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Some Kind of Green

Title: Some Kind of Green

Word Count: 1205

A/N: In celebration of 100 followers I wrote a thing about Hansung:) 

“Wake up!” Light painfully shot through my closed lids, jarring me awake. “It’s morning, you need to clean.”

The head housemaid at Hwarang house, Soojung pulled me roughly out of bed by the arm, not stopping to see if I was in any pain.
“Sunbaenim, you’re hurting me,” I complained, wrapping my fingers around the mark she left on my wrist. “I will be ready in a few moments.” The older woman huffed angrily and stomped out of my tiny quarters. I’d been living in Hwarang House since it first opened. As an orphan with no connection to the True Bones, I had no choice but to get some menial work, and as a woman there were not many other options besides cleaning. Women were not often allowed in Hwarang House but since the Hwarangs were apparently quite rowdy and tended to break/dirty much more than anticipated, Soojung, myself and a few other girls were called in.

My friend Jangmi, from the village told me how jealous she was when I got in, but it’s not as exciting as it may seem. I’ve yet to see even one of the Hwarangs, just their didiculously big messes.

Sighing, I changed into my simple robes and clipped my long dark hair back. I took a quick look in the mirror before averting my eyes. I hated seeing my reflection- it was yet another reminder of what a freak I was. In Silla, everyone had dark hair and dark eyes. We all looked relatively similar in our colouring- but when I was born there was some genetic defect thay gave me eyes the color of fresh moss.  Light, slightly glowing and greener than green. It was strange, and people often commented on it, calling them the Devil’s eyes, cursed eyes, because they were so different. Many people doubted my mother’s fidelity as well, claiming she must have had an affair with a travelling foreigner. Regardless, I hated them. There were nothing good about these eyes.

I started my day like normal, greeting my fellow servants and washing the railings in the outdoor courtyard, when suddenly I heard very loud drums. I waited patiently, allowing myself a quick rest for the drums to stop, but they just went ko continuously. I asked one of the Gardners if the Hwarangs were having some sort of festival.

“It’s some famous musician who came to teach those spoiled Hwarangs how to roll over for the queen, ” the Gardner snapped, glaring at me as he left. Alrighty then.

I left my cleaning bucket and rags next to the rail and walked carefully over to noisy room. Peering through a little hole in the patterned parchment stretched over the sliding door, I could see two men, dressed in their crisp Hwarang robes. The drumming seemed to increase in tempo and the handsome soldiers started to dance, their companions clapping in excitement.

The dance seemed silly but both of the men were more graceful than any other guys I’d ever encountered. The one on the left was breathtaking, his hair so straight and dark it looked like flowing water. His skin was pale and glowed slightly like the moon. I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach at the sight of such a gorgeous boy.

“Hansunggie ahh so cute!” one of the Hwarangs watching shouted at the other dancing knight. I pulled my attention away from the mesmerizing male and focused on the shorter. This boy (and I mean boy since he could be no more than a year older than myself); was not nearly as lovely as the former. He was dancing with a bit of smirk, as if he was trying to hold back a laugh. His movements were much less calculated bit so much more amusing to watch. I felt my mouth pulling into a wide grin, a quiet giggle escaping. Hansung, the Hwarang had called him.

Hansung spun with flair, shooting a happy look at the rapt audience. The longer the two danced, the larger Hansung smile seemed to get, before he finally abandoned the controlled smirk and openly smiled, his mouth almost rectangular in shape. What a beautiful dance, the pair were well suited. Hansung glowed like the sun, warm and bright while the other man was so like the moon, a quiet beauty. I sat silently, engrossed in Hansung’s every expression, my heart thumping audibly.

Suddenly the music stopped. I let out a sigh, before covering my mouth quickly, alarmed at how loud I had been. Not quick enough, unfortunately as I watched Hansung’s head whip around in my direction, his dark eyes wide. He opened his mouth to indicate to me, but I ran. 

Sweat coursed down my back as I scooped up my cleaning supplies and hustled to the storeroom. Shutting the door behind me I collapsed on the ground in a heap, trying to catch my breath.

He saw me! Aish, I could get in so much trouble for watching the Hwarangs in their class. It was meant to be secret! Ahh I was such a fool, I’d only intended to look for a moment or so, just to see the drumming. But watching Hansung was fascinating. He seemed to radiate joy, so unlike any man I’ve ever known. I felt myself smiling again. Even if I did get punished, knowing someone like Hansung existed made it all worth it.

Hansung (a few days later)

“Ya hyung I’ll meet you at the Hwarang House in an hour!” I shouted to Yeol Wool, skipping away before he had a chance to argue. Yeol Wool was probably my best friend in Hwarang but he could be very serious sometimes and I just wanted to play for a while. It was my break after all. With all the dance training for the festival coming up, I was sleepy all the time. I wanted to see the town again, maybe find a present for my mom.

