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Song or quote:  Guys My Age by Hey Violet 
Who: Ezra Miller

I haven’t seen my ex since we broke up
Probably ‘cause he didn’t wanna grow up
Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut
'Bout to get attention from a grownup
Guys my age don’t know how to treat me
Don’t know how to please me, don’t know how to read me
Guys my age don’t know how to touch me
Don’t know how to love me good

[Y/N] was usually a good girl. She minded her manners, always smiled, and always appreciated what she had in life. The film industry fell head over heels for her the minute she was cast in her first ever movie. She became Hollywood’s Girl Next Door in a matter of minutes and [Y/N] didn’t mind that title because every girl next door type had a little secret and her secret was that she just wanted to be loved and touched by someone who knew what they were doing. 

Her boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend couldn’t please her in the least. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t necessarily satisfactory. She wanted to feel an out of body experience, wanted to feel like those women in the porn videos, wanted to lose her eyes in the back of her head, and above all, have someone just know what she wanted. 

So, here she was. On her eighteenth birthday wearing something low-cut. Staring at herself in the mirror, [Y/N] almost contemplated wearing something a little less revealing. People were sure to comment on her dress in the tabloids the next morning. Did she really want that? Biting on her lip, she pulled the top portion up a little, frowning when it sank back down to reveal the little cleavage she had. 

“Fuck it.” [Y/N] murmured. She looked hot and it was her birthday, she wanted a little bit of attention. Perhaps there would be some worthy partners at the party she had gotten invited to. Grabbing her clutch and her phone, she headed out the door and into the taxi. 

Ezra had humored his friend Logan and ventured out into the night to a party he really had no business attending. He wasn’t even invited but he would assume neither were half the dancing bodies in the club. He chuckled as girls flung themselves in every direction. He wasn’t interested until he saw [Y/N] sitting at the bar with a few girls he recognized from magazines.

She looked stunning, and by that, it was bit of an understatement. He had seen [Y/N] in magazines, in films, and on television shows. This couldn’t be the same girl. America was obsessed with her good nature and innocence. If only they could see her now, he thought. [Y/N] looked like she was about be on a spread of a Maxim magazine. 

[Y/N] laughed, dipping her head forward, causing her loose curls to hide her pretty face. She scanned the crowd before her eyes fell on Logan, [Y/N] squealed. Excusing herself from the girls, she bounded towards Logan and Ezra. 

“Logan!” [Y/N] exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him. “How have you been?” She slurred.

He steadied her, quirking a brow in her direction. “Are you drunk?” 

“It’s my birthday,” she purred, “I can drink if I want to.” 

Logan narrowed his eyes, “You could if you were twenty one, [Y/N].” Flickering a look towards Ezra, he handed her teetering body towards him. “Will you watch her for a second? I’m going to go get her a glass of water and talk to the fucking bartender.” 

Before Ezra could say anything, Logan was gone. With his arm around her swaying body, he glanced down at her. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. 

“Hey! I know you!” [Y/N] moved her arms around his neck, purring into his ear. “You’re Ezra Miller, you’re Flash or well the better Flash.” Giggling, her teeth tugged on her bottom lip, “You’re a lot hotter in person. That jaw could send a girl on her knees.” 

This made him laugh, “Are you sure you’re Hollywood’s Girl Next Door?”

“Pft,” she snorted, rolling her eyes. Looking out into the dance floor, she squealed. “Come dance with me.” 

Ezra shook his head, laughing at her pout. “No, no. I don’t, I’m not dancing.” 

“Please,” she pleaded, her fingers digging into his shoulder. 

“Ha,” Ezra started, shifting from the physical contact she gave him. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” 

“Nope.” She said matter-of-factly. Shrugging her shoulder, she leaned in close, her lips almost brushing up against his ear lobe. “He couldn’t fuck me right.” 

Licking his lips, his eyes narrowed into her. “And what would you know about that, America’s sweetheart?” 

[Y/N] mimicked his motion and licked her own lips, “A lot more than you think I do.” Pulling herself from him, she swayed a little. “But, if you’re willing to be a teacher, I’ll be more than happy to be a student.” 

Ezra’s jaw clenched. He looked off towards the bar where Logan was busy laying into it with the bartender. Raking a hand through his hair, he looked dead straight in her eyes, “Lead the way.” 

Stolen Moments

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Jensen Ackles x Female Reader

You work as a makeup artist on Supernatural during season 1. You find yourself very attracted to one of the stars.

Part 1 of ?

Contains some language, light smut, slow burn 

Requested tags and tags for possible interest: @jayankles @lilredniki @mamapeterson @akshi8278 @larajadeschmidt13 @jensen-gal @fandoms-have-ruined-my-life @xnathiagreyx @reagangeary @carribear31 @paigelovesmarcus @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @dean-in-the-devils-trap @bringmesomepie56 @winchester-writes @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish  @be-amaziing @agentmarvel13 @docharleythegeekqueen @feelmyroarrrr

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You guys really like this library lol, thought I’d share some details about it!

Emmanuel College Library is part of Victoria College at the University of Toronto. Emmanuel is primarily a Christian content library with 80,000ish books on theology for grad students. The college was officially founded in 1928 :)

The University of Toronto has 43 other libraries and is currently the highest ranked university in Canada.

Fun Fact! In 1985 British band Tears for Fears filmed their music video “Head over Heels” at Emmanuel 


Co Workers (Part Eleven)

A/N: I apologize in advance. This part’s a trip.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Some violence, alcohol.

Word Count: 2.4k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“What do you want, Andrew?” you snapped at him as quietly as you could, so that no one would hear you.

“I wanted to apologize.”

You stood there, your arms crossed, head down. He wanted to apologize. Apologize. You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know what to think. He hurt you. He put you in a situation you’d never been in before, and one you’d hoped to never be in again.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “please say something.”

“What am I supposed to say Andrew?” your head snapped up, finally making eye contact with him, “you-” your eyes began to water- “you hurt me, and I know I cheated on you, and I’m sorry for that, but you, you should never have done that to me.”

Your shoulders were shaking while you were fighting sobs. You were determined not to cry in front of Andrew, he didn’t deserve it; but regardless if you were crying or not, you were a blubbering mess. You just couldn’t get your words out. Andrew stepped forward and placed a hand on your shoulder.

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What if Steve met Natasha in the forties? Can someone write a novel about this and pile on the fluff as Nat falls head-over-heels in love with pre-serum Steve? Please?

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IS jensen bi? (besides with Misha; everyone is gay for Misha)

Anonymous said: How do you know that Jensen’s father stifles who his son wants to be? (Body cues from Jensen, something he said?) I find the parallels with him and DeAn interesting.

okay, here are my thoughts on the matter. these are opinions/interpretations only. no offence is meant to anyone.

