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With Eyes to See {Draco Malfoy x Reader}

Requests are open!

Prompt: @belle6026   I was wondering if you could write a Draco x reader where he crushes over her and he finds out she’s deaf so he learns how to sign and she is flustered and everything is fluffy plsssss 

A/N: OK THIS IS LITERALLY SO CUTE (sorry it’s so short)

Warnings: none

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Dumbledore stood in front of the students in the Great Hall. The whole room erupted in cheering and clapping. You continued to eat, unsure of the commotion. You took another bite of your apple as your friend sat down. You cocked your head at them hoping for an explanation. 

Their mouth made an ‘O’ shape as they signed the announcement to you. There was going to be a ball more specifically the Yule Ball and everyone was excited to dance the night away with beautiful French girls and kiss strange boys they didn’t know. You, on the other hand, were not as thrilled. No one wants to go with someone who’s deaf. You would spend your evening in the common room alone while everyone else partied.

The students began to file out of the Great Hall toward their first class of the day. You quickly followed suit but there was one boy who stayed behind. Draco Malfoy sat at the Slytherin table coming up with a way to ask you to the Yule Ball. 

Draco was not one for being subtle, he stood from his seat and marched over to you right away. He called your name but you never saw him and continued to walk to class.

“I-I can’t believe- I’ve- I’m”

“It’s called rejection Malfoy,” Crabbe said coming up behind him.

“It happens to the best of us,” Goyle chimed in after.

“No. It happens to you. I can’t believe I was completely ignored. How rude.” Draco lifted his chin and walked to class.

He walked into Potions just to see you happy as could be with one of your friends. You smiled and signed to your friend. Draco saw your friend sign back and he frowned. A smile began to spread across his face. 

“Mr. Malfoy!” Professor Snape yelled. “If you could please take your seat and stop staring at (Y/N)(L/N).” Draco’s face turned tomato red and quietly shuffled to his seat. 

Your friend giggled and quickly explained what had happened. Your face was burning and you laid your head on the desk in embarrassment. 

The class ended and you rushed out of the class as quickly as possible. You felt your heart racing as you sped down the hall while Draco ran in the opposite direction after your friend. 

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Auston Matthews #1


I really liked this! Lowkey was about to write a kinda angsty and sad Auston prompt but decided it would be better to start off in a good place haha. SEND ME REQUESTS DUDES!!! (maybe a part 2 to this bad boy ;) maybe huh) I’d love it :)

Word Count: 1,467

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Your friendship with Mitchell Marner has gone on for years now. Like it’s been so long that you can’t remember your first memory with him. But it probably included him being some skinny dorky kid talking about hockey - or YuGiOh cards. Which, as much as you hate to admit it, it what blossomed your life long friendship. So when his hockey career lifted off to the extent that it did, you weren’t about to be left in the dust with your matching Maple Leafs jersey. 

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⁠⁠⁠“And? Did you get everything done?” Even asks, sitting on their couch and watching what looks like a black and white movie? (his boy is such a hipster sometimes, Isak innerly shakes his head) and pauses it, looking over his shoulder to Isak, smiling. 

Isak stands, backpack on his shoulder, jacket and shoes still on, and takes in the scene. His super hot boyfriend - who woke him up that morning with pancakes-in-bed and who put two chocolate bunnies and a drawing in his bag for him and his biology partner (Sana had rolled her eyes about how fast he ate his but hers was gone just seconds after his) - lounging on their couch and asking about his day. 

It’s so domestic. Isak can’t believe they just spent their first holiday living together and that it was only the first of so, so many. 

With eyes that probably oozed love and an expression soft like cotton candy he makes his way over to Even and well… if he were Even he would make this some kind of sweet and romantic upside down movie kiss. 

But he is not. So, what happens is him dropping his backpack while he moves over and grabs Even’s jaw, bending down, planning to smooch his face all over when “Ow!” his nose connects with the other boy’s. 

But not in the cute bunny-kiss way they liked to share but rather like a full force head nut. Both of them cower away holding their noses. 

“Babe, what the hell?” Even asks, rubbing his nose, elbows on his knees and to Isak’s relief chuckling. Isak slumps down beside him, his voice muffled from his hand that he’s still pressing to his face 

“Fy faen” 

Even sits back, their shoulders touching now, Isak’s hand lifting to Even’s face to inspect the damage. “Sorry, Evi,” he says quietly and smiles ruefully. That gone-for-you look back in his eyes. 

“In my head that went differently” Even’s eyes crinkle up at that, from his bright, bright smile. 

Leaning forward now, Even brings their noses together, carefully and tenderly, whispering: 

“I missed you today.” 

Isak closes his eyes. All too much. Too many emotions. His stomach full of butterflies and his head swimming with Even, Even, Even. All he could seem to say was “Mhmhm” 

It’s been over four months and he’s still so overwhelmed with Even every day that he doubts this feeling will ever go away. 

