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SJM Baltimore Book Event

Some notes from the questions portion of tonight’s event!

She is a proud hufflepuff bc of the common room, husband is Gryffindor

She would be in the Night Court bc she hates the sun

Cassian is Gryffindor
Azriel is ravenclaw
Elain hufflepuff
Nesta syltherin
Amren slyth/claw
Mor is Gryffindor
Rhys is slytherin
Feyre is hufflepuff (she literally said slytherpuff)

Unsung hero of acotar is Suriel!!!

Favorite power is Helion’s libraries

Mates can be same gender, as we saw in ACOWAR

Inspiration for Rhys is not her husband!!! They are both tall and handsome with dark hair, but rhys and Feyre’s bond *is* inspired by their relationship. Rhys also walked into her head like aelin and became Sarah’s second husband.

Lorcan vs Cassian, we win and they draw. They would fight to a stalemate then go get a beer and bond over lady problems. Then likely go to the Spring Court and start trouble.

Rhys vs Fenrhys are equally attractive, depends on preference.

Jamie (from Outlander) and Rhys would be friends but would be constantly in silent competition with each other.

(Always imagines rain clouds and white tee shirt contests with her guy characters, and abs)

She is more like feyre on her quiet days, more like aelin on most days, but identifies most with Fleetfoot.

Her deadlines are plotted out for years, so she has no option but to sit and write. Writing is a muscle that needs to be used and built. Her advice to aspiring writers is to not listen to the people who tell you to write something “serious or a real book.” If someone says “you can’t” tell them “watch me,” at least in your head. Keep your goal as your focus. Find the time and write. Do it!!!! Treat it seriously.
She would sit down everyday and write, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. It’s the only way to get it done.

Quoted A League of Their Own, said that if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. You have to hustle.

Each spinoff will be a stand alone novel and follow a different pairing in each. They will all eventually be connected in the end.
One might be a snow queen retelling. One might be a Russian/swan lake retelling but at this point she won’t give more details than that yet.

TOD runs parallel to EOS, it’s a “meanwhile on the southern continent.” Wrote 20,000 words in the first day and was chater 4. 193,000 words later and it’s the same length as EOS.
The timeline lines up perfectly. Nesryn, Chaol, and Irene plotlines and pov.
TOD never feels like work and is as close to her heart as HOF was. Is excited every time she reads it and edits. She was excited to expand on the TOG world. The southern continent is highly influenced by the Mongolian empire.
She is a huge G. Khan fangirl.

READ TOD BEFORE FINAL TOG. Major game changers and reveals, it all weaves together.

Editor who read TOD for review hated Chaol going into TOD, but she came out loving Chaol after.
SJM loves the journey and she cried a lot working on the book.

She reccomends Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Post ACOWAR read the Fever series (blonde southern girl tries to solve her sister’s murder). Star Touched Queen.

Her patronus (she wanted hers to be a velociraptor), she got an akami (sp?), the feathery-serpant creature from fantastic beasts.


Parallel Smiles ♥

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Darling, your writing makes me fall deeper in hell hole for Ignis (and he's not even my fav! How dare!). You made him have this incredible gait whenever he so much as speaks to s/o and makes them stutter and blush. Can I have a scenario where s/o makes him blush instead and the boys are really shocked and decided to tease him for it. Dearest s/o would just smile and act innocent.

My love, you have only made me want to work harder for you.  Praise will get you everywhere in this world. Allow me the honor of assisting you with Ignis damnation.


The highway zoomed by, as you sat opposite front seat of your boyfriend, your large sunglasses over your eyes, looking into the rearview mirror, seeing both Prompto and Noctis attempting to stay awake after pigging themselves out at the latest diner you had stopped at for lunch, while Gladiolus was reading his book, almost losing his fight with sleep as well.

“Are you certain you wouldn’t like to pull over for something other?” Ignis called, from the driver seat, resting a gloved hand on your own.

“I’ll be fine with just the salad I had, dear, no need to worry.”  You stated patting his hand with our own.

Ignis glanced toward you, before turning those green eyes back to the road, “It’s hard to believe you wouldn’t eat anything on the menu.”

You gasped, “Ignis, they had something on the menu called ‘Fried Soda’ and Gladio ate something called a ‘Butter cow.’”

You were rewarded by the large man belching in the backseat, “Excuse me.”

“I’m surprised he’s still standing, no offensive Gladio.” You tried to reason, “If I so much as touched that stuff, I would have broken out in a rush of pimples.”

Ignis chuckled, petting your hand, before pulling it back to the steering wheel, “My dear, you’ve become very picky as of late.”

“I would like to still fit my clothes by the end of this trip,if that is fine with you.” You explained, brushing your hair from your face, at the sharp wind blowing around the car.

Ignis let a small smile appear on his face, “You maybe, becoming more picky than Noct.”

“Hey!” The prince called offended in the backseat.

Ignis watched you pout softly in your seat, “Shall, I make a dinner for yourself and me, with a special dessert?”

You leaned over placing a hand on his thigh, lowering your sunglasses, fluttering your eyelashes before cooing, “Iggy baby, if you climbed on the table, I’d eat you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack.”

Ignis swerved off the road, quickly braking the car, his face turning a bright red, as turned to you, still leaning toward him. Making sure that your eyes locked with his green eyes, you rose your sunglasses back up, gave the thigh underneath your fingers a tight squeeze, a smile on your lips as you sat back in your seat, moving you hand back to your lap, the entire car silent.




Ignis groaned, the backseat was very much awake now, both Prompto and Noctis were caught in wails of “Oooo!”  while Gladiolus was guffawing so hard he had snorted twice. All of this accompanied by that stupid airhorn app.

“She got you, Iggy!”

“Smooth operator, Y/n.”

“Didn’t know you had it in you!

You never responded, allowing your poor tomato red boyfriend to deal with the loud men in the backseat, a small smile on your face, as you looked to the road before you. It was about time Ignis fell to you, as you often fell to that smooth tongue of his.

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Wait.. Do you ship marlene and sirius? Not meant to be insulting Im just genuinely curious? (You reblogged a post)

(( OOC: Not in the romantic sense. I love Marlene and Dorcas as a couple, but I definitely think Marlene and Sirius were very close, especially after they left Hogwarts and joined the Order. In my head, as James settled in with his wife and new baby, and the tension between Sirius and Remus grew, Marlene was one of the most important friends Sirius had during the first wizarding war. So I think her death would have completely crushed him, especially as the other Order members started dying very quickly after she did. ))