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Take Care

Do you think you could write one where you get really bad food poisoning and fever any lynn takes care you you please thankyou so much

Thanks for prompt, sorry it took me so long to get around to it. 

Each time you took three steps away from the toilet, you were being propelled right back into it. Like clockwork, or some kind of disgusting pattern that was triggered each time you stepped into the same spot. Trying to reach your phone seemed like an impossibility, your stomach churning and your sweat gathering in widespread pools behind your neck and down each side of your throbbing face. Coughing made it worse but not coughing made you gag. Holding it in made your throat clench, but the thought of throwing up again was sending tears to the forefront of your eyes. They stung, the salt prickling your vision and impairing your ability to grab your phone even further.
“Ughhhhhh.” You groaned out loud, rolling your head back until that evidently made the room spin. 
“Nope.” You choked, steadying yourself before falling back onto your knees, angling your head securely inside the toilet bowl before the rest of whatever, out of date, undercooked, inedible meal you’d devoured last night decided to come back up.
“Y/n?” Lynn’s voice floated through your brain, feeling unattainable as you did your best to search for her.
“We’re kinda late, you wanna hurry up?” She was joking, but she sounded mildly irritated. Or maybe you were just feeling sensitive due to your current position. You didn’t want Lynn to see you like this, not yet anyway. But you really weren’t coping too well alone.
“Hey.” You called weakly, hoping she would eventually make her way to the bathroom anyway.
“Oh shit.” Suddenly Lynn’s body was behind yours, the warmth of her touch calming you as she pulled your wet hair from your neck. 
“You’re burning up real bad, babe.” She commented, a soft sense of panic in her tone. She was gone for a moment, your eyes watering at the lack of her presence. After what felt like a lifetime she returned, a cold flannel pressed to your neck and then your forehead.
“What happened?” She asked softly, as if she were afraid to startle you. You cleared your throat, resting your weak frame onto hers. She enclosed your body, giving you enough room to breath but enough support so that you didn’t have to worry about holding yourself up.
“I think my dinner might have been out of date, like last year.” You slurred dramatically, Lynn’s giggle echoing from her chest as you rested your ear against it. 
“Yeah, I thought that restaurant looked a little, not good. I’m gonna call the guys and tell them we can’t make it.” Lynn reached for her back pocket, your clammy grip around her wrist stopping her.
“No, no. You can’t. I’ll be fine. Feeling better..better, alread-dy..” You words were interrupted by yet another wave of violent nausea, your panic at the thought of Lynn seeing you in a such a vulnerable, icky position wiped away by your lurching forward.
“Get it all out.” Lynn soothed, not a hint of disgust in her tone. You did as she instructed, hoping this was the last time.
“Okay, we should get you to bed.” Lynn whispered, helping you to your feet before flushing the toilet for you. You were wobbly to say the least, Lynn carefully stripping you to your underwear before laying you underneath the thinnest sheet.
“You good?” You asked, perching on the edge of the bed as she brushed your hair from your face. You nodded, at least you tried to.
“I’m gonna go get something to bring this fever down. Promise I’m not coming on to you, it’s just easier to cool you down with less clothing. Stay under that sheet though.” She winked lovingly, dropping down to place a kiss on your forehead before striding purposefully into the kitchen. Your shivering was rocking your whole body, every inch of you trembling as you attempted to swallow thickly. Lynn returned before you could get too worked up again, helping you drink a soothing glass of water before getting some anti-nausea and fever reducing tablets in you too.
“Thanks.” You whispered, your voice croaky and barely there. Lynn’s eyebrows twisted into the same shape they did when she saw a cute cat.
“What?” You laughed, halting the action when giggling made your stomach swirl.
“I love you.” She whispered, leaning down to lie down next to you. She kept her distance, not wanting to increase your heat. But her fingertips reached for yours and intertwined themselves, staying there.
“Thank you for looking after me.” You said softly.
“I’ll always look after you.” Lynn promised.

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70 with Damien!

70: “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”

You didn’t even hear the door to the apartment open–you were far too deep in the zone. Your Bluetooth speaker blaring and filling the space with music, you were dancing around the kitchen as you prepared dinner for your boyfriend and yourself in your pajamas. Your voice was loud as you sang along, head bobbing when you couldn’t safely dance while simmering pasta in boiling water. 