After a few quiet moments, that give Isak’s heart a chance to calm down a bit, he tilts his head up. Dutifully receiving one, two, three pecks in return. “I really loved the drawing.” He mumbles against the other boy’s lips and feels him smile. 

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“Thank you for flying with us today and may you have a safe travel, wherever your adventures take you.” The flight attendant spoke through the intercom. You breathed deeply through your nose. It had been two days since the phone call and it felt like with every second you got more angry. Gerald had tried calling you on several occasions, you ignored them all. You didn’t want to talk to him over the phone, that stupid phone.  As you felt the plane jerk, you gripped on the closest thing to you. Unfortunately, it had to be the old lady sitting next to you’s arm. You sheepishly apologized as you removed your fatal grip. Flying always scares the living hell out of you, especially landing. As the plane hit the ground, you let out a breath. As you walked out of the airport into the snowy streets of the busy city, you attempted to flag down a taxi. For some reason, the cab drivers seemingly ignored you. You loudly whistled and frantically waved your arm at the next taxi. The car lurched to a stop, you gratefully smiled at the driver and clambered in.


You threw your luggage onto the fancy bed and immeadietly threw yourself into the bathroom. You stripped your clothing and turned on the shower. You knew where G was going to be, you texted Bebe earlier this morning asking where he was going to be after the show, it was some uptown club in Soho. You had planned to meet up with Bebe before the concert and then go together. 

You got out of the shower walking to your suitcase and pulling out his favorite dress. You hugged the clothing material close, your eyes fluttering closed. The memory came back. 


You shrugged the silky fabric on. The coolness of it sending chills down you. You took one last look in the mirror, adjusting your hair and slipping on your heels. You slowly opened the door to see G sitting on the edge of the bed. You strutted out, his eyes slowly lifting up. His eyes trailed up your body, soon meeting your shy eyes. “Babygirl, I don’t think I can let you leave looking like that.” He stared into you after taking another look. You bit your lip, before reaching for your bag, kissing his cheek. “Better get the car.” Your heels clicked on the wood as you walked out, his stare still on you.


You swiped your lipstick one last time, rubbing them togther.

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You looked into the mirror, adjusting the dress and your hair. Bebe was meeting you outside in a few minutes. You slipped on your strapped stilettos, the satisfying click followed and echoed with each step. You sprayed on your signature perfume, Versace Bright Crystal. Your phone buzzed, signaling your ride was here. You grinned like a little kid in a candy shop, grabbing your bag and your bomber jacket. You met her in the lobby, your steps clicking on the white and black marble tile staircase. She saw you and smiled to her ears. You swore Bebe was always your biggest fan, from day one. “Oh my lord, girl, he’s going to be drooling all over you.” She spoke, her hands clapping together. You hugged her tightly, smiling. “I missed you so much!” You told her, squeezing her once before letting go. “But let’s talk in the car, I want to go see the little shit head.” You smiled for what felt like the millionth time, this time a little maliciously. ~ By the time you got to the show, A$AP Ferg had already started. You and Bebe entered through one of the backstage exits. You had found the lounge area, hearing laughs and you could already smell the weed and whiskey through the door. Bebe smiled at you, looking into your eyes. “You ready?” She asked, grabbing your shoulders. You nodded, your head already feeling dizzy and your stomach full of butterflies. Bebe knocked on the door, “Boys! G’s gotta surprise! Are you ready?” She bit her lip, smiling at you. ——– AN: Okay that’s part two for you guys. This one took me awhile because I was a little lost on where to go. Sorry, for the cliffhanger buuuut. I should be working on part three pretty soon! I hope you guys enjoy it. Alsooooo I love it when you guys respond or message me so feel free!:)

You’re Pretty Good

Request: Could you write a Cisco fic where the reader thinks they’re alone in S.T.A.R. Labs and is singing and dancing around while she works and Cisco finds her and can’t stop telling Barry how cute she looks? Thanks so much.

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~1400

A/N: I fucking love writing cute, awkward Cisco. He’s just so god damn sweet and dorky and gahh!! <3


Finally, the lab was empty. Cisco and Barry had just left an hour ago for the night, and you were here, finishing up some paperwork and meta-human business in the Cortex. You lived for these moments, when you were alone.

You pulled out your phone and connected it to the computer. Sorting through your music you picked your current favorite song and routed it through the speakers. The melody began and your lips began moving to the lyrics.

It was the only time you could really get to listen to your music. With your Stick-up-the-ass neighbors, your headphones would cause a noise complaint.

Singing you began to bob your head as you slid over to the other end of the desk, grabbing this and that to clean up and file some papers. Your voice picked up as you began to sing along.

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Strange Magic Head Canon: Because Mistreated was Sexy as Hell and I am Trash.

So I was on a run, listening to Strange Magic (don’t judge, you do it too) and Mistreated came up, and this stupid head canon popped into my brain.

What if another festival was attacked, but by a different group of people who are there to aid the Goblin King, totally unaware of his new… ehem… arrangement.