  • Jensen is a closeted bi-romantic bisexual
  • during seasons 1-3 of SPN, Jensen had a crush on Jared (seen in the way Dean looks at Sam in those first seasons, and that one time Jared joked “Jensen’s got a big ol’ crush on me” and Jensen was like “I’ve learned to hide the beans from [Jared] at lunch”).
  • now Jensen and Jared are platonic best-bros but Jared will occasionally tease Jensen about how he crushed on him before (Jared knows about Jensen’s sexuality which is why he’s so careful… most of the time)
  • Jensen is like Dean in that he forms close emotional bonds with other men (possibly stemming from internalised misogyny in which women are more like sexual playthings or romantic trophies rather than friends) (Danneel was different for Jensen which is why he married her)
  • obviously having close emotional bonds doesn’t mean someone’s bisexual
  • but then Misha happened
  • over seasons 4-10 of SPN, Jensen fell head-over-heels in love with Misha, starting with that first meeting while filming 4x01 (I’d call it love at first sight but it was more like “wtf at first sight”, and then it took years before Jensen got what Misha was about and began to appreciate his Misha-ness)
  • I think Misha is quite possibly the first guy Jensen’s fallen in love with
  • I think there were guy-crushes beforehand, maybe some experimentation in his late teens when he first moved to L.A. and was thrown into the acting industry, away from his parents for the first time, but I don’t think he ever allowed any attraction to men to develop beyond a close friendship.
  • we don’t exactly see Jensen flirt with other guys, but from what I have seen personally, Jensen has looked at at least two men in a way that comes across as horrendously sexual/romantic: Jared in seasons 1-3, and Misha after then.
  • Jensen cannot be open about his sexuality because a) he has a career to protect and being openly anything but straight could be a surefire way to kill his career as far as Jensen is concerned, b) his upbringing in a Christian Texan household, c) his father
  • don’t even get me started on Jensen’s father
  • seriously, the thing about straws (this photo was released, then later Jensen said this)
  • Jensen’s father is his hero in so many ways (think Dean + John, minus the childhood abandonment). what Daddy says is law.
  • Jensen’s father is homophobic (even if Jensen isn’t)
  • Jensen cannot do anything or say anything at a convention that would get back to his family (his mother watches con videos) so he is always reigned in, he’s always keeping up appearances
  • Jensen acts completely different around Jared as he does around Misha
  • his natural body language is flamboyant - and need I say it, kinda feminine? but he tamps down on that so fucking hard. I feel so bad for the poor pup
  • if he’s tamping down on that, what else is he trying to hide that comes completely naturally to him and has implications of stereotypical queerness?
  • (I can’t find it, but there was one video where a lady mentions that she was in Jensen’s trailer and was surprised that his natural voice is so much higher and his body language is a lot less ~manly~ than it is on screen and in interviews)
  • when the cameras aren’t on Jensen, he flirts with Misha. flirt level 3000. he does and says things too obscene for him to repeat to anyone else. apparently acting as straight as possible isn’t something that matters to him when he’s sure nobody outside of the SPN cast and crew are going to see it. that crew is like family to him, so if he goes a little too far, he knows they’ve got his back and they won’t go telling that story and outing him to the whole world.
  • but if he does that whole flirt-with-Misha-at-full-throttle thing in front of people (and he’s a shy person), what does he do when nobody’s looking at him and Misha? how does he act when they’re alone??
  • okay, so maybe none of this is actual evidence, but if you go into observing Jensen wearing your Jensen-is-a-closeted-bisexual goggles, so many things he does make sense. he does as much “I’M STRAIGHT. I’M STRAIGHT. I’M STRAIGHT” as Dean does, if not more, since Dean is following a script but Jensen has to constantly prove himself to an audience which includes his parents
  • Wincest and Destiel basically both started because Jensen has a pretty face and he uses it to flirt even when he doesn’t realise
  • he’s such a good actor; he knows when something is deemed as flirtatious but then he does it without realising
  • he does it a lot actually
  • Jensen is bisexual and nobody can convince me otherwise

“What light through yonder window breaks?”

BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE EVER!! ALEX TURNER QUOTING ROMEO AND JULIET TO ME….CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? I almost cried when he looked round at me but managed to keep it in and during the first bit which I filmed I made the heart symbol with my fingers and thumbs and he slightly cocks his head and I put my hand on my heart as well as much as to say “God I’m absolutely head over heels in love with you!” and @harleymckittrick on instagram filmed the second half from the standing area which was lucky cos my camera didnt catch the second part.

TLSP were amazing and we even got a trouser change from Alex just after this cos they split when he did a slut drop!!

I will be forever grateful that this moment happened to me it was insanely exciting and I would like to thank Mr. Alex Turner for providing me with such complete joy. xxxx

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  • Rin started out as a gamer type youtuber, and while he still does horror games just cause he’s a riot when scared, he mainly does shit like skits and vlogs, life advice and what not.
  • Bon on the other hand does NOT get vlogs very much, but he loves Rin’s, and that’s how they met.
  • Bon’s youtube channel is homework help, as well as religion history lessons. Very hands on and how to type videos.
  • Rin watches the shit out of Bon’s channel because he does not know how to adult TM.
  • They meet in person when everyone urges them to do a collab, it doesn’t seem like a likely pair, but after months of silently liking and commenting each others videos, their fans had had enough. 
  • The vid on Rin’s channel is having Bon play SCP Containment Breach. An Oldie but a goodie.
  • Bon may or may not have just walked straight up to SCP 173. He totally didn’t let out the highest pitched scream when that damn sound affect came on and his character died. 
  • Rin face was just like that *looks in to the camera like he’s at the office*
  • Bon’s video on his channel was of Rin explaining different events through out history the way he knew them. 
  • It was called “high school drop out explains history.”
  • Bon explains how all the events Rin described ACTUALLY went at the end of the vid. 
  • They went out on an impromptu date after filming, falling head over heels for each other. 
  • This drives the fans WILD.
  • Someone please draw this
Top 3 not totally awful but still kinda bad Disney Cheapquels!

1. Cinderella III A Twist in Time. 

External image

Now, here is a cheapquel that actually managed to improve upon it’s original film in certain areas. And that was it’s mostly 1 dimensional characters. What happens when Lady Tremaine gets a hold of the Fairy Godmother’s wand? Nothing good for cinderella, but surprisingly pretty good for the viewers. Besides the god awful opening number (it’s honestly cringe inducing) the film for the most part works really well. It humanize’s Anastasia and actually makes her more than just a jealous stepsister. It empowers cinderella and highlights her ability for kindness but it also makes her fight for a happy ending. The film even makes one of the most boring princes an actual person with emotions and wants. This is just a movie that works. 

External image

The film starts after happily ever after for Cinderella and her prince, but it soon pans to the Tremaine’s. They now live in squalor and bitterness and not soon after our view of them Anastasia sees the Fair Godmother. She gets a hold of the wand, learns the phrase accidentally freezes the poor granny and then our adventure begins. Lady Tremaine effectively undoes the happily ever after and instead puts Anastasia in Cinderella’s place. Anastasia fits the slipper, not cinderella even though Cinderella still danced with the prince at the ball. The prince meets up with them in a funny scene and declines Anastasia stating that she is definitly not the girl he met at the ball. Tremaine Intervenes and wipes his memory of Cinderella with magic and he is now head over heels for Anastasia. Fun cat the prince in this film is voiced by the same Actor who voiced Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. Cinderella sees that the slipper fit Anastasia but she still holds onto the belief that she and the Prince are destined. So she decides to not give up the fight for true love and happiness. So she goes incognito as (this is actually pretty funny) a rat exterminator using Jaq and Gus as bait to say the palace is infested. 

In a pretty good fencing scene between the Prince and the Father we get some nice cracks at the original film’s premise but we also get better glimpses into these characters. They are people, not plot devices. The prince is not only made likeable, but his personality actually is defined. He is funny, he is kinda weird and a little slow but he seems to get on just fine. Not soon after we get pretty heartbreaking scene where Cinderella shows up like a giddy school girl ready to proclaim her love to the prince only to be denied.

