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“Watashi no kazoku” (My family) 


How about another big ol’ crochet blanket?

I made this blanket for my best bud Britt for her birthday. She is the designated horror games player when we all get together to play through games. She is also just a straight up horror nut, so when I started conceptulizing I started with movie properties but quickly realized that no horror blanket would be complete without Pyramid Head and I could easily fill a blanket with games we’ve played over the many years we’ve known eachother.

Some characters are not from ‘horror’ properties, however ones like Dead Hand from LoZ made the list cause when you’re a little kid playing that game and you fall down a well and encounter that? Well… he had a lasting impact on our horror perceptions.

The list who made the crochet cut:

Amnesia - Gatherer Monster

Bloodborne - Micolash

Dark Souls - Gravelord Nito

The Last of Us - Bloater

Haunting Ground - Debilitas + Daniella

Resident Evil - Dr. Salvador

Playable Trailer - Lisa

Silent Hill - Nurse + Pyramid Head

Clock Tower - Scissorman

Fatal Frame - Kusabi

Ao Oni - Blue Demon

Outlast - Eddie

Condemned - Oro Dark Primary

Rule of Rose - Mermaid Princess

BioShock - Big Daddy

Siren - Maggot Shibito

Legend of Zelda - Dead Hand

Deadly Premonition - Raincoat Killer

Some honorable mentions (some even made it to pixel art but got replaced): Slenderman, BioShock Splicer , SCP 106, System Shock 2 - Shodan, Res Evil - Regenerator, LoZ - ReDead, Deadly Premonition - Forest Kersen, Outlast - Dr. Tragger, Super Mario 64 - Giant Moray Eel + a ton from Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Took about 2 months and a whole lot of yarn. This blanket is HEEEAVY

The stuff no one questions about in Hetaoni

-The magical toilet you can buy beer and rice balls from 

-Germany brought a fucking whip with him 

-Japan has the option of entering a room while escaping Steve but he doesn’t have the key so Steve patiently waits for him to tab out of options to kill him 

-America’s god awful shitty character icon 

-Italy acting like a nervous wreck and no one questions it 

-Holy Roman Empire is also here for some strange reason 

-Canada’s spite is transparent. Okay 

-Germany asking Italy if he wanted to see his own dead body 

-That random ass stove you can walk into and watch fairy angel things dance

-Steve’s spite being an Alien head photoshopped onto the original oni monster but when you battle it in rpg mode it’s neck extends like a fucking giraffe 

-The monster being named Steve 




As we cast our eyes down from heavensward, we stare on into the Storm of Blood.

ALRIGHT KIDS, IT’S BEEN a while since we have gone deep and strong into our favorite source of folk with its lore, the people’s food for thought, the deepest days held by stories that taught us golden ways and made us laugh all the same: MYTHOLOGY.

And TODAY, you need to bring your hiking equipment, because we TAKE OFF TO THE MOUNTAINS: OUR TOPIC is ONI.

Now, when you say “oni”, most people think about Shuten-doji and Ibaraki-doji, the two most famous oni out there, with Shuten-doji being the gang leader of the oni that lived in Mount Ooe, and Ibaraki-doji being his deputy, and in some stories, his wife as well. Some more well learned ace detectives out there might also know of Kuma-doji, Torakuma-doji, Hoshikuma-doji, and Kanaguma-doji, the four top enforcers of Shuten-doji (outside of Ibaraki-doji him/herself). Supreme Superintendents of matters most mystical and mountainous marauders will even think about the bunch of oni in Onigashima, whose entire role in their story is to have their asses horrendously obliterated by Momotaro (a superturbochild) and his animal friends, which included a dog, a bird, and a monkey.

But today, we won’t be talking about any of those. Today, we have a SPECIAL GUEST from a rather obscure-in-the-West legend from the Heian Period.

If you have been consuming Japanese media for some years now, you may recognize this Suzuka:

Or this Suzuka:

Or maybe this Suzuka:

Well, thing IS, they are all based on the Suzuka we will be discussing today: Suzuka Gongen.