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If I Could {Ch. 2} (Trixya) - Saltine

AN: Hey it’s ya girl Saltine, coming at you with another chapter of this grossly self-indulgent trixya fic. also, heads up there is some minor underage drinking mentioned in this chapter so i hope you’re down with that. thank you so much to everyone who gave me positive messages, i love attention so it means a lot. enjoy part two sluts

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Sure, You’re Bossy (but you’re exactly what I need)

A/N: So, I didn’t get this as a prompt, but who doesn’t like jock!Percy that wears a tuxedo and girly!Annabeth who is really bossy, am I right? Anyway, this is just quick, pointless fluff, but I hope you like it anyway!



He stopped in the hallway when he heard his name, and a smile graced his face when he recognized the blonde curls bouncing up and down as she ran down the hall toward him. Someone bumped into his shoulder, and Percy turned to apologize quickly before stepping out of the middle of the hallway.

She was wearing a light blue shirt that had the shoulders cut out. Her skinny jeans were really tight, and her black heels clicked against the tile floor as she raced toward him. Her blonde curls were hanging around her shoulders, and her gray eyes were really dark, like she was thinking about something important.

When she got close enough, Percy smiled again and said, “Hey, Annabeth. What’s up?”

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You’re Hurt -  Josh Dun Imagine

Today’s the day, today is the day I’m finally getting to see Twenty One Pilots in concert. They’re honestly one of my favorite bands and their music has helped me so much. I’m dressed in a pair of short jean shorts, an ombre Ivory Ella shirt, and a pair of white vans. My hair is done in light waves and my make up is very light but with some bold liner. I look at my appearance in the mirror on the wall in my bathroom. I smile to myself and walk out of my bathroom. I grab my phone and my black Kate Spade purse.

I head out to the venue, my stomach full of butterflies. I was excited to see them but I was nervous because I have tickets in the pit and I know that they have a tendency to get a little rowdy. Unfortunately, I’m going by myself because all of my friends were either busy or just didn’t want to go. I arrive an hour before the doors open and to my surprise there weren’t a whole lot of people already there. I was expecting there to be a lot more people to be there waiting for the doors to open.

I lean up against the barricade and wait. I pull out my phone and check my Twitter. Josh had tweeted a few time, I smiled at them. I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Josh. I like Tyler a lot too but after all he is married, Jenna is actually one of my style icons. I tweeted Josh and Tyler saying that I was excited for the concert.

I switched to snapchat and was looking at other people’s stories and everything. That was until my phone buzzed with a notification from Twitter. I switch back to Twitter and see that freaking Josh Dun liked my tweet. I internally scream not wanting to embarrass myself in front of all these people around me. He also followed me back. I go to my DM’s and message him.

‘Hey, thanks for the follow it means a lot to me (:’ I sent him.

‘No problem! You’re very beautiful btw’ Josh had messaged me back. I can feel my cheeks heat up.

‘Thank you :$’ I can’t believe that this actually happening.

People start to scream in excitement, they had finally opened the doors. The line moves rather quickly. Once inside I immediately go to the merchandise booth right next to the door and purchase a tour shirt and wrist band. I put the wrist band on and fold the shirt up and put it in my purse. I walk over to the way to pit, my nerves suddenly coming back.

People were already on the floor waiting for the concert to begin. I got stuck being in the middle of the pit. I looked around the venue in awe to know that it was completely sold out. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see another DM from Josh.

‘Where are you seated at?’ he messaged.

I’m in the pit’ I messaged back to him.

‘Be careful, okay? Don’t want to see you getting hurt’ he says.

‘I’ll be careful, promise’ I respond.

The lights go dark and we all start to scream. Everyone in the pit starts to push a bit forward as the opening band comes out on stage. I had never heard of them before but they were pretty good. The crowd wasn’t too rowdy during their set which wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Once the first band had finished and left the stage the crew started to change out equipment and everything. I couldn’t help but be a little afraid for when the boys come out.

The lights go out again and people start to scream, this time it was Twenty One Pilots. Everyone starts pushing to get closer to the stage. The people behind me start to shove into me. The screaming becomes louder as Josh walks onto the stage wearing a red suit, black tie, and a black ski mask. He sits down at the drum kit and starts to play. Everyone starts going nuts. Tyler appears on stage singing HeavyDirtySoul.

The concert continues on without any trouble. The pit is rowdy but not as rowdy as I had imagined. Seeing the guys in person was unbelievable, it was a dream come true for me. After eight songs the guys leave the stage. Even though they left everyone was still screaming. There was another stage behind were I stand. Is that where they are going? Of course it is.

The people in the seats start screaming and everyone in the pit run toward the other stage. I just wan’t fast enough. I get pushed down to the ground. I try to get up but there so many people stepping over or on me that I can’t. Somebody steps on my arm and I swear I heard a crunch. I scream out in pain. Somebody I try to get up again but get pushed back down and I hit my head on the cement ground. It stars to go black and the last thing I hear is Ode to Sleep and someone yelling security.

