head full of cheese

Apparently, there are a few Hookers who are too dense to understand it’s not the dog . . .

that anyone–especially me–actually has a problem with. I used to watch an ensemble show about empowered women, not a rapey pirate who turned Emma into a blithering idiot. I used to love Emma, but now, in addition to ripping away her whole Dark Swan story arc to give to that guy, the writers have created an Emma whose head is seemingly full of softened cream cheese. Give me back tough, smart!Emma, the one who took a chainsaw to the mayor’s apple tree with no fear of being sent back to jail by the mayor’s lackey, because Emma was determined to make. a. point

Once Upon a Time, in seasons 1 through 3, was an ever-shifting triangle of wits and maneuvering and changing alliances, being centrally played by its strongest actors: Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, and Jennifer Morrison. Seasons 1 and 2 especially, taken as a whole, were brilliantly done.

But I don’t care for Once Upon a Hook. As a side character, a villain, he was pretty good. This intense focus on him in season 5 is way too much for me. Giving Colin’s dog a job is cute. It doesn’t anger me. It’s the ignoring of the good show the showrunners had initially created, and their continuing this downward slide into MOAR HOOK, of which casting Hook’s dog is just another symptom. 

Looking back in love - part 1

To the years taking lessons in how to play, how to walk, to breathe, to live

Schooled to counteract the memory of two words

Live naturally

To the peeling away of the masks of uncertainty

Regret, a holy bucket dripping on one’s soul

Love naturally