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My 2nd big cosplay project, I cosplayed as my own Caesars Legion Courier 6. You probably can’t see, but the gun is painted like Maria, and the machete has “House, Kimball, Oliver” carved into the hilt with all the names crossed out, and “Benny” with a heart around it and an X through it, on the other side (since she sleeps with, then kills him). The feather head peice is a refrence to the Decantius helmet, and there is a Sunset Sasparilla star bottle cap at the base of it. Oh, and I actually got “Best Original” costume at that con, so I’m pretty happy with it! (I need to work on making it more comfortable if I ever want to wear it again though)


A little lesson in appliqueing an eye onto a head:

1. Lay the head piece you will be appliqueing on a flat surface
2. Lay your pattern on top of your head piece to identify where the eye will be placed and slide your tear away backing underneath
3. Place your eye (and iris if desired) into the designated space in the pattern
4. While holding the eye in place, remove the pattern from the head
(Optional # 4.5. If using minky or other material with a fluffy surface, this is the point where you would lay a sheet of wash away Solvy on top of the eye to prevent the fuzzies from poking through the embroidery) 
5. Delicately pin the eye in place making sure to include your backing (and solvy if you choose to use it) in the pinning
6. Machine sew a loose zig zag stitch, no wider than what you want your final seam to be, to hold the pieces in place
7. Machine sew a tight zig zag stitch to seal the edges and connect the pieces (I use 3.0 width by .3 tightness for this example on my brother machine)
8. Cut off end threads and tear off backing (and Solvy)
9. Done! Sew your head peices together as normal :)

I do this for pretty much every smooth color change on the flat surface of my plushies. It takes a long time but it is so much stronger and looks nicer to me. Try it out! Hope this helps some of you <3

Example used: Space Unicorn plushies for briannedrouhard

Antipathy - BTS fanfic (ft. reader) Part 1

Title: Antipathy.

Genre: Angst/Fluff (?)

Info: BTS x reader, Gang AU.

!Warning¡: Violence, Use of weapons, Slight gore, Cursing, and Other possibly triggering content.

Word Count: A lot :3

Inspiration: “Noble, My Love”, a korean show. It’s not gang related, but it spawned a few ideas. Some parts of this fanfic may reflect that show, so if you don’t like it, I’m sorry.

(A/N): I have no clue who the reader is going to end up with, so if you have any preferences by the end of this chapter, you can shoot me a message, put it in my ask box, or leave a comment. c:

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“ You better start fucking moving if you like your head in one peice and on your body. ”

Groans and cries of pain swirled with heavy pants and an occasional, impatient growl.

Glass was sprinkled across the light marble floor, joined with a trail of blood that led to the man laying in front of you.

He was young, maybe 2 or 3 years younger than yourself. His matted charcoal bangs latched on to his lightly tanned, sweat blanketed forehead . His eyes were fluttered shut in agony and his sparkling white teeth dug into his chapped bottom lip as his hands gripped his shoulder.

You shot a glare at the obvious older, blonde haired male. What was he expecting you to do?

That said male took a daring step forwards, his heavy, leather boot thudding on the ground. He brought such a dark aurora with him, almost as if demons were swirling about his shoulders and the devil was seen through his dark brown eyes. Lifting his hand, he let the nose of the barrel gently kiss at your temple. A dissatisfied frown tugged down on his light pink lips and he gently nudged the gun against your skin. “ C'mon ‘doctor’, ” he seethed, just about the same amount of anger dripping out of him as there was sweat.

A small, mock filled scoff shot out of your throat and you brushed the barrel of the pistol away from your head. Gently, you slid your small hand underneath the younger male’s in front of you. If you were going to do anything, you first needed to get this male to release his shoulder.  

A growl came from the older man as you heard ruffling behind you; he was pointing the weapon at you once again. Letting the injured man tightly grip your hand as you guided it from his bleeding wound, you gaped at the gory sight. The young, handsome male had been shot: twice. “ Hurry up..! ”  

You whipped your head around, glaring at the sassy man behind you with nothing but displeasure written on your face. You were met with the gun’s tip nearly centimeters from your face. Making fierce eye contact with the annoying man you growled. “ Listen, I don’t know who you are-” 

 Before you could finish your sentence the man had muttered something out lazily, “ Yoongi. My name is Min Yoongi. ” he spat, not liking you calling him “you”.  