External image

Jaq and Gus inform her of the spell Lady tremaine placed upon the Prince and Cinderella now more determined than ever decides to set things right. We soon get another hillbilly like scene of Anastasia and Drizella mucking things up in the palace before the wedding. Played for laughs and gigs among kids but the scene is thankfully over and we soon fad to a pre wedding practice scene. The prince and Anastasia are to dance they touch hands and the prince senses something isn’t quite right. Here is where anastasia really begins to shine as a character, they somehow took one of the meanest background characters from the first film and made her human. She messes up the entire dance as the klutz she is, but even so she is sweet about it. The middle of the film is mostly fluff save for a few good scenes that are meant to set up the finale act that defines this film. But at the end of the Dance we see just how much a moment of kindness means to this character. It’s easy to forget she has grown up in such a mean and spiteful environment that placed social status above all else. Here she receives a genuine act of kindness and it deeply affects her.

External image

Soon after this scene the King demands to speak with Anastasia about the upcoming wedding. He begins his speech by telling her she is about to receive a big gift. Her face lights up because as we know she is a little vain and enjoys these things. But I love that in order to make her a likeable character they didn’t let go of those characteristics. Anastasia is a brat, clumsy, selfish, but also kind and a little righteous. She’s actually a person. When the King reveals the gift she’s visibly confused and disappointed, but after his story about how it’s really symbolic of him and his late wife’s love she warms up to it. He reinforces true loves hand touch? Which is a thing in this movie, but the idea plants a seed of doubt in Anastasia own actions. She starts to wonder if she really is meant to be with the prince. By the end of the convo she actually ends up admiring the seashell as if it were jewelry. Enter another bad song, the music is not this film’s saving grace. We soon catch up with Cinderella who is in the process of getting the wand back to break the spell. Lady Tremain catches her in the act and she runs away with the wand and Jaq and Gus. In this short film Cinderella has done WAY more to actually fight for her happy ending rather than passively get it like she did in the first film. You have to work for your happy ending I suppose.

External image

She gets caught and Lady Tremaine sends her away on a ship, which leads to a funny scene of the Mice explaining to the prince just what actually happened. Leading to a hilarious scene where the prince decides to go find Cinderella. Of course not after claiming that Talking mice and birds told him that he was under a spell. The film cuts to Cinderella now accepting she lost in a pretty bitter moment and she is about to be shipped off to, well somewhere. The prince pulls a peter pan and hops on the stow away ship to see if she really is the one. Their hands touch, music chimes, and they know they are meant to be. In a pretty funny moment he asks “cinderelly” to marry him. The guards hear what Lady Tremaine has done and attempt to get her, she pulls a dark lord and disappears into green thin air. Here is where all the pieces of this film fall into place. Because the story isn’t over and unlike some other cheapquels there are actual stakes to this film. 

External image

The stepmother shows up with Anastasia now disguised as Cinderella (creepy as hell) and basically tells Cinderella she will be replaced. Except here there is nothing but a bitter expression pained on Anderella? Okay Anderella’s face. Cinderella asks her the integral question “Will you be happy Anastasia?”. She ponders this as our climax/third act begins. IN one of the creepiest moments in animated Disney Canon lady Tremaine creates a hellish distorted version of Cinderella’s dream carriage. Complete with human like demon lucifer (the cat who apparently wants to murder cinderella). I mean the way this thing forces the horse to be it’s means of transportation is just scary. 

External image

So Cinderella trapped in the hell pumpkin and tired of everyone’s shit decides to get out and get to her damn wedding. She fights her way out of the pumpkin and breaks it open. She breaks the branch lucifer was sitting on kicking him off the pumpkin and manages to save the horse and herself. This film essentially makes Cinderella her own badass hero and she takes matters into her own hardworking hands. She saves herself from the pumpkin gets on the horse and makes her way to her own wedding.We cut to the wedding scene where Anastasia is about to say I do, cinderella reaches the wedding just in time…to be stopped. There is nothing stopping Anastasia from saying I do, yet when you think Cinderella is going to stop the marriage Anastasia speaks up. She refuses to marry the prince much to everyone including Cinderella’s surprise. It’s easy to forget that these two characters were sisters their entire lives, but in this little moment we get a glimpse of that. Lady tremaine goes dark lord again and starts using her green magic to turn anyone trying to stop her into chickens (it’s a cheapquel they can’t die.). Tremaine upset at her daughter or ingrate as she calls her now aims the wand at her for the final blow. Here we see that even among the core tremaines there is no real love, she is willing to effectively kill or at least turn her daughter into a toad forever just because she wanted her own true love.

External image

Cinderella gets in the way willing  to take the bullet for Anastasia kindness and the Dark lord Tremaine is defeated. After this we get the cherry on Anastasia transformation cake. She puts the prince and cinderella back together. She picks up the wand much to everyone’s horror at what she could possibly do next, only for her in a really sad moment undue the spell on herself. She could have lived life as a princess, one who she thought was always beautiful and with a palace to boot.

External image

But she passes all of that up because 1 it isn’t right, and 2 because she wouldn’t be herself, her bratty, clumsy, and kind self. This film brings that home in this scene and I love it. Anastasia isn’t evil because she is just mean, she was raised in a shitty situation with terrible people. But when shown actual kindness and treated with respect she not only responds to it, she reciprocates it. She grows as a character, this film is not so much about Cinderella. It’s about Anastasia which Is why this gets the Number one spot. Disney made a story about the ugly stepsister you thought you hated and made her into a real person with real faults, yet still made her likable. She is an actual complex female character albeit with simple intentions, but nonetheless for an animated film it’s a little groundbreaking especially in it’s field of direct to dvd sequels. Seriously let that sink in, everything Anastasia is does not match up with hollywood’s standards of what a female lead should be especially in animation. That is why this film is such a treat. Anastasia even walks up to the king and returns the shell proclaiming she doesn’t deserve. To which he replies everyone is deserving of true love. A little cheesey, but a little touching.  

SO that was my top 3 list of Cheapquels, Do you agree with it? Do you hate it? Let me know. Either way if you liked this post please hit that heart button! Until next time guys!

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A Little Thing Called a Love Story

So hey, here’s another requested imagine! Once again, this took much longer than it should have. I finished this about a week ago but haven’t had a moment to edit it and post it in a timely manner!

Warning: The events in this story are unrealistic. Some things are said that we all know Mark would not say. This was solely the request of a fellow Markiplite, so please do not hate on the dialogue or story in general. Thank you.


Your POV

“I’m heading to the Grumps, (y/n), I’ll see you later!” Mark grins as he leans down to kiss you over the side of the couch. You’ve just woken up from a nap, your head still situated on the soft, red leather of the armrest.

You enhance the Spiderman-like kiss by placing your hands on Mark’s cheeks, feeling his stubble poke against your palms. You giggle into his lips.

“What? What’d I do?” Mark gasps, retaliating from the kiss.

“Your scruff tickled me, that’s all.” You smile warmly at the man hovering above you.

“I know, I know… I need to sha-”

“Mm-mm! I like your stubble. Makes you more… manly,” you retort quietly before grabbing his arm and pulling him to stand in front of you. “Now hug me, damn it.”