I strolled happily, smiling at people that passed me by. I remembered again, the weird incident that happened a few days earlier, when I saw a girl with the strangest eyes watching us practice our dance. I’d been shocked to see her there since no one was meant to watch and had just been about to call out to her to leave when I noticed her eyes.  They were so different, green but not like the trees. Green that glowed. Aish, I smacked my forehead in frustration. I’d been thinking of her eyes non-stop since I saw them, trying to clearly remember their shape and hue. I passed by one of my favourite stalls, filled with strange artifacts brought over from the west, my eyes were drawn to the decorative piece I’d looked at months ago. It was a flat, gold disc with transparent green glass in the centre.

“Ya!” I shouted, running over to the table. I lifted the object carefully, and faced it to the sun as I had before. Looking through the glass I could see the sun shine. A green film filtered the light, making a colour I’d only seen once before…the color of her eyes.


I smiled. I would definitely need to find that girl again. 

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Chambermaid: Taehyung (Royalty Series Part 2 of 7) [M]

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Warnings: Smut. Long ass backstory. Sweet Talk. Prince Taehyung. Also. Virgin Taehyung. Sorry for any errors with spelling punctuation all of that i had to write this on my phone fam.


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APA Meta Monday - Alone At Last

As we into go into S1E2, we see that Anna and Mr Bates have grown closer as friends. They tend to stick together in their free time, sitting next to each at tea, etc. But this episode heavily hints that this friendship is destined to grow into more.

“Alone at last” probably really meant being void of Thomas and O’Brien, or the others in general. It’s not even the first time Bates and Anna have been alone together. But it probably has been the first time in a while, and there as been a bit of a time skip from the end if the first episode. But as he points this out, her expression reads as if she’s now got butterflies. She’s probably not cognizant of her crush here yet, but it’s developing. But she goes at ease as they work happily, him getting her to grin and telling her she deserves a raise (historical aside - head housemaids who dressed the daughters of the house typically did not make any extra for their lady’s maid duties. Anna definitely deserved a raise! She might have not gotten one until she becomes Mary’s full lady’s maid in 1920!).

After they learn about Carson’s past as a Cheerful Charlie, we get another cute scene of Anna and Bates laughing together. More importantly though, we have Anna promising that her opinion would not change if she learnt something about Bates’ past. We see in a few episodes this tested, and that Anna truly means this. Anna, for all her compassion, does judge others, but John of course, she has deemed a good man.

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Lily fever seems to be an interesting idea! It's ZoSan (I am more into LawSan, but i love all Sanji ships) and it has NijixCosette! And CoraxBell, I am kinda happy that there are others who like the same ships I do :) looking forward to it

Oh~, so you are more into LawSan, huh?

Well, ever since I watched too many Korean Revenge/Romance drama, I made an idea of Pudding x Sanjina and Law x Sanjina idea. (I’m half Japanese/Korean, so I know MANY of Korean Revenge/Romance dramas)

“Swan Lagoon”

Genre: Revenge, Romance


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Spanish Vocabulary - El cuento de hadas

This is a list of some very useful words related to fairy tale stories or some mythological vocabulary.

Especially for beginners, fairy tales are extremely helpful because most of the stories are ones that people know or at least have heard of before… so this vocabulary will help navigate some very well-known fairy tales (and Disney movies).

Note: There may be some repeating words

Snow White

  • (la) Blancanieves = Snow White
  • blanco/a = white
  • la nieve = snow
  • el cabello = hair (on the head)
  • negro/a = black
  • pálido/a = fair, pale
  • la palidez = paleness, pallor
  • la reina = queen
  • malvado/a = evil, wicked
  • la Reina Malvada = the Evil Queen
  • el cazador = hunter / huntsman [feminine form “huntress” is la cazadora]
  • el corazón = heart
  • la envidia = envy
  • los celos = jealousy
  • el espejo mágico = magic mirror
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • precioso/a = cute, lovely | precious
  • bonito/a = cute, pretty
  • lindo/a = cute, pretty
  • la amenaza = a threat
  • la inocencia = innocence
  • la belleza = beauty
  • la pureza = purity
  • el enano = dwarf
  • siete = seven (7)
  • la choza = hut, small house
  • la casita (de campo) = little house, cottage [lit. “little field house”] 
  • dulce = sweet
  • viejo/a = old
  • feo/a = ugly
  • brujo/a = witch, wizard
  • la manzana = apple
  • la poción = potion
  • el veneno = poison, venom
  • venenoso/a = poisonous, venomous
  • envenenado/a = poisoned
  • inmóvil = still, unmoving
  • el ataúd = coffin, casket
  • el féretro = coffin, casket
  • el velorio = wake, vigil
  • el príncipe = prince
  • el príncipe azul = knight in shining armor [lit. “blue prince”]
  • el beso = a kiss