Also known as Suzuka Gouzen, this Dame Of Danger was an Imperial oni princess renowned for her beauty, her skill with weaponry, and her military tactics. Haughty and confident, Suzuka was beautiful, and she knew it: She often bragged about her good looks and was quite proud of it, like, haha, Yamato Nadeshiko WHO, THIS GIRL KNEW SHE WAS HOT SHIT and didn’t mind yelling that through an ancient Japanese megaphone. Suzuka Gongen was the Hot Instagram Friend, except she wouldn’t have gotten stranded in Fyre Festival because she would’ve just beat local wildlife with her SICK SWORD SKILLS. She was known for wearing a crimson skirt and is usually depicted, less flatteringly, as a prostitute, and more positively, as a dancer girl (in a dancing outfit). The point was less “SHE A THOT” and more “she’s kinda out there”. AND OUT THERE SHE WAS, CONSIDERING SHE COULD kill you in 600 different ways in an empty room, including using the room itself. GIRL WAS FUCKING DANGEROUS.

ANYWAYS, SO, Suzuka’s dad was doing imperial oni things, hanging out, drinking sake, when SUDDENLY he gets a visit from this very spooky individual named Akuro-Ou, who just so happened to be THE KING OF ALL ONI. “hey bro” Akuro-Ou bellowed with his mysterious voice, “so I see you have a pretty hot daughter”. Dadoni kinda knew where this was going, so he just replied “y-yeah” because he didn’t have the Guts to confront him. “lemme smash” ordered Akuro-Ou, and Dadoni replied with “    “ because exactly what do you reply in this situation. Kings and Oni are two kinds of people you really don’t wanna cross, so Akuro-Ou was the kind of guy you seriously didn’t wanna double cross (or, perish the thought, double-cross), so he kinda just decreed that, well, shit, ok, you can marry her, GEEZ.


So while this shit goes down, Suzuka was hanging out, being hot and cocky in the front yard, when SUDDENLY this dude comes and tells her “hey dude pack your shit, we are going to your marriage”, and Suzuka was like “EXCUSE ME?” and the dude was like “yeah see your dad decreed just now that you are marrying the King of Oni, Akuro-Ou, so yeah, hurry” and Suzuka was like “well fuck that blows, whatever, so can I see him” and he’s like “no” because Akuro-Ou was Very Mysterious and didn’t show his face. Since this is THE EARLY HEIAN ERA, they merely exchanged marriage vows, or made a contract, in this specific case, and that was that, woo, how ROMANTIC, married to a dude you don’t know who won’t even show you his FACE. This is, like, the LAME version of the Phantom of the Opera, without the weird theater people and the musical numbers. So Suzuka was pretty bummed about it, but she looked at the good side and said “YO BUT WE CAN PLOT THE DOWNFALL OF THE EMPEROR NOW” because she has an appetite for destruction and bedlam and Akuro-Ou at least had good ideas. Akuro-Ou and his two bestiest and lieutenants, Takemaru and Odakemaru, consulted a lot with Suzuka, since she was a badass strategist, and planned out this cool attack that was going to murderize the FUCK outta the Emperor and everything he stood for.

Now, this is the part where I remind you that ancient Japan had the best superspies in history, because EVERY TIME someone has an Ill Thought against the Emperor, he KNOWS (except that one time in Tokoyo), so the Emperor turns off Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for three seconds to worry for his life and summons a hero to go whoop some rowdy oni ass before going back to his Kickflips because Emperors tend to do NOTHING IN THESE THINGS AAAAA. So the hero is sent, with explicit instructions to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and to not bring gum or bubbles, and he was HAPPY TO COMPLY. Also, I love the Japanese mythos insistence on straight up pulling heroes, like, it’s literally “emperor somehow fucking knew he was going to get sniped so he just pulls a hero from his pantry and sends him on his way to fuck shit up” like did they mass produce them back then, was “hero” an acceptable major to have in Heian Japan, what kinda shithole society are we in that I have to major in boring shit like being good to people and helping them with their problems instead of KICKING ONI ASS, I am so ENVIOUS of mythos.

