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I feel as though I've read every faberry fanfiction that has been written. Do you have any favorites you'd suggest?

Yeah that’s where i’m at too.. following poetz on tumblr soothes me a little, her answers are the equivalent of Faberry hershey’s kisses. But if you are really where i am you should just go to all the authors profiles and read everything.

Boats in the Sky, Riding in Cars With Girls, Rainbow BrightComfortably Numb by WaveGoodbye

What Doors May OpenAmerica, She’s Beautiful Ensnared by Despair The Heart is a Machine by KsChoiceofAFI

I’ll Be and Second Time Series By stix04

Crazy on You, Kiss Me Thru the Phone Drink, Drank, Drunk , Bedtime Stories By: roxystyle011

I’ve Been Trying to Reach Youthese strange steps, dear your name here  by thememoriesfire

The Silence of SilenceIf the Roles Were ReversedBy: your.kat

This KissDon’t Blink verseMagical Mystery Tourby: poetzproblem

Colors and PromisesHaven’t Forgotten My Way Home Painted Blue by itsfaberrytaboo

Ain’t That a Kick in the HeadStill off the Key of Reason, I Can See For Miles By: ElsBells

Kissing Quinn Fabray by vondrunkaton

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise by powergrapes

Equilibrium by TripUpStairs

Please, Listen By: isabella8848

When All That You Touch Tumbles DownWithout You is How I DisappearDon’t Look Now but I Lost My Shoe by kabensi

Deus Ex Machina by A. Kline

A Campaign of Shock and Awe By: JustAnotherPseudonym

Should Have Asked for DirectionsApple Pie, Small Fry By: dylanhart

The Art of Boxes by possibilist

A Million Miles of FunVariations On A Theme Of Inebriated Hook Upsby Jade8devlin

Softer, SoftestSo Falls the World , Never Go Hungry Again By: SkyWarrior108

Color Me ConfusedA Wedding, Crashed and Burned,Of Yearbooks and Golf CoursesBy: FerryBerry

Leave the Cannoli, Take the Girl, BlackThroated Green Warbler By: Whispering Molly

This Same Rain That Draws You Near MeLike a Seal Upon Your HeartBy: Dramatricks

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking By: Ly Merrick

Little Bo Peep Detective Agency, Til The Stars Go Blue Chasing Rachel BerryBy: Quinnessence 

Rough Beginnings By: tothevision 

Girls Over Flowers By: thoughtsinorange

The Little Time Traveler By: Cygnus07

Simple Parts By: FlyingFleshEate

Bet On Love By: eenak

distance between two pointsthe one with the friends reference By: AndAwayWeGo

Better Where It’s Wetter By: Recall the Love

Modern Love by ohnice1

Love Enough series By: Frensayce

Somewhere in Between By: K.AudreyLeto 

I Hate Rachel Berry By: RedYellow11

We Make Plans, They Never Work Out Right By: takeanotherturn

Cabin FeverEveryone Has a FacebookBy: insaneantics21

The Treasured World of Quinn and Rachel, Ululare CantusBy: Jubella

A Door in the Wall By: Phoenix2013

Here I ComeDistracting Quinn Fabray , Sparks Fly By: DAgron01

Pay Attention Fabray!Skating on Thin Ice Fabray!By: G3n3ralRedfield

Serendipity By: MJ Duncan

Cherished Affliction  By:CherishMimi

She drives a vegetable car except not really By: letyourdorkout

Goodbye to Yesterday ,  Past Mistakes , I Want You to Want MeVacancy By: InvisiMeg

The MySpace Admirer By: adventurefilled

don’t hear, feel , for always By: cyclothimic

Be my Venus By: locomatic666

Silent Messages By: SweetHeroine

A Secret Relationship Unlike Any Other By: Readwitch

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ,  My Future in Your Hands By: jomarch05

How much for an hour? By: TurningArt

Never Asked To Feel Your Halo By: BattleKitten

Sometime Around MidnightComfort in the Night  By: pleasant-hell

Just A KissBy: TheSilentPen

Happiest Place on Earth By: Writeaboutus

Little ThingsAppearances Can Be DeceptiveBy: blowflylaura

Take Me As I Am Seasons 1 & 2 By: JewWitch

A Perfect Match By: ladywordsalot

Absolutely Maybe By: forrealrightnow

Remember us By: gayfordiannaagron

And HooahSergeant Law fics

And many others but this list is getting out of control size-wise 

A Southern Gothic inspired mix for Loki. Trickster and lie-smith, Odin’s blood brother, Sky-Treader.