You rolled your eyes in exasperation. Damn this guy was hard to work with. “ Okay, ‘Yoongi’, ” you spoke, a harsh tone in your voice. “ You shoot me, your friend here is good as dead.. So, I highly recommend you shut the hell up and get THAT fucking thing,” you gestured to the pistol, “out of my face.”  

The man that you now knew as Yoongi was flabbergasted. His own hostage had cussed at him and demanded something; how interesting. A dark, smug smirk tugged upwards at his lips as he slid the gun into the back of his jeans, letting the deadly weapon hug his back. “ Touche, beautiful, ” he stated, nodding at your valid point.  

With one last scoff, you turned to the second male. You eyes softened to him as you heard him whimper a small “help me”. You digits snaked under the hair on his forehead, pushing it back, letting your palm flatten on the younger’s skin. He was burning to the touch; your hand felt like it would singe if you kept it there too long and you needed to act fast before he lost anymore blood. “ Give me those gloves..! ” you stated, pointing over to the medical cart that sat about 2 feet away from you, it anxiously waiting to be used. 

 Yoongi looked at you in bewilderment, hearing your command, “ Excuse me? ”

A loud, unamused groan ripped out of you as you stood, and rushed to the cart, grabbing the medical equipment you needed while muttering something about the older man being good for nothing. Dipping back down on your knees besides the black haired male, you grabbed his arm, quickly shooting him with some anesthesia; his arm twitched at the sudden poke, but he kept still, letting you inject the liquid into him. 

 “ The fuck are you putting into him?! ” 

 “ Anesthesia. You want him to feel me digging into his muscle while I pull the bullets out? ” You snapped back before yanking a tight fitting, blue glove onto your thin hand. Dowsing your latex covered hand in antiseptic, your ( e/c ) hues shot up to look at the pained male. A relief washed over you as you saw him nodding off, due to the drug. 

 Yoongi’s jaw clenched; he liked none of this, but you were their only hope. “ Is Jungkook going to be okay? “he questioned. 

 So, his name was Jungkook, huh? Your teeth grazed your bottom lip as your dug your fingers into the wound, fishing out the two bullets. One.. Back in.. You had completely ignored Yoongi’s question. After all, you didnt know yourself. He had lost a lot of blood and his wound was dirty from whatever sort of trek the two had ventured to get to and into your small clinic. 

” I asked you a question! “ 

 The second bullet slipped right from the tips of your fingers as the man yelled. Angry, you grabbed the nearest object - it just so happening to be your box of gloves- and you threw it at the male, as hard as you could. It thudded on his chest before bounding off and clattering to the ground, ” And I told you to shut the fuck up and let me handle it! “ Your sass was unbelievable: completely unbelievable. 

Growling lowly, the elder man pressed his lips into a frown that seemed to be naturally etched into his otherwise handsome features. If only he didn’t talk.

Shaking your head, you went back in to Jungkook’s wound, finally digging out the second bullet. Wasting no time, you closed the male’s wounds before bandaging them. 

 Luck had been on your and Jungkook’s side and you assumed he would be okay. Your eyes locked on his now resting face. It pained you to see his jaw locked in discomfort and his breathing rigid and short. He was recovering from the blood loss… You knew this. 

 As you turned to greet this Yoongi guy with a snarky remark, you soon noticed his body hunched over. His large hand was pressed against the wall keeping his balance and his eyes were sunken to the floor. His breathing was nothing, but intense pants and his face scrunched in pain. Your eyes raked over him, scouting for any possible source of this emotion he was displaying, and you found nothing. That was until you reached the red stain of his washed blue jeans that was located on his right thigh. Without a second thought, you gripped his hand, tugging him down to make him sit on the cold, marble floor besides you. 

” You idiot! If you were in pain you should of said so!! “ you scolded him. You didn’t know why these two men being hurt worried you; maybe it was because you were a doctor.. 