Sleeping Beauty

  • la Bella Durmiente = Sleeping Beauty
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • durmiente = sleeping, dormant
  • dormido/a = asleep, sleeping | half-asleep, “out of it”
  • el bautismo = baptism, christening
  • la reunión = a gathering, a meeting
  • el hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el don = a gift, a blessing
  • el obsequio = a present, a gift
  • el regalo = a present, a gift
  • la maldición = a curse
  • el hechizo = a hex, a curse
  • la magia = magic
  • mágico/a = magical
  • la bendición = blessing
  • el encanto = enchantment, a charm
  • el escape = an escape
  • la huida = an escape, fleeing, flight
  • la búsqueda = a search
  • las hadas buenas = the good fairies
  • la selva = forest
  • el bosque = the woods
  • la corona = crown
  • el trono = throne
  • el huso = spindle
  • la rueca = spinning wheel, loom
  • la hoguera = bonfire
  • pincharse el dedo = to prick one’s finger
  • la rosa = rose
  • la espina = thorn
  • espinoso/a = thorny, covered in thorns
  • la zarza = thornbush, bramble, briar
  • el fuego = fire
  • la espada = sword
  • el escudo = shield
  • el dragón = dragon
  • despierto/a = awake

Beauty and the Beast

  • La Bella y la Bestia = Beauty and the Beast
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • Bella = Belle [Spanish translation of a French name]
  • la bestia = a beast
  • la aldea = small town
  • distraído/a = distracted, absentminded
  • ensimismado/a = distracted, engrossed in one’s own life
  • la belleza = beauty
  • el trato = deal, contract
  • trato hecho = done deal
  • secuestrado/a = kidnapped
  • la torre = tower
  • el ala este = the east wing (of a house/castle)
  • el ala oeste = the west wing (of a house/castle)
  • la escalera = staircase, stairwell
  • las escaleras = steps, stairs
  • el escalón = a step (of a staircase)
  • el salón de baile = ballroom
  • el espejo = mirror
  • la pintura = painting
  • el retrato = portrait
  • el autorretrato = portrait / self-portrait
  • maldito/a = cursed, accursed
  • el mueble, los muebles = a piece of furniture, furniture (pl.)
  • el reloj = clock / watch
  • la tetera = teapot
  • la taza = teacup / coffee cup
  • el candelabro, el candelero = candelabra, candle-holder
  • la rosa = rose
  • el pétalo = petal
  • el tiempo = time
  • el monstruo = monster
  • el hombre = man
  • humano/a = human


  • la Cenicienta = Cinderella
  • la ceniza, las cenizas = ash, ashes
  • ceniciento/a = covered in ashes
  • la madrastra = step-mother
  • la Madrastra Malvada = the Wicked Step-mother
  • la hermanastra = step-sister
  • malcriado/a = rude, lacking manners
  • el macriado / la malcriada = a brat
  • mimado/a = spoiled, pampered
  • egoísta = selfish
  • exigente = demanding
  • mandón, mandona = bossy
  • chillón, chillona = shrill, screeching
  • la fregona = a washerwoman, a woman who scrubs dishes, a scullery maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant, maid
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • abnegado/a = selfless, someone who doesn’t think of themselves
  • el ratón, los ratones = mouse/rat, mice/rats
  • el caballo = horse
  • el sollozo = sob
  • el llanto = crying, mourning, weeping
  • la lágrima, las lágrimas = tear, tears, crying
  • la madrina = godmother
  • la Hada Madrina = Fairy Godmother
  • el baile = a ball (“a dance”)
  • la vara = wand / staff
  • la varita mágica = a magic wand
  • el vestido = dress
  • la calabaza = pumpkin
  • el carruaje = carriage
  • el coche = stagecoach [“car” in modern Spanish]
  • la diligencia = horse-drawn carriage [named for the “diligence/task” that horses did when pulling the carriage]
  • la transformación = transformation
  • la medianoche = midnight
  • a la medianoche = at midnight
  • al dar la medianoche / al toque de medianoche = at the stroke of midnight [dar means “to strike” and el toque means “the touch / striking”… both apply since the “stroke” refers to “striking bells”]
  • el zapato = shoe
  • el vidrio = glass
  • de vidrio = made of glass