So the hero in question goes to where the oni are planning their revolution, and Suzuka, also endowed with superspies, somehow learns of this, and throws a TANTRUM because no shitass human is going to interfere in the one good thing to come out of her marriage, no sir. Now, this is the part where the bad guys would send out minions to deal with the hero. Well, Suzuka is not most bad guys, so she grabbed her three cursed swords, downed a whole can of Red Bull, yelled “BEAST MODE!” and fuckrammed her way out of Oni Fortress to meet this dude HEAD ON in HONORABLE COMBAT. She was going to deal with him HERSELF. At the foot of Suzuka Mountain (yes, that was the name of the mountain), the two would meet for a DUEL.

“AAAALRIGHT YOU LIMP-DICKED CHICKEN SHIT PISS STAIN, SHOW YOUR DAMN FACE, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU UP GOOD, MY DUDE, I WILL SHOVE YOU DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS, I AM GOING TO SCRAPE YOUR KNEE, I AM GOING TO PLAY PING PONG WITH YOUR BALLS, I AM GOING TO WRITE BAD HAIKU ON YOUR FACE, COME AT ME” softly whispered Suzuka when she finally arrived at the field where the hero was. Upon hearing this, the hero removed his large straw hat that hid his face and the coat that obscured his frame, and revealed his BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME FACE and DASHING MUSCLES. The hero’s name was Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, which translated directly to “HOT STUD 9000″, probably.

Suzuka’s immediate follow-up was “o” because he was a fine piece of work, alright. “Yeah, look, um, change of plans: I betray Akuro-Ou and instead I marry you and we kick ass together”. “Surely you jest?” inquired the confused Tamuramaro. “Ahah, no, see, I jest about many things, but dick? No, I take dick seriously” she quickly replied, and that was good enough for T-Man, because they immediately fell in love with each other. I mean, look, you can’t blame her: If you get roped into a marriage you didn’t even know of with a dude whose face you don’t know, and then suddenly Handsome McNiceass appears before you, ripe for the eloping, you, too, would do it. And T-Man had no issues with this at all because Suzuka was basically if G.I. Joe was a beautiful woman, and you gotta be a FOOL not to marry a warrior oni princess. Long story short, they made the strongest Power Couple of the Heian Era and proceeded to HORRENDOUSLY FUCK AKURO-OU UP, like, god DAMN, they just showed up, gorgeous pair of WARRIORS, tearing shit up left and right like it was Dynasty Warriors, piledriving Takemaru and Odakemaru through the announcer’s table, Cross Bombing Akuro-Ou, they literally fuck up the WHOLE FORTRESS, just by themselves, like, no inch of it was unfucked by the end of it, it was the single best Wrestlemania in history and wrestling wasn’t even a thing yet. The oni revolution plan was SHATTERED TO PIECES, and only a POWERCOUPLE remained.

T-bro and Suzu then remained together, and Suzuka joined him in his heroics, becoming his partner in justice, which was the opposite of a problem for Tamuramaru, because what’s better than one killdozer? THAT IS RIGHT, TWO KILLDOZERS. Suzuka had three cursed blades, named Daitsuren, Shotsuren and Kenmyoren, as well as apparently being powered by the stars in the sky (literally, it is described that she “possesses supernatural powers from the stars’ movement”), and she utilized all of these things Pretty Damn Well to turn any evil doer into thin red paste stains on the carpet. I believe I have already made my point, but in case hyperbole betrays me: Suzuka Gongen was renowned, even back then, as one of the foremost and most important warrior-women in Japan mythos.

Knock knock
Who is it?

Suzuka Gongen died at the young age of 25. Suzuka and Tamuramaro had a cute half-human, half-oni daughter named Korin, but shortly after her birth, Suzuka’s tragically short life ended. Gently holding his beloved wife’s hand, Tamuramaro fondly remembered the happy times they spent with their child, the happy times they spent kicking villain ass, the happy times they spent within each other’s embrace, the warmth they shared, the soft caresses and the rowdy laughter. As her pulse vanished, her smile never wavered, and she departed this world a happy mother, a happy wife, a happy warrior, a happy woman.

And so, Tamuramaro and Korin continued on, an empty spot on the table, a futon too big for one family.

Isn’t life unfair sometimes?

Tamuramaro thought that. He thought that it was not her time. Not just yet. There were many asses left unkicked, many lips left uncurved, many happy moments left unlived.

He was not having this.



Not like this!

Not like this!!! It simply could not end like this!


