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I plan on trying to put a cosplay together of my #1 shark prince, but there is not many very good ref pics of him out there so I had to go and take my own. I thought I would share in case you have similar plans or just want to draw the royal fish~

I mostly snapped features I had not really noted before with the pictures I could already find.

At this point in ceratopsian evolution we’ve reached the ceratopsids – the big, elaborately horned and frilled group that includes famous names like Triceratops and Styracosaurus. First evolving from their smaller North American ancestors around 90-80 million years ago, these dinosaurs rapidly diversified and developed a huge variety of different head ornamentations during the last 20 million years or so of the Cretaceous.

Here the family tree gets a little more complicated, with two major subdivisions of the ceratopsids splitting off from a common ancestor: the centrosaurs and the chasmosaurs. We’ll be focusing on the centrosaurs to start off, and moving on to chasmosaurs later in the month.

Ceratopsian Month #09 – Diabloceratops eatoni

The centrosaurs are known mainly from the northern region of western North America (Alaska, Alberta, and Montana) – although a few ranged further south with remains found as far away as Mexico, and one even made it into Asia. They often had prominent spikes on their frills, and many also developed large nose horns or nasal bosses.

Diabloceratops (“devil horned face”) was one of the earliest members of the group, dating to about 80 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous. Discovered in Utah, USA, it was probably around 5.5m long (18′), with a small nose horn, relatively short brow horns, and a pair of long “devil horn” spikes at the top of its frill that inspired its genus name.

Its skull was shorter and deeper than those of its later relatives, and retained a few “primitive” features from its ancestors. It was also the first centrosaur found further south than Montana, and with it being such a basal member it’s possible the group may have actually originated in the southern part of the continent with their descendants dispersing northwards.

More sketches! Lesselsett’s face doesn’t lend well to a lot of expressions, so the bottom right is the closest thing they can get to looking “happily disarming”, which can also be interpreted as an attempt at smiling gone horribly wrong. 

The center eye is the only one that usually moves around, and it substitutes for a lot of their expressions. The other four eyes typically stare off in space while they’re in a neutral, relaxed state. Lesselsett is a good dog! A big good dog.



Geeeeeeez she got big. One day I’ll learn to make chubby dragons smaller. Ah well, today is apparently not that day.

I found this pretty lady in @luciellia-fr‘s lair while looking for good snappers and I fell in love with her colors. Both she and her armor are made of pipecleaners, although I took some liberties with the armor so she wouldn’t be too bulky, she’s got fabric leg wrappings and a scarf, and twisted brass tail/head ornaments.

(Reminder that I still have commissions open if you would like a dragon/character of your own)

The One With  A Guardian Angel

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: When Jace learns of Valentine’s plans to recruit you, he’s given the task of watching over you - even if it means following you around for your Christmas shopping.


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“Why would I need to watch her?”

 “She’s one of The Circle’s original member’s daughters. Like Clary, she has no idea about her heritage or that she’s a Shadowhunter so it’s likely Valentine will try go after her – win her over for this war,” Alec explains. Jace nods in understanding.

 “Okay but why do I have to watch her? Wouldn’t you be better at that?”

 Alec bites his lip, “I’m spending Christmas with Magnus.”

 “What about Izzy?”

 “She’ll be with Meliorn.”

 “What about-“

 “Let me just stop you right there and tell you you’re the only one alone this Christmas,” Alec sighs. Jace furrows his brows together, “Ugh,” he huffs, “Fine.”

 “Her name is y/n. She’s 19.”

 Jace nods, “Text me the details, I’ll head to her now.”

 The past few days you’d felt like someone had been following you but you tried not to let it bother you. Christmas was tomorrow and you hadn’t finished shopping for all your friends. After work you head straight for the mall – not that you had any clue what you were after.

 Maybe a nice vase would work for your boss? You head to the ornament store, walking carefully through the shelves, trying to find something appropriate.

 The only things that happened to catch your eye wass on the top shelf and with the shop bustling with customers, it was unlikely you’d be able to get a hold of someone to help you. You stand on your tiptoes and stretch your hand out, trying to grab it but quickly lose your balance and lurch forward, causing the larger vase beside it to come toppling down. You drop to the floor, trying to shield yourself form the shattering glass but there’s no crash.

 You open your eyes to find a blond boy holding it. He must’ve had quick reflexes to catch it so quickly. Where had he come from?

 “Thankyou,” you mumble, taking his outstretched hand as he helps you up.

 “Anytime,” he winks.

 He was half way across the store by the time you collected yourself. You try to follow him out but he was quickly enveloped by the crowds.

 You sigh, giving up – on him and shopping. At this point ordering something online and avoiding your friends until it arrived seemed like a better idea.

 You head to your car – despite the crowds, the underground parking was pretty much empty and still, you were sure you could hear the sound of footsteps.