  • el cuento = story (short)
  • la historia = story (long) / history
  • el cuento de hadas = fairy tale [lit. “story of fairies”]
  • había una vez = once upon a time
  • érase una vez = once upon a time [older]
  • hace mucho tiempo… = a long time ago…
  • el rizo = curl
  • rizado/a = curly
  • el oro = gold
  • dorado/a, de oro = golden
  • el oso = bear
  • Ricitos de oro y los tres osos = Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • la Caperucita Roja = Little Red Riding Hood
  • la capa = cape
  • la caperuza = cape with a hood / riding hood
  • el lobo = wolf
  • la abuela = grandmother
  • la cesta = basket
  • la canasta = basket
  • el camino = road
  • el leñador = woodsman / woodcutter / lumberjack
  • la piedra = stone, rock
  • la paja = straw
  • la madera = wood
  • el palo, los palos = stick, sticks, twigs
  • la rama, la ramita = twig, sticks
  • el ladrillo = brick
  • joven = young
  • viejo/a = old
  • anciano/a = very old, ancient / old person
  • Alicia en el país de maravillas = Alice in Wonderland
  • los naipes / las cartas = playing cards
  • el conejo = rabbit
  • el sombrerero = the Mad Hatter [lit. “the hatter / hat-maker”]
  • la Reina de Corazones = the Queen of Hearts
  • la Reina Blanca = the White Queen
  • el Gato de Cheshire = the Cheshire Cat
  • El mago de Oz = the Wizard of Oz
  • el Espantapájaros = the Scarecrow
  • el León cobarde = the Cowardly Lion
  • el Hombre de hojalata = the Tin Man [hojalata = “sheet metal” or “tin” that isn’t very thick]
  • Pinocho = Pinocchio
  • la marioneta = puppet, marionette 
  • el títere = puppet
  • el carpintero, la carpintera = carpenter
  • el / la Hada Azul = the Blue Fairy
  • la estrella = a star
  • la ballena = whale
  • la madera = wood
  • la nariz = nose
  • la mentira = a lie
  • mentiroso/a = false, lying, dishonest
  • el mentiroso, la mentirosa = liar
  • la verdad = the truth
  • verdadero/a = true, real
  • de verdad = for real
  • el castillo = castle
  • la vela = candle
  • la rana = frog
  • el sapo = toad
  • el jinete = horseman / rider
  • desconocido/a = unknown
  • extraño/a = strange
  • raro/a = weird
  • extranjero/a = foreign
  • el despertador = alarm clock
  • el cocodrilo = crocodile
  • el barco = ship (large)
  • la nave = ship (large)
  • el naufragio = shipwreck
  • el / la capitán = captain
  • el garfio = hook
  • El Capitán Garfio = Captain Hook
  • la sirena = Siren (Greek mythology) / mermaid [or a “siren” as in an ambulance or shrill noise]
  • la sirenita = little mermaid
  • la aleta = fin [of a fish], flipper
  • el deseo = wish, desire
  • el engaño = trick, deceit
  • engañoso/a = deceitful
  • el troll = troll
  • el ogro = ogre
  • el puente = bridge
  • el tallo de judía / frijol / alubia = beanstalk
  • el gigante = a giant
  • gigante = giant, large
  • lejano/a = faraway
  • cercano/a = nearby
  • lejos = far
  • cerco/a = close
  • Juan y la planta de habichuelas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • Juan y la mata de habas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • la cuna = crib, cradle
  • la nana = lullaby
  • la canción de cuna = lullaby [lit. “crib song”]
  • la querencia = love, fondness, emotional attachment