And at the very end, there she stood: Suzuka Gougen. Their eyes met, their hearts ignited, and their hands clasped. Together, Sakaenoue no Tamuramaru and Suzuka Gougen fought right out of the Otherworld.

Back in the world of the living, T-Man and Suzuka both formally married, and they lived a long, plentiful life together, raising their child and being EXTREMELY lovey-dovey for many years to come. And, of course, kicking a SHITLOAD OF ASS together, as human and oni, hero and princess, husband and wife.

Suzuka’s legend has other versions: In some, she’s a bandit that stole the annual tribute from the Imperial Vault. In others, she’s a celestial maiden, whimsical and eccentric. In all versions, however, a fact remains consistent: She meets Tamuramaro, they fall in love with each other, they decimate rumpus together, Suzuka dies at 25, and Tamuramaro travels to the Land Of The Dead to pull her out, after which they happily live together.



Invader Zim #23

There’s a virus in GIR’s head. This virus is mean, determined, and probably covered in spikes and stuff. Most importantly, it’s making GIR want to kill ZIM, and ZIM can’t really let that happen. But the only way to destroy the virus is to travel inside GIR’s broken robot mind, and the inside of GIR’s broken robot mind is a virtual madhouse of crazy. Part two of a four-part story! - $3.99

Taichi’s best friend, Junki <3 

I decided both are in a yokai host program where they live with a human host (cause i enjoy non humans livin with humans ;D). They don’t live together (Taichi lives with a female roomie and Junki lives with a single mom and her two kids) so they hang out together every now and then. Junki looks up to Taichi for his unabashed personality, while Taichi admires Junki for being a bit more passive and controlled when dealin with bs. Junki is Tai’s only friend, as other yokai aren’t fun to be around for Tai and Junki just rather be around Tai anyways ;v; 

Junki is a tengu vwv

give you the sunset

At the end of his rope, Peter leaves Beacon Hills. Stiles stays behind. 

[Written for steternetwork’s October prompt, orange. Post-3B, handwaves Kate & whatever else I’ve forgotten about the season, pre-slash, angst.]

Stiles parks his Jeep in someone else’s parking spot, ignores the no loitering sign, and waits. It’s early evening when he arrives and he watches the apartment building’s residents slowly get home from work. He doesn’t recognize anyone. Beacon Hills is a small town, but it isn’t that small. No one seems to recognize him either, whether as the sheriff’s kid or the kid that keeps running around town with a bunch of shady-looking people as they try to keep Beacon Hills safe from all the crap that’s just been leaking out of it. Eventually, he gets out of his Jeep and leans on the driver side’s door. The curtains shift in one of the apartments on the first floor, but no one seems to care about a random kid standing around. Stiles has to admit he probably doesn’t look all that threatening.

It’s good, since he’s not here to threaten anyone.

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Warley Katrina and Herkules Hurricane

Huge colt foal born 18/4-2017 Finally, an update on Katrina (who stands a good 18.1hh) and her son- the huge Hurricane, this massive colt were born during a bit traumatic circumstances, as he tried to enter the world ony with his head first. The mare has recovered very well, and her son is growing by the second! We have been very lucky, and thankful to the fact we always keep our horses and foaling mares under very careful surveillance. A special thanks to everyone who has sent us get well wishes, and kept these two in their thoughts!”

Interview With A Vampire - (M)

A/n; Should I continue this and my little Vampire!Yoongi drabble? Leave me some comments angels~

Genre; Mature - I guess??????????

Length; 800+ words

Originally posted by umma-jy

Tension filled the air as you sat there, your journal and recorder in your lap as you tried your very hardest not to make eye contact with the intense man that sat before you. 
You were supposed to be there an interview, one that took you ages to land due to his social status, but now that you had it the only thing you wanted to do was run and hide. 

He, Choi Youngjae, was part of the most prestigious family known to man. He was royalty, in fact, a prince but he was not human. He was a vampire- one of the most flamboyant and open about his kind, which in turn made getting an interview with him that much more valuable to you and anyone else you desired to dig around in his mind. 

“So, Miss Y/n..” The vampire smoothly purred, your name leaving his lips like silk. “Why were you so adamant about this interview, yet now that you’re here you’re as quiet as a mouse?” 
Slowly, he rose from his seat, moving closer to your timid form. “Are you scared of me?” He asked, licking his lips as his sharp eyes loomed over you- following your curves up and down your body. “Or perhaps, you’re attracted to me.” 