i. Second Child, Restless Child - The Oh Hello’s || ii. Fire - Noah Gundersen || iii. The Darkness - Rose Cousins || iv. Taught to Lie - Samantha Crain || v. Into the Dark - Laura Cortese & The Dancing Cards || vi. Gimme All Your Love - Alabama Shakes || vii. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club || viii. Snake Song - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan || ix. Sing to the Moon - Laura Mvula || x. Equinox - Samantha Crain || xi. I’m Only Joking - The Kongos || xii. Seven Nation Funk - Bruno Mars/White Stripes/DRA'Man || xiii. Love Runs Out - One Republic || xiv. Blood of Angels - Brown Bird || xv. The Wondersmith and His Sons - Astronautalis || xvi. Run - Delta Rae || xvii. The Ancestor - Darlingside || xviii. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - The Avett Brothers

Enjoy Lokean tumblr! Decided to bring in the first of July with a soundtrack.

my favorite songs from all 11 seasons - [listen]

Back in Black by AC/DC | Highway To Hell by AC/DC | Hot Blooded by Foreigner | Fly By Night by Rush | Rock Of Ages by Def Leppard | Laugh I Nearly Died by The Rolling Stones | Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter | Peace Of Mind by Boston | No One Like You by Scorpions | Bad Company by Bad Company | (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult | She Brings Me Love by Bad Company | Burnin’ For You by Blue Oyster Cult | Road To Nowhere by Ozzy Ozbourne | Fight The Good by Fight Triumph | Turn To Stone by Joe Walsh | Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival |  Stranglehold by Ted Nugent | Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers | Wheel In The Sky by Journey | Can’t Fight This Feeling by Reo Speedwagon | Fell On Black Days by Soundgarden | Cold As Ice by Foreigner | Renegade by Styx | Down on Love by Jamie Dunlap | Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan | The Crystal Ship by Doors | Back On The Road Again by Reo Speedwagon | House of the Rising Sun by The Animals | Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche | Rooster by Alice In Chains | Hell’s Bells by AC/DC | Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison | Heat Of The Moment by Asia | Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi | You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC | Lonely Is The Night by Billy Squier | Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor | Ready For Love by Bad Company | Long, Long Way From Home by Foreigner | A Well Respected Man by The Kinks | Thunderstrike by AC/DC | Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum | Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd | Rock And Roll Never Forgets by Bob Seger | Cherry Pie by Warrant | Too Hot To Stop by MarcFerrari and Steve Plunkett | O Death by Jen Titus | Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger | Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple | The Gambler by Kenny Rogers | Back In The Saddle by Aerosmith | One Way Or Another by Blondie | Hero by Federale | Miracles by Jefferson Starship  | Loudest Alarm by Scars On 45 | Play With Fire by The Rolling Stones | Slow Ride by Foghat | Black Water by The Doobie Brothers | Two Days in February by The Goo Goo Dolls | 4AM Blues by Barrett Johnson| I’m All Out Of Love by Air Supply | Ridin` The Storm Out by Reo Speedwagon | Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic | Start Me Laughing by Dead Confederate | Wake Up Little Susie by The Everly Brothers | Turn Into Earth by The Yardbirds | Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves | Vincent by Don McLean | Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf | Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull | Man In The Wilderness by Styx | What’s The Matter by Milo Greene | We Gotta Get Out of this Place by Eric Burton & the Animals | That Old Familiar Pain by Trevor Gordon Hall | Katmandu byBob Seger | I Touch Myself by The Divinyls | Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp | I’ll Surely Die by The Rubens | Nice To Be With You by Gallery | Who Do You Love by George Thorogood And The Destroyers | For Those About To Rock by AC/DC | Stone In Love by Journey | The Famous Final Scene by Bob Seger | You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt | The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine by Frankie Valli | If You Wanna Get to Heaven by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils | Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys | Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith | Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar | Imaginary Lover by Atlanta Rhythm Section | Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot | Travelin’ Man by Bob Seger | The Weight by The Band | Long Black Road by Electric Light Orchestra | Ashes The Rain And I by The James Gang | Shake It Off by Taylor Swift | Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers | Behind Blue Eyes by The Who | Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson | Wherever You Wanna Go by Patty Griffin | Run Through The Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival | The Guitar Man by Bread | Night Moves by Bob Seger | Bad Girls by M.I.A. | Hell To Pay by Five Finger Death Punch | Changing Tracks by Wishbone Ash | Good Vibrations by Brian Wilson | Fare Thee Well by Rob Benedict | Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas |

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can i ask what are the best faberry fanfictions to read?

