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BTS Reaction to dents in the wall after a hot night (little nsfw)

A/N: This was requested by anonymous, the reactions may be slightly nsfw, gifs not mine -Admin Shell :)

Request: How would bts react to seeing dents in the wall from the headboard after a hot night.

V: The morning after he wouldn’t see the dents until you teased him about it, not really paying attention since he was too absorbed by you. Seeing the dents he would be quite surprised that the night before was so crazy. He would tease you saying that you could either move the bed or else agree to every other surface in the house to save the walls. Looking at your stunned face, he would play it off casually, acting effortless sexy until you were seriously considering that arrangement.

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Suga: After an exhausting night. Suga was still fast asleep when you woke. You freak out a little as you notice the small marks on the wall. Feeling you move away from him he turns his head to look at the dents, not really giving a damn since it was still too early in the morning. Groggy and frankly annoyed that you woke him he cuddles you close, shushing you to go back to sleep.

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J-Hope: He would be the first to wake in the morning preparing you breakfast in bed. As he carried the tray into the room he would realise the dents left from the night before. Settling the tray down next to you, he would rest his forehead against yours until you awoke. Smiling at you he says ‘Jagi, I think we should probably go a little slower today,’ still drowsy you shake your head, and wrap your arms around him, wanting him with the same intensity as last night. Kissing you softly he murmurs ‘maybe we should change up the scenery then.’

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Rapmon/Namjoon: You wake up feeling the first rays of sunshine on your face. As you were leaving to grab your clothes, you feel Namjoon’s arms snake around your waist to drag you back into bed. You giggled as you pull him closer, intent on repeating what happened last night. Just as you were both about to start you felt the bed bang against the wall. He looks up to realise the dents in the wall left from last night. Only pausing for a second, he would continue to caress you, moving lower and lower. Both not caring you would continue on into what would be a very hot morning after.

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Jimin: Cuddling and talking in the morning, Jimin would casually look up to see the dents in the wall, smirking to himself as he thinks back to last night. He asks you if you thought the neighbours could hear the banging. Seeing your mortified face he would place a kiss on your cheek getting out of bed to head to the shower. His eyes darkening as he turns to look at you, gesturing for you to follow. He then smiles at you wickedly ‘Let’s see if they can still hear us with the shower on.’

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Jungkook: You’ve always teased Kookie for being too young and innocent. That night he wanted to show you a different side of him, loving you with so much intensity that you found it hard to breath. The aftermath saw you both lying there trying to catch your breath. As you gestured to the dents left in your wall, Kookie would quickly duck back under the sheets. Acting like a little kid, he would become incredibly embarrassed and a little worried about your wall and if your neighbours could hear the banging. He seemed so innocent again yet those dents in the wall was proof that he was not so innocent.

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Jin: He would realise the dents and blush as he thought back to the night before. Panicking a little he would suddenly ask if he was going too fast last night and if you were okay. You laugh a little at how worried he got reassuring him that it was absolutely wonderful for you. He would then smile sweetly at what you said, lying back down next to you shyly asking if you should move the bed to save the wall from being further damaged.

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