head float

year of our lord 4837
  • me waking up from my cryo sleep: wow i cant wait to explore this new world!
  • a holographic head floating casually towards me: download Game of War on the app store for free NOW!

Personality/beliefs/philosophy character building questions:

  1. Which deadly sin are they?
  2. Which of the seven virtues are they?
  3. If confronted with the need to choose: goodness or kindness? Do they believe in a distinction between the two? (Think the Witch vs the Baker from Into the Woods.)
  4. What do they have the least tolerance for?
  5. Which flaws are they aware of? Do they consciously work on them?
  6. What view/belief are they most wrong about?
  7. Their opinions on loyalty?
  8. So you know their lawful/chaotic good/evil alignment. Do you want that to be a rule they function by for the entire work, or will they be challenged enough to shift into a different square?
  9. Unless all of your characters have devoted a lot of time to puzzling out their philosophy, no one’s perfectly consistent. How are they hypocritical? Where do they contradict themself? Will they be challenged on it?
  10. How does their personality present conflicts and challenges in their setting/story?

I don’t write often enough and am not an expert, but I was making this for my own reference and thought someone else might want it?