Mark chuckles heartily as he leans down and envelops you in his muscular arms. You breathe in his familiar scent and lazily wrap your arms around his waist, forcing yourself into an awkward half-sitting, half-lying down position.

“I love you, (y/n),” Mark whispers huskily in your ear. His breath trickles down your neck and forces goosebumps to protrude from your skin.

“I love you more, Mark,” you reply, your voice still soft from sleep.

“Not possible.”

Mark releases you gently and you settle back into your laying position. Mark runs his fingers through his hair before leaning down once more to leave a passionate kiss on your lips. You desperately want him to stay, but the Game Grumps have been asking for him to help them with a video for a while. You completely understand. You love when Mark goes places and gets involved with the production of fantastic sketch comedies, skits and games. He always brings home a new element to his plethora of voices, personas and actions while he does occasional mindless tasks. Mark never ceases to surprise you with what he’s going to do next, and you love every bit of it.

The familiar formation of Mark’s soft lips soon parts as his face retreats from your own.

“Don’t miss me too much,” Mark says gently, once again combing his fingers through his hair. He chuckles heartily.

“You know I already am,” you reply with a grin. You yawn and stretch your arms and legs as Mark glances at his watch, a hint of pink swelling on his cheeks.

“Stop being cute, I’m going to be late,” Mark jests with a grin. You giggle. He sighs happily with a handsome smirk and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead before walking towards the door of his apartment.

“I’m missing you too. I’ll be back in a few hours, okay? You can still come, you know.”

“No… I’m alright. I’d take to long to get ready now anyways.” You gesture to your clothing; pajamas, as usual. “You go and have fun, I’ll have dinner waiting for you when you get home.”

He grins at your words. You love cooking for Mark, especially since he seems to enjoy everything you make.

“Can’t wait, baby. See you later!” Mark blows a cheesy kiss to you just before he steps out of the apartment door. You hear the door click and immediately ponder what to do in the time he’s gone.

You know you wouldn’t be able to handle going to see the Grumps. You had known Danny since you were in college, and with college comes… flings.

Yes, you had dated the fabulously flamboyant Danny ‘Sexbang’ and occasionally involved yourself with him.


You haven’t dared to tell Mark, you simply didn’t want to make things awkward between him and Dan. It’s not a basis of lying to your boyfriend more than it is the fact that the topic has never come up, and you’d like to keep it that way. You’ll tell Mark eventually, you know it. But for now, you want to keep Mark’s friendships undisturbed by a few irrelevant events in college.

Besides, what’s in the past doesn’t and shouldn’t affect you or your relationship with Mark.

However, you cannot help but think of the time you met Mark. It was on the Game Grumps set for a Ninja Sex Party song in which you were to be featured in alongside Mark (by the suggestion of your best friend Suzy Berhow, who also happens to be on the Grump crew). You’ll never forget the first time you saw the devilishly handsome man walk through the doorway of the Grump living room; his red and black checkered flannel fit perfectly to his torso and his soft yet manly facial features beckoned you to introduce yourself. His handshake was just as gentle as his brown eyes, his baritone voice droned into your ears as he stated his name.

“My name’s Mark,” he said as a smile spread across his face, his cheekbones shifting his glasses up slightly.

“(Y/n), nice to meet you.” You smiled back.

From the moment you released from your handshake, Mark wouldn’t leave your side (in the most comfortable way possible). By the end of the filming session, you were head over heels for that man. You knew Danny was jealous by the way he would stare, but that didn’t matter to you. It would have never lasted between you and him… you had two completely different personalities that certainly did not create an attraction further than what used to be sexual. Even so, you were and still are over Danny. You certainly didn’t want to commit to the acts of meaningless intimacy anymore, you knew you were better than that.

And you still are.

To this day, you couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. Mark is beyond the greatest man in the world, which makes you the luckiest girl in the world. He’s your best friend, your boyfriend and your soulmate all in one- and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, as you lay on the couch staring at the blank ceiling, you ponder your ability to come up with something to distract yourself with while Mark is gone.

Your eyes roam the living room until they come across the playstation laying on its side next to the TV. A few games are sprawled next to it, but you already know what you’re going to choose.


You’d be lying if you said you aren’t obsessed with the game. You and Mark have never laughed harder than when you play this game and multiple playful competitions have come about with it. After all, it is one of your favorite times- when you and Mark just play games and laugh and have an extensive amount of fun.

You find yourself grinning at the memories of past gameplays with Mark. From Five Nights at Freddy’s to I Am Bread, you and Mark have laughed, cried, encountered jumpscares and worked through mind-enthralling concepts too many times to count. Each time he went to play something new for his fans and subscribers, he was eager to experience it with you after filming.

You are in love with everything that Mark is made of, from his loud indoor voice to his childish personality.

You glance at the door of the apartment, half expecting Mark to be standing there. You shove the thoughts of missing him to the back of your mind and focus on starting up GTA.


Mark’s POV

I know I’m blushing by the time I close the door to my apartment behind me. (Y/n) has no idea what she does to me. I am completely and utterly in love with her- she drives my emotions crazy everytime I see her.

It’s beyond my own belief that I’m already missing her after taking three steps down the hallway of my apartment building. And now, I’m off to the place that I met this wonderfully charismatic woman that I can proudly call my girlfriend. I grin widely as I make my way into the elevator.

The entire crew involved in the Game Grumps YouTube channel are my very best friends. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be so overjoyed when thinking about the girl laying on my couch back in my apartment. After all, we met each other at a filming of a video we both took part in a long while ago. Two years ago I would never have dreamed of meeting someone like (y/n), and I more than likely wouldn’t have planned on following her around like a puppy that day until I gathered the courage to ask her to go out for coffee with me.

From then on, I knew she was the girl for me.

As my mind races through memories of the past two years with (y/n), I make my way into my car and turn the engine on. I sit back against the comfortable upholstery of the seat and listen to the hum of the engine for a moment as I peer up at the brick apartment building beside the car. This is my home, and home is where (y/n) is.

I smile absentmindedly and adjust my glasses before setting the car into gear. I drive off towards the Grumps’ house with happy thoughts bouncing in my conscience.


After four hours of filming and having a grand time, I sat with Danny and Arin to have a discussion about the rest of the video process.

We don’t get very far into that matter before we all start shooting the breeze about our lives, telling stories and making jokes about each other and previous videos.

“So, how’s (y/n)?” Arin asks after some laughter had calmed.

“She’s great. I couldn’t be happier and I have you guys to thank for it!” I reply.

“You don’t have to thank us, Mark. It’s your own personality that caught her- hook, line and sinker,” Arin retorts.

“Yeah!” Danny, who’s slightly more tense than usual, agrees. “Plus, she sure is a catch in bed, am I right, Mark?”

Arin smacks Danny’s arm.

My eyes widen and my brain instantly goes numb. It’s as if the entire world doesn’t make any sense at this exact moment, and my brain can’t handle the dysfunction. “Did you… have you… what?”

“Wait, you didn’t know?!” Danny exclaims, jumping from his seat. “Oh my god- Mark, I’m so sorry… I thought she told you!”

“You… you and (y/n)? When?” I manage to choke out. No tears threaten to fall, but I take note of my fists clenching at my sides.

