head of apollo

  • Percy: my goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to one day surpass me
  • Annabeth: Percy, you can't just say that every time I beat you at connect four

oh, apollo loved cassandra
and for that, troy burned.

a city for a god for a love
for a girl, here we are.
troy goes up in smoke
and cassandra weeps.

the gods play their games;
mortals pay their price.

—  the butterfly effect | m.j.
  • Annabeth: What should we name our first kid?
  • Percy: George or Elizabeth.
  • Annabeth: Why?
  • Percy: Because we don't know a George and we don't know an Elizabeth. More importantly, we don't know a George or an Elizabeth who has died.
  • Annabeth: George Washington. Queen Elizabeth.
  • Percy: 1-800-DID-I-ASK
Klapollo Head Canon: Eyesight

While it is well known that Kristoph is practically blind without his glasses…so is Klavier.

Klavier wore glasses when he was younger, but as soon as he could switched to contact lenses.  He liked the freedom they offered, but most importantly they allowed him to escape looking like Kristoph’s ( albeit younger) identical twin. 

Plus he could wear all the fashionable sunglasses as he liked without worrying about prescriptions.

At first contacts were about standing out, but after the events of AA4, Klavier won’t be caught dead in glasses as he is afraid that Apollo and Phoenix Wright will be reminded of Kristoph.  But really, it’s because Klavier doesn’t want to see the monster with his brother’s face in his mirror.

So he keeps up wearing contacts; every now and then he’ll wear computer lenses when he’s stuck staring at his screen for hours but the moment a colleague comes into his office, Klavier tosses the frames into his desk drawer.

People didn’t realize HOW blind Klavier was until one day at an investigation, Klavier lost one of his contacts (Chief Gumshoe patted him WAY too hard on the back, I guess) at the crime scene. 

 He tried disguising his semi-blindness with his sunglasses, but there was only so much he could do before he became dizzy and visibly disoriented with only one eye able to see clearly…and because Apollo noticed Klavier’s distress.

As he could no longer take having vision in one eye, Klavier removed the other contact and took Apollo’s offered hand.  Before they left to return to the prosecutor’s office, Klavier made Apollo lead him around the crime scene a bit, before they began their walk to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Apollo just chalked Klavier’s insistence on being a “Prosecutor’s Quirk”, but guided Klavier around without further complaint all the way back to Klavier’s office so that Klavier could replace his contact lenses.

They also stopped for coffee and a bite too…and that’s the story of how Klavier had a literal blind date with Apollo without the other realizing it was a date until like 5 years after they married.


Rare Agathokles Electrum Coin, Struck C. 304-289 BC

Very pretty style, attractively toned, extremely fine and rare. Sold at auction for 32,000 USD.

This 100 litrai is from the city of Syracuse, Sicily under the rule of Agathokles. The obverse shows the name ΣYPAKOΣIΩN  and the laureate head of Apollo facing to left with a tripod behind him. The reverse has the word ΣΩTEIPA  and the head of Artemis facing to the right, wearing a ribbon in her hair, an earring and a pearl necklace, with a quiver over her shoulder and a tripod behind her.

Agathokles (361- 289 BC) took control of Syracuse in 317 BC at the head of a large army, banishing or murdering all those who opposed him. Clearly a man of ambition, he proceeded to invade the territories of the surrounding cities of Sicily and eventually became embroiled in war with the Carthaginians, the longstanding enemies of the Sicilian Greeks since the 6th century.

Peace was finally concluded in 306 BC with Carthaginian power restricted to west Sicily. Thereafter, Agathokles continued to strengthen his rule over the Greek cities of Sicily. By 304 BC he declared himself King of Sicily, extending his influence into southern Italy and the Adriatic.

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Any and all klavier headcanons are welcome in my house I love that boy

Oh boy you’re your in for a storm, Anon.  Prepare yourself for some HCs for everyone’s favorite German Birb Prosecutor:

  • I headcanon Klavier has happily pansexual more than bisexual. He’s had partners of different genders and gender identities and has loved and cared about them all.

