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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥

Whooo wee I haven’t done paper art in a WHILE. But! I got a new knife and paper so I made the lovely boi Kurapika

  • Mingyu: Going to meetings, writing stuff down. You love all that nerd stuff.
  • Wonwoo: Writing stuff down is nerdy? What do you do?
  • Mingyu: Forget stuff, like a cool person.
  • Mahiru: So what do you have planned for the future Kuro?
  • Kuro: lunch
  • Mahiru: no like long term
  • Kuro: oh... um dinner?

when ur friend decides to throw a party at ur house and u start drinking and forget about the plans u kinda sorta made with ur crush and ur 6 yr old bff…

🍻 🎉

When people buy your hatchlings and give them lore and apparel.  

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rogue one headcanons and sketchy comics

ML au fanfic Idea

Adrien wakes up  floating 20 feet in the air. He thinks he is flying and enjoys floating, until he notices that there is a crowd of people watching an ambulance.

He floats down there and sees his himself, or specifically his body being put into the vehicle. He naturally freaks out.

“Do you really have to shout? Your dead, it happens.” a voice from behind him says.

It is a black haired individual with green eyes (light green on the whites of his eyes, and dark green irises) wearing a I’m with stupid t-shirt and jeans.

He reveals himself to be a death god, or grim reaper or whatever. Calls himself plagg.

Adrien finds it hard to believe that this guy is basically death.

Plagg smacks him on the back of the head and says.

“Its idiots like you that make wearing this shirt all the more essential. You are floating in the air and you just saw the ambulance take your body. Use your head!”

Plagg reveals that Adrien isn’t 100% dead. He is only in a coma. But that he will die within a week or so. He then says his spirit was suppose to not leave his body yet, but he has one of those “Weird souls” that makes him defy norms. 

A red haired girl shows up and chews out Plagg for not explaining the important part of the ordeal. She calls herself tikki.

Plagg sighs but decides to explain.

“Technically you weren’t suppose to die yet. You also did a heroic act, and you are a goody goody, so we can give you a chance to come back to life. But you have to do something in order get that second chance.”

So plagg explains that he has to Fulfill the requirements. Problem is he is a spirit and needs someone living in order to help him do the tasks.

So Adrien needs to find a living person that can see him.

“You need to find someone who has a strong spirit that can see you, or someone that has a strong connection to you, like a family member, a close friend, a significant other. Someone that cares about you greatly. That doesn’t guarantee that they will see you but it improves the odds. If they have both, that would be great.” Tikki explains.

So now Adrien needs to find someone to help him comeback to life.

Steady Progression: Otayuri head canon

(This totally ended up being 8x longer than I had planned so oops?)

When it comes to Otayuri, the one thing that’s pretty consistent across the board is that it’s Beka that develops feelings first. Sooner or later Yura comes to terms with everything he’s been feeling and things move from there.

I’m pretty sure Yuri would totally have an ‘oh my god you’re so cool’ crush on Otabek because he totally looks up to him????
Meanwhile Otabek is just none the wiser because Yuri is this young spitfire kid who he has so much in common with outside of being each others literal best friend in the universe. 

Otabek (canonically speaking) has only ever viewed Yuri as a friend and as someone who motivates him competitively. He admires Yuri’s grace, but is also considerably more mature and very clearly confident and accepting of who he is.

Yuri, on the other hand, is still unsure of who he is beneath his perturbed house cat exterior. Otabek represents the aloof stoicism he’d kill to convey if it weren’t for his infamously short fuse. Otabek is effortlessly cool, masculine, and commands the respect Yuri desires without having to be aggressive about it. 

They stay in touch with texts and skype, and even though it’s originally like pulling teeth, Otabek now responds promptly and even with the occasional emoji. Despite the fact that their busy schedules don’t allow for much time seeing each other outside of competitions and banquets, their friendship flourishes. Instagram is still a struggle, with Otabek’s feed being more abstracts and landscapes than selfies, but he’s getting there.

However, with being outside of each other’s immediate orbit for so long, Otabek isn’t around to see how Yuri changes. He doesn’t see how his patience grows, how he switches from insulting nicknames to real ones, how small talk isn’t an immediate inconvenience. He doesn’t see Yuri flush from ear to ear when Mila mentions how he smiles when he opens one of his snapchats.

