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Baz gropes for me with his arm, and when he feels me, he wraps his arm around my neck and shoulders, weakly pulling me towards him. I move closer until my head falls on his chest.
“Are you okay?” he asks again.
“Yeah. You?”
“Tip-top.” Baz coughs, and I push my face into his chest. “What was that?” he asks.
“The Humdrum.”
“Simon, are you the Insidious Humdrum?”
“Are you sure?”

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, chapter 71

My artwork for the Carry On artbook! :)

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Hey there! I'm always glad to see a new headcannon blog. Bless. Can I get general relationship headcannons for Jotaro? Like how he acts, what affection he shows and general fluff things. Thank you!

Kujo Jotaro: 

  • Jotaro is a very private person for the most of the time, and most people don’t even know he has an S/O (mostly for his partner’s safety). That is, of course, unless they’re so unfortunate as to hit on his s/o, in which case he’ll have Star Platinum running for their ass. 
  • He is also a man of few words, so don’t expect a lot of compliments, cheesy lines, courtesy etc. Just a simple “You’re beautiful” or “You look fine” will do the work for him and he’ll be confused if his partner gets mad because he didn’t compliment them more. With a guy like Jotaro, his partner will be basically locked in his heart for life. He won’t love anyone but them, and though he might never say it, he would expect them to understand that.
  • On other hand, in private, Jotaro will be more affectionate, not the clingy or soapy-romantic way, he will enjoy his partner’s company even if they’re in the opposite sides of the room. Even his S/O’s voice will put him at ease.
  • PDA is very limited outside, only when they’re only the two of them he may show his soft side. Laying on the sofa and reading a book while his lover is on top of him is what he considers a sweet and peaceful afternoon. If his partner is asleep on top of him, Jotaro would run his hand through their hair, eventually dozing off himself.
  • Outside he will simply hold their hand, or if he feels comfortable enough he would wrap his hand around his partner’s shoulders or waist. Occasionally, he would steal little kisses if there are not many people around, if his partner do it, though, Jotaro wouldn’t mind it, generally, he doesn’t get easily embarrassed.
  • He would let his S/O wear his jacket or hat if they’re cold, but will grumble on about why his partner is so careless about their health. Secretly, though, it would be an huge turn on adorable sight for him seeing his partner in his jacket (his clothes, generally).
  • His lover might expect little gifts here and then, but they won’t be something big like plushies, expensive jewels, etc. And he would never give them himself (if it’s not for their birthday or some other celebration). His partner would just wake up one morning and find a lily/box of chocolates/small dolphin badge on the kitchen table with a small note next to it: “Have a great day.”
Daisies under cabbage

Everybody knows babies grow under cabbage leaves.

Melinda May always tells Daisy she was buying vegetables one day and that’s how she found her: under cabbage.

Or: where four year old Daisy is Melinda May’s human credential and Phil Coulson has his hands full.

Read more: on ffnet or AO3

| Long-Awaited Savior: Part Eight |

Eight fucking chapters, you wonderful motherfuckers?! Holy shit. I had no idea this story would come so far. After a damn near month-long hiatus, this story is back and as awesome as ever. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This chapter is also long as fuck. Sorry, not sorry.

Check out previous chapters and the Masterlist

Characters: Negan (JDM) x female reader, Jovana (new OC), bit of Simon

Word Count: 3,741 (WTF?!?! THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM O.o)

Heads up: language (obviously), innuendos (obviously)

Chapter Summary: You are forced to trust your new roommate when Negan calls you both on a run, despite your injured leg. You & her are suddenly and unexpectedly faced with a life-and-death decision.

Part Eight: Hanging in the Balance

The awful clang of the morning bell dragged you mercilessly from your dreams once again, and you groaned in irritation. Wesley was almost always the focal point of your unconscious mind, but your encounter with Negan late last night had pushed your dreams in a different and much more pleasant direction.

The first time in fucking ages I have a sex dream and it ends prematurely. How fitting.


Sighing deeply, you clapped your hands over your face and rubbed your eyes in an effort to awaken them. After a few moments, you sat up in bed and tossed the covers off, groaning again in a pointless protest against mother nature. Letting your eyes trail around the room, you became confused at the sight of an extra bed, and as you wracked your brain for an explanation you caught a flash of movement out of the corner of your vision.

“What the- SHIT! Oh god… jesus… fuck… I forgot about you.”

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I was thinking the music for Akaashi's domina show would be something from Seelenkrank. In their album "Silent Pleasures", they have some classy and beautiful yet very mood fitting tracks like "The special part", "Lady Vampire", "Masochist", "Purgatory", "Black Goodess" and "Domina Dance".