  • His whole, “I’m doing it for the frauleins, lol, look at how fabulous I am, ja?” MO, is really Klavier putting up a front. He knows that people dismiss him and assume him to be an unfocused and ridiculous rockstar who has no business being back in the courts.  While true, creatively, Klavier can flit between projects chasing down new interests at the drop of a hat, when it comes to the law and his performances, Klavier is laser-focus, detail-oriented, strategic and driven.  This is his secret weapon, a way of keeping people off-balance.  He allows people to make assumptions about him, get comfortable in those assumptions, and then he takes them by surprise.  He’s underestimated genius, a prosecutor who is both some parts defense attorney, some parts prosecutor, with an astute and a suspicious mind that’s deadset on looking for the truth. <- that’s not a head canon, that’s what he is…and Capcom better not fuck him up.

  • Klavier easily falls in love, but it’s not a mercurial or flippant sort of infatuation; when Klavier falls, he falls…this has lead him to some heartbreak thought, as usually he’s more into his partner than they are with him.

  • Despite having having different partners, he’s not a playboy (that is Daryan) and isn’t interested in just hooking up just to hook up. Once he’s with someone he’s with that person, and once the relationship is over, he doesn’t rebound, he just channels that heartbreak into music until he’s ready to fall in love again  

  • Klavier’s one true religion is Football (Soccer), and he follows  TSV 1860 Munchen.  While he is very devoted to the law, Klavier will make an exception when court interfers with a broadcast of his favorite team; shifting his schedule around or trying desperately to record the games so he can watch them immediately after court. Edgeworth allows it, because he and Franziska are guilty of the same thing.

  • Apollo had to get used to Klavier’s soccer hooligan ways.  Had to get used to Klavier getting up before the sun rose so he can watch a match live or kip off to a sports bar (and meeting up with Edgeworth) that’s offering breakfast specials for such an event.  Has to deal with Klavier’s stormy moods when the team loses and over excitedness when there is a win.  Fortunately, Apollo has Phoenix to commiserate about this, as they are both the “yay sports!” part of the couple.

  • Klavier gets fat easily, so he’s always watching his weight and working out.  He does strength training, dance, yoga, and swim classes.  

  • He and Athena go to the same hot yoga studio, and because they live in LA, they go out for smoothies afterwards.  Athena keeps trying to get Klavier to join her and Simon in running a ½ marathon or an Iron Man competition, but Klavier has happily declined.  He just wants to keep in shape, thank you- not kill himself.

  • He and Simon form a close relationship after AA5.  Simon has a wicked sense of humor and a propensity to have a little bit of fun/good trouble, that it fills the Daryan shaped hole in his life, but unlike Daryan, Simon is comitted to justice and their work to be a wonderful friend and co-worker for Klavier to have.That said, Simon was Klavier’s best man when he got married. 

  • After the events of AA4, Kristoph has placed Klavier on a “banned visitors” list.  So has Daryan.  

  • Klavier’s preferred drinks are either beer or whiskey.  Occasionally he’ll get a cocktail or a glass of wine, but he does enjoy coming home, pouring a cold glass of beer while sitting out on his apartment’s balcony.

  •  Apollo’s birthday gift to Klavier when they were first dating was to take him to a beer brewing class. They both found it really interesting and surprisingly pretty easy to do at home, so they actually have brewed their own craft beers.  Apollo teases Klavier, that beer brewing could be Klavier’s new side hustle, you know, for when being a prosecutor and a rock star doesn’t work out.

  • Apollo is, Klavier’s greatest muse- in court and on the rock stage.  While, they are a notoriously private couple, a few songs about Apollo/their relationship have been released to the public.  The other songs are either on song notes or have been recorded (in Klavier’s personal studio at home) but are kept under lock and key for private viewing (ie. Apollo’s birthday or on their anniversary).

  • Despite being very private…Klavier and Apollo have gotten up to things outside of their bedroom.  Apollo has an exhibitionist kink, and Klavier won’t ever say no to Apollo when Apollo gives him a certain look.  Also, Klavier is pretty shameless when it comes to PDA, so he allows Apollo to set the tone and expecations of how far they go in public. How far they go can range to holding hands and kissing at public events attended by the paparazzi to Klavier and Apollo fucking in an ally way outside of the trendy club Klavier has gotten them into that night.   They have been walked in on by Phoenix and Edgeworth, that time when they were going at it in the broom closet on the 4th floor of the Court House, but seeing that Phoenix and Edgeworth were clearly heading into the closet to do similar activities, they couldn’t reprimand their subordinates.