Boats in the Sky by WaveGoodbye 

What Doors May Open by KsChoiceofAFI

I’ll Be By stix04

Crazy on You By: roxystyle011

I’ve Been Trying to Reach You by thememoriesfire

The Silence of Silence By: your.kat

This Kiss by: poetzproblem

Colors and Promises by itsfaberrytaboo

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head By: ElsBells

Kissing Quinn Fabray by vondrunkaton 

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise by powergrapes

Equilibrium by TripUpStairs

When All That You Touch Tumbles Down by kabensi

Deus Ex Machina by A. Kline

A Campaign of Shock and Awe By: JustAnotherPseudonym

Should Have Asked for Directions By: dylanhart

The Art of Boxes by possibilist

A Million Miles of Fun by Jade8devlin

Softer, Softest By: SkyWarrior108

Color Me Confused By: FerryBerry

This Same Rain That Draws You Near Me By: Dramatricks

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking By: Ly Merrick

Little Bo Peep Detective Agency By: Quinnessence

Comfortably Numb by WaveGoodbye 

Rough Beginnings By: tothevision

Bedtime Stories By: roxystyle011

Girls Over Flowers By: thoughtsinorange

Simple Parts By: FlyingFleshEate

Better Where It’s Wetter By: Recall the Love

Modern Love by ohnice1

Love Enough series By: Frensayce

Somewhere in Between By: K.AudreyLeto

Without You is How I Disappear By: kabens

I Hate Rachel Berry By: RedYellow11

Cabin Fever By: insaneantics21

The Treasured World of Quinn and RacheBy: Jubella

Here I Come By: DAgron01

Pay Attention Fabray! By: G3n3ralRedfield

Serendipity By: MJ Duncan

99% of the authors above have more than one story that deserves to be on this list, that’s why i linked them all, you should definitely check out all the authors other stories too. And i’m sorry to the greats i forget, i’m sure i forgot some of them..

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Hi, can you recommend more faberry fics? I loved the ones you recommended, but... like... more please? :)


I’m going to assume you read the other fics that were written by those authors (like K’sChoiceofAFI, WaveGoodbye, and poetzproblem, even if I didn’t necessarily rec the specific fic? Because everything they do is really good).

So, these multichapter fics are ones that are pretty good, just not my personal favorites (I wouldn’t rec them if I didn’t think they weren’t well written!):

By dylanhart -

Should Have Asked for Directions - A lifelong story about what it’s like to know at fifteen who your heart belongs to and what lengths a girl will go to in order to keep it there forever 

By thememoriesfire -

These Strange Steps - Rachel, bottoming out completely, is doing a show in Vegas and, as a distraction from her life, gets dragged to a strip club by Puck.  She hasn’t seen Quinn in 8 years.  This isn’t how she wanted them to see each other again.  

By iamapanda -

Sun Showers - AU. Quinn Fabray, of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, is shipped to Morocco for the Allied invasion of North Africa. A calamitous beach landing brings her to Navy flight nurse Rachel Berry. Raise their happy eyes up to flaming skies. Faberry in WWII.

My Cuddly Little Cubby - Quinn and baby Beth are partnered with Rachel at a school-sponsored haunted house. Happy Halloween!

Just off the Key of Reason - Faberry AU. Future fic. Rachel Berry is a successful Broadway star with a new roommate, the very odd, naive Quinn Fabray. It starts with a note on the fridge and a childishly scrawled doodle of an elephant. Everybody has a little crazy in them.

By A.Kline -

Deus Ex Machina - Rachel Berry always knew that she was a little bit psychic. In fact, Rachel Berry thought she knew just about everything. That is, until a spirit that refused to die entered her life like a train-wreck.

By your.kat -

The Silence of Silence - Quinn and Rachel meet at Haverbrook under unusual circumstances. Why is Rachel silent? And why does Quinn care? “You can hear,” Quinn said simply, “but can you speak?”; “Yes,” Rachel signed. “I can speak. But silence is a friend who will never betray.”