Wooow, guys, search them on youtube! I looked it up, listened and they would fit Akaashi’s sexy performances (*coughs* Domina shows)! I can imagine it in my head, it’s crazy! (O.O)

Seventeen going to the Hair Salon

Episode Five: Where Seventeen goes to the Hair Salon to get ready for their comeback after Self-proclaimed Hair Stylist Mingyu had a dream about Cheetos.

Vernon: "Someone tell me why we are going to a hair salon again?“

Jun: "ask that tall thing”

Mingyu: "I swear I have a vision for our new concept, we will have our hair styled up like bad boys and wear jackets, we’ll look so cool!“

Dino: "Chan’s in! Chan wants to look mature and steal the heart of our carats! Maybe I’ll finally get a girlfriend and we’ll live happily ever after”

Jeonghan: "No dino, you’re a baby, I didn’t raise you to become a bad boy let alone date someone"

Dino: “You know that Chan needs a girlfriend to get married sooner or later…”

Jeonghan: “Unless the option ‘never’ is available, if not I pick later”

Dino: “Wha- unbelievable “

Mingyu: "Okay, so here’s the thing, I had a dream last night about Cheetos and I was inspired for my new hairstyle"

Scoups: "No Mingyu, omg please don’t tell me you-“

Mingyu: "I dyed my hair orange! Like Cheetos!”

Mingyu: *pulls cap off his head*

Scoups: "Oh god please tell me it’s not permanent"

Mingyu: "why? is it bad?“

Scoups: "Well…. if you look at it from an artistic point of view from the left it kinda looks bett- no…. maybe if I tilt my head to the right it will look nice- nope, no it still looks bad…. like…. REALLY BAD”

Mingyu: “What would you know about art?” *folds arms*

Scoups: “I know enough to know that the bright orange is blinding my eyes”

Mingyu: *puts cap back on*

Mingyu: "Mingyu regrets nothing"

DK: “Imagine if we ever go to America, the salons there will be so cool! If we ever go to LA or New York, let’s go do our hair there”

Joshua: “Why?”

DK: “There will be professional hair stylists and everything!”

Joshua: “Not to burst your bubble or anything but do you by chance think that your hair will be styled by celebrity hair stylists or something?”

DK: “What… am I wrong?”

Joshua: “I have nothing to say to you”

DK: “How about Jeju then? Do they even have salons like this in Jeju?”

Seungkwan: “They obviously do”

DK: “But isn’t Jeju all trees and stuff?”

Seungkwan: “Omg I live in Jeju not a freaking countryside, what do you think people do when they want to get their hair cut?!?!”

DK: “How about China- “

Jun: “Don’t even try asking dokyeom”

Wonwoo: "Ohh Mingyuu~ does my hair look nice?“ *skips over to Mingyu*

Mingyu: "yes of course, I chose it!" *flips cheetos hair*

Wonwoo: *heart flutters from compliment* 

Mingyu: "Now go to the cashier and pay”

Wonwoo: "Okey dokey~“ *skips*

Cashier: "That’ll be $215.00, would you like to pay by cash or card?”

Wonwoo: "…“

Cashier: "Sir?”

Wonwoo: “But I only trimmed my hair, I didn’t even dye it or do any hair treatments, there must be some sort of mistake”

Cashier: “Oh yeah, there was a mistake, my bad… Your friend chose for you the ‘Short but not too Short’ hair style featured in the 2016 Fall New York Fashion Week by MJ”

Dino: “Michael Jackson?”

Vernon: “No man, Marc Jacobs”

Dino: “Don’t jUdGe mEh”

Cashier: “That’ll be $1,570.00 in total”


Jeonghan: "I swear Mingyu, if you cut my hair even shorter than it already is, I will personally rip your head off"

Woozi: “I swear if you dye my hair a shade lighter than charcoal black, I will decrease your lines from one to none and I will personally see to it that the cause of your death is by a guitar swing to your head”

Mingyu: O.O 

Mingyu: "I don’t think you two should look in the mirror then" *runs for dear lyfe*

Wonwoo: *cries*

Hoshi: “Why, what’s wrong do you not like your hair?”

Wonwoo: “No… but I paid over a thousand bucks for this dumb hair style”

The8: “Even I can cut that hair style at home…”

The8: “For free”

Hoshi: “Minghao… it’s the holidays cut him some slack”

The8: “Savagehao doesn’t rest, even for the holidays”

Jun: “Well I blame coups for letting Mingyu go to the convenience store for that cheetos”

The8: “Don’t ReMinD MEH”


The8: “If it makes you feel better any better, I hate Mingyu too”

Hoshi: “Does that even console you?”