You turned to face the rest of the apartment after a very graceful attempt at a hip sway and jumped with surprise. Damien was leaning against the back of the couch, jacket and glasses still on. His arms were folded across his chest and he was grinning, shaking his head as your body fully froze. “Oh no,” he said, green eyes playful and bright. “Please, Y/N, don’t stop on my account.”

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I binge watched spn last year and instantly fell for Sam. I just found his character to be more interesting and relatable than Dean. When I started digging into the fandom, I was shocked at the amount of hate Sam received, with the most prevalent criticism being that he's selfish. Turns out people think he's selfish for leaving his family to go to college? Either these people have mental problems or they are 14 year old girls with a major dean crush.

*rub my head*  Oh great, another newbie who is shocked shocked that fandom has mean, LOUD irrational people. I feel like Scott Mendelson griping on why haters of The Last Jedi (the top money making in 2017) are allowed to have so much narrative in the media.

First, don’t follow anyone who likes Destiel.  Full stop.  I don’t care if they are “sane” or one of the “nice ones”.  Destiel shippers at the end of the day don’t like Sam because he is everything and has everything that Destiel shippers want but will never have.

Second, people overuse the term “selfish” to shame a person out of self preservation so that partners/family can drain your emotional well dry.  That’s what Dean stans are doing to Sam.  Next, good meta is always backed up by evidence in the text, so whenever I see certain fans call Sam “selfish” for doing what millions of American teenagers do, then I know that they have nothing from the show to support their selfish claim because they are out weighed by the evidence on the show that he puts the well-being of others ahead of his own.

Third, the fandom appear to have bias against Sam because, ironically, due to Sam girls and Jared girls  by committing “geek social fallacies”; they reblog  Dean stuff and say token polite things about Dean or Jensen just to be nice and inclusive.  Dean girls or Jensen stans (Ackles Army) do NOT return the favor, ever.   Sam girls love that Dean revolves around their Sammy so they include Dean in their blogs and fanning.  AA/Dean stans hate that Dean revolves around his Sammy so they hate on Sammy even though under their breath they’ve said if Jensen had been playing Sammy all along they wouldn’t change any of the writing.  Yeah, I’ve actually read this from them many times before they deleted their blogs.


Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)

mcelroy laughs
  • justin: a scrunchy laugh. closed eyes and red faced. bites his tongue. tries to make his laugh small but just makes his laugh squishy. shakes a lot. a v/ cute laugh.
  • travis: a big laugh. booming. a loud, clear ha ha ha. throws his head back, mouth wide. gestures with his hands. a v/strong and powerful laugh.
  • griffin: a chicken laugh. where are you going griffo?? throws himself wildly in a direction. away. into space. dangerous, don't stand near. a squeaky boy. loves to laff. a v/pure and excited laugh.
🌿Migraine Magick 🌿

Migraine is a type of headache but is so much more then “just a headache”.
It is a throbbing pain felt on one side of the head. It will often occur paired with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sounds.
A migraine attack can be triggered by a lot of things ranging from loud noises or bright lights to simply drinking alcohol. Even certain foods can trigger a migraine attack. (Chocolate, onions, dairy, MSG, …)

Also mentioned will be price point and relief of symptoms that worsen migraines such as muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, etc.

🔮 Crystals for Migraine 🔮

🔮Bixbyite: Relieves headaches and migraines, also helps against mild pain in general. Not to be confused with Bixbite (red Beryl). $
🔮Chrysocolla: Controls head aches and head complaints, relieves migraines, reduces muscle spasms. $
🔮Cordierite: Controls fluctuating body temperatures, relieves headaches and migraines, purifies toxins. $
🔮Lolite: Purifies toxins, controls fluctuating body temperatures, relieves migraines.Often used as cheaper alternative to Sapphire due to similar appearance $
🔮Magnesite: Helps to calm down and ease stress, loosen tension is muscles, alleviates menstrual pain, controls headaches and migraines. $
🔮Rhodochrosite: Improves blood circulation, controls headachesm head complaints and migraines. $
🔮Sodalite: Purifies blood, calsm and controls nerves, controls head aches and migraines, controls nausea. $
🔮Turquoise: Alleviates menstrual pain, relieves headaches and migraines. $