“It was a long time ago- we went to the same college. I swear, Mark, I would never have told you if I knew-”

“Just…” I say quietly. Danny tries to approach me but I hold my hand out to halt him. “I think need to go.”

I push myself up from the couch cushion and calmly make my way out of the living room. My hands are still balled at my sides. I hear voices calling from behind me, but my mind muffles them with my own thoughts.

My girlfriend… and my best friend? When were they going to tell me?

I notice Suzy on the way out. She waves and smiles at me but I continue walk right past her. I see her frown out of the corner of my eye just as I walk out the front door.

The previously calming sound of the engine starting up again is forgotten as soon as my foot rests on the gas pedal. I unclench my fists, wrap them around the steering wheel and begin the drive back to my apartment.


Your POV

It’s nearly 6:00pm when you see Mark’s car roll into the parking lot from the kitchen window. You’ve prepared one of his favorite dishes and just finished placing everything on the dining room table.

You hear the engine to his car shutting off, followed by the echoing sound of a door slamming shut. You watch as his figure, outlined by darkness, walks into the building.

A minute or two passes before you hear footsteps trodding down the hallway outside the door, a jingle of keys, a turning of the knob. Mark appears in the doorway and you can’t resist running to him. You wrap your arms around his neck and envelop yourself in his warmth and scent. You feel his hands rest gently on your back.

“Hey,” you say softly. “I made your favorite.”

“Really?” Mark’s voice vibrates against your chest.

“Of course! Anything for my special boy,” you say in a mother-like tone. You step back and ruffle his soft hair. His mouth twitches into a smile.

Mark takes a step forward to close the door, then breezes past you without a word. You grow worried about his visit to the Grumps’- Mark doesn’t usually act this way.

“How’d it go?” you ask in a cheery voice, following him into the kitchen.

“It was fun. We got a lot of work done,” he replies quietly. He makes his way to the table and sits down in his usual seat, setting his keys next to him.

You take the seat next to him and place your hand on Mark’s arm. He slides it away from you to pick up his utensils, leaving your palm to flatten on the tabletop.

You decide that he might just want some space, so you leave him be and begin eating the dish. The clinking of silverware on the plates fills the deafening silence that makes you shuffle in your seat. You sense uneasiness from Mark- something you’ve never felt from him before. You keep trying to look at his face, his eyes, something to even remotely allow you to know what he’s feeling, but he retains his focus on his plate. He hasn’t made eye contact with you since he left for the Game Grumps’.

The meal is quickly finished when Mark stands, taking his plate to his kitchen. You jump up and carry your own in as well, attempting to catch a glimpse of his expression before he leaves the room. He looks away as he brushes past you.

“Mark… please tell me what’s wrong. Did they say anything to you over there? Do you need me to beat someone up for you?” you ask with a chuckle in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Mark halts in the doorframe and turns around. He finally reveals his face- a contortion of sadness, confusion and anger plagues the face of the usual bubbly, happy man you know.

“When were you going to tell me about Dan?” he whispers.

His tone stings you worse than any yell that may have been directed towards you. Your body quivers and your eyes quickly fill with tears. You blink them back.

“Mark, I-”

“(Y/n), please…  were you ever going to tell me?”

“Yes! Oh my god, Mark, yes! I would never keep such a thing from you-”

“Then why haven’t you told me yet?” Mark’s eyes become solemn and his expression turns grave. He steadies himself against the wall.

“I didn’t want to hurt your relationship with him, Mark. He’s your best friend… and I never found a way to bring it up,” you say softly.

The five feet between you and your boyfriend suddenly feel like a million miles, and all you wish is for him to hug you again, for his lips to graciously fall onto yours and allow you both to forget everything that troubles you.

“Is there anyone else you’ve been sleeping around with that I should know about?” Mark says sternly, raising his voice slightly.

Your heart pangs. Your entire body feels as though you’re walking through fire, melting into a mixture of rage, sadness and regret that shoots from your toes to your fingertips. You open your mouth to speak, but no sound fills the tense air.

“(Y/n)…” Mark’s voice cracks.

Without a second thought, you storm out of the kitchen, whisking his keys up from the table on your way to the apartment door. You open it and, leaving Mark looming in the kitchen entrance, slam it behind you.

The elevator sets into motion close just as you hear the door to the apartment open once again. A sensation of loss drifts through you as the number above the doors counts down and your thoughts run wild in a convoluted mess.

Why would Mark say that? Should I have told him sooner? How did he find out?

Where do I go now?


You’re not sure how you ended up at Suzy’s. After driving for what seemed like hours, you somehow found your way here.

You sit in your best friends driveway with the car off, rain drumming on the windshield, for a long while before she appears in the front doorway. You notice her squint for a moment before sprinting to the drivers side door. She swings it open and the sounds of the storm more prominently find their way into your ears. Between taking off your seat belt and staggering into the house, you are unable to form a coherent answer to Suzy’s repetitive question;

“What happened?”

She takes you inside and sets you on the couch before rushing to grab a towel. She returns with a large, brown bath towel and drapes it across your shoulders.

“I’m going to make some coffee, okay?” she says lightly, patting your shoulder.

You nod your head and she disappears again.

You begin thinking about what you’re going to tell Suzy. She knows about you and Danny, but she doesn’t know you hadn’t told Mark.

You lean your back into the couch and stare at the colorless ceiling. You wish you could go back in time, to erase anything you had with Dan and clear your mind of the worry you had about Mark finding out and hindering his relationship with the Game Grumps crew. You wish you could start over with a slate as blank as the ceiling.

Suzy returns quickly with two mugs of coffee, handing one to you before sitting down beside you. You envelop your hands around the warm ceramic as you down a sip, then another.

“You remember… about Danny and I, right?” you squeak out.

“Oh no… (y/n).” Suzy peered at you with an understanding expression.

“He must’ve found out while he was filming with you guys. He came home and he was so…” you drift off, visualizing Mark’s distant mannerisms. “…so different. He wouldn’t look at me, he would barely respond to anything I asked him, and he would pull away if I tried to touch him as if he found me repulsive.”

“(Y/n), he just got upset and didn’t know how to deal with this. Mark would never ever do anything like this unless he was upset, especially not to you.”

“That’s not all, Suzy.” You glance at her as she halts her coffee cup in mid-sip. Her eyes beckon you to continue. “He asked me why I hadn’t told him, and I said that I didn’t want to hurt his relationship with you guys. He asked me if there was anyone else-”

You sniff, tears now freely rolling off your cheeks as you recall the exact words that came out of Mark’s mouth. You remember his tone of voice, his clenched fists, his stern expression that left you on edge and disconnected from your own soul mate.

“…if there was anyone else I’d been sleeping around with,” you manage to finish, choking out the last few words..

“And then?” Suzy asks gently.

“And then… I just left. I couldn’t bear to see his face anymore. I didn’t know what to do, so I got in the car and left,” you sob. You manage to set the coffee on the couch’s side table before curling into a ball and allowing your emotions to take over your body. Your sobs shake you as Suzy gently rubs circles on your back. “I love him, Suzy! What the hell do I do now?”

“It’ll be okay, (y/n). We’ll figure this out together, okay?” Suzy goes quiet for a moment. “I know Mark didn’t mean it. He was just… angry. We can work through this.”

“And what if we don’t?” you ask through the fabric of the towel. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what your life would be like without Mark- the man who you’d spent the past two years with. Two years of wonderfully goofy, idiotic, meaningful memories that you didn’t know what to do with now, or what would become of them.