By ferryberry -

Color Me Confused - S1. Lingering feelings for Jesse and a budding relationship with Finn. Things just couldn’t get more confusing. Until the last person Rachel expects enters the mix. 

Secret Santa - S2. Mr. Schuester pulls out his top hat again for a round of Secret Santa, and Quinn is less than pleased to see who she’ll be giving twelve special gifts to.

By adventurefilled -

The Myspace Admirer - Someone starts anonymously complimenting Rachel over MySpace.

By powergrapes -

Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise - Rachel’s answer to Quinn’s melancholia is to take her on a summer road trip with the gleeks.

By heartwasalegend -

To Build A Home - Rachel and Quinn both end up in New York after high school. Follows the evolution and eventual dissolution of their relationship over the span of a decade.

By SkyWarrior108 -

Never Go Hungry Again - “Rachel’s first thought is that she’s too thin, too unclean, and entirely too beautiful to be living on the street.” For the Faberry Week 2014 prompt “Age Difference.”
A Little Bit of Hope - Quinn and Rachel spend Thanksgiving day volunteering at the Bowery Mission, giving out meals and blessing bags to the homeless. Set in the Never Go Hungry Again ‘verse. (this is a oneshot, but goes with the previous story)
*companion pieces

By Sourrific -

Letting You Unravel Me - Quinn is peer-pressured into kissing Rachel freaking Berry (damn Santana and her gay agenda!), and then things get complicated.

Saints and Sinners - How can I summarize this? Quinn plots, fails, succeeds, freaks out, does something stupid, does something right, and then… well, you’ll see.

I didn’t rec many oneshots before, but there are many great ones (note - some are written by the same authors as above):

By letyourdorkout -

She Drives A Vegetable Car Except Not Really - Quinn has a crush on a girl who takes the same underground train she takes everyday. She tries to strike a conversation or two, but always ends up failing and worse, embarrassed. Will she be able to meet her?

Kiss Me - This is a fill for this prompt over the rq meme on LJ. “In order to raise money for the bus to Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals… whatever, Rachel comes up with the brilliant idea for them to set up a kissing booth in order to raise the money.”

It’s not a matter of you versus me - Finn decides that the best way to settle differences between the New Directions and The Troubletones is through Dodgeball. Quinn agrees to play, but she’s got some other difference in mind to settle with. Spoilers through ep3x06.

By AndAwayWeGo -

a room with a view - “Quinn starts calling her 'Broadway’ in her head because the girl seems to stick to singing Broadway songs and, sometimes, she can hear her watching musicals. Broadway, of course, knows every single song.” Quinn gets a new neighbor. Faberry. AU.

the one with the friends reference - “You can see it. Quinn standing in front of you, as close as she can get without touching you and saying, 'Are you attracted to me’” Faberry. Post-season six.
love love or whatever, take a number  - “It’s possible that it just came down to you not knowing how to compromise all of your progress over the years for something that Rachel may or may not be really feeling.” Faberry. Sequel to “the one with the friends reference”
*as stated, these fics are companion pieces

By CorvusCorvidae -

Yours Truly - The guidance counselor at her daughter’s school keeps emailing her unfounded concerns, and there’s only so many times she can avoid the woman. Though, after meeting Dr. Fabray, Rachel can’t work out why she ever avoided her in the first place.

Guess Who? - Broadway star and Tony winner, Rachel Berry, decides to play a prank on one unsuspecting student at Yale. It does not go as planned. One-shot.

By x0wynn0x -

That Roommate - Quinn’s that roommate that normal people wouldn’t want. She has a bad dye-job, nose piercing, and Rachel’s 98% positive she once saw Quinn sacrificing a pig. But as Rachel’s second favorite saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover, just by its Amazon reviews.” What was a tentative friendship turns into a lot more than what Rachel Berry ever bargained or connived for.

By sillycucumber -

What Is This Feeling - Several occasions where Quinn realizes she might like Rachel more than she originally planned. AU to everything past season one.

By iamapanda -

The Music of the Night - Rachel is dapper and clever and kind, and Quinn never imagined she’d meet somebody at a place with light-up poles and a Broadway soundtrack. For Faberry Week: Meeting Frannie and Age Difference. 

