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Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

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“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare doing this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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That is a robot!

Technically it isn’t a robot!

The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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heartbeat pt. III

Title: Heartbeat Pt. III
Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader, Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Very mature.
Warnings: Daddy kink, roughness, name-calling, drama, fluff. All kinds of chaos.
A/N: This stupid chapter is 8.3k words, and I’m so worn out because this has been driving me bonkers. I hope you’re ready for some drama, because this is where things start to get real. Let me know what you think, because this one was obviously very difficult to write.

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bad behavior // ch

ultimately inspired by The Maine’s new single, ‘Bad Behavior’ and a conversation between me and @kacieblogs

this was quick, it was choppy…enjoy?

I feel okay all over,
Void of all composure.

Quiet moments are rare.

Calum’s sprawled over the bed, socked feet just hanging over the edge. He’s visible just in the corner of the reflection of the mirror, head turned so his eyes can watch as you blend your foundation into place. There’s a stupid smirk stretched over his lips, one hand tucked beneath his head and the other resting on the bulge his mesh shorts do little to conceal.

Honestly, he should have been up ages ago. But the room is barely bathed in the light that slips through the crack in the curtains and there’s a hazy glow to bathroom lights you’ve yet to replace. Music hums along in the background, your phone still anchored to the wall by it’s charger, unable to get ready without something to bounce around to, but unwilling to let the battery drain before you’ve even stepped outside for the day.

You’re lining the bow of your lips just as you glance up, new tube of lipstick hanging between the grip of your fingers. Your eyes catch his in the reflection of the mirror; you’re standing there, only half of your lips filled in with color and looking kind of ridiculous, but you’re wrinkling your nose and smiling at him anyway. A final, somewhat sarcastic purse of your lips and you blow his reflection a kiss.

He thinks that the stupid jokes and the endless teasing he’ll have to endure when he slips in late to rehearsal is worth it.

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A short one-shot inspired by Hiro Mashima’s art.

Summary: Sorcerer Weekly wants to do a spread over the wizards at Fairy Tail. Lucy’s looking forward to the simple photo shoot, but with Fairy Tail, is anything simple? (Canon verse)

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Genre: Humor, Friendship, slight Romance

Word Count: 2,133

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Lucy couldn’t help but scoff when she came out of her bathroom, seeing the fire dragon slayer sprawled out on her bed. “Are you really wearing that?”

Snapping out of his daze, Natsu glanced at his outfit, smiling when he turned back to his partner. “Of course! Don'tcha think it looks nice?”

Shaking her head, Lucy ignored the question. Today Fairy Tail was doing a photo shoot for Sorcerer Weekly, and everyone was asked to dress up for the occasion. Lucy sported a little black dress that hugged her curves comfortably and matching black boots while Natsu… Well, he went in a different direction.

Dark green pants tucked into black rain boots, his blue shirt matching nothing while his scaly white scarf hung loosely around his neck. Add that to his pink hair and Natsu equaled a fashion disaster.

Still, she had to admit it looked exactly like what someone would expect him to wear. He was always pushing the boundaries with his outfits. She had a feeling he was competing with Gray and his wild fashion sense, but she dismissed the thought in favor of fixing her hair.

Natsu raided her kitchen while she pulled her long blonde hair into two pig tails with black bows. She left a lock of hair free on both sides of her face to frame it. Smiling, she thought she did pretty well considering she didn’t ask Cancer for any help.

“How do I look?” Lucy asked when she walked into the kitchen, paling when she saw Natsu shoving a whole turkey leg into his mouth, bones and all.

“Hmfph?” he asked, green eyes flitting until they landed on the form of the celestial wizard. Choking, Natsu pounded his fist against his chest until his airway was clear. “Damn! Why are you dressed like that?”

Under his intense gaze, she blushed. “Master told us to look our best… Why? Do you think it’s too much?”

Realizing she misunderstood, Natsu shook his head. “It’s not that, it’s just…” He didn’t know how to say every guy -and probably a few girls- wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off her. He always knew his partner was beautiful, but today she looked drop dead gorgeous.

He had half a mind to kidnap her and keep her all to himself instead of going to that photo shoot, but he knew Lucy was looking forward to it. Why? He didn’t know. Sorcerer Weekly always printed articles about him, but he never felt flattered or thankful.