“Let’s not think about that. Mark would never hurt you, I know it. Let’s just watch some reruns of Friends, okay?” Suzy smiles. “We’ll stay up all night if we have to, just as long as you forget all of the negative things you’re thinking right now by tomorrow morning.”

You didn’t know what kind of mindset Suzy had that made her believe you could forget about the events that took place tonight, but you willingly surrendered to her television/coffee remedies.

It wasn’t long into the second season of Friends that you had actually gone five minutes without clustered thoughts of Mark in your head as your tears turned into hiccups. And in those five minutes of peace, you drifted off to sleep.


Mark’s POV

“(Y/n)…” I say quietly, as if it would retract everything that I’d just said.

She storms past me, grabs my keys and rushes out the door. When I hear the door slam shut, my stomach falls to the floor. Tears well up in my eyes as I immediately move to chase after her. When I step outside the door, it’s too late. She’s already moving down the elevator.

I rush back into the apartment and watch out the window as she speeds away in my car, rain pouring down from above.

What the hell have I done? I don’t want to lose her… she’s my everything.

I shouldn’t have said that to her. I had absolutely no idea what was coming out of my mouth! I would never ever see her as someone who sleeps around with people. I was angry, and I realize now that my anger can bring out the absolute worst in me.

I need to find her. I need to apologize. I didn’t mean anything that I said, (y/n)…

I should have listened to what Danny had to say. I should and shouldn’t have done a lot of things, and (y/n) needs to know it.

I take off running out of my apartment, into the elevator, down to the lobby and out into the rain-soaked streets. I decide to go to Danny’s first, then go on the search for (y/n).

Luckily, Danny lives a block down the road.

I didn’t break my sprint as I approached his home, suddenly unable to differentiate between the rain and my tears as I thought about losing (y/n).

I make it to his front door, soaking wet and out of breath. I knock twice. There’s movement inside soon before the door swings open.

“Mark?!” Danny exclaims. “W-what are you doing here?”

Between pants, I attempt to state the reason for my presence, “(Y/n)… she left… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to-”

“Mark, come inside. You’re soaking wet- we can talk about this when you’re calm, okay?” Danny states as he leads me into his home.

He runs to retrieve a towel and tosses it to me. I hug it around my shoulders as I stand in his living room, dripping wet and panting.

“Do you want anything? Coffee? Food?” Danny asks, frantically looking me over.

“I’m fine,” I mumble .


“Danny, I’m extremely sorry for walking out today. It just came as such a surprise to me that I had no idea how to deal with what I was feeling, so I chose to leave. I understand that what is in the past doesn’t necessarily matter now, and I just want to apologize for how rude I was,” I manage to say in an organized manner.

“Mark, there’s no need to apologize. I would have reacted the same way, and I know I was out of line to say what I did anyways.” Danny gestures to the couch and we both sit down. “(Y/n) means nothing more to me than a friend now, and I know for a fact that she is head over heels in love with you.”

“She probably isn’t anymore, though,” I reply, fixing my gaze on the carpet.

“What?” Dan asks as if he genuinely didn’t hear my correctly.

“I… I practically called her something that you should never ever call a woman,” I say with a shaky breath. “She stormed out, Danny, and I feel awful about it. I don’t want to lose her, ever- I just want to take back everything I said. I never meant any of it. I don’t even know where she is, but all I want is to hold her again and know that she’s still a part of my life. She’s the best thing that’s happened to me…”

A tear sails down my cheek. I desperately hope Danny mistakes it for water from my hair.

“We can fix this, Mark. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other and I know there’s nothing that can come between you and her. I’ll call Suzy,” Danny concludes before sliding out his phone from his pocket, pressing a few buttons and lifting it to his ear.

“Hey, Suzy,” he says calmly. “Mark’s here. He said some things that he completely didn’t mean to (y/n), which he feels awful about, and now we have no idea where she is. She’ll probably show up at your house, so please just let us know if she’s there and in one piece.”

There’s a pause.

“Thank you so much, Suzy. We’ll see you tomorrow.” He hangs up the phone.

“So… are we going to look for her?” I ask, my mind suddenly racing with various explanations and apologies I should give (y/n).

“We sure as hell are,” Danny replies, standing up. He shuffles to another room and returns with his keys in one hand and a flashlight in the other. “Let’s go.”


Danny and I drove around for about an hour when he got a text from Suzy that said (y/n) is at her house and that she’s fine.

“Can you drive me there? Please, Danny? I can’t bear the thought of her going to sleep crying…” I ask, eagerly glancing out the window.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Mark. I don’t want you to get into more trouble than you’re already in. When (y/n) has your ear, she won’t let you go until she’s made her point,” Dan says, turning the car back towards his house. “Besides, can you imagine what she’ll say to you? You don’t need any fighting tonight.”

My heart tugged at the absence of (y/n)’s presence in my arms, the smell of her perfume on my shirt after she hugs me, the way she’d whisper good morning, having slept in with me after a night of gaming.

“I guess you’re right,” I say quietly. “I just… miss her, you know?”

“Oh c'mon, Mark, that’s puppy love. You’ve gotta man up now!” Danny replies with a chuckle.

“You have no idea,” I laugh slightly.

I couldn’t fall out of love with (y/n) even if I tried.

“You’re staying at my house tonight and we’ll figure out a way to get you two back together tomorrow.”

“Okay…” I say, closing my eyes and resting my head against the car window. (Y/n)’s face appears behind my eyelids and I smile, soon drifting off to sleep.


I wake up with a start to the sound of thunder booming outside the window. I find myself on the couch in Danny’s living room beneath a plaid flannel blanket. The TV murmurs softly in the background.

“It’s still raining,” a groggy Danny says as he appears in front of me. “Here’s some coffee.”

I take the mug from his outstretched hand and graciously sip the hot liquid.

“What time is it?”

“About 9:30 in the morning.” Dan takes a seat next to me. “Suzy says that (y/n) is still sleeping.”

I remember falling asleep wishing all of this was a dream. I remember the words that I regret ever saying. I remember watching her hair sway across her back as she left my apartment. I remember running into the rainy streets, the water splashing against my ankles, the salty tears mixing with the fresh water.

“…when do you think I’ll be able to see her?” I squeak out, my voice cracking.

“Soon, Mark. Soon.” Dan pats my back. I sit up slowly.

“What am I going to do?”

“Just be you.” Danny smiles.

We sit in silence for a few moments, listening to the droplets tapping against the glass of the window. I usually love the rain; I love spending time indoors with (y/n), busting out a new video game or just holding her hand while we watch a scary movie.

Danny’s phone sounds and interrupts my daydreams.

“Let’s go,” he says. We set down our coffee, hurry out the door, into his car and drive off towards Suzy’s.

My heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty and my stomach is in knots. I have no idea what I’m going to say to her.

Will she even listen to me?

I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Danny taps my shoulder and tosses my a strange looking bottle.

“Breath spray- you’re gonna need it. There’s nothing more cliché than a man going to apologize to his girlfriend on a stormy Saturday.” Danny chuckles.

“I’d be lucky if she even looks at me,”  I reply, but accept the breath spray. The distaste on my tongue makes me more uncomfortable than anyone else, so I spray the minty mist onto my taste buds.

