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Post FD hug <3

in the realm of check please headcanons, the ones about autistic jack are the most important to me.
tell me about how jack loves chicken tenders because they’re a safe food, they’re always the same
tell me about how jack will wear the same three t shirts til they’re threadbare cause they’re so soft and comfortable
tell me about how jack doesn’t like trying new foods because what if the texture is Wrong? why should i try something new if i know i like this?
tell me about how jack loves his pregame pb&j, because even if everything goes wrong that day, he still has one constant
tell me about how jack will absolutely go on for hours if someone asks him about history or hockey
tell me about autistic jack 💙


#Helsinkihandhold <3

[scenario] [request] red string of fate

13: “Kiss me.” 
23: “Just once.” 
31: “You lied to me.” 

(lol why do i always write angsty scenarios for eomma mingyu i’m sORRYy)

Title: red string of fate

Member: mingyu ft. established soonhoon

Genre: angst w good ending // soulmate au 

Word Count: 1565

“Even though she and I can’t see the string, we’re really happy. I’m glad I found her.”

Mingyu rests his head in his hands, hearts in his eyes, unbeknownst to him that with each word he says, your eyes struggle to contain the tears threatening to spill over.

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