Of course his articles covered a lot of the damage he did to cities while on missions, but that was another story.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: alec/magnus helping the other shave/trim. <3 (they have to go somewhere super nice, or they were on vacation and coming back home, etc) or do you think Magnus does it with magic for both of them?

the loft was aglow that morning, the sunlight seeming something close to heavenly every time it touched them as they shifted around the room, taking their time getting ready. they couldn’t amble, not really, they couldn’t take their time but it felt like time itself had gone slow. it felt like the world had gone syrupy and suddenly they had all the time in the world, the clock gone still and the morning letting them breathe.

magnus stood in the doorway to the bathroom, slowly buttoning the shirt settled on his shoulders and watched as alec brushed his teeth, still undressed with his hip pressed against the sink. he was watching magnus in the mirror, head tipped to the side, like he had all the time in the world. magnus smiled as he did each button up slow, resting there against the door jamb and he watched as the morning light caught on alec’s hair and the side of his face, lighting one of his eyes up, something closer to green. he looked sleepy, sweet, his facial hair messy and heavy across his jaw and around his mouth, just a little bit wild.

time dripped on, alec spit in the sink and the water ran. and then after a beat he turned and pressed close, leaning over magnus’s hands to kiss his mouth. his mouth was soft and minty. magnus’s eyes dipped shut, his buttons forgotten as he reached up and dragged his fingers through the beard alec had grown over the past couple of days. he hummed against it and then pulled back, rubbing his thumbs over alec’s jaw.

“do you still want a trim?” he asked and there was infinite affection in alec’s eyes as he nodded, slipping his fingers underneath magnus’s shirt and closing the space to press his nose against magnus’s cheek.

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Hold still... Did you just hiss at me?

Request: #22, #81, and #19 pleaseeee 😂 I trust that you’ll get creative with this one

Summary: hold still/did you just hiss at me?/you’re Satan. Peter visits you one evening as promised but he arrives late in his Spider-man suit.

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You sighed and stood up from your position on the couch and began making your way to your room. Your eyes trailed the ground in front of your feet as you opened the bleached door to your customized room. 

“Oh hey y/n,” Your gaze shot up as you jumped at the voice coming from the red and blue clad boy that sat on the floor beside your bed, his back resting against it. He greeted you tiredly, and leaned his head back on your soft mattress that was covered in soft floral sheets. His left arm slung over his abdomen, rising up and down with his panting. The spider-man mask laid on the floor next to him. Two cuts were visible on his face and a purple bruise was slowly showing itself underneath his right eye. His hair disheveled over his forehead, he tried blowing it out of his eye but only more fell back in place, “You should see the other guy,” he uttered to you. 

Your heart broke a little at the beaten boy placed in your room. It wasn’t unusual for him to show up in your room at various hours through a day. But seeing him look so shattered wasn’t something you were going to get used to any time soon. “Come on bug-boy,” you called to him softly, reaching your hand out waiting for him to take it, as you stood over his body. 

He let out a breathy laugh at your nickname for him and gladly took your hand in his glove covered one. 

The two of you trailed into the main bathroom of your apartment where the first aid kit and rubbing alcohol was stored. 

Peter hoisted himself onto counter and reclined his head onto the mirror behind him while he waited for you to take care of him. The first time he got seriously injured during one of his crime fighting incidents, he panicked. The first person he thought of was you, so to you he went. It was the best idea he had thought of. You were surprisingly more calm than he thought you’d be. He was nearly hyperventilating when he came to you, so you had tried your hardest to remain calm for his sake.

Peter watched you silently take out the bottle of rubbing alcohol and soak a rag with it. He curled his nose as you began bringing it up to the cut across his cheek bone. He hated the sting that accompanied the necessary care. Before you could wipe the substance covered cloth over his wound, he pulled away, “Peter,” you spoke in a warning tone, “we’ve done this 50 times, you know the routine,”

Peter sighed in response, “Yeah but, the routine hurts,”

“And getting your injuries doesn’t?” 

He shot you a gentle glare, and didn’t protest as you brought the cloth back up to his cheek. He muttered a few ‘ow’s as you ran it over both cuts. He sighed in relief as you finished, and resumed his position from earlier and leaned back. Upon his actions, you noticed and slash along his collarbone. Blood had stained the material surrounding it, but it didn’t seem to phase Peter.

You gasped at the size of it, surely Peter would have to go in for stitches. Your sudden change in attitude startled Peter, “What?” he asked frantically.

“Take your suit off,” you told him,

“Why? What?” he questioned you again. His gaze followed yours and he looked down to see the fairly sized cut below his collarbone. His eyes widened at the sight, “Oh. Well that’s new,” he squeaked.

“Take your suit off while I get ice for your eye,” You stated to him as you began to make your way to the kitchen, “What, you don’t wanna stay and watch the show?” he called after you.

You returned with a bag of ice, to see that he had followed your instructions and was now standing in nothing but a pair of boxers. You reluctantly kept your eyes on his brown ones, and handed him the cold plastic bag, “You know you wanna look,” he smirked down at you.