🌿Herbs For Migraines🌿

🌿Butterbur: Used to treat headaches, fever, general pain and asthma.
🌿Coriander Seeds: Used to relieve sinus pressure and headaches. Hot water is poured over the seeds in order to inhale the steam.
🌿Dong Quai: Used in the form of a spice, tonic or medicinal cream to treat headache, fatigue and nerve pain.
🌿Feverfew: Traditionally used to treat headaches and insect bites. Modern application includes treatment of migraines, dizziness and inflamation. (might cause nausea!)
🌿Ginger: Traditional remedy for migraines, nausea, stomach pain and cold/flu symptoms.
🌿Honeysuckle: Used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fever, inflamation,infecrions, sores,… It has been found to also treat migraine pain.
🌿Peppermint: Often used as a liquid capsule or topical solution. Treats spasms, nausea and tooth ache. Menthol is an active ingredient of peppermint and stops migraine when applied to temples and forehead.
🌿Valerian: Used for centuries to treat a number of ailments including insomnia, headaches and anxiety.

Migraine Care Tips

✨Keep your hands, feet and head warm.
✨A small amount of caffeine can help relieve pain.
✨Apply a hot compress to neck or head.
✨Lie down is a darkenned room.
✨Avoid loud noises, personally when i am lying in a dark room i put on some very soft white noise such as rainymood.
✨Do not skip meals!
✨Make sure to eat something when taking your migraine medication or the nausea will get worse.

* Magick should never recplace your medication and/or doctor’s instructions and advice *

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I grew up without a father figure in my life. Do you have any general tips and pieces of advice that people should know?

Here are my basics:

Learn to cook, and then learn to cook one thing REALLY well. Have a special dish that you can pull out to surprise and impress people. 

Never shop hungry. You will buy so much stuff that you do not need.

If someone says something bad about you, live your life so that no one hearing it would ever believe it.

Learn how to change a tire before you get a flat. It is going to happen, you might as well be prepared. 

Five things you should always have on you:
1-  A knife. I carry a swiss army knife. The blade is great, but the can opener, bottle opener and screwdrivers have come in just as useful.
2- A working lighter. They can do more than light cigarettes.
3- Mints. They are just polite and can be shared with others (Who may not know they need them)
4- A small snack (Granola bar or snack mix…something with sugar and protein). I give more away than I eat, but they have kept me going on more than one occasion. 
5- A $20 bill. This is your emergency money. Do not make it easy to access or you will use it and not replace it. Put it in between your phone and its case, in a metal tube on your keychain.etc…

Remember that when people are a jerk to you, it most likely has nothing to do with you. Something is going on with them. I have a pet lizard that bites me really hard every time I put my hand near it. It is not personal. He is just really scared of things that are bigger than he is. People are pretty much the same. 

Learn how to be still. Meditate daily. Be comfortable in your own silence.

Learn some sort of craft, something that can keep you mildly busy when you need to be distracted. Making somethnig…anything can give you a sense of accomplishment. You have something in your hands, you created it. That feels awesome! I make paracord stuff (And give it away or sell it), but you can do anything from crochet to welding. It doesn’t matter. Just create something. 

Say out loud the things you want to do or accomplish, even if just to yourself. Actually out loud. It triggers something in your head that helps you find opportunities to do that thing. 

Ask before petting someone’s animal. 

That is my basic list. Hope it helped! Let me know if you want more, or something more specific!! 

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: In first GotG movie Rocket lost his only friend at that time, the one who knows how long was by his side ad he didn't even say a proper 'goodbye' to him. And acording to James' words Groot doesn't even have his memories back after regrowing and he's basically a completely new person and Rocket will never get his best friend back-- and in second movie Rocket losts Yondu who was the only person who fully undertood him, they didn't have much time to became close friends but Rocket still lost someone really important to him, who put him into so much suffering in the movies, I think about this everyday I dont understand I dont undestand I don
  • Psychic: ...same