“Y/N… Y/N, can you hear me?” I can hear someone say.

I slowly start to open my eyes. I squint and look over to see Josh Dun beside me holding an ice pack on my head. I try to sit up but he stops me. He slightly smiles at me.

“W-what happened?” I say quietly.

“You got trampled, some fans got our attention because you had passed out. We completely stopped the show until we could get you out. When you got back here realized that it was you so I told Tyler who you were so he’s continuing the show without me,” he says in a bit of a rush.

“I should probably go to the hospital Josh,” I say to him slowly sitting up.

“Shit, right. Did you drive yourself here?” I nod my head slowly. “Okay, one second.”

Josh leaves the room to I assume go tell someone what we’re doing. He came back with another guy who had a wheel chair, it must belong to the venue. Josh picks me up and sets me in the wheel chair. I open my purse and hand him my car keys.

“I’m parked on the third level of the parking garage,” I say to Josh looking up at him.

He nods his head and wheels me out of there and out to the parking garage. One we reach the level I parked on I point to my white Ford Focus. Josh walks us over to the car unlocking the doors. He opens the passenger side door lifting me off the wheel chair and seating me in the car seat. With the arm that doesn’t hurt I buckle my seat belt while Josh places the wheelchair in the trunk.

Once Josh is in the car we set off toward the hospital. When we get there and park Josh gets me into the wheelchair and quickly runs me into the ER entrance. We go up the window and Josh explains to the girl what had happened, a horrified look appears on her face and she goes on the phone to get a nurse to come get us. I man in a pair of navy blue scrubs appear and takes us to the back. Once in a room Josh moves me from the wheelchair to the bed.

“Okay, we’re going to take you to x-ray to take a look at your arm. You’re boy friend is welcome to come with us,” I nod my head.

“Josh will you come?” I say turning and looking at Josh.

“Of course,” he says to me with a small smile.

The nurse wheels the bed through the hallways till we reach where they take x-rays. Once inside they take several pictures of my arm with the machines. Each time they moved my arm I cry out in pain. We return to the room, Josh sits on the chair next to the bed and takes my hand in his.

“Well, it’s defiantly broken,” the doctor says as he walks in. “I’m Doctor Connors. If you’ll follow the light please.” He moves a small light around and I try to follow it as best I can. “It looks like you also have a slight concussion. You need to take it easy for a couple days, not to much movement and defiantly no driving.” The nurse comes back in with a cart.

“What color cast do you want?” The nurse asks me.

“Um red,” I say to him.

The nurse puts on the cast telling me some instructions on how to bath with it on and everything. We get discharged and Josh takes us back to the venue. Once we get back it’s completely empty. We head backstage and are meted by Tyler and Jenna.

“Hey, everything okay?” Tyler asks Josh.

“Yeah, I took Y/N to the ER. She has a broken arm and a slight concussion,” Josh says placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Y/N, are you feeling okay?” Jenna asks me sweetly.

“Just a bit groggy,” I say to her truthfully.

“Have you called your mom?” Tyler asks suddenly a little worried.

“Shit, no I haven’t,” I pull out my phone and call my mom.

She was really worried since I wasn’t home yet. I tried to explain to her what had happened as best as I could. She just kept yelling at me calling me irresponsible. Josh suddenly takes the phone out of my hand. He calmly explains to my mom everything that had happened, better so then I, and told her what the doctor had said.

“I’ll drive her home in the morning if that’s alright with you ma’am,” Josh says to my mom. “Alright we’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.” He hangs up the phone and hands it to me. “You’ll stay with us tonight and I’ll take you home in the morning. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Okay, I don’t know about you guys but I am starving,” Tyler says with a laugh.

“Mark just brought some pizza,” Jenna says with a smile.

“Do you think you can walk, Y/N?” Josh asks me.

“Yeah I think I can,” I slowly stand up out of the wheelchair and take a couple steps.

Josh places an arms around my waist. We follow Tyler and Jenna to a room. There was a table full of food and people seated in various chair around eating. We walk to the table. I take a plate and take just one piece of pizza because I wan’t sure if I’d be able to really eat. The four of us sit down together.

“You know, you two would make a cute couple,” Jenna say too us with a smile. I can’t help but blush at her. I look over at Josh from the corner of my eye and see that he’s blushing as well.

“Hey, Y/N,” Josh says to me. “Is it okay if we go somewhere to talk?”

“Yeah sure,” I set my plate down and follow him out of the room.

We walk down the hallway to another room with a couch on it. Josh motions me toward the couch and we both sit down. Josh looks down at his feet not uttering a word. Butterflies swarm around in my stomach, I’m afraid of what he’s going to say.

“Y/N, I-I like you,” Josh says quietly. I look at him with wide eyes not believing the words he just uttered.

“R-really?” I whisper.

“Yeah really. I’ve been basically stalking you on all social media for a while now,” he says embarrassed.
“I-I like you too Josh,” I say back to him with a blush.

