s going on in Beacon Hills, the younger pack members are together and calling the seniors freaking out. Scott and Malia answer right away, and once they meet Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey, they realize Stiles and Lydia are nowhere to be seen. 

“Neither of them will pick up.” 

“We’ve been calling for half an hour.”

We cut to a phone buzzing on a bedside table, Mason’s contact picture on the screen, along with “15 missed calls”.

Stiles rolls over, hair disheveled, groggily stretching, reaching for his phone.

“Ignore it.” A quiet, sleepy voice says from the other side of the bed. We see a small hand reach up and pull on Stiles’ shoulder.

“They’ve called 15 times.” Stiles replies.

Lydia sits up, groaning. “I swear if this is another false alarm, I’m gonna kill someone.”

Cut to title sequence. 

The Gotham Relationship That Will Become Very Important As The Season Concludes
As Gotham brings Season 3 to a close, some characters will see their relationship brought to the breaking point.

To lead an uncomplicated life is to lead a life far outside of Gotham City, where nothing is simple. Season 3 has continued expanding its myriad character connections, and it sounds like we’re going to see the biggest threat yet facing the show’s strongest bond, that between Bruce and Alfred. When CinemaBlend spoke with Gotham’s David Mazouz about this season’s final act, I asked how Bruce’s time away with his Shaman mentor would affect things with Alfred, and here’s what he told me:

There will be a major, major conflict between the two, but Alfred is Alfred. He is Bruce’s rock; he is the moral anchor in Bruce’s life. He will always be the person that Bruce can always turn to to understand who he is and to get back on the right track. And Alfred will play a very crucially instrumental role, in that Alfred will never waver from that. I think it largely will be Alfred who leads Bruce back to the good side, if you will.

That ties in with the earlier reports that Bruce and Alfred’s tried and true kinship would be majorly tested by the introduction of the iconic Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul. (Who may or may not be the Shaman.) It’s a no-brainer that the boy and his butler will eventually come out of any situation still bound by devotion and loyalty, but there are an untold number of dark and damaging places that their story can (and likely will) go along the way. Even knowing their ties may never break altogether, it’s just as interesting to see just how close to the edge Bruce and Alfred can get before reeling things back to a more comfortable zone.

Even with so few episodes left in the season, viewers are still only getting a small taste of what a slightly more evil version of Bruce Wayne looks like, with the Shaman’s mystical lessons and fight training working to the mysterious character’s advantage. The way David Mazouz put it during our chat, Bruce will be a completely different person upon returning to Gotham City, and he’ll exhibit a startling lack of morals or empathy. Alfred clearly comes into play where this is concerned, since the actor says Alfred is a significant element in Bruce’s return to the light side.

It sounds like there will be one particular sacrifice of sorts that Sean Pertwee’s Alfred makes in the finale episodes that speaks tremendously to the character’s allegiance to the Wayne family and its young heir.

The amazing thing about Alfred, which you’ll really get to see toward the end of the season, is his incredible devotion to Bruce. You’ve seen it already, but he is willing to give so much more than I ever imagined for Bruce’s well-being. So he is willing to give everything. He has devoted his life to Bruce and his devotion is something that plays a major role later on. It’s something that’s truly incredible.

To add a visual to your stoked imaginations, some of the promotional shots from the upcoming Season 3 finale really hint at the temporary chasm that shows up in Alfred and Bruce’s relationship. And while we only see Alfred’s shocked face in this image, it should be no mystery whose hand is holding that sword.

While Bruce and Alfred work on their personal issues, which hopefully brings that weirdo clone back into things, the rest of Gotham City is dealing with Michael Chiklis’ power-mad Executioner, and you’ll be able to find out what happens as Gotham closes out Season 3 over the next two Monday nights on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see what shows you’ll be able to go batty over in the months beyond, head to our summer premiere schedule.