  • Klavier and Miles often play chess together in Edgeworth’s office.  Klavier has a strategic and competitive mind to make the games interesting. It started off as weekly one-on-one work-related meetings, but then it became a nice way for Miles to bond with Klavier as co-worker and mentee.  Klavier has also started playing poker with Wright, Herr Butz, Simon, and Gumshoe- it’s also a nice way to bond with the others, but Klavier is certain that Phoenix’s initial invitation was for him to sizing Klavier up to see if he was good enough to date Apollo.

  • Klavier has written scores and arrangements for Trucy’s shows.  He’s also helped her finesse some aspects of her showmanship.  Not that she needed it really, but it is nice to hang out with her and get close to Apollo’s “little sister”.  They text often and will gang up on Apollo at times.  Apollo swears sometimes Klavier only married him so that Trucy could be his little sister-in-law.

There are more head canons here: 

Klavier’s eyesight: https://synnefo-nefeli.tumblr.com/post/158323381460/klapollo-head-canon-eyesight

His Morning Routines:


Klavier’s Birthday:


Random Head Canons for Klavier:





Hope you liked what I have!!! <3 Feel free to ask for more/want me to elaborate or if you have head canon prompts!

Places I discreetly worship the Theoi at home

This is just ideas based on my perspective and how I do things. Some rooms have their own little altars and some don’t. You may associate your deities differently and that’s okay!

Hestia, to fill home with warmth
Hera, for patience with loved ones and children
Athena, for wisdom to run a household
(Also a good place for your patron God/dess, mine is Hermes so he bounces everywhere)

Hestia, so that everything is cooked with love
Demeter, for the harvest and veganism
(Others may choose Artemis for the hunt and Poseidon for seafood)

Aphrodite, for self care and love
Poseidon, for cleansing waters

Hades & Persephone, for marriage*
Hermes, my patron God
Aphrodite, for self care
(The traditional choice for marriage is Zeus and Hera but I feel like Hades and Persephone represent my relationship better; also Zeus’s energy is REALLY STRONG so I prefer his shrine to be in the garden)

Kids Bedroom:
Apollo, as protector of boys
Hermes, as God of Autism
Hera, the eyes on the back of my head

Music Room / Office:
Apollo, for creative inspiration
Dionysus, to keep the good vibes flowing
Hermes, to bring in the money
Athena, for wisdom with business

Demeter, to nurture the garden
Zeus, for the air and rain
Persephone, for the beautiful flowers
Artemis, to protect exploring children

Hermes, for safe travels
Apollo, for the good music
Dionysus, to keep the good vibes flowing

headcanon where when piper and leo reunite, she doesn’t beat him up but instead squeezes the air out of him.
“thank the gods! you were gone six months! i was worried sick…” and piper starts bawling because this is her best friend who literally died and shes so freaking happy that he isn’t gone forever. and leo tries to hide it, but he’s crying too and after sixteen years he know that he finally has a friend who loves him


Edgeworth: You’ve got to stop using that thing on our kids. It’s getting out of hand.

Ryland probably broke down, not because of his incapability of telling lies, but because he knew that his papa has the magatama and there is no way he can escape that thing.

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Please consider: trans will freaking out and giving a younger camper a long lecture after they come into the infirmary with bruised/cracked ribs from binding with ace bandages and after that incident you can get free binders at the infirmary if you need it

Will Solace had seen a lot of things in his days as head medic of Camp Half Blood, head surgeon on the battlefield, and head counselor of the Apollo cabin. A lot of those things had scared him, had scarred him, and had left him gasping for breath afterwards, waking from night terrors that shook him awake to stare at the moon as if asking for guidance. Most of these things included the sinew-y stubs of missing limbs, bloodied wounds left by claws and teeth, or insides that were, decidedly, no longer insides; things like that. There were other things, too, that shook him - these for an entirely different reason.

There were other things, too, that hit far too close to home.

