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A Fight for an Iron Heart -Winteriron Alternative Ending

This took for FUCKING ever but I was finally able to come up with something that didn’t irritate me or sound stupid. So thank you for your patience. Watch out for the cut and please like or reblog, it literally makes my everything (day, week, night, etc.)

Link for opener/part 1 is here

It all started about three weeks after the ‘Rogue’ Avengers returned home and with all the new people trying to coexist in the compound things got…hectic. And for Tony, it became utter chaos.

Handing the CEO position over to Pepper will always be the best decision of his life. His position as head of Research and Development kept him plenty busy with projects and his portion of shares kept him in the loop with the board.

Next was the Accords that he and T’Challa were working on timeously to improve which took up a great deal of time with lawyers and the UN. Let’s not forget all the attention that Iron Man and the Avengers require. Team dynamics (read: team bonding), upgrades, training, missions, debriefing, the list went on. He was lucky he could skip on somethings. Less important board meetings, movie nights with the team, which he mostly missed because he was at a gala for the Maria Stark foundation.

So when it came to the team trying to spend time with him he really didn’t have the time to spare.

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Alex refuses to take Kara to any human bars because every time they go out Kara will go to the bathroom and never come back, and when Alex goes to investigate she’ll find Kara sitting on the counter surrounded by drunk girls and they’re all just complimenting and validating the shit out of each other and basically every drunk girl that Kara meets immediately clings to her like velcro and its just one big validation fest and honestly it becomes a fire hazard with all those girls in there

Why Teens Shouldn’t Run Revolutions

Hi guys. I’m going to piss off a lot of YA writers (and possibly readers) today, so hang onto your hats.

Mainly, if you’re in love with the idea of a high schooler with no strategic or combat experience heading up a revolution or war because they’re “so dedicated and determined,” don’t read this. Please, don’t. You’re not going to see anything you like. Go ahead and keep enjoying your guilty pleasure – that’s fine. I’m not going to own up to some of the guilty pleasures I love in fiction but don’t buy for a second in real life. That’s chill. Go for it, man.

But there are just things that I – and readers like me – are tired of seeing. If you’re sick of that trope, then keep reading. If you’re open to the idea of ditching that trope in your writing, then I really recommend reading.

This assessment/collection of tips on why teens shouldn’t run revolutions - and if you’re going to make them, how they CAN do it well - will include comparisons to history, other fiction (Unplugged), and Black Butler. Plus swearing and a range of incorrect capitalizations, because it’s fun.

On we go:

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me: [shouts from across the ocean] EPIC SAX GUY IS BAAAACK

Lego Batman Head-Canons

So, here goes a series of my own head-canons for this utterly lovable movie/fandom… Sorry for all the Bruce&Dick focus, but I’m pretty family-obsessed.

1. Eventually, both Bruce and Dick have fun addressing each other as “Dad”/
“Son” in as many languages as they can

2. With each first time that Bruce sees Dick sleep-deprived/sick/hurt/sad, he buckles down further as a ‘proper’ parent and instills changes to give Dick a more normal lifestyle… while still balancing the hero roles, of course

3. Dick makes such a big deal out of Father’s Day and makes Bruce feel so lucky in his new life that the next day, he immediately investigates all he can about Children’s Day in order to make that day just as special for Dick

4. Dick will be the ONLY Robin/child of Bruce… However, missions soon become filled with a younger generation as practically each hero of the Justice League recruits a sidekick and/or child of their own (Superman will have Conner and Supergirl, Flash will have Kid Flash, Wonder Woman with Wonder Girl and so on…)

5. As wary as the villains naturally are of Batman, they grow terrified of any misstep they might commit in actually harming/endangering Robin. They know they have to somewhat pull punches with Boy Wonder or else Batman will lose his almost-suave/casual approach of vigilantism and actually become a merciless fighting machine that will not stop even with the police sirens signalling that arrest is necessary (NOT relentless beatings)

6. When Robin falls asleep during movie night, Batman actually grows to enjoy the ritual of carrying him to bed and tucking him in. On some occasions, Alfred and Barbara offer to help by carrying the youngest batfamily member, but Bruce always insists he do it because his muscles are perfect for the job (and secretly, he sees it as a parental privilege he wants to hog all to himself ^_^)

7. Batman opens up a whole new wall for family photos, especially those of him teaching Dick something, such as: riding a bat-cycle, swimming with the dolphins, master-building… *wink wink* :3

8. Robin loves dress-up parties as much as his Dad does, so he keeps sneaking into all the wardrobes in the house. Bruce tries to repress his fond smiles as he watches Robin on his ever-monitoring computer, gazing at the too-long sleeves and bulky uniforms on the smaller form of his son.

