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so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…



Just some CNY related leoji headcannons because it’s day one of Chinese New Year and I’m feeling festive:

-Leo has been receiving red packets from guang hong’s side of the family since he was like 15 and tbh Leo ends up using this money to buy gifts for guang hong anyway so really it’s just extra pocket money for GH

-Leo usually joins in on the family gatherings (and birthday parties and big holidays) via Skype and the whole family loves him, especially Great Granny Ji

-Every new year, Guang Hong sends Leo a new piece of traditional clothing and tbh Leo wears them out proudly because they’re soft and comfortable and pretty and GH loves getting the selfies

-After a while, guang hong’s family start sending red packets to all Leo’s siblings

-Leo’s baby siblings proudly scream New Years greetings in really off mandarin and guang hong thinks it’s the most endearing thing

-Guang Hong is surprisingly superstitious and makes sure Leo completely cleans his house before the New Years and constantly nags him through texts

-Leoji stream really old Chinese movies leading up to the New Year and Leo actually really enjoys them, regardless of the bad CG and the cheesy scenarios

-When the two get together, Guang Hong loves bringing Leo around the New Years market because the aunties love giving Leo discounts and GH loves a good discount

-Guang hong’s family always get peach blossoms and orchids to ensure a good year and they buy an additional plant in hopes the luck will pass onto Leo’s family in America

-Guang Hong always feeds Leo really weird things during the new year because it’s “tradition” and he always films Leo’s reactions and sends them to his relatives

-Guang Hong lights a firecracker in Leo’s name every year

-Leo loves getting the big family selfies after each family gathering

-Guang Hong photoshops Leo into the big family selfies and tbh each member of the family has a framed copy


Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five

Part Four

“Sam, I need you to get up high but remain undetected. If Y/N and Romanoff get into any trouble I need you to get in there as quickly as possible. Got it?” Steve ordered, his right hand extended with his left speaking into the mouth piece, a few seconds passed. “Got it, Cap. Tell Y/N I’ll be enjoying the view.”

You chuckled and shook your head, exchanging a look with Steve as he returned your smile. “Leave my girl alone.” Steve quipped, sending you a wink. Romanoff subtly squeezed your lower arm and you bit back a squeal, returning her hold. “Let’s get going.” You said, nodding goodbye to the Captain and Clint.

“Watch our backs, Buddy.” Nat called to Clint right before she set off running. “Sure thing!” He cawed back, cupping his hands around his mouth so you could hear his shouted response- which you couldn’t. Until he buzzed in on the comms, “I’ll be watching your back, but Cap’s got his eyes on something a bit lower- hey!”

You and Romanoff cackled together a moment, then growing serious as you pushed yourselves forward, your target location in sight. There were more hostiles than you’d predicted, but you weren’t worried. You had Sam above you and Clint behind you, both long range in case anything went awry. But you pressed up intimately close to the shadows nonetheless.

Nat made the signal and you climbed up and over the obstacles, unseen, both circling around and taking down hostiles as you moved. A glint of red hair was all the men would see before Nat took them down, an odd sense of pride in your friend swelled in your chest when you met at the designated location. Not a hair out of place on either of your heads. “Took your time.” Nat smirked, reaching over and brushing a bit of debris off your shoulder.

“I was just admiring the view.” You responded with a wink. Nat shook her head, the remnants of a smile playing on her lips, but still managing to react fast enough to pull back from an oncoming hostile that threatened to detect your infiltration. You made the face of a worried civilian as she scowled at you. Your side buzzed faintly, letting you know the rest of the team were caught up and it was about time for you to go to town.

“Party time.” The red haired assassin drawled, unholstering her guns and jumping out from the shadows. “And something tells me its happy hour.”

Twelve minutes of all-out combat. Twelve minutes was all it took to take out all the hostiles in the area, Barnes was on his way over with the package that you’d came for and you were just retrieving the key from the last man that stood, knocking him out with a roundhouse kick to the temple.

“I could do with one of those buttons you know.” You mused, rummaging through the pockets of the knocked out man. Nat hummed in confusion as you continued to search for the key. “You know the one- you press it and it goes ‘That Was Easy.’” You imitated the voice of the big red button and Nat laughed at your idiocy, you continued to search but came up empty.