“Shut up and sit,” you chuckled at him, shaking your head. He sighed and sat back on the counter. 

“This is going to hurt more than the last ones,” you informed him. His face dropped and he began to whine, “Don’t tell me that,” he pouted.

“As if you didn’t know already,” You said, soaking more rubbing alcohol on the spots that weren’t yet used on the rag, “you shouldn’t even be here, you should be in hospital getting it stitched up,” 

“I can’t jus-” you cut him off quickly by unexpectedly placing the rag on his collarbone. You knew he’d hate you for it, but if you gave him any warning, he’d only make it worse. He shouted an ‘ow’ and bit his lip trying to hold back multiple colorful words. He pulled back and hovered his hand over the wound protectively, “That was just evil! That was- you are- you’re Satan!” He exclaimed.

You bit your own lip in an effort to hold back your giggles, “Hold still Peter! It needs to be cleaned,” you stated in laughter.

“This is not funny. This is abuse, I’m gonna have to-” again you cut off his rambling and pressed the cloth back to his chest. This time you pulled away abruptly at a hissing sound. You stared at Peter puzzled, “Did you just hiss at me?” you asked him, taken aback.

There was a moment of awkward silence between you two. He stared at you as he searched his mind for an excuse of any sort but all he came up with was: “No,”

You raised an eyebrow at him and laughed at his ridiculousness, “Stop laughing, this hurts,” he pouted. 

You sighed and brought body closer to his, and placed yourself between his legs. Peter placed his forehead on yours, and fluttered his eyes closed. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “but it has to be done,”

“I know,” he agreed softly.

You tilted your head and pressed your lips to his in a tender kiss, which he gladly returned. Subtly, you brought the cloth up to his collar bone. He broke away from the kiss, because of the unexpected stinging. You pulled away, and he sighed. His gaze shifted down to you and glared while shaking his head, “Satan,” he muttered directly to you,

“You love me though,” you spoke innocently,

“Yeah, yeah,”

Was that lame.. it seemed lame.


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Peter x Scared Reader

Summary: Desperately needing a relaxation day, the Reader is faced with her biggest fear, but don’t fret! Peter is there to save the day. 

Word Count: 913 (sorry, it’s short)

Warnings: language, fears, spiders, razors, spa day, tears, fluff, and fluff, caring Peter, more fluff. (Let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: Here’s part 2 of my Fears Series! I whipped this out so fast, I surprised myself. These fics are flying out left and right, guys. I cannot stop myself. I know this is short, but I didn’t really know how to make this very long, so hopefully this fulfills your Peter lovin’ needs! Enjoy reading and as always, feedback is appreciated. (p.s. can I have someone to kiss my nose like that pls holy frick ??)

At least once a week you’d try and dedicate a relaxation day for yourself after a hard week of being an Avenger and all.

This week, that day landed on Friday.

During this time, you usually wait to get home from school, a mission, or some other nonsense, to you begin your ritual.

After eating some delicious dinner Vision and Wanda had made for the whole team, you say your goodnights and headed off towards your quarters in the tower.

Making sure you prepared beforehand, you reach your bathroom with everything you needed sprawled out.

Face masks, body scrubs, hair masks, tweezers, nail polish, you name it.

By golly, you’ve been waiting for this day all week and you were definitely going to treat yourself, no matter what got in your way.

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Moody Vampire-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead jones x reader
Description: Reader is new to the school, doesn’t talk much, at least until the boy they have an infatuation with starts to get picked on by a certain jock.
Warnings: A few cuss words?? That’s really it I think lol