My Blobs of Pink Happiness - Quinn brings baby Beth to the high school carnival, where they run into Rachel Berry. Fantastically fluffy.

Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer - Quinn has a goal this Christmas. A goal that she hopes to accomplish with the help of her baby, some snowmen, and a sled race. Rachel won’t know what hit her.

Our Brilliantly Tangled Thanksgiving - Quinn and baby Beth are having some issues hanging Christmas lights on Thanksgiving, when Rachel stops by with a homemade pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

(… what can I say, I’m a sucker for “Quinn kept Beth and they both love Rachel” stories)

By ferryberry -

Beauty and Coach Beiste - S2. Shannon is surprised at how much she has in common with someone unexpected. Related to Colder Alone.
Colder Alone - S2. A typical confrontation with Rachel leads Quinn to ponder what might have been. Related to Beauty and Coach Beiste.
*as stated in these summaries, these stories are companions

A Little Lamb - Canon thru S1E21. Beth Puckerman-Fabray is just like her mother.

Pucker Berry - S2. A party, mistletoe, and glue - not exactly the recipe Rachel needs to break her track record of bad Christmases, but it might get her something she never even knew she wanted.

By powergrapes -

A Family of Trees - Rachel is the only person that Drizzle seems to like, and thus becomes the babysitter by default.

By thememoriesfire -

A Girl’s Best Friend - Weight, grades, Cheerios, Prom.  It’s a simple plan.

Be A Part of This - After Junior Prom, Quinn gets an unexpected life coach. 

Dear Your Name Here - Future AU; Quinn and Rachel meet up again in college.

By nightshifted-

Every Smile That’s Unveiled - Somewhere along the way, Quinn Fabray discovers that Rachel Berry is just a girl. Just a girl like her.

you’re weak but not giving in, a mix for dealing with depression // listen

all will be well - gabe dixon band | after all - dar williams | comes and goes - greg laswell | decade and one - vienna teng | is there anyone out there? - delta rae | this year - the mountain goats | get me through december - alison krauss | unbreakable - fireflight | a pound of flesh - radical face | shake it out - florence + the machine | laura palmer - bastille | head full of doubt/road full of promise - the avett brothers | morning comes - delta rae | better - cat and the menagerie | no sound but the wind - editors | a better son/daughter - rilo kiley | closer to fine - indigo girls | level up - vienna teng

☆ we are made of star stufflet the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being [listen]

  • aries // capital cities – patience gets us nowhere fast [remind me never to forget my youth]
  • taurus // blind pilot – we are the tide [we won’t last long, but we’re giving it our best try]
  • gemini // taylor swift – new romantics [we need love, but all we want is danger]
  • cancer // london grammar - strong [yeah, i might seem so strong yeah, i might speak so long]
  • leo // paramore  - born for this [everybody sing like it’s the last song you will ever sing]
  • virgo // sandi thom – i wish i was a punkrocker [i was born too late into a world that doesn’t care]
  • libra // lorde - everybody wants to rule the world [it’s my own desire it’s my own remorse]
  • scorpio // the wanted – we own the night [we are only young if we seize the night]
  • sagittarius // ms mr – salty sweet [dream, dream, dream of perfection]
  • capricorn // 3 doors down – be somebody [this life is mine i’m living don’t you know me]
  • aquarius // the avett brothers – head full of doubt, road full of promise [there’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light]
  • pisces // switchfoot – who we are [we were just kids, wide-open like a child, eyes-open]

A mix for that nice young Jewish boy who would like everyone to perhaps calm down and think about things for a second
(Sole wielder of the single-most painfully earnest and heartfelt stare-down on the Lower East Side)

For @nobodytoldthehorse.


western biographic - the bound stems | moving to new york - the wombats | skip the youth - frightened rabbit | kids - mikky ekko | head full of doubt/road full of promise - the avett brothers | i have made mistakes - the oh hellos | the weary kind - ryan bingham | man on fire - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros | this heart’s on fire - wolf parade | green eyes & a heart of gold - the lone bellow | ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons | it’s time - imagine dragons



The Avett Brothers
House of Blues
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
December 13, 2014

