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when ur friend decides to throw a party at ur house and u start drinking and forget about the plans u kinda sorta made with ur crush and ur 6 yr old bff…

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1970s David Bowie Photography Exhibit by Mick Rock - The early ‘70s work by photographer Mick Rock – whose iconic glam and punk images have become the album and single covers for David Bowie, Queen, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Syd Barrett, Blondie, The Ramones, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Talking Heads – is on exhibit in “Mick Rock: Shooting for Stardust, The Rise of David Bowie & Co.” at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles until October 11, 2015. The photos are part of the new Taschen book, The Rise of David Bowie. 1972-1973.

Photos and photos of photos by Jason at HandsInTheAir.net

yeah but

  • ghosts who are friends with the living
  • ghosts curiously listening to their fleshy friend’s heartbeat
  • ghosts snuggling up to their living friends to feel their body heat
  • ghosts basking in the sun to warm their ecto-bodies up so they won’t be so cold to the touch
  • ghosts huddling close to their living friends in windy weather for fear of getting blown apart
  • ghosts watching horror movies with their living friends and worriedly turning to them and going like “i’m not that bad am i?” pointing at the murderous stringy-haired banshee onscreen
  • people ouija-ing their ghost friends as if they were casual phone calls all like “hey you wanna hang out soon”
  • ghosts going to museums with their living friends and shaking their heads while looking at the exhibits all like “no no no this is all wrong. i was there and it went nothing like this.”
  • ghosts getting really giddy and excited whenever they hear music from their era
Off To The Zoo

Can you please do a modern fluffy John Laurens?? 

Requested by anonymous

You nervously glanced around the African Savannah exhibit, trying to locate where you friends were. One minute you were standing next to them and the next they were gone. It was hard enough to get by with a few friends that only sort of knew the layout of the zoo. But, now you were all by yourself. 


About 15 minutes went by with no luck of finding your friends. So, you decided to leave and head for another exhibit in an attempt to find them. It would be fairly hard, considering that the zoo was huge and you had no clue where to start looking. You started with the next closest exhibit. Which happened to be the rain forest. You weren’t really paying attention as to where you were going since a particular reptile had caught your eye. It was so cute! 

You were, quite literally bumped out of your thoughts when you collided into someone’s chest.  

“Oh! I’m really sorry! I didn’t see you there.” The man apologized while grinning sheepishly. 

You felt your cheeks heat up. This guy was really cute. He had a face covered with freckles and piercing green eyes. His curly hair was tied up in a ponytail. 

“N-no it was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention.” You stammered.

“My name’s John! What’s yours?” The man, John, asked you. 

“My name is (Y/N).” You said while examining John’s outfit. He was wearing a zookeeper’s outfit. 

“Do you work here?” You asked with a hint of curiosity in your voice. 

John grinned and nodded. “Yeah! I work in this exhibit.” He pointed to his shirt pocket where a little turtle was embroidered on it. “I specifically take care of the turtles.” 

You tried your hardest to refrain yourself from bursting out into a fit of giggles. He seemed so proud of the fact that he took care of the turtles. It was very endearing. 

“Hey, since you’re by yourself, do you wanna help me out with the turtles?” John offered. 

You thought about it and concluded that it could be fun. Not to mention that you’d get to meet the turtles. 

“I’d love to!” You said with a smile. 

John grinned and grabbed your hand while leading you to a staff room. 

“Okay so, I might be kind of breaking the rules by bringing you in here, but I’m only breaking the rules if I get caught,” John said as he began searching for something. 

You raised an eyebrow at John’s statement. He didn’t seem to notice as he was too busy rummaging through the contents of a box. 

“Found it!” John announced as he held up a zoo keeper’s outfit. 

He quickly put the box back on the shelf and handed the outfit to you. 

“Can you put this on? That way you won’t get in trouble if you get seen with me.” John said as he gave you a sheepish grin.

You reluctantly nodded your head and asked him to leave. Doubtful thoughts began to swarm in your head. I can’t believe I’m doing this. What if we get caught? 

After you finished putting the outfit on, you exited the staff room. John was waiting outside for you and perked up when you came out. 

He whistled. “Lookin’ good, (Y/N).” 

You rolled your eyes and tried your best to suppress a smile. 

“Let’s get working!”

“No way.” You stated looking skeptically at John while a turtle made it’s way to your lap. 

The both of you were in the turtle enclosure, feeding them and just hanging out. You were currently sitting on a ledge that was connected to the wall while John was in the water. It was fun listening to John and you had bonded with him over his reckless antics with his friends. 

“It’s true! Alex literally took my turtle and shoved it down Thomas’ pants!” John exclaimed as he was feeding the turtles cabbage. 

You giggled and shook your head. 

John’s eyes widened while you laughed. You suddenly became a bit self-conscious and looked down at the turtles swimming near your feet. 

“You have a really cute laugh,” John stated. His cheeks were tinted pink. 

Now that came as a surprise. 

“O-oh, thank you!” You stuttered. 

John smiled and carefully walked closer to you, not wanting to disturb any of the turtles. He sat down next to you and put his hand over yours. 

Your cheeks began to heat up and you looked directly at him. He looked back at you. 

“Hey, after my shift ends, do you wanna maybe go out with me?” He asked you. Looking quite nervous. 

You gave him a warm smile and nodded. “I’d love to.” 

He was practically beaming when you told him. “Yes!” 

John quickly scooped you up and held you bridal style with giving you Eskimo kisses. You giggled at his antics. 

You were actually thankful for your friends ditching you. If it wasn’t for them, you would’ve never met John.  

He then put you down and gave a soft kiss to your forehead. “I can’t wait! What should we do?” 

John began rambling about what you two might be able to do on your date while you stared at him lovingly. 

He was just way too cute. 

Team Macho aka Nicholas Aoki, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Christopher Buchan, Lauchie Reid and Jacob Whibley collaborative art group (Canadian, based Toronto, Canada) -  - No Story Tonight, Daddy On Fire, 2013  Pencil Crayons on Paper

Hoping to get your work seen at Australia’s biggest photography festival? For the third annual Emerging Photography Awards, three photographers will be selected by Moshe Rosenzveig, founder and director of the Head On Photo Festival to exhibit there. For competition guidelines and to read about our other exciting prizes see below. Today on the EMA blog we are featuring ‘In Trump Country’, a series by photographer Richard Beaven

“What interests me is the film that a visitor has in his head after leaving my exhibition: how my various films correlate, the space between my films, their relation to the architecture of the space, the way you never lose track that you are where you are. The cinema wants to make you forget that you are where you are” Anri Sala in conversation with Blake Gopnik. Read their full New York Times interview.