“I can’t find it on him, Nat. Maybe it’s one of these other bodies.” You offered confusedly. Nat joined you in scratching your heads, unsure of what had just gone on. Something uneasy in the air unfurling, until Barnes jumped down from one of the above ledges, landing perfectly atop the body you were just searching.

“Lost the key?” He teased, looking pleased with himself as he locked the package onto his belt loop. “Break a few ribs?” You asked pointedly, staring at the poor man Bucky had just used as a landing pad. Hostile or not, nobody wants to be on the face end of Bucky’s boot. Bucky opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Steve’s voice over in the intercom. “We’ve got a few hostiles on our radar, Sam’s working to locate them. Nothing to worry about, three max. Just letting you know.”

Nat shrugged and made work of searching the rest of the bodies whilst you and Bucky bickered. “Why don’t you go jump on some other passed out body instead of annoying me, huh? How about that Barnes? Ever thought about moving your annoying self somewhere away from me?”

Bucky laughed where he stood, driving his heel into the gravel. “Why don’t you go cry to your boyfriend about it?” He spat, shooting you a venomous look. You heard Nat snort behind you, “What’s that supposed to mean?” You yelled, not sure why he was attacking your singledom whilst he was in the same situation.

“You’re Steve’s girl now aren’t you? Just go whine to him about it, I don’t need to stand here and-”

“What are you talking about?” You spluttered, “Why does it matter what Steve said, obviously it’s just a joke-”

“It doesn’t matter what Steve said!” Bucky shouted back, matching your pitch and anger. “If you want to go fuck my best friend then do it! See if I care!” A vein in his neck was bulging as were his eyes which were showing a barely contained rage inside them.

“Maybe I will! Why would you care anyway? I don’t care if you-”

“Will the pair of you just shut up!” Nat shouted over the din you two had created. “Maybe Y/N is Steve’s girl, maybe she’s not. But it’s clear somebody wants to change that. So why don’t you just-” Nat stopped suddenly, as if sensing something far off. She turned her head slowly to look in Bucky’s direction. The whole thing happened in about three seconds. Nat pushed Bucky, hard, who then fell three paces back, shouting a string of expletives whilst you struggled to comprehend what was happening. You’d just caught the hissed warning “Sniper!” When you fell backwards, the sting of a bullet ripping through your abdominal. You managed a scream, before everything went black.

Part Five

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Loki Imagine Smile

You tapped your foot impatiently and stared out of the window, looking up at the sky. Your friends all shook their heads at you and exchanged knowing looks, but you ignored them. 

“He’s not going to get here any quicker if you keep staring at the sky.” Tony commented and you threw a cushion at him, which he caught easily. You dragged your eyes away from the window and looked at him.

“I know, I’m just excited. We’ve been apart for so long and now-”

“With good reason.” Tony interjected and you glared at him, sending him to silence. The team weren’t very accepting of your relationship with Loki, except Thor, who had seen how good you were together. Loki was finally being released and you couldn’t wait to spend your life with him.

“Leave (Y/N) alone Stark.” Steve said, sending you a small smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t know it was a crime to be in love” You joked and Tony rolled his eyes. 

“It is if you’re in love with a monster.” You glared at him, insults burning in your throat, but it was forgotten when you heard Thor’s voice from another room. Standing up, you ran in the direction of his voice, unable to contain your excitement.

“Loki!” You shouted, jumping into his arms as soon as your eyes met his. Loki caught you easily and kissed you passionately. Your feelings for him burned brightly and you smiled against his lips.

“I’ve missed you so much.” You mumbled and Loki looked into your eyes. 

“I missed you too.” He whispered and you turned to the team, who were talking with Thor. Loki placed his hand in yours and you beamed at the team, who all eyed Loki sceptically.

“Can we all agree to get along, please?” You asked, looking at everyone in turn. Loki smiled at you and nodded, kissing your forehead, which made you blush. Tony raised an eyebrow.

“Is there an issue, Tony?” You asked and he looked at you.

“No, just…I’ve never seen Reindeer Games smile before.” He pointed out and the rest of the team all mumbled in agreement. Hesitantly, Tony stepped forwards and held out his hand.

“If you two make each other so happy, then I guess we’ll have to start getting along.” Loki shook his hand and the rest of the team soon followed suit.

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A love story

An heir to the throne had made a deal with their father. They would marry any suitor who could manage to impress them, and they don’t impress easily.

