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  • I imagine that the post-Gorin Holtz/Erin interaction is something along the lines of
  • Holtz:well, that was weird.
  • Erin:oh, really? Was it weird for you? It was weird for you?!
  • Holtz:yeah.
  • Erin:why would you say that we're dating?!
  • Holtz:...because we are?
  • Erin:no, we. No. We. No. No. We had sex one time.
  • Holtz:mm, I remember it happening more than once.
  • Erin:okay. Okay, fine. One NIGHT. It was one night.
  • Holtz:well, I mean, there was also the next morning.
  • Erin:I had been drinking.
  • Holtz:I asked you no less than four times if you were drunk and every single time you assured me that you were sober and that you really really wanted it. Also, you definitely were sober when we did it in the morning.
  • Erin:okay, well....
  • Holtz:also, I took you to dinner last night and then you invited me up to your apartment and we made out on the couch for an hour and a half?
  • Erin:that was just...
  • Holtz:
  • Erin:
  • Holtz:
  • Erin:oh my god, we're dating.
  • Holtz:that's what I said!

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What are some of your favorite blogs?

Hey anon - so sorry this is late but I got ridiculously carried away with posting my new fic x.x

Anyway, for a fairly comprehensive list of blogs I adore, please check out my Follow Forever, though it needs a bit of updating.

I’ll post a short list below of some of my fav original content blogs (meaning they make graphics or fan art, write fanfic or meta etc.) This is just a quick selection off the top of my head and definitely not a finite list of all my fav blogs, but it’s a start :)

@blissfulcastiel @mishcollins @winchestre @autumnjensen @bluestar86 @chuckshvrley @postmodernmulticoloredcloak @bubblemish @destieldrabblesdaily @elizabethrobertajones @destiel-is-cockles-fault @envydean @nerdjensen @galaxystiel @bcwlegs @hallowedbecastiel @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @jhoomwrites @wanderingcas @royalrowena @loveitsallineed @mittensmorgul @thewolf-inred @princesscas @purgatoryjar @malevolent-dean @sketchydean @sunshinejackles @unforth-ninawaters @unicornmish @yourfavoritedirector @miss-devonaire @waywardlullabies

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Ahhh you should've just married the cute cashier boy!! You need to go visit like everyday now omggg i was blushing when i read your story

I SWEAR I WANTED TO MARRY THE CUTE JAPANESE CASHIER BOY TAT I wanted to go back last night and propose on the spot AHHAHAHA He had such pretty hands and I have a thing for pretty hands. So cute boy + pretty hands = TOTAL SMACKDOWN OTL I planned on going back to the grocery store around the same time since that’s probably his shift BUT WE ARE LEAVING TONIGHT AND WE COULDNT GO BACK AND NOW I AM LEAVING OSAKA WITHOUT MY CUTE CASHIER BOY OTL I wanted him to know it was love at first sight and I have already planned out our two adopted babies :(((( Unless he starts working around 6PM and I can peek if he’s working because if he is imma pretend to buy IDK WATER OR SOMETHING just so I can be graced by his face one last time OTL

I swear, man. HE WAS THE CUTEST JAPANESE GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN. My sister, aunt and mom couldn’t stop staring we discussed him when we went out and I saw from the corner of my eye through the glass windows that he HID HIS FACE IN HIS HANDS AND HIS CO-WORKERS WERE TEASING HIM. 


Okay but so given troll society there’s about a thousand percent chance that Dave and Karkat get into an argument about romance

Specifically, that Karkat insists like every human movie actually is one

Beverly Hills Cop? Classic reluctant pale romantic comedy series

Captain America: Civil War? Touching drama where a moirail risks everything to protect his estranged diamond

X-Men: First Class? Action movie with shockingly explicit pale-black vascillation

Dave eventually gets fed up and asks why Karkat insists on making EVERYTHING about romance

Karkat asks why Dave insists that it’s not

The world is shitty enough, in his opinion; dying happens all too often and bad things happen every day

Why not appreciate relationships while we have them

Why not celebrate what we have left

He rants until he gets tired and eventually they grudgingly agree to just watch Good Luck Chuck again

It doesn’t quite finish the argument but Dave does offer Karkat a corner of the couch and Karkat still huffs and sits on his cape instead

And later, when the movie’s done and they’re somehow strangely snuggled up together instead

Dave thinks again about the nature of movies and what genre they’d actually be, were they in one