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Earlier this summer, an 8-year-old girl named Saga Vanecek was doing what she often does: wading in Sweden’s Lake Vidostern.

“I like to walk around finding rocks and sticks in the water, and then I usually walk around with my hands and knees in the water and in the sand,” she explained to Radio Sweden Wednesday.

It was then that she felt something odd beneath her hand and knee. She lifted the object and saw that it had a handle.

She pulled it out of the water and carried it over to her father. “Dad, I found a sword,” she said.

“I’m not sure you should be touching it anymore,” he replied. “It looks fragile.”

Saga and her father took the sword to authorities and found that it was very old indeed.

“Indeed an amazing story!” Mikael Nordstrom, head of the cultural heritage department at the Jonkopings County Museum, told NPR in email. “We now believe that the sword is about 1,500 years old.”

8-Year-Old Girl Discovers Iron Age Sword In Swedish Lake

Photo: Jonkoping County Museum

Siren Song - Part 3

Pairing : CEO!Bucky x Reader 

Summary: Tired to wait for the man you had had a crush on for years to see you as more than his secretary, you sign up for a matching app that showcases talent. Without seeing your face, WhiteWolf17 finds himself falling lured by your voice. But getting your boss out of your system is more easily said than done. (Modern AU, Little Mermaid inspired AU)

Words: 2,1k

Warnings: Flashbacks, insecurities

A/N:  Hey! As promised, here’s the third part! You all asked to know a bit more about Bucky and I only live to serve soooooo ;) The song she is singing is  Seaside by The Kooks.

This is my entry for @ciarawritesmarvel Disney AU 1K celebration challenge

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Over a year. It had been over a year since Bucky signed up for this app that held the promise to find someone to match your soul. Until a few hours ago, he had been dumb enough to think he would actually find someone. Over 365 days, 177 potential matches and a couple of heartaches later, Bucky was this close to erase his profile forever.

He knew putting on his picture and giving away his name was risky and, honestly, a few years ago he wouldn’t have minded that these girls were just after his money or his smile. But that wasn’t him anymore. Bucky wasn’t the confident guy he used to be, how could he be? In three years of time he had almost died, well technically was declared dead for five minutes, he had also lost an arm, little price to pay for the huge mistake he had done, and he lost his dad who, no matter what, had never stopped believing in him. And now he was at the head of the family heritage, the prince had became King of the Barnes empire.

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With Gele Pride Flag, Adejoke Tugbiyele unites gay pride symbolism with material reference to her home country, Nigeria. Gele is the head scarf worn by Nigerian women for important events or functions and “a defining feature for the typical Nigerian woman… representative of femininity.” Tugbiyele sewed six of these fabrics together to form a large gay-pride flag, which helped to “affirm [her] queerness as a woman of Nigerian heritage, while also speaking to contemporary symbols (the rainbow) that affirm gay pride.” Tugbiyele produced the banner soon after the Nigerian government enacted legislation criminalizing same-sex relationships, and has since carried it in protests and gay pride parades in both Nigeria and the United States.

Posted by Laura Hillegas
Adejoke Tugbiyele (Nigerian-American, born 1977). Gele Pride Flag, 2014. Collection of the artist. Photos courtesy Adejoke Tugbiyele.

Detective AU

I was playing L.A. Noire and I thought about this so…yeah


-Good cop

-Head interrogator

-Uses his heritage as an advantage

-Replaces English words for French to make suspects think his not as bright as he is

-Brings out that accent

-Women fall for him hard

Most men will agree his incredibly likeable

-Code name “Prince” because of an inside joke held in the office with his marquis status


-Bad cop

-He’s so tiny but so angry like…???

-Not too bad with guns either

-Favorite line is “Turn off the cameras” because they don’t but it freaks the suspect so much that they spill all the details

-Is not allowed on tables or chairs anymore

-Gets a little too close to the suspect

(“Like, Alex, I know this is your strategy. However, he is a suspect in a MURDER CASE.”

“Well, if he kills me, he’s definitely the murderer.”)

-Sometimes charms the suspect, but…Lafayette

-Code name is “Lion” for short stature and large mouth


-Keen eyes

(“I found this in the dirt.”





