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  • Headcannon that the Samwell Varsity sport teams have to volunteer in the community as part of team bonding and where the team volunteer changes each year. So in Bitty’s second year, they’re placed in a Nursing Home.

    • Their volunteering consist of spending a couple of hours a week as a team hanging out with the residents. Sometimes they break off into pairs of hockey players-residents, sometimes they play bingo, sometimes they help the NA’s with physical therapy or something, it changes every time. 
    • Okay, so no one is surprised when the first time they go Bitty brings like a bazillion pies and cookies and continues to bring baked goods every visit. Also unsurprising, the residents love him. 
      • He’s really good at talking to them (even when he has to repeat himself) because Moomaw lives in a home and you bet your ass that Bitty visits her at least twice a week when he’s home and charms all the residents there. 
      • He’s also really good at listening and remembering things that the residents say in passing and always makes sure to ask follow up questions the following week. 
        • He’ll ask about appointments or family visits and always makes sure to comment when someone gets a new hair cut or a fresh shave. 
    • Way more under the cut

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