To set the scene: it was a relatively quiet day. There hadn’t been any new campers for a few weeks now, so there were less newbies getting injured trying to “climb the totem pole” and impress people. No one had come back from any quests recently and likely wouldn’t for a week yet at least. There’d only been a handful minor injuries so far for the day. Younger campers coming in with scratched knees or aching tummies had been the most of Will’s worries for the majority of the morning and he was rather glad for it.

At least, until Mateo Herrera came into the infirmary.

Now, Mateo; he was a good kid. Mateo, in fact, was a very good kid and very rarely ended up in the infirmary. Mostly, Will knew him from the few times Austin could manage to drag his older brother to his music classes. Mateo played the trombone and was very good at it for a beginner. Will respected that. By Kayla’s descriptions, he was also quite good at archery - it was almost uncanny, in fact, how close the two sharp-shooters were in ability, despite Mateo being much newer to the craft.

Distantly, Will wondered when Apollo would hurry up and claim the boy. He was unclaimed and had been for the six months he’d been at camp. Surely it wouldn’t be much longer, right?

This was what Will thought often in regards to the younger boy, but was definitely far from his thoughts when Mateo whispered his reason for being there.

“Will,” said Mateo, his whisper fear-filled and a bit too loud. “My chest has been hurting and I think I know why.”

Normally, Will would chalk it up to growing pains, give dear Matty-boy an aspirin or something, and send him on his way out, but the way Mateo was holding himself seemed more serious. He was obviously very sore and seemed to have difficulty breathing comfortably.

“Why’s that, Mr. Herrera?” Will said as nicely as he could (though Nico told him often that his bedside manner when he was in “Doctor Mode” was oftentimes absolutely dreadful and usually hilariously so).

Mateo’s dark brown eyes looked down at his red and black sneakers, his weight shifting from his left side to his right. He looked up at Will in embarrassment, taking a hand up to smooth the dark curls growing out of his head. “Well,” he said. “I have kind of a… body issue. And the way I take care of it makes it ache.”

Will nodded seriously, hoping distantly that his eyes conveyed kindness. “What is this issue, Mateo?”

He coughed, which quickly died and turned into a wince, accompanied by a slight wince. Mateo admitted with difficulty, “I have breasts. And I… bandage them to make them less noticeable b-but-”

“Wait,” Will’s eyes grew wide and he knew he was showing a bit of teeth, but he couldn’t help himself. The look on his face was undoubtedly the same expression he’d made many an occasion - occasions such as, for example, the first time Austin said “bitch” and the first time Kayla admitted that she kind of wanted to join the Hunters of Artemis (but that was a story for a different time). It was a look of disappointment - the shocked, protectively angry kind of disappointment. “Bandage, you said?”

Face full of shame, Mateo nodded. “Yeah, ace bandages. They aren’t that good but they can make you pretty flat-”

Will put down the clipboard he’d been holding as carefully as he could. Without meaning to, he’d begun to grip it so hard that his knuckles had turned white and since he didn’t want to break it, it seemed wiser this way. “Mr. Herrera, will you follow me to the back? I’d like you to take those bandages off for a quick x-ray. This may be urgent.”

Mateo nodded, visibly sweating. “Okay,” his voice shook. “Yeah, no problem.”

In a few minutes time, Mateo had taken the x-rays, and seemed very glad to be out of the ace bandages, though Will could see those lines setting into the younger boy’s face that seemed to spell one thing, a thing Will knew very well; dysphoria. Will knew it wouldn’t be easy for poor Mateo, but he had to put his foot down.

“No more binding.” Will demanded. Mateo opened his mouth to protest but the blond shook his golden-haired head. “No. No buts and no whats. I’m the doctor and I say no binding, at least for a while. Ace bandages are not okay, Matty.”

Mateo looked down at his feet again, examined the light reflecting off of the three remaining aglets. His eyes shined too, only with tears.

Will sighed, his heart maybe breaking a little. “Mateo… I understand, okay? But there are better ways. Safer ways. Your ribs aren’t like normal bones. Those bandages can squeeze them all wrong, break them even. You seem to be mostly alright, luckily, it was smart of you to come to me, but… I’ll check the x-ray just to be sure.”