The student lounge was a room for kids to relax during free period, or after school until their ride showed up. Everyone hung out there, the jocks, the river vixens, the theatre kids, the nerds, and me. I had, unfortunately, gotten my own category, alongside Veronica Lodge, although I got a smaller spotlight. They called me “the newbie’, or, a vaguer one they liked to use, “the mystery”. I hadn’t said more than a handful of words to anybody at the high school since I came here. Talking wasn’t my thing. I chose to stay as far away from the front of the crowd as I could. I wasn’t good at talking. I always screwed it up somehow, and the last thing I wanted was to be involved with the wrong person. I had learned quickly that the kids here were cruel.
   Today, I had decided to check out the student lounge, use the space that was offered to me. I took a seat in the corner of the room, seating myself in a comfy chair. The football team sat in the middle, taking up most of the couch space, as they bantered about whatever was new.
“So, Archie, tell us, what exactly we’re you doing up by the lake, and why was Ms. Grundy there too?” Reggie pegged the redhead boy. I hadn’t talked to Archie Andrews much, but my mother had just started working for him, and him and his dad had helped us move in, so I had said a few words to him. From what I could tell, he was a nice kid. He didn’t deserve whatever shit Reggie was about to give him.
“Come on Archie, we’re you shacking it up with the Music teacher? We won’t tell. We need everybody on the team that we can keep since Ms. Feminist and her psycho friend had to get five teammates kicked from the squad.” Reggie changed his line of target to Betty and Veronica. I had probably spoken to those two the most. Betty had showed Veronica and I around the school, and she was a kind-hearted girl. Veronica was a very confident, truth-be-told person. She was very blunt, and never held back what she thought. She had complimented my makeup the first day I met her.
“Stuff it, hollow-head.” Veronica spat. Reggie rolled his eyes. He turned his head and smiled, the gears turning in his head. I followed his line of vision to where A boy with raven hair and a grey handmade beanie leaned against the opposite wall from me, arms crossed and an uninterested look on his face. Jughead Jones the Third.
“Hey, Suicide Squad, who do you think it was?” My eyes stayed on Jughead as Reggie began to taunt him. I sat next to the quiet boy in creative writing and biology, and something about him had always intrigued me. I absolutely hated when anybody picked on him. He was an innocent kid. He was never mean to anybody that wasn’t mean to him, and his writing was amazing. I had read his articles in the blue and gold, and he seemed to be passionate about the stories he told, mainly the add-ons to Jason Blossom’s death, but nonetheless.
Jughead looked up at Reggie and rolled his eyes. He turned his head and his blue locked with my gray.
“C’mon, freak of nature, you have to know something. Did you suck his blood? Killed him off so you finally had something interesting to write about?” Jughead stayed staring at me, a blank expression on his face.
“Come on, you fucking freak? What are you, broken or something? This is why you can’t get laid, Donnie Darko. Girls dig the cool kids.”
“Hate to be the one to break it to you, Reggie, but girls dig vampires over jocks. At least, this one does” The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. I stood up, my eyes turning away from Jughead to look at Reggie. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jughead’s expression change from a blank one to a surprised one, as well as most of the people in the room.
“It speaks.” Reggie let out a half-hearted, breathy chuckle. He began to walk towards me, looking at me as if I was prey and he was coming in for the kill.
“As do most humans.” I retorted. I crossed my arms.
“Didn’t know you were human.”
“Didn’t think you had a brain, guess we were both wrong.”
“Why don’t you just go back to being silent you little bitch?” Reggie’s fists clenched as he advanced towards me. He pushed my shoulders roughly, knocking me into the wall behind me. I hissed in pain, rubbing the back of my head. I lifted my fingers to my face. Blood.
“Back the fuck up.” Jughead stood in front of Reggie, his back towards me. I clutched at the strap of my shoulder bag nervously.
“Or what? What will you do, freak?” Reggie laughed, beginning to push Jughead aside. Jughead’s fist collided with Reggie’s jaw, knocking him back a few feet. He began to regain his balance, and wiped the blood from his lip. Before he could hit Jughead, A few of his friends stepped in, getting him away from us and calming him down, telling him “a scrawny kid and his weirdo friend weren’t worth it.
“Reggie? If you ever come near them again, I’ll knock the shit out of you.” Jughead spoke slowly and calmly. He wrapped his hand around mine, pulling me out of the student lounge as he gave Reggie a death glare.
“Where are we going?” I asked him, my fingers intertwining with his.
“The first bathroom we find.” Jughead stopped at the boys’ bathroom, flinging the door open and pulling me inside with him. He took no hesitation in grabbing my waist and pushing me backwards until I was in front of the counter, before lifting me up and on to it like I was nothing. We sat in silence as he wet a paper towel with cold water before placing it against the back of my head, using the mirror as his guide. He stood incredibly close to me, standing in between my legs.
“What you did back there,” Jughead started.” Sticking up for me. Thank you, for that.” Jughead cleared his throat awkwardly, holding the towel behind my head.
“It wasn’t a big deal, really, “I spoke softly. Here I was, sitting in the boys’ bathroom with a guy I only dreamed about talking to, his face mere inches from mine, and I felt like I was going to shit myself.
“So, you like Vampires, huh?” Jughead joked, starting up a conversation. I laughed, my hand going to his arm resting on the counter by my thigh to steady myself.
“I’d pick a moody vampire over Reggie any day.” I told him, our laughter dying down.
“Well, have you been to pops yet? This moody vampire frequents there, and was wondering if you would like to ditch school and get a burger with him.” Jughead held his hand out for me to take. I hopped off the counter, accepting the outstretched hand.
“I’m sure one day wouldn’t kill me.” I followed the raven-haired boy out of the bathroom, and out of the school.