 You spin around to find a man behind you.

 “Y/N,” he says – your name familiar on his lips, “I haven’t seen you since you were a baby.”

 “You knew my parents?” you ask, curiosity getting the better of you – you didn’t know anything about them.

 “They were my best friends,” he smiles warmly, “I’ve been looking you for you for a long time. My name is Valentine. Why don’t you come with me? Let me tell you all about them.”

 You swallow hard and shake your head, forcing a smile, “I should really be getting home.”

 “Oh come on now,” he says. You feel your throat tighten as he steps towards you but all of a sudden he’s being ripped backwards and thrown across the parking lot.

 The blonde boy turns to you, “Are you okay?” he asks.

 You nod, watching as a dozen figures emerge from the shadows.

 “We have to get out of here!” he yells. You toss him your keys and you both rush into your cars, speeding out of the parking lot.

 It isn’t till you’re sure you’ve lost everyone that had been following that you pull over at a lookout point. You climb out of the car, doubling over trying to catch your breath.

 “Who were they?!” you ask, “Who are you?!”

 “My name is Jace,” he says, “All you need to know right now is that I’m trying to keep you safe.”

 “From what?”

 His lips tighten.

 You sigh in disbelief, leaning over the railing of the lookout. The view was breathtaking since many of the houses had put lights up. The town’s tree was most visible.

 You jerk reflexively when you feel a figure brush against your arm but it’s just Jace. You weren’t sure why you trusted him but you did – maybe it was overwhelming sense of fear  and uncertainty you felt about everything else.

 “Are you like a guardian angel or something?” you ask quietly, feeling stupid. What other explanation was there? He moved with speed and strength that was impossible for a human.

 “Something like that,” he smiles, “If that makes you feel better.”

 “So you’ll stay here? Beside me? For the whole of Christmas?”

 Jace felt a sudden wave of relief that he wouldn’t be spending the holidays alone.

 “Christmas… after Christmas. Anytime, anywhere,” he says.

When You’re Sad
  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr is no fool. He’d know something was wrong right away. He knows you too well to let that pass right by him without being overanalyzed, but… approaching it with you would be another thing. Altaïr is mostly clueless when it comes to talking about feelings. Of course, he knows about them, but the poor man can’t seem to verbalize his thoughts. Altaïr would probably keep an eye on you, slipping off of his duties here and there to spend more time with you. He wouldn’t mention it, but would make a few gestures — holding your hands and caressing them with his thumb, place a few kisses on the top of your head or walk more closely — so you know he cares. He’d try to pamper you with presents too — books, necklaces, head ornaments, blades (?). Anything that would make you feel better. Altaïr is a silent and fumbling guy, but one thing is sure: he loves and cares about you.

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mariahath  asked:

It's maybe stupid, but what is the difference between tiaras and crowns?

Definitions like this are hard because there are always going to be pieces that don’t neatly fit into one of the categories but I’ll try my best.  So a crown is a jewelled headpiece that is worn by a monarch, consort, or sometimes heir that forms a complete circle around the head.  A crown typically features a velvet cap, arches, and heraldic symbols.  The British are the only ones that really still use their crowns since most European monarchies have stopped having coronations but some countries still bring them out and display them for special occasions even if they aren’t worn.  By contrast a tiara is a semi-circular jewelled head ornament that can be worn by anyone not just royalty.  For me I often think about what it’s purpose is, crowns are used for coronations and official state ceremonies like the opening of parliament whereas tiaras can be worn whenever the dress code calls for them.  But like I said earlier there are always going to be pieces that fall somewhere between like the British queens’ regal circlets which go all the way around the head and feature heraldic symbols but are used in a more general way like a tiara.  Here are a few crowns…

Crown of King Christian V of Denmark

Crown of Louis XV of France

Crown of King Willem II of the Netherlands

Crown of Carl III Johan of Norway

Crown of Eric XIV of Sweden

Imperial State Crown of King George VI of the United Kingdom

And a tiara is basically everything else featured on this blog.  I’ll queue up some of the British regal circlets so you know what I’m talking about with those.


Summary: Dan can get a bit jealous sometimes. Getting jealous of a Christmas tree? That was a first.

Genre: Fluff, Christmas, Jealous!Dan, Festive!Phil, Humor

Warnings: none

A/N: So I was never going to post this but then I was like, why the hell not? It’s messy, it’s weird, but I actually like it, so here you go. Ignore that it’s way past Christmas okay I don’t care. Anyways, enjoy. This is my attempt at being funny.

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Summary: Bucky and his family are preparing for Christmas when his wife finds one of his old journals. Dad!Bucky x Reader

Words: A lot, I wrote it on mobile.

Warnings: Mentions of seizures and some Bucky sadness. But mostly just fluff.

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring-

“Except for Daddy, who was snoring.”

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