Soon after word gets out a man shows up to the castle, a sword on his hip and a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. He knelt in front of the heir and bowed his head.

“In exchange for your hand in marriage you will be given land to expand your kingdom.” He spoke, lifting his head so he could meet eyes with the royal. “Does that impress you?”

They shake their head, folding their hands onto their lap. “What good is land to me when I’m perfectly content with what I have now? I’m not impressed with your offer, you may go.” They reply before waving the man away.

Two days pass and another suitor arrives. This one wears a robe and smells of herbs. He also kneels before he dares to speak, like the man before him. “I can teach you the art of magic and how to speak to spirits. Does that impress you?”

They shake their head. “Why would I need your skills when we already have a court wizard? I’m not impressed.” They say, dismissing the wizard.

Weeks pass and not one suitor has manage to impress the heir to the throne and the father is giving up hope.

A woman walks into the throne room and kneels, like the many men before her. Yet, unlike the men before her she has the heir’s attention.

The woman looks up and without a word reaches into her jacket, pulling an object out of her pocket. She grins toothily, a grin that made the heir’s stomach flip flop, and held out her hand. Slowly she uncurled her fingers to show a small round object that laid on her palm. It glowed warmly, a familiar glow that the heir couldn’t quite place their finger on.

“I bring you your heart. Are you impressed?” The woman asks, knowing already that she had.



Laney walked in with puffed up cheeks, glaring at no one in particular. ‘That guy is evil personified!’

‘Ah, I see you’ve met Jim!’ Heda exclaimed, walking toward her and giving her a hug, before she turned to her band. ‘Guys, this is Laney and Klein. Laney, Klein, guys.’

‘Hey,’ echoed the band.

‘Fyfe! I want a photo with Fyfe!’ exclaimed Laney, lunging for him. The force of her enthusiasm almost toppled Heda over. Before she could straighten Laney’s camera hit the side of her head and she sighed, exchanging knowing glances with Klein.

‘I missed her,’ she whispered, aiming the camera at the rather uncomfortable looking Fyfe, and the very excited looking Laney. ‘How do you two know each other?’

‘Work,’ he answered with a grin. ‘Not as exciting as your story.’

‘Uh, please. Every story concerning Laney is exciting. I believe it’s her childlike innocence,’ said Heda, putting the camera on the table. It seemed Laney was too preoccupied with her air guitar solo to pose anyway. ‘Last time we spoke she mentioned a boyfriend. Are you the boyfriend?’

He just looked at her, long and silent.

‘Not the boyfriend.’ Heda nodded, turning back to see Laney wave at her. She moved on to Sorcha, which was, at the same time funny and amazing, because Sorcha actually smiled back and talked to her. Apparently even Sorcha couldn’t be scared of Laney.

In the meantime Fyfe appeared next to them, blinking. ‘She is… energetic. She just taught me how to play bass better. I think she is my new manager now. Also, does one of you guys know how to fill in this friendship club card she gave me.’

Heda grinned. ‘Yep. I will lend you mine for inspiration.’

Klein cackled, bumping Heda’s shoulder with his. ‘Look! Sorcha got one too!’

‘Hug time!’ cried Heda and they all burst out laughing.


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everything I didn't say

dedicated to || @zephyoongist

genre: fluff / angst

characters: neighbor!yoongi

word count: 5594

a/n: it’s my fae bae’s birthday yesterday!!! happy birthday and I’m sorry this is late ;-; you are blessed to have yoongi’s mixtape drop on your birthday ahaha. everything I want to say to you is at the very end of this fic so!! I hope you like it and happy 18 ♡

warnings: swearing (ps this fic is an insight on my new writing style!)

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Living in an apartment with walls and ceilings as thin as papyrus has its merits, you suppose.

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Just an Observation

Mary sat in the back of the old Impala. It was the only thing exactly as how she remembered it. The man driving it was her son, her grown son. And the passenger beside him was an angel, a real angel. She guessed they were close by the way they clung to each other when Castiel saw them.

But they bickered. This time it got heated enough for Dean to pull over so they could continue their conversation out of earshot of Mary. The voices were muffled but she could see them both making gestures and their body language was tense. At one point there was a staredown.