Legendary Giveback 2014

01 - Down with the Shine
02 - Traveling Song - 0:06:10
03 - Live and Die - 0:10:00
04 - Laundry Room - 0:14:30
05 - I Killed Sally’s Lover - 0:20:45
06 - Paranoia in Bb Major - 0:24:10
07 - Part From Me - 0:28:20
08 - Will You Return? - 0:33:50
09 - Rejects in the Attic (unreleased song) - 0:37:00
10 - Shame - 0:44:45
11 - I Never Knew You - 0:49:15
12 - Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - 0:52:50
13 - Kick Drum Heart - 0:58:10
14 - Murder in the City - 01:03:30
15 - In the Garden (traditional with Jim Avett) - 01:07:44
16 - Fisher Road (unreleased song) - 01:11:50
17 - The Prettiest Thing (David Childers & The Modern Don Juans cover) - 01:17:15
18 - Left on Laura, Left on Lisa - 01:21:20
19 - The Perfect Space - 01:26:57
20 - The Girl I Left Behind Me (traditional w/Seth Avett on bass & Tania Elizabeth on guitar) - 01:32:20
21 - It’s Movin’ Day (Charlie Poole cover w/Seth Avett on bass & Tania Elizabeth on guitar) - 01:35:50
22 - Talk on Indolence - 01:38:40
23 - Morning Song - 01:44:20

24 - Slight Figure of Speech - 01:54:00
25 - If It’s the Beaches - 02:01:00

Feelin a Little Folksy | [listen here] | A mix I threw together with some folksy-esque music. Not suitable for those who cannot appreciate a good banjo strummin’ or acoustic guitar

1. Wait So Long - Trampled by Turtles | 2. Don’t Get Married Without Me - Punch Brothers | 3. Coming Home - Pete Kilpatrick Band | 4. Doubting Thomas - Nickel Creek | 5. Shake - The Head and the Heart | 6. Anyhow… - Tyler Lyle | 7. Old Pine - Ben Howard | 8. I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers | 9. Stella - Cereus Bright | 10. Paint - The Paper Kites | 11. Say Hello - Jesse Thomas | 12. Ballad of Oregon - River City Extension | 13. Talk Me Down - Willy Mason | 14. Can’t Be Broken - Twin Forks | 15. American Dream - Pete Kilpatrick Band | 16. 2 Atoms In a Molecule - Noah & The Whale | 17. Big Parade - The Lumineers | 18. Folkin’ Around - Panic! At the Disco | 19. Two Kids - Anaïs Mitchell | 20. Dark Days - Punch Brothers | 21. Wind and Walls - The Tallest Man On Earth | 22. Beggar In the Morning - The Barr Brothers | 23. When We Were Wild - The Orbans | 24. Man On Fire - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | 25. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - The Avett Brothers

A playlist inspired by the arc of Ten becoming Time Lord Victorious leading to his regeneration.


Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise The Avett Brothers || One Headlight The Wallflowers || Wake Up Arcade Fire || Change (In The House of Flies) Deftones || Letters From The Sky Civil Twilight || Shake It Out Florence + the Machine || China Shop The Crackling || Maybe Maybe Nico Stai || Time Is Running Out Muse || Where Does The Time Go?Bodhi Jones || Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes Beck || Calgary Bon Iver || God’s Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash || The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkle || A Long Flight Wintersleep || Basket Dan Mangan || The Finish Line Snow Patrol

{I may have added two more songs to this playlist that might be worth listening to}

if only the stars contained me; a mix for the brilliant boy who reached for the stars, but only ended up with a handful of ashes and a broken heart [listen]

everybody wants to rule the world - lorde | arsonist’s lullaby - hozier | head full of doubt / road full or promise - the avett brothers | no sound but the wind - the editors | wicked game - james vincent mcmorrow | the enemy - mumford and sons | possibility - lykke li | amsterdam - coldplay | breathe - alexi murdoch | satellite heart - anya marina | the wolves (act I and II) - bon iver | to build a home - the cinematic orchestra ft andrew gavin williams 

Battle Born ▲ a Benjamin Thomas Parish fanmix

01. no one’s here to sleep - naughty boy ft. bastille 02. the chamber - the last shadow puppets  03. silver - the neighbourhood 04. my body’s a zombie for you - dead man’s bones 05. fever dreams - circa survive 06. aka m80 the wolf - portugal. the man 07. thiskidsnotalright - awolnation 08. broken lungs (adventure club remix) - thrice 09. head full of doubt, road full of promise - the avett brothers 10. jesus christ - brand new 11. battle born - the killers