Josh looks up at me and strokes my cheek tenderly. Josh begins to lean forward but stops right before my lips. I nod my head. His lips lovely touch mine. I immediately kiss kiss him back loving the feeling of his lips on mine. I wrap my non broken arm around his neck deepening the kiss. Josh wraps his arms around my waist. I didn’t want this to end.

“Y/N,” Josh says parting from the kiss.

“Yes Josh?” I ask.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” He asks with a huge grin.

“Of course Josh,” I say smiling and hugging him. I peck his lips feeling extremely happy. I would have never dreamed that this would happen but I’m glad that it did. I just can’t wait for what’s to come.


Thinking about turing this into a fanfiction 

December 1st- Kissing A Stranger

           Anna laughed to herself and pushed her hair behind her ear for the fifth time in a row. She couldn’t believe that she had agreed to do something so crazy and so intimate. Sure, she was a spontaneous person with a free spirit, but to agree to kiss a total stranger, well it was a little crazy, even for her.

           When a friend a work had mentioned the stranger project to her, and told her that they were coming to Arendelle to film, she had immediately gone home to see what it was all about. After watching every single video she could find, each appealing to her romantic sensibilities more than the last, she made the leap and signed up as a volunteer on their website. When she hit the submit button she did so simply for the thought of doing something to shake the stagnancy out of her daily life. Some small part of her also hoped that maybe it would be healing.

           Though she was fairly certain she looked presentable she wished for a mirror. Her stomach was full of butterflies and her head was a fog of memories as to how she had arrived to the current moment. Her eyes were locked on the black sheet before her, knowing that at any moment the person on the other side would be revealed to her.

           She wondered whether her fussing had smeared her lipstick or frizzed her hair, but she tried to logically explain to herself that even if she had it didn’t matter. There wasn’t much she could do about it. Regardless it was easier to worry about looks than it was actions. Looks were excusable, actions though, actions speak to who a person is.

           The curtain dropped to the ground and revealed a white backdrop to her side, extending a few feet to the opposite side of the room. Before her was a man that immediately caused her to go pale. She knew that pompous smile, expensive haircut and costly-but-casual outfit anywhere.

           “He’s no stranger,” Anna said, turning to face the man running the camera, “and I’m not kissing him.”

           “I’ve no interest in kissing you either,” Hans added with a condescending laugh as he turned away from her and started to walk off the set and to the closest door, “I don’t care what my agent said about exposure, I’m leaving.”

           There was a slam of a door that made Anna jump, and suddenly she was alone with a pair of shocked camera men and the tears collecting along the line of her lashes. They seemed to simply stand there for a moment, staring at each other in complete shock, until the taller of the two said, “Cut the tape,” quietly and strode from behind the camera towards Anna.

           She saw him approach her and finally allowed herself to unfreeze. He was tall and broad and had a soft look in his eyes that seemed to tell her that he was sorry before he even opened his mouth to say so.

           “I’m so sorry, we didn’t realize that you knew each other.”

           Anna looked into his eyes and shook her head, she somehow knew that she didn’t need to explain how she and Hans knew each other. That much at least was obvious, surely. “It’s fine, I still want to do it.”

           The man blinked and looked at her. Despite what had just happened she had a fire in her eyes that spoke to her unwillingness to let anyone or anything deter her from acting when her mind was made up. Her eyes were shining with tears she was holding back and her cheeks were ruddy with anger. He wouldn’t stand in her way.

           “Sven,” he called over to his friend who was still behind the camera, “reset the take.”

           “We don’t have anyone else to film with, so it might be a little while. I’m going to see if there’s a PA around or something, but I’m new on this project, so I’m not really sure what the protocol here is.”

           Anna simply nodded and took a step back to where she had been a moment before. This time she sat on the provided chair and watched as the man she had been talking to ran off in search of someone to kiss her.

           It was surreal. Sven, the other man, reset the sheets, and she couldn’t help but to think for the first time that she should feel mortified about what she was doing. Her sister had warned her against doing something so brash, but she hadn’t listened. If it proved anything, it was that strangers weren’t always good people. This wasn’t the first time that Hans had taught her that lesson, but this time she was taking it more to heart than the last.

           No amount of ice cream and crying was going to get rid of the memories of him, no matter how much she wished it were so. She was over him, utterly and completely, but every time she saw him, a part of her heart broke anew. For a while she had been bitter, but now she was just resigned to the fact that the pain he caused would always be a memory. She just prayed that it would eventually become a distant one.

           Without warning, the curtain dropped again and Anna was shocked into standing. Before her was a stranger in a manner of speaking, but not a totally unfamiliar face. Evidently the man who had gone searching for someone to film had only found himself.

           His face was red, and the way he fidgeted his hands along the inside of his sweatshirt pocket made it evident that he was used to being behind the camera. In fact despite his good looks, it appeared that he had never been in front of one before. When he took a step towards her, she stepped towards him in return. They walked together quickly covering the short distance until they were mere inches apart.