9. Dick is completely unaware of how much he has Bruce wrapped around his finger. All he has to do is say “Please” or any variation of “Dad” while flashing puppy eyes to get his father to agree to practically anything he wants. He’s also confused by the contained laughter around him (usually coming from Alfred or Barbara, but in some cases, it’s also with the Justice League members) as Batman finally caves and makes up an excuse for retracting his previous refusals

10. Eventually, when he’s more comfortable in his role as father, Bruce doesn’t wait for Robin to fall asleep in order to drop a kiss on the boy’s forehead and wish him a good night’s sleep, sometimes even tenderly calling his son by Dick’s favorite new moniker: baby bird (a nickname that instinctively sprung up when Batman was trying to console a sobbing Robin for the first time)


anonymous asked:

Your comics are amazing and they inspire me to try to create my own comics but I'm not good at thinking of stories. Do you have any tips?


unfortunately, this is tough for me to answer, because i’m not sure myself. this is the one thing i’ve always relied on myself for, and’ve never done any workshopping on.

actual storyline + execution in comic work is heavily taken for granted. i honestly didn’t think of myself as a writer until speight referred to me as one?? but it made me realize i know a lot more about story tellilng than i was giving myself credit.

so to break my idea process down, i break my structure down to 3 portions:

you’ll see this theme recur in a lot of my comics, especially post-episode ones.

i think your personal background will also affect how you come up with stories, as well. for instance, when i’m writing siblings, it’s easy. i can just grab from my own past and apply it there. you’ll actually see me do this a lot in The Swaingels! example:

this is heavily based on interactions i’ve had with my own sister, so writing relationships like these are one of my strengths. your’s could very well be different. you just have to put characters in situations like this in order to work out funny/interesting scenarios, because we don’t all have the same experiences, so not everyone’s mind goes the same place. but with that being said, you also have to de-personalize it enough to make it indisinguishable to the past situation you’re grabbing from.

so to me, it all depends on what kind of content you’re trying to tell the story of!


”When there’s trouble, you know who to call.”

Okay but listen- I needed a Teen Titans AU featuring these guys………

For your consideration:

CHB organizing a Homecoming / Prom dance and Piper McLean (in complicity with Leo Valdez and maybe Jason Grace) campaigning for everyone to vote for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase for ’king and queen of the camp’.

All to play a joke on them and see their faces of surprise when hear their names and have to be the first couple to have a slow dance.


The Black Sun Keeper Is an advanced synthetic assassin developed by Tao Fai Omni industry for use by the Men of the Black Sun. It has a developed mental acuity for mainly espionage operations but can function well in a guard or support role as well. Specifically designed to be IR and X-RAY invisible its skeletal system is composed mainly of porous air filled cartilage composites designed to retain shape even after severe deformation. Theoretically it is capable of collapsing its body to go through anywhere where it can fit its head. It has developed ocular organs capable of detecting minute temperature changes and spotting individuals at long distance. It has a large pseudo eye on the back of its head that can detect movement and heat, relaying to the brain as a reactive defense against position compromise.   

Usually it is armed with a Particle Accelerator gun, the weapon requires no external ammo supply as all lifetime “ammunition” is stored within. The weapon uses nuclear plasma Re-charger cells as a power source, these it will consume quickly even with staggered fire. 

Many high ranking Chinese personnel prefer them as bodyguards to other larger synthetics due to their ability to travel within the same vehicles as them and generally be less conspicuous when moving in public. 

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What if the Uchiha clan weren't know for their skills in battle? Their eyes would make them the best at jutsu creation, so what if they where know as a clan of nerds? They gain a reputation for being geniuses able to make a dozen A-rank jutsus on the spot, but they are more likely to trip and fall flat on their face then actually be able to attack you with the jutsu they just made up. They still pull a 'coup' that consists of them dumping the police on the rest of the ninja and taking over R&D.


I love this! 

Just imagine: Madara and Tobirama getting in a nerd-off. 

Shisui geeking out about the mechanics of the shunshin and did you see that chakra flare at the end there? that’s PURE SYMMETRY AND UNRIVALED NATURAL BEAUTY Tenzo no come back listen. 

Itachi getting super intense about Katon jutsus. 

Mikoto gleefully inventing the most destructive, mind-bending jutsus and Kushina being half in love with her just for that. 

Fugaku who looks completely normal on the surface but he’ll go on inventing binges and come out of R&D having not slept in six days, halfway to hallucinating and subsisting entirely on terrible coffee and somewhat questionable scraps of abandoned food and immediately drag Minato out of bed no matter the hour to test jutsus while he watches. 

Sasuke likes this idea very much so he ropes Naruto in, except Naruto’s technique is horrible so Sasuke beats the mechanics into his head and then starts developing jutsus that are the ninja equivalent of bringing a bazooka to a knife fight and can only be used by people with insane chakra reserves and/or a mutant healing factor to the power of ten. Naruto has never been happier. Sasuke will go down in history as that one person who probably triggered the apocalypse by saying “But what if we made the explosion bigger??”

almost as if summoned, the blond emerges from the kitchen, wearing the maroon crop-top he blatantly stole from Courfeyrac and a pair of Combeferre’s pajama pants that are far too long for his legs, somehow managing to scowl and look bored at the same time as he eats black olives out of the can. [x]

cleaned up my warm up sketch from this morning; i read elle dameferre’s courferre exchange fic last night and it was REALLY GOOD and deserves a lot more fanart than just my shitty need to draw enjolras in a crop top but win some lose some u know??

you know how like sometimes when you have ocs they like. reside in your head and you can hear them talk and stuff? you know them, communicating to them is a discussion that leads to portrayal. its really funny bc like, assmcgee is super talkative, i know tons about assmcgee he tells me everything. but then i look at guy for some info about him and he wont tell me anything. guy wont even tell me his real name. i dont know what he’ll do until hes doing it and i cant tell if its because i made this character badly or im not competent enough to understand a way to consistently interpret him.

having to read a post with my own two eyes where an anon asks “is madd legit” made me lose 40 years on my life