head on

Head On

Chapter One: Emergency Contact

It was a horrifically hot day in August and Evan was beginning to question why he decided to work in such a crowded city where walking and taking crowded subways were the best means of transportation. He grunted, cursed under his breath when a drop of sweat rolled into his eye. Jared was walking beside him, cooler than he had the right to be, talking animatedly about something that Evan really had no interest in; he was hot, tired and hungry and ultimately did not care. As he was getting ready to say something snarky to his friend, his phone rang.

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head canon: King Dice CHOSE to work in the Devil’s Casino ( no contract needed, guess he liked working at casinos - he’s a god damn dice for fucks sake what do you expect)       he looks up to the devil and brags about being the devil’s right hand man ( he even included it in his theme song)   

the devil and him also like doing evil but goofy ass stuff to other people like pranks and stuff uwu                                                                                                

  • Clint: [trying to climb onto the roof to do a backflip on to a trampoline]
  • Steve: [trying to stop him]
  • Thor: [cheering him on]
  • Tony: [making a bet with Bruce on whether or not Clint will hurt himself]
  • Natasha, looking into the camera like she's on The Office: I need new teammates.