           “Hey,” she said softly, looking up at him once more, but really and truly seeing him for the first time. His hair was blonde, shaggy in a way, but it suited him. His eyes were cognac brown and despite the wariness evident in his awkwardness, the way he looked upon her was warm and inviting.

           “Hey,” he returned as he pulled his hands from his pocket and stretched it out like he was going to shake her hand.

          She couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment and ask herself if he was actually being serious. He wasn’t acting like it was a joke, and all she could do was smile. He clearly had no idea what he was doing.

          When he noticed her staring at his hand quizzically, he pulled it back and used it to rub at the back of his neck. He felt like he was a thousand degrees and hoped that all the sweating he was surely doing wouldn’t be noticed by her or the camera. It was probably too much to hope.

          He knew that he was bad at this sort of thing. He always had been. In high school girls hadn’t realized that he existed, not that he had done anything to change it, nor had he paid much attention to it at the time. He had been too busy fiddling with his camera and hanging out with Sven. As he had aged he had kissed plenty of women, or rather, many women had kissed him. He really wasn’t the type to initiate a kiss. He wasn’t that forward.

          “I, uh…may I? May we?”

          Anna laughed nervously and lifted her hand to catch his as it fell from the back of his neck to his side.

          “We may.”

          He blushed and squeezed her hand in a way he hoped was comforting, though he wasn’t sure if the comfort he was trying to give was more for her or for himself.

          It was a quick decision when Anna stood up on her tiptoes to press her lips to his. She wanted to kiss him, and she wanted to do so on her own terms. She so rarely was given a choice in her life, but she had chosen to press her lips to a stranger’s, for better or for worse, and in her chest she felt empowered for doing so.

          His eyes went wide for a moment, shocked by the forcefulness of her kiss, but he got over the shell shock quickly and closed his lids. He brought his free hand up to cup her cheek gently. A thought entered his head, that even though he was kissing her, she might find his touch too unfamiliar and that he might be making her uncomfortable, but there was something in her kiss and the naturalness of the way it felt for his hand to touch her so gently that told him that he wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want him to. That thought relaxed him, despite the strangeness of the whole affair, something felt right about their kiss.

          When his lips left hers, it felt too soon. Her fingers were still intertwined with his and her opposite hand rose instinctively to touch her own lips. She looked into his eyes and they smiled at each other with awkwardness and genuine happiness in equal measure.

          “I’m Kristoff by the way,” he said with ruddy cheeks and smiling eyes.

          “Anna,” she said, although she supposed he knew that already, “pleasure to meet you.”

          He chuckled and untangled their fingers to signal for his friend to stop filming.

          “So, uh, this is usually where we do a post interview and then you’re free to go, unless you want to,” he stopped himself, like he thought better of what he was about to say, but then looked back to her and sighed, “Unless you want to catch dinner with me. I mean you can say no, I just feel bad about everything that happened and you were a really great person to you know, uh, shoot with.”

          Anna laughed again, this time feeling more confident and reading between the lines.

          “I’d like to get to know you too.”

Fic: Still Life

What’s this? An NQC fic? Me oh my! I might actually get them finished before I turn 26!

Summary: Looking to make a little extra money on the side, cash-strapped spinner and haberdasher Mr Gold agrees to be a life model for art teacher Belle French.

Rated: NC-17


Still Life

“Dad, are the pancakes done yet?”

“You can’t rush art, Bae.”

“But I’m starving!”

Gold just smiles as he pours the first batch of pancake batter into the frying pan, but he’s nowhere near as calm on the inside. Truth be told, he’s taking his time with the pancakes because he really doesn’t want to get on with the day and what comes after breakfast. He still can’t quite believe that he agreed to Belle’s proposal in the first place, but she’s Belle, and business has been worryingly quiet in the shop lately, and it’s a bit of extra cash in hand. Welcome cash in hand; Bae’s birthday is coming up and Gold is determined that his son is not going to go without after the rather tumultuous last year he’s had. When Bae’s mother had run off to Spain with her paramour, taking Bae and most of Gold’s money with her, it had taken most of the rest of his money to fight tooth and nail to get him back, and for a man as unused to fighting as Gold is, it has been an exhausting experience. Still, depleted funds aside, Bae is happily back with his father and things are looking up. All the same, Gold is still wondering how he’s going to survive the next few hours as he brings the stack of pancakes over to the table and Bae attacks them with gusto.

“Aren’t you having any, Dad?” he asks in the middle of his third when he comes to the realisation that his father isn’t eating. Gold shakes his head.

“Not hungry.”

Actually, he’s too nervous to eat, his stomach full of butterflies making him feel incredibly sick. It’s no good, he’s going to have to call Belle to cancel. It was a ridiculous idea and he’d only agreed to it in a moment of madness because apparently his brain ceases to function whenever Belle is around.

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Imagine taking care of Eomer’s wounds after the battle of Pelennor. Part 2.

