head garb

I just realized that in that first really cute scene where Even and Isak are in bed, Even is wearing all Isak’s clothes because he literally didn’t have anything else to wear besides that ridiculous God costume so he’s just totally covered in Isak garb from head to toe and it’s so cute? Like? How did I not realize this before? Of course Isak had to give him clothes bc they were all wet from the pool? Isak shirt Isak hoodie Isak pants (probably too short too because Even is a tall giant) ahhhhhhhhhhhh

The God King

Oh look I wrote some Charpocalypse, Ancient Egyptian au! Yes I know I have lots (lots!) of other WIPs I should be working but dammit this fandom needs some more En Sabah Nur/Charles! So…here’s a little taste to start, with more to come (and by more I mean pornz lol):


The God King comes when he is five years old, to take him away.

He doesn’t know why he must leave his mother and father to live with the great En Sabah Nur, only that all must obey the Pharaoh’s wishes and follow his command. His mother cries as she embraces him tight, and kisses his cheek; his father’s eyes are red and swollen when the Pharaoh reaches to take his hand.

“Come with me,” he says, soft and sweet, grip ever so gentle on his tiny hand. The Pharaoh is garbed head to toe in threads of silver and gold, bright and beautiful as the sun. “You are one of the blessed, gifted with great power. You will serve me, and love me, and help me guide this world to a better existence.”

He nods, to show his understanding, and then turns to say a hesitant farewell. But neither of his parents answer his call; instead his mother clutches desperately at his father’s hand, and the two of them collapse onto the ground, arms wrapped around one another as the Pharaoh steers him through the glowing portal.

Chaires never sees either of them again.

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