-Can find everything

-So timid around bodies and suspects

-Hence him finding everything while everyone is looking at the body

-His code name is “Hawk” because “Turtle” is too obvious


-The muscle

-Kinda just stands in the back during interrogations because he cannot be mean ever

-Used to be fazed by bodies, but slowly is getting over it

-Makes really untimely puns without realizing it

-Like…too soon Herc

-Code name “Ares” for strength and Greek mythology


-Sharp shooter

-You started as a paramedic, but realized detective is way more your style

-This makes you way more deadly

-You can stop bleeding if the victim is shot, but knows exactly where to shoot if a suspect is running away

-You don’t wanna shoot them, but you gotta do what you gotta do*

*only as a very last resort, you’d rather get shot yourself

-You will run after a suspect and will tackle them

-The boys have bets on how the suspect reacts to you tackling him

-They keep a record of your time

(15.3 seconds)

-Code name is “Colt” for your gun skills and running ability

So Obama just proclaimed June 2015 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2015 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. I encourage all Americans to celebrate the history and culture of Caribbean Americans with appropriate ceremonies and activities. “



Let there be light. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Naff title, but what else could it be.. the fortunes of having a big zoom lens.. looking towards Boredale Hause from Beda Head. Sheep was nicely placed also..


Tiumpan Head Lighthouse, Stac Pollaidh and Cul Beag by Impact Imagz
Via Flickr:
The mainland hills in beautiful sunlight during the late afternoon.

stereden  asked:

Just saw your reblog about Tenten, and you know what struck me? Her ressemblance to Mito. She even uses seals in her fights (mostly to summon weapons, but still!)! So two possibilities: Tenten is a relative of Mito (direct line or not, we know nothing about her family last I checked), or, in reading about Tsunade, Tenten found out about the Slug Sannin's grandmother and went "This is who I wanna be when I grow up". Imagine. Little Tenten with her team on a mission near the ruins of Uzushio (1)

She ditches her team during the night and goes digging. Literally, because there are still bones that haven’t been buried and she can’t let that pass. Then she finds some beginner’s guide to sealing (this being Uzushio, it’s more advanced than Konoha’s mastery books). Just. Imagine Tenten, but with fuinjutsu. She gets rid of Neji’s seal after his first rant in hopes of getting him to stop going on and on about fate. She designs Lee’s and Gai’s weights. She seeks out Naruto and drums sealing in his head, because it’s his heritage, and because some of these seals require too much chakra for her to use them, but she wants to test them log damn it, and she vaguely remembers the Academy senseis mentioning that the Uzumaki clan had stupidly huge reserves anyway. Imagine Tenten going up against Temari in the prelims and trouncing her because there had been seals, explosives and flashbangs and paralysis seals, painfully carved into the metal of her weapons. Imagine Tenten drawing Gaara’s number for the third task, after he nearly killed Lee, and deciding to make sure he would never hurt anyone ever again. Imagine her being close enough to Naruto that he tells her about jinchuurikis, and imagine her putting two and two together and deciding that if Mito could improvise a seal for the Kyuubi on the spot during a battle, Tenten could certainly manage a seal to keep the Ichibi in check with a month to prepare. Imagine how badass a fuiinjutsu mistress Tenten could have been. And how that would have changed the course of the story. (Imagine her standing up for the jinchuurikis when Akatsuki’s targets are revealed, harassing Tsunade until she agrees to send her out to warn them. Imagine Tenten checking each and every jinchuuriki’s seal to make sure nothing like what happened to Gaara would happen to them. Imagine Tenten tatooing seals on their skins, warnings, protections, wards, anything to allow them even a few seconds to get away, to escape, to survive.) Imagine a Tenten who looked up to Mito instead of Tsunade.


Sheepish. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Once again, taking advantage of the shafts of light.. The sheep nearest me wasn’t sheepish, while it sat on the path looking relaxed, I edged round it and grabbed the shot :-)

This photo was taken overlooking Nattai National Park from the Wollondilly lookout on Wombeyan Caves road near the New South Wales Southern Highlands.

Nattai National Park is one of the 8 protected areas (and the most southern) that form part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains area.

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And since somenone already asked for painful Galra transformation... How about the rest of Voltron team reacting to it? And maybe in the Commander Mom AU?

(Ah, I know it’s been forever but I finally have the inspiration/time/energy to tackle this, so here we go. I debated heavy angst, but went with mostly fluff and only a dash of angst instead.)

WARNINGS for mention of BODY HORROR and GORE

A super important thing to remember about the Commander Mom AU (here(x), here(x), and here(x)) is that she is also a doctor who has worked with Galra and humans alike. Her presence and awareness of the situation would have helped avoid some of the prickly patches that cropped up in the whole issue. 

If she were there.

To paint the scene a little: 

The mom (who I should really pick a name for) is off on some mission, which is supposed to take a week at most. It is to be a peaceful delegation, but the exchange will be a delicate one, so for the sake of negotiations, communications are severely limited, and by no means could she leave at a moment’s notice.