“Don’t you even begin to think that way, Mark.”

I stay silent. Suzy’s house is in sight. When Danny pulls in the driveway, we idle on the gravel for a long while before the front door swings open.

(Y/n) appears on the top step, followed closely by Suzy. Her eyes are puffy, her cheeks a rosy red and her hair a beautiful mess. I can’t stand it anymore. I unbuckle forcefully and swing open the door before sprinting to (y/n). Just as she notices me, I grab her in my arms and swing her around.

“Mark?!” she mumbles against my shoulder.

“I don’t ever want to let you go, (y/n). I’m so, so, so sorry. I never meant anything that I said, and I never have and never will think of you as that kind of person. I was angry, and I had no right to be. I don’t want to lose you… because you are the love of my life.” Her arms wrap around my waist. I squeeze her tightly. “I’m mortified at myself for not being able control my anger, as I’m not typically an angry person and I don’t know how to handle such things properly. I can’t stand the thought of not having as wonderful of a girl as you in my life, and I was selfish for thinking that I was the only one who could have you. I overreacted, and I’m truly, truly sorry for it. Please, don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do without you-”

(Y/n) moves up onto her tiptoes and grabs my cheeks. Her eyes, the most gorgeous color I’ve ever seen, stare into mine with a welcoming glisten. “Mark, you are one crazy son of a gun. But I love you, and I always will. I may have overreacted a tad too much as well and I know that I would’ve been angry if I were in your shoes. I don’t think I could live without your goofiness, regardless of the things you may say or do, so I’m not going anywhere as long as you aren’t.”

“Oh, just kiss!” Suzy and Danny shout in sync.

I stare into (y/n)’s eyes for a long while before she glances at her feet for a moment. I tilt her chin up gently and place my lips on hers, sparks flying just as much as the first time our lips met. The rain continues to pour around us, some droplets slipping along my cheeks. We don’t break the passionate kiss and, instead, embrace each other with a force that feels as though we’re saying ’I don’t ever want to let you go’.

Thunder booms in the distance, but we remain where we are. My mind focuses on nothing but (y/n) and the feeling of having her so close to me, knowing that we both want each other by our side’s.

I don’t ever want to lose you… ever.

As my inner monologue delves into my emotions, it releases its joy by forcing me into my next action- I securely wrap my arms around (y/n)’s waist and begin to spin her around once more. Our lips separate for a brief moment as she begins laughing.

“M-Mark! Don’t drop me!” she giggles.

“I’m not ever going to drop you, m'lady,” I reply suavely before placing her back into the gravel.

“I love you, Mark, but you owe me a peaceful homemade dinner date.” (Y/n) smiles up at me, her cheekbones meeting her eyes.

“I love you more, my dear. How about you meet me at my place around six- there’ll be a mighty feast awaiting a lovely princess,” I say, already plotting the meal.

“How ‘bout you just invite a certain princess over for some video games, then begin the majestic feast?” (Y/n) traces her hands across my chest. 

Our previously hectic situation has turned into normalcy much faster than I could have ever hoped for, and this is exactly why I don’t think I could survive without (y/n). She keeps me sane, balanced, and, most of all, happy.

She is my happiness.

“Anything for my princess,” I conclude before leaning down to kiss her once more. Her hands lock into my hair as my own link on the small of her back.

Thunder crescendos again, proving almost as loud as my love for this wonderful girl. I can hear Suzy and Danny murmuring in the background, more than likely growing uncomfortable with our love story.

But that’s just what it is- our love story. This moment is exactly how the rest of our lives began- holding her in my arms, in a blissful lip lock, in the middle of a rainstorm.

Nothing else mattered to me in that moment besides (y/n), and I was completely and utterly satisfied.

I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

anonymous asked:

Love your Matthew imagines!! How about one where the reader is a guest star on the show and Matthew thinks shes cute and Shemar teases him about it and makes him eventually ask her out? Maybe squeeze in a little kissing scene in there? (like one where they kiss on camera for a scene in the script?) haha love u btw!! oxox

Thank you so much!  I am so glad you enjoy them.  I can most certainly do this one-shot.  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

You woke up this morning incredibly exhausted from your newest venture.  You had opened a quaint used bookstore in a little suburb community just off of the highway, and while you found yourself doing alright, it still didn’t fill the little void you had tucked away in the corner of your heart. You loved your store…you had always dreamed of owning one…but something was still missing.

And then one day, out of the blue…as if someone had been listening in on your thoughts…a man by the name of Mark came into your store that day.

“Ooooh, this place is neat!” he exclaims, drawing out his words as he walks around.  He had walked in with a tall, gangly young man, with messy hair and an insanely whackadoodle t-shirt.

“I love places like this,” the tall one lulls, a smile spreading across his face as he walks around the bookstore.

Sitting back behind the cash register, you pick up your book and continue reading, silently clocking their weaving path, and as they finally double back to your cash register, the guy named Mark knocks his knuckles lightly on the wooden top to get your attention.

Shooting your eyes over your book, you set it down quickly at your side as you exclaim, “Oh!  I am so sorry.  Are you gentlemen ready?”

But they were stunned speechless.

Furrowing your brow, you look at your reflection as you thought back to their entering conversation, realizing that they probably didn’t live in the immediate area.

“Oh, I am so sorry.  It’s the eyes, isn’t it?” you say, covering them with your hand as you put your sunglasses on. “There, is that better?”

You knew that your golden yellow eyes were quite a sight, and while the people around your area had gotten used to them, every once in a while you would get an out-of-towner who would stare incessantly at them, making you self-conscious.

“No,” the gangly one says, reaching for them and sliding them off of your face.  “No, it’s not.”

Feeling your glasses slide off of your face, you furrow your brow as they both continue to stare at you.

“May I…help you with something?” you hesitantly ask.

“Have you ever acted?” Mark asks.

“Uh…um, no,” you stammer.

“Would you like to!?” the other one blurts out.

Widening your eyes, you slowly back away from the desk.  “I…uh…just um, let me know if you guys find anything you like.”

Slipping out from behind the desk, you quickly make your way towards the back room as you feel a slight tug at your wrist.

“I’m sorry,” the disheveled one says, his eyes somber and sad, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.  Let me try again.  Hello, my name is Matthew.”

Watching as he holds out his hand, you take it and shake it lightly.  “Y/N.”

“Hello, Y/N.  It’s wonderful to meet you,” he says, flashing you a beautiful smile.

Mark finally walks up to the two of you and says, “I help produce a television show called Criminal Minds.”

You had heard of it, but never sat down to watch it.  Honestly, if it wasn’t a book, you weren’t too interested.

“I’m directing this episode we’re about to film,” Matthew buts in, “…a-and it features a woman serial killer.  She’s really misunderstood…but…I haven’t found anyone that looks the part.”

How flattering.

“And your eyes are so striking…and I think you would be perfect for the her character,” he finishes.

“Uh huh…” you trail off, looking wildly at the two of them.

“So,” you clear your throat, your eyes darting from Matthew’s face to Mark’s and back again.  “…assume I say yes…” you lull, “What…happens now?”

“Come to this address tomorrow at 6 am.  There are a few read-thrus of the script starting at 6:30, and then we do make up and outfits and start shooting at 10.”

“Don’t I, uh…need to study the script?”

“You’ll be just fine, especially for how I wrote this character, I promise,” he says, putting his hand on your arm and letting it linger.