  • el rey, el Rey = king, King
  • la reina, la Reina = queen, Queen
  • la princesa, la Princesa = princess, Princess
  • el príncipe, el Príncipe = prince, Prince
  • Alteza = Higness, Grace
  • Su Alteza / Vuestra Alteza = Your Highness, Your Grace
  • Majestad = Majesty
  • Su Majestad / Vuestra Majestad = Your Majesty
  • el señor = man / sir / lord
  • la señora = woman / madam / lady
  • la dama = lady, dame, noblewoman
  • el don, la doña = lord, lady [property-holding people]
  • el dueño, la dueña = owner
  • el jefe, la jefa = boss
  • el noble, la noble, los nobles = nobleman, noblewoman, noblemen
  • la realeza = royalty
  • la nobleza = nobility
  • la plebe / la clase obrera = the common people / the working class
  • el caballero = knight
  • la doncella = maiden [la doncella refers to a young girl who isn’t married… in fairy tales, younger than 18 and (most often) virgins]
  • el galán = gentleman / leading man [used euphemistically, el galán means “playboy” because it refers to “the guy who gets the girl at the end of the story”]
  • el brujo, la bruja = wizard, witch
  • el mago, la maga = wizard, witch, mage, magician
  • el hechicero, la hechicera = sorcerer, sorceress
  • el hada / la hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el villano, la villana = villager OR villain, evildoer
  • el ciudadano, la ciudadana = citizen, townsperson
  • el ladrón, la ladrona = thief
  • el pícaro, la pícara = rogue
  • el desconocido, la desconocida = unknown person
  • el extraño, la extraña = stranger, unknown person
  • el mayordomo = butler
  • el ama de casa, las amas de casa = housemaid, head maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • el aya, las ayas = governess, governesses
  • el niñero, la niñera = babysitter
  • el niño, la niña = boy / girl / child
  • el bebé, la bebé = baby
  • el chico, la chica = boy / girl / young child
  • el joven, la joven = teenage boy / teenage girl [lit. “young (man/woman)”]
  • el hombre = man
  • la mujer = woman
  • el padre = father
  • la madre = mother
  • el hijo, la hija, los hijos = son, daughter, children (at least one boy; otherwise las hijas “daughters”)
  • el hermano, la hermana, los hermanos = brother, sister, siblings (at least one boy; otherwise hermanas “sisters”)
  • Dios = God
  • el dios, la diosa, los dioses = god, goddess, gods (at least one boy; otherwise las diosas “goddesses”)
  • el / la protagonista = protagonist
  • el / la antagonista = antagonist
  • el amigo, la amiga = friend
  • el enemigo, la enemiga = enemy
  • el héroe, la heroína = heroe, heroine
Beauty and the Demon // Ch. 4

Hey guys! Finally got chapter four of Beauty and the Demon completed :o) This one is an important bit that will help flow together the rest of the story which is why it took me so long to get it done because I wanted it to be flexible to help tie in other parts of the story!! Anyway I’ll shut up now and let you guys read!  

Read it on FF: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12395578/5/Beauty-and-the-Demon

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @keichanz @inu-yaasss-a @kag-san 

“You’re going to kill him?!” Kagome screeched at the tall man across the small clearing of trees.

“What use would I have for such an old man? He’s weak and far too short to reach the tops of cabinets to clean.” The man shrugged as if it was no big deal. Kagome shook with a mixture of fear and anger because of what little thought this man had for someone’s life. Did he have a conscience at all?

“Take me to him, please.” Kagome asked as her voice quivered as she tried to restrain her emotions, she kept it just loud enough so the man could hear what she had said. The man’s golden eyes studied the girl dressed in a shade of green similar to the evergreen pine needles.

“No.” He replied without a second thought, as if the thought alone was enough to make him hurl.

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Worthy of a Prince

So, guess who decided to jump on the Percabeth Royalty AU? This girl over here ;) It’s a bit short, and I may or may not continue it depending on the feedback. Anyways, enjoy! <3

Annabeth inhaled deeply. Her first official job, and it was going to be working at the palace. Every girl dreamed of having such an opportunity, but for whatever reason, she didn’t feel too excited. More anxious, really. She didn’t want to screw things up, especially in front of the royal family. Not that they would notice her, but even so.

“Madam, please come with me.”

She nervously followed the well-dressed man out of the waiting room and into the palace halls.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Maxwell, and I’m here to guide you around the place. Soon enough you will be able to learn and perform your duties expertly as a housekeeper.” 

The bald man spoke with such eloquence, she would have assumed him to be of Royal blood.

“Thank you, sir. I’m Annabeth, by the way.”

“Yes, Ms. Chase, I do recognize that.” He stiffened, clearly irritated by the fact that she had used her first name to address herself. You’re gonna fit right in, Annabeth, she thought.

He led them into a large room, a prominent chandelier dangling from the high ceiling. It looked to be a living room, with elegant chairs and a coffee table.

“This is the drawing room,” The man explained, “The royal family will usually stay here after they are finished their dinner. Make sure to keep away during that time, you don’t want to be noticed.”

Her heart dropped at that last comment, but she understood. A lowly servant like her would never be recognized by such a high-class family. The highest, after all.

They continued their tour around the palace, until he finally stopped in front of white double doors. 

“Ah,” He exhaled, “This is where you will live.” He opened the doors, as she peeked her head inside.

 The room was big, lined with several doors on either side. She assumed those were the bedrooms that the workers slept in. A dining table sat on the left side of the room, with a couch and chairs on the right.

The man finally spoke up. “This is the women’s headquarters. Each person has a bedroom, but the living space is shared among all. As you can see, it’s a generous amount of space for you. I should hope that you feel gratified by the family’s kindness; most kingdoms do not offer this.”

She rolled her eyes at his last comment, but continued listening intently.