Wonwoo: “It- “

Hoshi: “Hold that thought, I feel like peeing”

Woozi: “Not this again Soonyoung, I told you to stop telling people that you need to pee in public”

Hoshi: “I know but- “

Woozi: “Do you feel no shame?” probably not

Hoshi: “I love you Woozi and I mean I love you A WHOLE LOT, but I have to tell you that shame is not a registered word in Kwon Soonyoung’s dictionary, now someone tell me where the toilet is or I’m gonna pee my pants”

Woozi: “Every day I regret not auditioning at another entertainment…”

Hair Stylist: “There’s one but it’s 7.5 kilometres away from here, by the super mart”

Hoshi: “Stylist-nim you say what now?”

Wonwoo: “Ohhh I like that super mart, I heard they sell special edition books there! Hoshi can you buy me the hard cover version of Me Before You?”

Hoshi: “In T-minus 5, Hoshi’s gonna blow”

Jun: “Five as in 5 minutes or-?”

Hoshi: “As in 5 seconds JUN!”

Woozi: “When my mum asked me why I picked Pledis when there were so many other entertainments around, I told her it was the nearest to my school so I could sleep in for an additional 10 minutes. I knew I should’ve listened to her and been less lazy and joined another company…”


Woozi: “Should’ve listened to her…. this isn’t worth those precious 10 minutes of sleep” 

Wonwoo: “But I want my book…” *pouts*

The8: “Here’s a bottle hyung”

Hoshi: “THANKS MINGHAO” *runs off to somewhere no one can see him*

Wonwoo: “That bottle…. looks oddly familiar…”

The8: “It’s Mingyu’s” *evil smirk*

The8: “I almost went to jail that day because of that idiot”

Jun: “This is why, Minghao you are my favourite… and then of course its Wonwoo”

The8: “This is only part one of my revenge plot against Mingyu”

Wonwoo: *gasp*

Hoshi: “All done!” *passes bottle back to Minghao*


What happens next is up to your own imagination

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to the Convenience Store

Whenever Al comes to Alfons’ for a favor…

It usually ends up in trouble, poor Alfons doesn’t want to deal with his cousins anymore. Especially Al. Everybody says that Ed is the evil one, but Alfons knows better than that. The true devil is actually Alphonse. *shakes head slowly*

O.O…Al is so tiny compared to Alfons… Imagine Ed besides Alfons.. It’s even worse xDD

Wow, it’s been a while since I last drew something related to my fma & lotr crossover au, I missed it ^^

But, I didn’t forget about it, so for those people who really love this au, don’t loose your hopes xDD

Hope you guys enjoy~!

PS:This isn’t HeixAl, btw. Just making that clear. Alfons is blushing because he blushes really easy xD

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Shizuo, Izaya and Celty relationship head canons?

(I realized that I have not done relationship head canons for Shizuo O.o )

Izaya Orihara

  • Would kiss his s/o out of the blue or when he felt like it
  • Will tease constantly just to see the s/o blush
  • Cuddling will happen often
  •  Izaya likes to hold his s/o’s hand when they walk together

Celty Sturluson

  • Celty would be sweet with her s/o
  • Celty’s body language would suggest that she is really comfortable around her s/o
  • She likes to be near her s/o a lot and would try and do nice things for them 
  • Celty would comfort her s/o if they aren’t feeling good and would fret over them

Shizuo Heiwajima

  • Secretly likes to cuddle with his s/o but will deny it
  • He can really relax around his s/o
  • He likes to give his s/o deep kisses
  • Likes playing with his s/o’s hair

Okay, obscure-AU-headcanon-time!
Because I’m a sucker for this whole arranged engagement trope, here we have prince!merlin and (obviously) prince!arthur. (There was a big misunderstanding between Uther and Merlins father regarding the gender of their kids, but Merlin had a really long way and they can’t just send him back, that’d be to rude, so ~)
I’m not entirely sure how this happended, but it started out simple and now I have a whole novel in my head O.O

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Why doesn't Ganz like anyone touching his head? o.o

Gaster of course,
abusing his son by hitting his head (or nearly smashing his head to the wall or floor) to make sure he ate the Determination Pills.


The CrownIn January I started my crown of Thror. I used it quite a while no longer processed (no time or material).
Since last Sunday, I have made myself get back to work on it (I have also been chatting with someone).
Yesterday I saw the first time the new Hobbit trailer and I couldn´t believe my eyes, on Thorin’s head was THIS crown O.O
I have not at all expected that he would ever wear (he had been there the whole time or was a duplicate in Erebor?)
Also he has to Thrór armor I think is great because I want to make (but actually as Thror, I want him even Cosplay'n)