Part two to this drabble that I wrote based on this imagine from the lovely imaginexhobbit blog. It was requested by the lovely fortheloveofhulk, thank you so much for doing that. c: 

Author’s Note: I absolutely loved writing this, but it turned out be a bit more of a fluff than I originally intended. Oh well. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it. Also I still don’t have a title for it. Title’s will be the end of me. 

Words: 1532

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Day Thirty One:  Kidnapped

2:30 am

“Looks like someone’s tired.”

“I’m not that…tired.”

“Uh-huh.  But Princesses need their rest for exciting interviews in the morning.”

“Chaat… the interview is after school.”

“I know, I know.  I’ll be over tomorrow to see how it went, okay?”

“You’d be over anyways.”

“You know it.”

Laughter.  The rolling of eyes.  General happiness.

“I guess I’ll take my leave then, Princess.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Chat.”

Good night kisses.

7:30 am

“We’re so proud of you, ma petite!”

“You look so grownup! Don’t forget your portfolio, dear.”

“Thanks, papa! Thanks, maman!  I’m off!”

“Don’t forget to call us when you’ve finished!”


12:30 pm

“I’m sorry I can’t go with you, Marinette.  Peré scheduled a  last-minute photoshoot for me…  I didn’t even find out about it until this morning.”

“That’s okay!  Wow, I’m so nervous…”

“Don’t be.  I know you’ll do great!”

“Th-thank you, Adrien!”

“Oh, there’s my ride. I probably won’t make it back to school before it lets out, so good luck, Marinette!”


3:15 pm

“Um, hello! Marin—I mean, my name and—well, Monsieur Agreste sent for me?”


“Oh!  Uh, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.  I—”


“Oh!  Okay.”

7:45 pm

“This design could use work.”

“Oh, I-I see…  what sort of…”

“This collar needs to be flattened and the stitching here could be blended into the design more fluidly. You wish to make the design stand out, but too much flair is incredibly risky.  Shall we take a break?”


“I’ve prepared some tea.”

8:23 pm

She did not understand. Not one bit of it.  The facts were before her.  The dots were only too simple to line up.  Despite the glaring connection to be made, her brain did not connect the two.

Refused would be a more correct word.  Or perhaps the drugs were keeping her from making that last leap.

She heard mutterings from the other side of the room, but could not discern any real words.  A small white object fluttered to her side, flapping its wings with the utmost innocence.  It was a white butterfly.

She shook her head, willing herself to come into full consciousness and awareness.  The butterfly landed on her arm.

An arm which was tied to a chair.  She jerked. No movement.  She looked to her other arm only to find it bound in a similar fashion.  She tried to move her legs.  Also bound. Her torso.  Bound.

“Refrain from making too much noise, Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng.”

Marinette turned toward the man who had spoken.  He was tall and dressed to the nines in purple.  A large mask—similar to a ski mask—bound his face while he stood with his cane amidst the fluorescent butterflies.

His voice was exactly the same.

“What am I doing here?” she asked, biting out the question.  “What good do you think I can do for you?”

“Lady Wifi, broadcast a single screen to the north,” the villain—wait.


“What do you mean by Lady Wifi?!”

Marinette pushed against her restraints with renewed vigor.  The ropes would not budge against her efforts, but that did not stop her from trying.

“Do it or you will never see your friend again.  Remember that I am watching your every move.”

The young girl’s face drained of all color when a screen showed before the pair, a masked Lady Wifi looking anxious and furious at once.  Masked brows that had been familiarly narrowed in perpetual anger were now furrowed in anxiety.  She worried her lip as she was broadcasting and she held her phone protectively to her chest.

Alya!” Marinette yelled.

“Marinette, wherever you are, please—argh!”

The young hero watched in horror as her friend began to convulse.  The screen’s image blinked on and off for a moment before the villain spoke.

“Lady Wifi, you have but one opportunity to save your friend.  If you wish her to remain unharmed, then you will do as I say,” Hawkmoth said lowly.  “Set the bait.”

“I…” the girl huffed. “Need an image of Marinette.  Live feed.  Unharmed.”

Marinette cried out as her friend was tortured once more.  Where was Tikki?  She needed to transform and take this man out. She needed a plan.

“You will say what I’ve ordered you to say and do what I have instructed you to do.  That is all,” Hawkmoth ordered.  “If you do not, Ladybug and Chat Noir will be quite unable to find Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng before I am through with her.”

“You ba—ARGH! Okay, okay!” the girl whimpered. Marinette watched helplessly as her friend shot an application icon in front of her, and then broadcasting app in a different direction.  She cleared her throat, but did not hide her trembling hands.  Whether they shook from anger or from fright was something Marinette could not tell.  “Ladybug and Chat Noir.  My name is Alya Cesairé and I’ve been selected to inform all of Paris that due to your careless actions, an innocent girl has been abducted this night.”