“Alas, I must go.” Mr. Maxwell announced, “If you need any help, the head housemaid will surely aid you.” With that, he tranced off.

Annabeth sighed. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

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Where is Elsie Hughes now?

Arriving at Downton Abbey in 1895, Mrs Hughes’ (Phyllis Logan) first job was Head Housemaid, though she was later promoted to housekeeper. Despite going by the name Mrs Hughes, Elsie revealed that she had never been married before and chose to go by the title ‘Mrs’ as it was more fitting for a housekeeper.

In series one we see Mrs Hughes who, whilst strict, is kind-hearted and offers useful advice to other downstairs’ staff. When Mr. Bates arrives at Downton with an injured leg, Mrs Hughes takes care of him, telling him no one will think worse of him because of his handicap. An old friend, Joe Burns, arrives in town and takes Elsie for dinner and to the Fare, intent on asking for her hand in marriage a second time. Mrs Hughes soon comes to realise she is not the same girl from years’ past and refuses the proposal. By the end of series one Mrs Hughes is the first to become aware of Tom Branson’s interest in Lady Sybil, having seen them holding hands whilst in celebration of housemaid Gwen Dawson succeeding in getting a job as a secretary.

With the war in full swing during series two of Downton Abbey, Mrs Hughes finds herself busier than ever in overseeing Downton’s management and dealing with various crises such as Carson’s illness. Mrs Hughes finds Downton’s new maid Ethel in bed with patient Major Bryant, livid, she dismisses Ethel. When the girl returns she tells Mrs Hughes she is pregnant. Though she disapproves, Mrs Hughes tries her best to help Ethel by smuggling food and trying to give Bryant letters. When Cora finds out she invites Bryant’s parents to Downton. In the girl’s best interest, Elsie tries to sneak Ethel into the house to meet with Bryant’s parents though it goes terribly wrong. Ever strong, Mrs Hughes arranges for a second visit and stands up for Ethel during the meeting. When Ethel decides it is in her son’s best interest for him to stay with her, Mrs Hughes does not voice her opinion, but comforts Ethel.

Series three and Mrs Hughes is still helping Ethel and her son Charlie who have fallen on hard times. It is during this series that she finds a lump and fearing it may be cancerous, Mrs Hughes consults Dr Clarkson. Whilst distraught at the thought of her illness, Mrs Hughes only confides in Mrs Patmore. While awaiting results, she discovers Carson has figured out the cause of her stress and is irritated when he treats her like an invalid. Though she is touched when Cora tells her no matter what, she is always welcome and will have the help she deserves at Downton. Mrs Hughes is shown to have an open mind, being one of the few servants who accepts former chauffeur, Tom Branson, returning to Downton as husband to Lady Sybil.

Mrs Hughes isn’t the only one unhappy with Edna Braithwaite returning to Downton Abbey. Carson, knowing they cannot speak out, suggests they keep an eye on her, though Mrs Hughes believes Edna’s return is a disaster waiting to happen. Her fears are proven right when Edna tries to blackmail Tom into marrying her with lies she may be pregnant. Tom confides in Mrs Hughes and together they confront Edna with threats to ruin her should she not leave. When Edna does leave Downton, she remarks to Carson that they were mad to let her back into the house.

Charles Grigg returns this series, and with Carson refusing to talk to him, Mrs Hughes takes it upon herself to help the man. Mrs Hughes is also the first to become aware of Anna’s situation regarding Lord Gillingham’s valet and despite Anna swearing Mrs Hughes to secrecy, the housekeeper tries to help Anna mend her relationship with Bates, who believes he is at fault for Anna’s behaviour. When Robert announces he is leaving for America, Mrs Hughes persuades Mary to insist that Thomas must go instead of Bates as he should remain in England to be with Anna. During the Christmas special, Mrs Hughes is the one to discover the ticket in Bates’ coat and shows the ticket to Lady Mary, insisting that they have to keep it a secret and not ruin Bates. Mary destroys the tickets. During this episode the downstairs’ staff are rewarded with a day off and after some persuasion, Carson suggests a day at the beach. Whilst there, Mrs Hughes offers him her hand to steady him, and together they walk into the water.

An argument breaks out during series five with disagreements over where the war memorial should lie. After a disagreement with Mrs Hughes (who is on the side of building a stone edifice), Carson is quick to change his mind and agrees to the memorial stone. Inspired by Mrs Patmore investing in a property, Mr Carson asks Mrs Hughes if she would consider investing in a property with him. While Mrs Hughes doesn’t give a definite answer, it is clear she is interested in the proposal. Come Christmas 1924, Carson approaches Mrs Hughes with the news that he has bought a property in both their names and, after five seasons, forty-three episodes and 12 years on screen, Mr Charles Carson proposes to Mrs Elsie Hughes

Series six and with the proposal at the end of last series there is lots of talk about the wedding day, and whilst Carson wants something traditional, Mrs Hughes would rather have something informal. But how would Phyllis Logan like the series to end for her character? ‘One would hope that she and Mr Carson don’t decide that marriage was a disastrous idea… hopefully they would continue to thrive and keep their health together until they retire.’