 He collapsed to sit next to you, his broad back against the wall for support. His head rolled back in agony as his blonde locks decorated the wall. And he said nothing… Nothing at all. 

 You dipped your index finger into his cut jeans, ripping them open further as you inspected the wound. It was a deep cut.. Something that looked like it had been cause by a knife and the intention to amputate the limb. 

 ” I’m fine. “ he grumbled, his head rolling off the uncomfortable wall as he began to sit up. Catching his shoulders in your hands, you informed him to stay still before you dowsed a cotton puff in alcohol. Immediately, you began tending to the wound. 

As the alcohol touched the slash in his leg, Yoongi reeled back in shock; it must of stung badly.. 

 Your hand rested on his thigh, holding it in place. ” Yoongi, you can do this. One minute. Just give me one minute to clean it. I’ll be done as quick as I can. “ 

A laugh escaped the male. ” You’re crazy.. “ he commented, relaxing his leg to your touch. ” Fine.. you have one minute. “ he stated, shoving his pale, dominating hand into his bleached locks. 

And that one minute you had used well. You had managed to clean the wound and even bandage it. Your hands worked fast and your mind even faster; he was in complete awe while watching you work. He had only gave you a minute before recoiling his pained leg, ” I thought doctors were supposed to get rid of pain. “ he hissed, a small hint of a curious playfulness in his voice. ” That ‘treatment’ hurt more then the damn wound itself. “ 

You eyed him, thinking he was serious for a moment before your noted the playful hint of his lips. “ Maybe if you weren’t such a baby, it wouldn’t of hurt that bad, ” you teased back, your light-hearted tone much obvious than the other’s.

Yoongi’s orbs locked onto you as silence betrothed him again. 

“ What? “ you questioned, not liking the thickening atmosphere. 

His eyes pulled away from you, almost as if he had been in some sort of daze before he shook his head. ” You’re just weird. “ 

Your features twisted in a confused fashion as you peered at the older male, ” You shouldn’t be talking. “ Spinning on your knee, you left Yoongi with his mouth agape as you switched your attention to the male you knew as Jungkook. Upon closer inspection, you noticed dirt smudged on his otherwise clear face and some of the earth was caked under his nails as well, giving the once white tip a dark brown look. 

 Using you hands for pure support, you pushed your smaller frame off the cold stone of a floor and fished some old rags and a nail management set out of the small cabinet that laid just beyond the entry way. Placing the equipment on your small, already paper-cluttered desk, you peered about the illuminated room. 

Your clinic was a mess.. When the two had stumbled into your little work place, one of the two - you assumed it to be Jungkook - had, hopefully accidentally, smashed into a small display case you owned. When the display case fell, it has completely shattered, painting the once spotless floor in varying sizes of see through specks; ones that could really injure someone. 

 ( E/c ) hues dragged up to Yoongi, whom was peering at his younger acquaintance and you shifted your weight from one blue croc to the other. ” You can move him into the bedroom, “ you voiced, lazily waving your hand towards a hall way that was tucked in the far right corner of the building. 

” Bedroom? ” Yoongi inquired, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. 

“ I live here; As you can tell I’m not exactly famous or big. ” You sighed, opening a small closet that held a large variety of cleaning supplies. In this storage room, a broom and dust pan were, obviously, included, and exactly what you needed. wrapping your ( s/c ) hand about the hollow, metal pole of the broom, you lifted it off his hanging post on the cream wall and guided it out of the pantry towards the mess it would soon sweep up. 

Observing you closely, Yoongi spoke, “I’m not strong enough to lift his heavy ass up, let alone carry him with how my leg is. “ 

Hearing this statement, you nodded. It was understandable; Jungkook may seem skinny, but as from the small movements and the pain twinged scrunching he did, you could tell that the young male was covered in nothing, but muscle. ” At least go grab him a pillow and blanket from in there? “ This came out as more of a suggestion than anything. You flattened the thin bristles of the brush against the ground, dragging it towards the mess, letting the small extensions grip at the glass shards like tiny hands and drag them all into one, neat pile. 