Keith’s “symptoms” start up innocently enough. Severe muscle cramps are passed off as low potassium or the like, and an order of bed rest is grudgingly obeyed as they only get worse.

But of course, because he’s Keith, he doesn’t stay there like he should, and on his way back after a shower that did nothing to help the growing itch under his skin, he collapses.

Hunk finds him, and after a momentary panic gets his head together enough to carry him back to Keith’s room (leaving him in the hallway could have been dangerous) and goes to find as close to a doctor as was available. The progression of symptoms from here(x) begins.

In that AU, the team already knows of Keith’s Galra heritage, but head knowledge and seeing it are two different things (especially as gruesome as it becomes).

And so, how they’d react: (Continued under the cut)

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Cai Guo-Qiang, “Falling Back to Earth” series

1. Heritage (2013)
2. Head On (2006)
3. Move Along, Nothing to See Here (2011)
4. Inopportune: Stage Two (2004)

“It looks fun – that I am making things I want to see myself. But after these works are made I realise the ideas behind them are sombre and quite grave. And maybe we humans, that’s just the way we are. The world might be filled with all kinds of hypes and excitements, but behind the works I make… I am quite a lonely person.”


It’s Sunday morning, you should be in church. Okay, fine, if you’re not going to be in church, than you can at least enjoy The Art of the Bible: Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval World, compiled by the British Library’s Kathleen Doyle, Lead Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts, and Scot McKendrick, Head of Western Heritage Collections–this gorgeous book available from Thames & Hudson and British Library Publishing.


Inktober Day 19
[Newcastle Crew(minus ben) based on second photo of this post]


Part of the old Knicklethorns homestead. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Another over processed photo from this hike.. take it from me, it looks better like this than the original ;-)


The Republic of Benin’s Afro-Brazilian heritage at risk of crumbling away 

With a fine ceramic minaret, multicoloured walls and a great, carved wooden door, the Grand Mosque in Benin’s capital is a marvel of Afro-Brazilian architecture, yet like much in Porto-Novo it faces collapse.

“It looks just like a church in all ways because the former slaves were used to building churches in Brazil,” said Moubarak Mourchid, head of the city’s heritage agency.

“They converted to Islam as a show of rebellion against their masters and when they came back to west Africa, they became craftsmen who used the building techniques they had learned over there,” the historian told AFP.

“These skills were then transmitted from generation to generation.”

Yet unless urgent steps are taken, residents and local specialists say hundreds of these old buildings are at risk.

From the end of the 18th century, Porto-Novo on the Gulf of Guinea was one of the African ports that took in freed slaves who wanted to sail  home to the continent of their ancestors.

The streets in what is now Benin’s second city and administrative capital call to mind the old Portuguese colonial settlement of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

And much of the architecture bears witness to key Afro-Brazilian links in African history, but not a single building, not even the mosque, has been classified as a UN World Heritage Site, Mourchid said.




Aidan BAKER, qui compte à son actif des dizaines de CD-R tirés à une poignée d’exemplaires, est surtout connu pour sa participation à Nadja, duo repéré par Julian Cope pour le compte du site Head Heritage au moment de la sortie de Radiance Of Shadows, album mélangeant les saturations en apesanteur du shoegaze avec les riffs plombés du doom, et qui avait fait de Leah Buckareff et Aidan BAKER (les deux têtes pensantes derrière Nadja) une sorte d’équivalent du couple Kevin Shields / Belinda Butcher au sein de My Bloody Valentine. Inspiré par l’ambient d’un Brian Eno, mais aussi sous influence des aînés Godflesh, Swans et Low, le culte Radiance Of Shadows se présente comme une cathédrale bourdonnante d’harmoniques au potentiel hypnotique saisissant, où des masses sonores constamment mouvantes progressent lentement, s’enchevêtrant en textures complexes cousines du projet néo-zélandais Birchville Cat Motel, voire des Ligeti et Xenakis.

En compagnie d’IDKLANG (alias Markus Steinkellner, membre de Jakuzi’s Attempt), l’ambiance prend racine dans des vibrations plutôt enveloppantes, non moins savamment entrelacées, jusqu’à acquérir la voluptuosité nécessaire au décollage. Certains ont cru y déceler des influences venant du krautrock : après tout, pourquoi pas ? Puisqu’il s’agit bien là d’une réactualisation du psychédélisme… In The Red Room peut s’envisager tel le sismographe d’une longue dérive somnambulique taillée au travers de nuits magnétiques fictives. Et donc comme un digne rejeton de ce qui taraude le psychédélisme depuis la seconde moitié des années 1960.

( sur Nadja, par ici :

http://merzbow-derek.tumblr.com/search/nadja )