Where is Anna Bates now?

Anna Smith (Joanna Froggatt) was originally head housemaid at Downton Abbey though was promoted to Lady’s maid to Lady Mary.In series one of Downton, Anna is awoken by Lady Mary who tells her Kemal Pamuk has died in her bed and, with Anna’s and Cora Crawley’s help, they are able to move Mr Pamuk back to his own room where he is found the next day by Barrow. It is also in this series that Anna meets Bates. Upon his arrival, Anna was one of the few downstairs’ staff who were kind to him; others doubted his skills as a valet. Their friendship soon grew to become that of a romance with Anna later admitting she was in love with him. Bates, though returning her feelings, felt uneasy about entering a relationship with her as he was still married, though he admits that he does not love his wife. Whilst Anna is in London supporting Mrs Patmore through her eye surgery, she visits Bates’ mother- where she learns it was Vera, Bates’ wife, not Bates who had stolen the silverware. It is this evidence that saves Bates’ position as valet at Downton.

At the beginning of series two, Bates arrives back at Downton after his mother’s funeral and tells Anna that there is possibility of a divorce. Due to this, Bates asks Anna to marry him. She accepts instantaneously. Vera Bates arrives at Downton forcing Bates to resign by threatening to expose the truth about Kemal Pamuk’s death. Bates calls things off with Anna without telling her the true reason, leaving her heartbroken. After hearing from Lady Mary (who heard from Richard Carlisle) that Bates had been working in a pub nearby, Anna visits him where Bates tells her he can prove Vera has been unfaithful.

When Bates returns to Downton, reappointed as Lord Grantham’s valet, Anna is delighted. However Vera is infuriated and goes to Richard Carlisle to sell the story. This plan backfires, spurring her to get her divorce overturned by telling the Judge that Bates offered to pay her off to divorce him. When Bates travels to London to confront Vera and talk some sense into her, he finds her dead and becomes a suspect. Anna insists on marrying him immediately in case of Bates’ arrest. They marry in secret, with only Lady Mary and Jane Moorsum (housemaid) knowing. The couple planned to tell the rest of Downton after the funeral of Lavinia Swire. Though on return to Downton Abbey, two police officers arrive to arrest Bates for murder.

During series three, Anna receives constant letters from her husband who is still in prison. She is one of the few people to treat Branson with respect on his return to Downton, now living upstairs due to his marriage with Lady Sybil. Like most of the staff, she grieves over Sybil’s death. Towards the end of series thre Anna is promoted to Mary’s lady’s maid where Mary remarks that she still calls her Anna rather than Mrs Bates. Anna’s determination to free her husband pays off; she meets Vera Bates’ friend Audrey and finds evidence that clears Bates of all charges. She is there when he is released and they move into a small cottage together. In this series Christmas special, Anna goes to Scotland and comforts Lady Rose. It is later revealed that Lady Rose had been teaching Anna Scottish dancing.

Following Matthew Crawley’s death, Anna tries to help Mary come out of mourning. When Edna Braithwaite returns to Downton as a lady’s maid, she and Thomas frame Anna for ruining a piece of clothing belonging to Cora. Rose, who is living at Downton, invites Anna to go to a dance hall where they meet Sam Thawley. When things go wrong, Anna urges Rose away and later helps Rose disguise herself in order to say goodbye to Sam. With a number of people arriving to stay at Downton, the valet of Lord Gillingham takes a shine to Anna. Bates becomes suspicious of Green and this causes tension between Anna and Bates because she does not see a problem, thinking Green to only be friendly. When Dame Nellie Melba is singing, Anna leaves the party and returns to the servants’ quarters. Green follows her and tells her he refuses to believe that she’s happy with someone like Bates. When Anna tells him to move out of the way, he reacts violently.