The low chuckle the escaped him had your nerves on edge. Truth is, you had no idea why he had you so anxious, sure he was handsome- well more like godly, but there was just something else about him that skyrocketed your anxiety. 

“I- I’m sorry.” You mousily stuttered out, frantically opening your journal, searching for the question you had jotted down. 

Youngjae watched from behind with a tilted head, smirking as you fumbled with the pages in the small book. 
“It’s fine, sweet girl.” He jeered, reaching down- snatching your journal from you. “I think your timidness is quite cute actually.” He added as he examined the books cover before prying it open, that smirk taking a permanent place on his face as he effortlessly found the page you had been searching for. 

“May I have that back, Sir?” You shyly asked, rising from your spot as he made his way back to the front of you. “I- I…” 

Your voice trailed off as a throaty giggle emanated from him, “How does the rest of your kind feel about your openness about what you are?” He read off one of your less adorably ridiculous questions. 
“Is this what you’re really interested in?” He retorted, waving the journal in front of you- feeling the need to tease you grow as soon as he heard the dominant petname leave your luscious lips. “Because I don’t think it is.” 

His words had your usually rational, calm mind all jumbled up and your words caught in your throat. 
That smirk of his stayed as he scanned over you, sensing every feeling you felt- nervousness, confusion…attraction. Making he way over to you, he crouched down in front of you; gently placing your book onto your lap as your eyes locked with his. 

“Tell me what you want, little Y/n.” He purred, making sure to open his mouth the slightest bit more when he speaks just to show off his dagger-like fangs before allowing his long tongue to swipe against them and his lips. 
“Because, like I said, I don’t believe you came here just to interview me. Maybe you’re less curious about my life and a bit more curious about something else, hm?” He said, cocking his brow.

Truthfully, before you stepped foot into his office, your mind was set on this interview. You thought you had just about everything worked out- your questions, how you’d get him to dwell deeper into the life of a vampire, but the second you saw him everything seemed to escape you. 
Now, his current implications and the way his voice was so sinfully smooth had the coil in your tummy tightening. Instead of your work, your mind began conjuring up images of him fucking your brains out as his fangs pierced your skin and sank into you; draining you in every way possible. 

Despite your less than appropriate thoughts, you shook your head, chewing ony our lower lip as your rapidly broke eye contact with him. 

Youngjae’s pompous grin turned huge as he watched and felt your inner struggle with your urges. Grasping your chin, the vampire turned your gaze back to his, “Now, now, darling-” He hummed in a playful yet warning tone.
“You shouldn’t lie to me. I already know how you feel-” His tone turning from playful to pure lust. “I can sense how badly you want me. I can smell it from here…” He chuckled, rising from his spot as he gradually closed the space between the two of you. 

“Tell me how you feel, sweet girl. What exactly do you want- or should I say- crave?” 

“I’ll give it to you, but I want to hear it leave that pretty little mouth of yours first.” 

Name: Ushi-Oni (Ox Oni), Gyuki
Area of Origin: Japan

The Ushi-Oni is a demonic creature found in Japanese folklore. There are various kinds that share the same name, but with Ushi meaning Ox or Cow, all the monsters appear to have a horned bovine-like head. One of the most well known Ushi-Oni is a massive sea monster that resides off the coast of Shimane Prefecture and other areas in Western Japan. It attacks fishermen, and is depicted with a spider or crab-like body. They seem to be connected to another creature, a yokai called the Nure-onna, who sometimes appear before an Ushi-Oni attack. The Nure-onna trick victims into holding their “child” which is actually rather something else entirely. The “child” grows heavier and heavier, and while stuck to the victim’s hands, heavily hinders any chance of escape. It is unknown whether the two creatures work in tandem on purpose or not. 

In Japan, there’s a ritual at the end of winter where the head of household (generally the father) dresses up as an oni and the rest of the family throws beans while shouting “devil out! good fortune in!” The onii-sans take on the oni role for their little brothers in this new Osomatsu Party card, and the youngster brothers are probably a little too excited about the opportunity to chuck beans at their older brothers.