“Alya, please don’t—”

“If…if the heroes of Paris wish to have her returned to her home unharmed, they will come alone to fetch her in exchange for their miraculouses.  Chat Noir, in particular, will guide you both,” the girl finished. Marinette’s heart filled with dread. The only way Chat would know her location was if she had not been moved from where she said she would be.

Ice settled over her stomach.  She was still in the Agreste mansion.  Hawkmoth was…

“Hawkmoth, they will get you!  You hear me! They won’t—ARGH!”  The screen disappeared.

“Alya!” Marinette shouted, eyes wide in worry for the reporter’s safety.

“Do not worry for your friend.  I have merely removed her powers from her,” Hawkmoth stated.

“Why am I not encouraged by that fact?” Marinette asked dryly, glaring at Hawkmoth with all the venom she could muster.  Which was quite a lot, actually.  “By the way, your design is atrocious.”

“I have no control over the design of my suit, Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng.”  His jaw flexed.  She had hit a nerve.

I just need to distract him until Chat gets here, she thought.  She had to get this perfectly right on the first try.  As long as he had no idea he had captured Ladybug—his announcement seemed to imply that he had no clue—she had the upper hand.

She just needed to get out of here and find Tikki.  And she could only do that if Chat were here to back her up.

“When were you going to tell your son about being Paris’s most wanted villain?” the girl spat.

“I refuse.”

“What makes you think I won’t tell him after Ladybug and Chat Noir kick your—”

Marinette’s words were cut short when Hawkmoth…when Gabriel Agreste pointed his cane directly at her throat.  The slightest amount of pressure forced her to catch her breath, but she refused to back down.  Her eyes narrowed into slits.

“Adrien will thank me once this is over with, and the rest of Paris can resume their peaceful lives once I get what I want,” he said simply. “It is the fault of Ladybug and Chat Noir that this has gone on for as long as it has.”

“Yeah, like you’re not hurting innocent citizens with your temper tantrum,” Marinette seethed. “To think I honestly used to think better of you…”

“You have no right to judge me, Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng.”

“Watch me,” she snarled.

“I could silence you now,” he threatened.  His cane pushed further against her throat, making breathing more difficult but not impossible.  Her eyes narrowed into slits as she stared her kidnapper do—

A sudden crash. The smashing of glass.  The thud of an impact.

“Step away from Marinette.”

Chat!  Her leather-clad boyfriend had just broken through the window, a severe frown on his face and his baton at the ready.  He looked angry.  He looked dangerous.  Yet Marinette could not find an ounce of fear within her.  This was Chat, and he was a defensive kitty who held all of his friends close to his heart.  Of course he would come to her rescue.

Even if he had to know it was a trap.

“Chat Noir.  Where’s Ladybug?” Hawkmoth asked.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you couldn’t hear all that well,” Chat Noir apologized.  He looked anything but sorry.  “Step away from Marinette.”

“Don’t be foolish, boy. If you don’t want her harmed…” She felt the cane lodge just a bit deeper into her throat, but the pressure soon relieved itself with a loud thwack.

Marinette watched as Hawkmoth was launched into the other side of the room, effectively knocking the wind out of him.  In the next moment, her bindings were shredded as a courtesy of Chat’s claws.  She rubbed the soreness out of her wrists as she made her way to her feet.

“Thanks for coming,” she smiled.  “I should probably—”

“Take this and get out of here,” Chat said, cutting her off.  He placed something in her hands.  Something red and very familiar.  Her breath caught.


“Go.  Ladybug should be here any minute now and we’ll take care of this guy.”

Before Marinette could say another word, Hawkmoth was on his feet, scowling horribly.  “You impudent little—”

“Marinette, go!” Chat yelled, taking a defensive stance.  The poor girl could only nod as she held Tikki close to her chest, turning tail and leaving the room with hell on her heels.  When the two reached the second story of the house, Tikki blinked herself to life once more.

“Marinette!” the kwami gasped, going in for a face hug.  Marinette returned the hug with as much force as she felt comfortable exerting on her friend.  “I was so worried!”

“You got Chat?” the girl asked.  Tikki nodded.

“As soon as I realized your tea had been drugged and that M. Agreste was Hawkmoth, I knew you needed backup.  When I told him you’d been kidnapped and Ladybug wouldn’t be much help he pieced it together so quickly.  Marinette, I am so—”

“It’s okay, Tikki. But for now, we’ve got a hero kitty to save,” Marinette said, a look of determination passing over her features. “Let’s go take Hawkmoth down! Spots on!”

It was later in the night that they discussed the day’s revelations.  Chat, while having been dealt a harsh blow only an hour earlier, was glad to know that his Princess and Lady were one in the same.  Marinette, while grieving on the behalf of her friend, was shocked to know that the same friend and her boyfriend were one in the same.

They had crushed on each other.  Become each other’s best friends.  Fallen in love with each other.  And now that the threat of Hawkmoth was gone and M. Agreste promised to therapeutic help, they were free to be together on both sides of the mask.

They had each other, and they had their futures to enjoy it.  For now, that was enough.