“See you tomorrow!” Mark shouts over his shoulder as he waves at you, the door slamming behind them both.

What the hell just happened?


“Oh, man, she is cute!” Shemar muses, nudging Matthew as you hesitantly look around for a familiar face.

“There you are!” Mark shouts, coming across the room to you and ushering you to a circular table.  “Here is your script, you have a few lines on various pages, but most of it is…well…you’ll see.”

Flipping thru the script, you realized that most of your acting is body language.  You could pull that off.

Until you came to the very last scene.

“Um…uh…Mr. Mark?” you ask, catching him by the arm.  “Uh…this says here that I…I kiss a…” squinting at the script, you look at him and say, “A Dr. Spencer Reid?”

“Yes!” he squeals, delighted with himself.  “You try to get him to turn to your side by sympathizing with him in some aspects, and the kiss is the final draw for you.  It’s brilliant. Matthew’s script is killer.”

Looking proud of his horrendous pun, you catch Matthew out of the corner of your eye, waving his hand at you as he trots over to see how you are.

“I’m so glad you showed up,” he beams at you, looking down at your script.

“So, what do you think?’ he asks, running his hand thru his wavy hair.

“Um…who plays Dr. Reid in the show?” you ask, your eyebrows raising.

“That would be me,” he beams.

“S-so…I kiss you?” you ask, cocking an eyebrow.

“Huh?” he asks, his face twisting with confusion as he takes your script and flips thru the scene.

“Wait…what?” he asks, looking up at Mark.

“Where we are taking your character this season, this is going to be a big push into your arc.  I think it’s a good risk to take, given that it’s been a couple of seasons since Maeve.”

As your eyes glaze over, you see Matthew’s confused face as he looks at his apparently altered script.  Watching him nod slowly, he takes you by the shoulder and brings you back to reality.

“If this is uncomfortable for you, let me know.  I can try to recast the roll, and it won’t be a problem.”

You feel yourself shake your head as you open your mouth and say, “No, it won’t be an issue.  I mean…you’re a professional actor, so you’ll have a better chance at pretending to like the kiss.  Not that I think you won’t, or that I won’t, I just mean that if it’s not something you would have wanted to do with me, it should be painless either way.  And it’s just…oh god.”

Casting your gaze down to the floor, you feel your face burn as you turn on your heels and shuffle off to the table, sitting down in a chair farthest away from the group.

What have you gotten yourself in to?


Running thru the script, the cast could hardly keep their eyes off of you.  Between your hypnotizing eyes and your changing demeanor, your entire existence altering itself with your character, and they were all taken aback.

A stunned Mark walks over, clapping his hands and laughing to himself.

“Well, that was…perfect.  Let’s break then, take some extra time to wake up.  Hit up make-up and wardrobe whenever you feel ready, as long as you’re on set by 10!”

Nodding your head, you push your chair back as you feel a hand on your arm.

“That was incredible, baby girl,” a chocolate skinned man says to you thru his pearly white teeth.  “Usually, with guest stars, we have to run the script two or three times before they nail their character.”

Smiling lightly, you thank him and get up, shuffling quickly out of the room and trying to find the coffee machine.  You had a feeling, with these next few days, that you were going to need plenty of it.


And you were right…the next few days were a whirlwind.  You spent so much time in wardrobe and make-up, and it was nice to feel pampered, no matter how exhausted you felt.  You found that remembering your lines during the scenes wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be, and you found it quite enjoyable.

Plus, the conversation with Matthew in between takes wasn’t so bad.

You caught him glancing at you whenever he thought you weren’t looking, and you enjoyed the attention.  You had never considered yourself beautiful, so you took up residence with your books.  Books never judged you, and had always accepted you and your flaws, and you were head-over-heels in love with them.

And then, after 4 days of filming from dawn until dusk, it was time for the scene.

The kissing scene.

As everyone sets up for it, putting you in the corner, you cross your legs and sit as seductively as you can. Making a last minute decision, you decide to push your arms lightly together, crossing your hands in your lap instead of letting them flop down to your side, ever so lightly enhance your cleavage in your low-cut yellow shirt they were using to enhance your eye color.

Hearing the scene start up, you steady your breathing as the team bursts into the room, Matthew’s character at the ready.

“Hello, Dr. Reid,” you lower your voice, sinking a bit of sultry into the meat of your words.

As the scene continues, your character convinces the team to clear the room, backing out to the front of the building as Matthew’s character takes a chair and sits in front of you.  You continue your game, slowly tying Matthew’s character to his chair, all the while never breaking eye contact with him.  Straddling his lap, you run your thumb across his cheekbone, looking lovingly at his facial features as the cameras pan in from different angles.

“I know what it means to take care of someone you love,” you muse for the first time since you’d said hello, furrowing your brows every so slightly in agony.

“Who did you take care of?” his character asks.

“Not important,” you shake your head lightly, leaning your forehead into his as you take a deep breath, taking in his scent.

That was the thing about your character: your killer character enjoyed memorizing the way people smelled.

“You could love me, if you knew me,” your character trails off, looking him square into his eyes.  “You could…fix me…in the way that my father always wanted to never could.”

And as your lips grow closer, you knew in the script that Matthew’s character was supposed to hold steady while you did all the work, ending with you pulling back angry and hurt and feeling betrayed.

But that isn’t what took place.

Instead, you felt him press himself in to the kiss, feeling him yank his arms, trying to free them.  You feel his tongue press against your lips, begging for entrance, and after the shock dies down, you put your hands around his cheeks and pull him closer, opening your mouth for him and pressing your voluptuous chest against him as the chair he is sitting in goes tumbling over backwards.

Groaning, you roll off of him, scurrying to help him up as your face turns beet red.

You hear Mark guffaw off in the distance, soon hearing his voice over a bullhorn as he says, “You’re not supposed to enjoy it, Matthew!”

And as the cast falls apart in a series of bellowing laughs, you sigh and look down as Matthew uses his nose to nudge your glance up, your eyes slowly meeting his as he smiles at you.

“Have coffee with me,” he says, his smile taking over his entire face.

And as you giggle away your embarrassment, you help him out of his restraints. “Only if we do it in the bookstore.  It takes on a completely different persona at night.  It’s my favorite time to be there, and I’ve missed being there lately.”

“I can’t wait,” he whispers, wringing his freed wrists as he walks over to the camera, his cheeks reddening as Shemar pats him heartily on the back.

Famous!Kurt fic recs

The perfect follow-up to the famous!Blaine fics is a list of famous!Kurt fics :-)

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War of the Words, by @arainymonday.

Both Kurt and Blaine are famous online book reviewers, and they don’t share the same views (to put it mildly). Only, when they meet, one day, their chemistry is off the charts …

Not Like the Movies, by @unchainmylove (knightlycat).

Kurt is a famous film star with a stalker, Blaine is hired as his body guard and posing as his boyfriend so as not to raise suspicion. This story is so beautifully written! Your heart aches for Blaine, who’s kind of love-starved, and you root for the both of them to get together from the very start.

No Regrets, Just Love, by xBleedingBlackRosex.

Kurt is a famous fashion designer, Blaine is a singer/songwriter. They prove to be soulmates, and this is about their first meeting. Short but sweet. Unfortunately removed from ff dot net by the author :-( Anyone who knows her and could persuade her to post her stories again?

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