Mrs Hughes later finds Anna crying in her bedroom, and quickly comes to the conclusion of what has happened- because of Anna’s torn dress and various cuts and bruises. Anna begs her not to tell anyone, but asks if she would kindly help her to tidy up before someone sees. With Anna continuously pushing Bates away, he is convinced he has done something wrong, particularly when Anna moves back to the servants’ quarters in Downton, leaving their marital home. With her husband fearing she no longer loves him, Bates confronts Mrs Hughes with a threat to leave. Believing it would be the end of Anna if Bates left, she tells him. Bates later approaches Anna and reaffirms he loves her. She embraces him in tears. Anna moves back to the cottage and tries to move on, and slowly their relationship mends. Eventually, Anna tells Mary who was responsible but she swears her to secrecy, fearing Bates will go after him should he find out. Despite Anna’s protests, Mary goes to Lord Gillingham and asks him to dismiss Green. Later Mary approaches Anna with the news that Green is dead. Anna is relieved that there were many witnesses to Green’s death, suggesting that Bates was not involved.

Come the Christmas special, both Anna and Bates join the Crawley family and the other servants at Grantham House. Whilst in London, Anna gives Mrs Hughes one of her husband’s old coats, in which she finds a ticket to London from York. Later, Bates and Anna go to the seaside with the other servants.

In series five of Downton, Anna reluctantly helps Mary prepare for her getaway with Lord Gillingham by packing her suitcases and purchasing birth control for her. Two members of the police force visit and question both Anna and her husband over the events of Green’s death as a witness has come forward. She is later asked by the Inspector to go down to Scotland Yard, with Bates insisting to go along with her. Whilst at Scotland Yard they learn Green has also attacked other women. Anna is later arrested after a witness identified Anna being near Green at his time of death.

Come the Christmas episode, Lady Mary and Bates visit Anna separately along with the Crawley lawyer Mr Murray to help get her out of prison. In an attempt to get his wife bailed out, Bates confesses to the murder of Green and leaves for Ireland. Anna is released and Molseley and Baxter search for evidence to clear Bates’ name as Anna is partially released from prison. Eventually Baxter and Molseley find enough evidence to clear Bates’ name and he and Anna are happily reunited.

So what is in store for Anna Bates in series six of Downton Abbey? Still on parole, Anna continues her work at Downton and receives the news that a woman has confessed to the murder of Green. Anna’s character has definitely evolved throughout the six series, ‘Anna is certainly wiser and older. But she still has that essence of having a very, very good heart’, Froggatt says of her character, ‘she is essentially still the same person, but she’s definitely matured emotionally.’

When asked where Joanne Froggatt would be in ten years time, she replied with, ‘They might have a few children. Maybe by then, Bates and Anna have got their little guesthouse somewhere that they’ve always wanted. Call it The Bates Hotel!’

A Mansion of Secrets // for greengirl888


21 year old Samantha worked as a maid in the mansion of Sir Thomas Sharpe. Well, today was her first day working; because, her parents died a week ago in a fire. She wandered the streets until Clarice, the head housemaid, took her in. Clarice was a sweet and kind woman to Samantha, but she called her Sam, and the name soon stuck. She now stood nervously in front of his bedchamber door and knocked.

Comedy Central’s ‘Another Period’ Adds Koechner, Wain, Huskey & More

(This article originally appeared on Deadline.com)

Comedy Central’s 10-episode series Another Period, a send-up of turn-of-the-century Newport, Rhode Island high society, has added a string of comedic castmembers.

As previously reported by Deadline back in June, the series revolves around Newport’s first family, the Bellacourts and sisters Lillian and Beatrice, respectively played by Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, whose characters care only about how they look, what parties they attend and becoming famous.

Joining Another Period is David Koechner (Anchorman 2), Brian Huskey (ABC’s Selfie, Matt Walsh’s A Better You), David Wain (EP Childrens Hospital, director of Wanderlust), and Lauren Ash (Super Fun Night). Chris Parnell will also ‘Another Period’ Adds David Koechner, Brian Huskey, David Wainguest star. Koechner will portray the patriarch of the family, Commodore Bellacourt. Huskey is Victor, Lillian’s prone-to-rage-violent husband who is carrying on an affair with Beatrice’s hubby Albert played by Wain. Ash plays Hortense, Lillian and Beatrice’s weird sister.

As previously reported by Deadline, Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster, Beth Dover, Brett Gelman, Jason Ritter and Armen Weitzman round out the cast of Another Period. Black will portray Peepers, the persnickety head butler with a dark secret, Brewster plays the matriarch Dodo Bellacourt; Ritter is Lillian and Beatrice’s illiterate brother Lord Frederick, the heir to the family fortune; Weitzman plays Garfield the under butler while Dover is Blanche, the head housemaid who suffers from nervous disorder and dreams of one day working in a factory. Gelman portrays Hamish, the disgruntled outwoodsman tending to Bellacourt Manor.

Another Period is written and executive produced by Leggero and Lindhome, executive produced and directed by Jeremy Konner (“Drunk History”) and executive produced by Red Hour’s Ben Stiller, Debbie Liebling, Stuart Cornfeld and Mike Rosenstein.