head high


Tyler Oakley is at my camp right now and it’s so WEIRD watching him go places / do things / post things that o was doing all summer. My friends are in his videos and my bunk is in the background and the inside jokes we started have seeped into his.

You should have accepted me when you had the chance,” he said.
She tried to swallow, but her saliva felt like paste. “I could have,” she said, “but it would have been no more real than the visions that plague me.”
“So you chose a pathetic guard.”
Her lips quivered. “You don’t understand. He is the only thing that is real.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer

To say she was excited was an understatement. Holly had tried on the bathing suit Salem picked for her a million times, each time her love for it only grew. Of course she was showing up fashionably late, though. She had to pretend like she didn’t care.

The small girl walked with her head held high, even if only to keep the giant sunglasses she’d stolen from slipping down her face again. She let out a sigh as she stopped beside a tanning bed, dropping her bag beside it. Holly pulled off her top, spinning around as she reached up to make sure her ponytail was still in tact.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she caught sight of the person staring at her. “I’ve been told pictures last longer,” She spat out, pushing the sunglasses to the top of her head so she was sure they’d see her glare. In the blink of an eye, her annoyed expression was replaced by a bright smile. She shifted her weight to one side, tilting her head with it. “I’ll let you take one if you get me a drink.”

chanelgirlygirl  asked:

I'm so insecure all of the time and I just don't know how to make it go away. I look in the mirror and I'm so disappointed with what I see. I have a huge nose, my lips are so awkward and my eyes are a weird shape. Guys don't really find me attractive. I just wish I could be as beautiful and confident as you are one day because you slay my life. I'm just trying my hardest to stay strong, but my anxiety about my appearance is eating me alive. Whether I wear makeup or not I just feel ugly ☹️

Baby! Don’t feel like that! If that’s you in your pic your stunning! Keep your head high your beautiful xxx


My apologies for being inactive and not replying to messages or asks. I was on a camping trip last week and this week, have just concluded my very first week of college! My life has gotten so busy and hectic, but in a good way, yet I’ll try to be more active.

I love you. Love yourself. Hold you head high, make good choices, don’t let anyone bring you down.

anonymous asked:

I have this used to be friend who always puts me down and says mean shit about me to the point where it's uncomfortable talking to him.And he knows personal stuff about me and I don't want him to tell people if I say something to him.Idk what to do

Hold your head up high and realize that they only person who has to love you, is you. You don’t need to care what people think about you, babe. If he tells people, what’s the worst that could really happen? 

You deserve to be respected. You need to talk to him. 

Adn I mean, you can always move across country? I have a pretty spacious cupboard, actually. 

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hey, remember you're so much stronger than whatever it is that's killing you inside, you got this, everything in me believes in you, keep your head up high, heavy heart, it's gonna be okay very soon

its ok I’m getting drunk with my best friend rn so I’m pretty ok :))))))

I slept for such a long time. But still tired and feeling kind of numb.

But like I said yesterday; I will continue to keep my head high and keep going.

Things to remember this semester:
  1. Don’t bottle your stress up, either vent it all to a close friend or let the tears flow in the shower/bed. Just let go.
  2. Stay organized, either get an app, planner, journal, calendar, use your arm, post it notes, ANYTHING to make sure you remember things.
  3. Always prioritize your needs, that doesn’t mean be a dick about it, but TREAT YO SELF.
  4. Ask for help when you need it: smart friends, tutors, professors, teaching assistants, etc. they’re all there for you.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions, you mess up? Fess up. You do a great job on something? Take credit.
  6. A little procrastination is okay, being mentally exhausted and doing things won’t turn up good work, so take some time but eventually, JUST DO IT!
  7. Quiet, alone time is very important. Whether before bed or in the morning or during the day, have some quiet moments to yourself.
  8. Weed out things you don’t need. Notes from 3 years ago? Throw them. Friends who don’t support you? Throw them. 
  9. Follow blogs that motivate/inspire you. If they make you smile or get an idea going, they’re the blogs to follow! 
  10. Eat fresh fruit and veggies once in a while, they’re good for your body which is under a lot of pressure. 
  11. Hydrate yourself with water! Lot’s and lot’s of water, or at least do tea. 
  13. Doing bad on one exam/paper/quiz/test is okay! Not the end of the world and if you work hard and seek help and extra credit, you will prevail!
  14. Wear confident clothes on test days, whether that’s in high fashion or your favorite hoodie is up to you; feeling good puts you in a better state of mind. 
  15. Don’t let nobody tell you how to live your life, try new things, form your own opinions, and become a better you!