Cas moved to walk away but Dean grabbed his arm and spun him around. Dean’s shoulders slumped and he hung his head for the next exchange. Cas relaxed as well and put his hand on Dean’s left shoulder. He squeezed it and they nodded in some kind of agreement. They went around to their sides of the car and got in. Dean took off and it was several minutes before Mary leaned forward between them.

“So, how long have you two been married?”

Sometimes I think about what Teen Wolf could have been

Lydia and Allison being badasses together, rolling their eyes at the boys together, having sleepovers and lending each other outfits because “here, you got blood on your last sweater” and “this dress has pockets for extra arrowheads.”

Scott huffing a sigh when Stiles jokes about making out during movie night (finally watching Star Wars), and then Stiles shrieks and spills popcorn everywhere when Isaac comments from the kitchen, “why not, Scott? You’re a pretty good kisser.”

Pack meetings at Derek’s loft that turn into game nights when Erica and Isaac get bored and start cracking jokes in the corner and Stiles suggests that maybe they should break for snacks, Scott mutters something about studying for finals, Lydia rolls her eyes and announces that they should just resume business tomorrow since everyone is distracted and they all end up playing cards against humanity on the floor 20 minutes later. Boyd and Derek stand together by the window, shaking their heads and exchanging deadpans. 

Stiles and Derek slowly warming up to each other, banter accompanied with more and more teasing smirks until they’re clapping each other on the shoulder and staying up late researching harpies together in the loft without second thought, and then that climactic episode where one of them narrowly escapes death and they realize that oh - hey, I really care about you.

Melissa and the Sheriff having coffee at midnight, cell phones in front of them on the table. They’re waiting for their kids to call them back, because neither boys are answering and they just hope to god that Scott and Stiles can battle a pixie army and come back in one piece. Parenting tactics and punishment plans are discussed.

Exploring Derek’s background when he and the Sheriff are working together on the latest supernatural case, and they’ve grown close enough so that Derek actually musters the courage to tell him a story or two about when his family was still alive. The Sheriff tells him that he’s a good kid and that he shouldn’t blame himself for everything.

Chris Argent working with the Sheriff, introducing him to new wolfsbane guns and weapons to have on hand. They swap stories about how much they love/miss their wives.

Lydia learning more with her banshee abilities, Stiles and Erica constantly engaged in sass war, Allison teaching Melissa how to shoot a crossbow (which Scott thinks is both awesome and terrifying), and Danny never disappeared.

Deaton and Stiles working together on magical/herbal defenses. They craft a baseball bat with wolfsbane that becomes Stiles’s new prized possession. Stiles insists on having a second one made for Lydia.

Stiles having flashbacks to his mom in the hospital. Stiles having a panic attack when Scott isn’t there to talk him down, but someone unexpected like Boyd or Derek actually helps him through it. Derek explains that he used to get them too after the fire (and more background on his probable PTSD).

The whole pack is alive, they graduate together and live happily ever after. After the ceremony they’re all standing together on the green. Erica smiles and says, “see you later, bitches!” and jumps on Boyd for a piggyback. He smiles and carries her away. Allison and Lydia link arms and toss over their shoulders, “don’t be so melodramatic, we’ll see you after we get back from Hawaii!” Melissa yells at the boys to hurry up or they’ll miss the movie, Isaac calls shotgun and goes to the car. The Sheriff pulls Stiles in for a hug, tears in his eyes. “I’m proud of you, kiddo.” Scott and Stiles turn to each other, clap out a hug. “We did it, buddy.” 

“Sure you don’t want to join us for the movie?” Scott asks. Stiles shakes his head. “Nah, I’ve got plans. See you later, man.” Scott shrugs and goes to the car with the Sheriff, but before Melissa drives off he looks out the window and catches as Derek steps out from the shadows and smiles - actually smiles - at Stiles, who grins. The two casually lace their fingers together and walk off towards the camaro, and Scott’s jaw drops to the floor. 

“I knew it,” Isaac mutters. The Sheriff sighs. Melissa rolls her eyes and pats his hand, telling him “you’ll get used to it soon enough.”

It takes TOO much energy to be so fucking hateful I swear I hate you bitches so fucking much like … if I ever come across you I really think I’d just clock you in the back of the head with no words exchanged & no questions asked before hand cause that’s truly what you hoes deserve. You really need keep your ugly hateful ass at home if you can’t appreciate and respect every single NCT member at their fansign events I’ve had enough.