Everything has been the same to Otabek because Yuri is simply…Yuri. With such little time to spend together in passing, the younger skater prefers to reserve their outings for just the two of them. Otabek didn’t mind anyway, Yuri was one of the few people who didn’t expect him to keep face to please him.

They go from seeing each other every now and again after the 2016 Grand Prix finals to strictly sporadic contact after the Four Continents in February. Both Yuri and Otabek are chosen to skate at the Olympics in PyeongChang which is an outstanding honor that they’ve both slaved over achieving, but that means going from intense Grand Prix practices directly into Olympic prep and then back for more Grand Prix prep and before they know it, the two skaters are standing side by side on the 2018 Grand Prix podium. 

Even still, they don’t see much of the other skater. Yuri is whisked away on a press tour after the combined weight of his Olympic silver and Grand Prix gold proves too enticing for his sponsors. Otabek doesn’t mind, he takes his Grand Prix silver and sets his sights on the Four Continents once again, aiming to bring yet another gold to Kazakhstan.

When Spring rolls around and both of their schedules have finally quieted, Yuri insists that Otabek join him in Hasetsu. Victor and Yuuri (Otabek notes, not ‘the old man’ and ‘little piggy’ like he was accustomed to hearing) had a home now not far from Yuu-topia and The Ice Castle, and Yuri wanted to show him around.

This trip is when Otabek finally starts to see how Yuri has changed in the last few years. He sees how Yuri walks slowly beside an aging Makkachin in the mornings, how he steps out of the way and holds doors, how he smiles and laughs with Axel, Lutz, and Loop as they try to make the moves they’re named after their signature. 

For all the time they spent together, Otabek had hardly gotten to see Yuri around others when he wasn’t in competition mode. Physical changes are easy to notice, even if it weren’t for Yuri’s near constant jabs the literal second he blew past Otabek in height. Changes in heart took time to see, and Otabek knew the exact moment his did.


Hey Guys! Happy Hug Day from the Heroes Of Olympus! 

They are the cutest couple ever! Don’t you agree! Definetly my OTP. 

 Percy: Hey Annabeth, C’mere

Annabeth: What’s it?

Percy:(HUGS HER) Happy hug day

Annabeth:(Smiles)Same to you, where did you learn that?

Percy: Drew was doing her s** talk thing again and she suggested to hug because today is hug day, so yeah

Annabeth: What did you do?

Percy:I was so excited that I was gonna hug you without a slap in the back of my head that I ran faster than the wind and hugged you

Annabeth:( SLAPS HIM AT THE BACK OF THE HEAD) you idiot 

Percy:there goes my dream :(

Annabeth: (Hugs him harder) I love you. 

 :After smiling a lot, he replied with ‘I love you too’

Hello from Caleo. They wouldn’t go without a hug, would they?

Percy: Hey dude, today’s hug day

LEO RUNS AWAY SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER ( actually screaming Cali here I come)

Leo hugs her while she is surprised

 Soft HUG after a tiresome day. Frazel.

Jason grabs Piper wildly and says “Happy HUG Day, beautiful” JASPER

Will, all bright and smiling walks towards a pissed Nico. 

“Hey” he asks “Why the sour face?”

“Today is hug day” Nico answers

“Will smiles more “Isn’t that amazing?”

Nico chokes up on his spit “Am not used to be in people’s contact becaus-”

Nico is cut up by Will’s bonebreaking hug. “Happy Hug Day,  death breath”

______________________________________________________________Now are we only having couples? No, hug day is for everyone. For instant - mothers

The first hug is the hug of the mother and we should take care that the last hug of the mother would be with us.


Are we done? NO, what about bro and dudes, huh?

That’s Nico and Jase. Nico is itching to get away.

Looks like Jason’s the huggy type, right?

CUTE. Real bro.

______________________________________________________________Now I am a female so I need sis too.

After Annabeth came out from Tartarus.

Time for a display hug, ladies

______________________________________________________________What about other friends. Just hug them all and let them know that they matter

One of my fav friendship is of Percy and Thalia

The original group- Percy, annabeth, grover

The first family- Luke, annabeth and Thalia

The friends




Do me a favour, hug all thepeople that made your life the way it is and let them know that they matter.