He contemplated what to do momentarily. On one hand, his leg was aching and he didnt feel like moving, but on the other Jungkook looked uncomfortable with his lanky body sprawled out on the cold flooring. 

” Nevermind, “ you finally grumbled out when you had recognized contemplation in the elder’s face. Letting the broom prop its thin body up against the edge of your desk, you shimmied around the glass shards, shot down the dimly lit hall that, in all honesty, looked as if it was ripped straight out of a spooky hospital horror and pasted straight into your clinic, and then you finally entered your small room. The box shaped room held minimal furniture: a bed, a small nightstand, a dresser, and a bookshelf jammed packed with several different study material and lightly sprinkled with an occasional, interesting scifi or fiction book here and there. 

Your finger latched on the circular crevice that was lined with some golden colored metal on your closet door before tugging it open. Scanning the arrangement of organized clothing, sheets, and shoes, you dipped the warmest clean blankets you had into the fold of your arm. Shuffling over to your bed, you plucked your amazingly fluffy pillows off of it; one for Jungkook, and one for Yoongi. As your body scurried out of the bedroom, you heard another loud, frightening crash from inside the clinic that caused your skin to bust out in a fury of uncomfortable bumps as you to hug the puffy items int your hands to your chest. 

” What the hell was that?.. “

Picture Perfect ; kyr & kms — ;

When there’s Megan, there’s the paparazzi trying to get a sneak peak of her private life and so they followed on the model wherever and whenever they can. Yuri was sporting a beautiful gown, white as the pearl and diamonds sparkling on her head peice. It was pretty, it could pass up for a wedding gown. Her golden bronze hair fell on her shoulders perfectly as her arms are adorned with the lace sleeves of her gown.

The soft sound of the violins playing continues as they she walked over to meet people here and there. Flashing her million dollar smile, people threw in comments and she was used to it. Walking down to another family, she bows to them as her father talks about her, who else would he talk about anyway? His other children from his women? Yuri glanced at the male who was simply standing at the side, holding his glass of champagne. She has seen him before and it was just another meeting for them, she thought.

So they enjoyed the night as it should be. Photos were taken here and there while they stood beside each other. What was his name again? Myungsoo? Yuri barely remembered it but after the event, she will be shocked of the news that quickly spread out on the internet.

Yuri was walking around, grabbing hold of her gown. Eyeing her parents and having to let go of the fabric to wave at them. They spoke to Mr. Kim and his wife. Causing her to bump to someone. “Oh I’m sorry.” She said as she tripped over her long gown, causing her hands to rest on his chest and that was the very moment that the paparazzi took photos, a shy Yuri with a smile on her lips in the arms of the unknown man. All she knows is that it’s Mr. Kim’s son. Myungsoo. Yes, that’s his name. Photos circulated on the web where she was laughing as she got herself up back on her feet while looking at Myungsoo.

The headlines stated “Megan to be married?”. “What!?” She started looking for the articles related to that one. “Nation’s Top Model, Megan ; Dating a non-showbiz?” Opening the article, she was dumbfounded of what she was able to read, which were supported by photos of her being at the gathering.

“Megan (25), was caught having a blast in the arms of her non-showbiz boyfriend at a certain gathering last night. The male whose name turns out to be Myungsoo (as the insiders stated), was said to be the son of a CEO. Could it be that the two are to be wed? It was also stated that the gathering was a private meeting of friends and family. Insiders said that they made the meeting private to be able to celebrate their engagement party as much as they wanted but looks like the word is out!

No statements has been made yet by the model nor the other party. The model stated once in her interview that she wouldn’t date unless there were sparks on their first meeting. Sparks fly for the model at the picture, and hopefully her fans would be able to take it all in. To Megan’s fanboys, looks like you’ve got a prince in your way.”

Yuri placed down her phone and let herself collapse on her bed again. “Fuck my life!” Throwing her arms up in annoyance. “I barely even know the guy! Do I look like some Disney Princess!?” She groans and turns to her pillow to muffle a scream that echoes throughout her whole apartment.