Mateo nodded. He rubbed at his eye with the heel of his hand and sniffled. “Thanks. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Will said. “Be safer. I’m gonna have to ask you not to bind for at least a week. But, don’t worry. I won’t bind either. You won’t be alone in this.”

Mateo made a face, confused. “Wait, I don’t understand. What do you mean you won’t either?”

“I’m trans, too, Matty-man.” Will shrugged. “I don’t really hide it. But, after all this, I can help you get a real binder too. You’re a bigger size than me,” Will was a bean pole of a boy and Mateo was much shorter and a bit chubby. He’d definitely need a bigger size - Will was already theorizing his measurements, which, once he realized he was, was a bit creepy. “So I can’t lend you one of mine, but we can get them here easily enough.”


Will shrugged again. “Mr. D is the genderfluid patron god of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. I’m always surprised more people don’t know that.”

Mateo smiled for the first time since he’d walked into the infirmary. “Wait, really?”

Will nodded. “Yup. I would be, except I’m not genderfluid and also about a gazillion years too late.” Mateo laughed, so Will continued. “Some sweet benefits, though, right?” Giggling quietly, Mateo nodded in agreement, and Will let himself relax a bit.

It had been a long time since Will was in Mateo’s shoes, and had definitely been lucky to have Cecil’s mother, who was and always would be PFLAG to the grave and had immediately done everything she could to help this baby she had taken in, to help this boy she’d barely known be true to himself and to the people around him. As soon as Will had begun to have noticeable… unwanted developments, he’d gotten his first binder - a simple black tank that had meant the world to him. It was too small now, but he still had it. Sentimental value and all that.

If Mateo had been able to fit it, however, Will would’ve handed it over. No one had told him that ace bandages were bad, it was obvious. No one had helped him cut his hair, which was a mess of curls cut at short but varying lengths once you saw it up close. No one had helped Mateo be Mateo. And Will would do anything to give this kid the same kind of influence that his mama - and he would always call her that, Mama - had given him.

“Wait,” Mateo murmured. “You mean that? You won’t bind either?”

Will shook his head. “Nope. Think of it like… a blood pact. Except, instead of blood, it’s boobs. A boob pact.”

Mateo bit his lip to keep from laughing. “A boob pact?”

Solemn as he knew how to be, Will nodded. “A boob pact. A sacred bond between trans brothers. If you have to free ball it, then I will too.”

It was a moment that passed, in near silence, a kind of special care in the air between them, before Mateo tentatively smiled. “Thank you, Will.”

And Will smiled. “Of course, bud. Now…. Let’s take a look at those x-rays, huh? And then we can talk colors for your binder.”

“I like red.”

“Red is definitely your color. Absolutely yes.”

Maybe this encounter with Mr. Herrera wouldn’t wake Will in the dead of night, shaking. Making it wouldn’t bug him too terribly in daylight hours, even - the problem was solved, after all. But, when he would lay down for the night, pajamas warm and clean, blanket soft, pillows fluffed and cool, Will would be unable to close his eyes. He’d be stuck thinking of every home like Mateo’s, every home like the one Will had grown up in - if you could call those things homes. Every place and every transgender child with a sad face and a lie on their nametag. These are the things that stain his evening thoughts, that remind him of days long past. Things are better now, he tells himself. I’m safe now. I can help kids in ways more important than even I realize. Sometimes, it helps him sleep. The look on Mateo’s face when he sees his first binder… it helps. The look on Mama’s face when he tosses a golden drachma into a spray of rainbow mist just before bed, the yell of happy surprise when she notices the call… it helps.

But there is still work to be done.


sorry this got super weird and dark aksjda ive been having Thoughts and i wanted to add them here. to lgbt, mogai, or otherwise queer people struggling with accepting their identity - it may not always seem like it, but its does get better. maybe not all at once or all the time, but please, take it one day at a time. remember the people that come after us too. we have to survive. for people like us, we have to survive. keep the legacy alive, keep fighting for a better future, so people like us, so kids like mateo here don’t have to fight quite so hard. and for the love of god don’t bind with ace bandages and don’t double bind!!!!!!! be safe out there, you dorks! - mod will