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Numerology: Calculating Your Life Lesson Number

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Numerology Basics

Each one of us has four personal numbers that carry a specific vibration. They are the Life Lesson Number, the Soul Number, the Outer Personality Number, and the Path of Destiny Number. In this post, we’ll be focusing on the Life Lesson number.

The Life Lesson Number represents lessons one must learn in this lifetime and is most significant to career choices. It is derived from your full birthdate. 

Though this post will be focused on calculating one’s number using the numbers in your birthday, I’m including information on how to calculate the numeric vibration of letters as well, because it’s intrinsically related.

To work with the value of letters beyond “I”, which is 9, we reduce the value to a single digit. For example, “O” is 15, so we reduce the number by adding the first digit to the second: 1+5=6. The number 15 is then written as 15/6. The letter “T” is 20. We reduce the 20 by adding the first digit to the second: 2+0=2. The number 20 is then written as 20/2.

Number Values of the Alphabet

A   1       J   10/1       S   19/1
B   2       K   11/2       T   20/2
C   3       L   12/3       U   21/3
D   4       M   13/4      V   22/4
E   5       N   14/5      W   23/5
F   6       O   15/6       X   24/6
G   7       P   16/7       Y   25/7
H   8       Q   17/8       Z   26/8
I    9        R   18/9

We can reduce any word to a numeric vibration by using the above table. Before we move on to calculating one’s Life Lesson number, lets experiment with a few words:

3  +  9  +  6  +  5  =  23/5
C     R      O     W

We reduce 23 by adding 2+3=5, which is written 23/5

5  +  9  +  2  +  3  +  8  =  21/3   
W     I       T      C     H

We reduce 21 by adding 2+1=3, which is written 21/3

3  +  9  +  7  +  8  +  2  =  29/11
L      I       G     H      T  

We reduce 29 by adding 2+9=11, which is written 29/11

There are four double digits which generally are not reduced. These are referred to as master numbers. Master numbers offer more opportunity for expression, yet demand more effort from the person or thing in question. The master numbers are 11, 22, 33, and 44. Whenever you arrive at one of these numbers in your calculations; retain the master value. 

Because the word “light” vibrates to master number 11, it’s written as 29/11 instead of 29/2, which would be the case if reduced entirely. The number 2 is still acknowledged as the base number as the word will fluctuate between the vibrations of 2 and 11.

An individual will fluctuate between any master number and its base digit because the vibration of the master number is too intense to live under continuously. Living under the vibration of one’s base number offers respite while preparing to work with the master number vibration again. 

Calculating Your Life Lesson Number

To calculate your Life Lesson Number, add all the digits of your birthdate together and reduce the sum. Here is an example of how someone with the birthdate of 24 October 1948 would calculate their Life Lesson Number:

10 + 24 + 1948
10 + 24 + 22 (1 + 9 + 4 + 8)
10 + 24 + 22 = 56/11

Since the reduced sum of their birthday is a master number, the sum is not reduced further. 

Now that you know how to calculate your Life Lesson Number, read on to see the description of each numeric vibration. All number descriptions come directly from Numerology and The Divine Triangle (1979) by Faith and Dusty Bunker, the reference material for this post.

Life Lesson Number Descriptions

1: You must learn to be original, strong willing, creative, and innovative. You should have the courage and drive to go ahead into new fields of expression and be a pioneer. You should always go forward, never turn back. At times you may be dictatorial and stubborn because you do not like to be restricted or directed. You are a good executive and work best alone. You are usually efficient and well organized. You are not naturally domestic but can manage well in any situation. You usually like sports and athletics and enjoy the thrill of winning. You are sophisticated, not emotionally romantic, and always appear at the head of social and commercial groups. By learning the lessons of number 1, you become intimately familiar with the universal energy; that probing, seeking, independent spark that moves all creation. You are creative on the physical plane because your pioneer spirit precedes all others and expresses your unique individuality. 

2: You are here to learn to become a good mixer. You are a good salesperson, more persuasive than forceful. You should be a support for those in leadership roles, help them to find their goals in life, and remain behind the scenes if necessary. This quality can be a help to you in business because those who benefit from your talents will in turn help you make use of your abilities. In partnerships and groups, you will encounter the lessons you came to earn in this lifetime. Success is then very possible. You must have consideration for others and should bring people together for a common cause. Various professions are open to you as you learn to be adaptable to most things that need to be done. You could select a career in finance, music, medicine, religion, or statistical analysis and research. 

3: You are best in intellectual, artistic, or creative endeavors. You need to be expressive to manifest and to see the results of your work. Beauty, fruitfulness, luxury, and pleasure are your keywords. You should have ambition and pride. You must become conscious of the law, and by being an excellent disciplinarian, you will achieve a position of authority over others. 3 combines the daring of 1 with the caution of 2. It is a number of self-expression and freedom. You must guard against becoming a jack-of-all-trades; rather, you should specialize. You could then be successful in artistic, religious, or inventive pursuits. You should avoid routine work because you dislike restriction. You should work alone for the best results. Business partnerships become too disciplined for your freedom-loving nature. You could write, lecture, teach, or find your niche in journalism. Whatever you decide to specialize in, you must use your creative and inspirational talents. 

4: You must build a solid foundation on which to base your life. This demands a well ordered system of conduct and morals. Administration or some sort of management would be the best type of employment for you. You want your home life to conform to the culture in which you live. You will provide well for those within your care, and you expect them to respond with respect and dignity. You should become a diligent worker and honestly earn your success. By being thrifty, you will have an adequate savings account as security against any possible losses. You should learn not to take a chance unless it is a sure bet. You should seek high goals. You might want to achieve concrete results quickly, and therefore should strive for patience and perseverance. Learn to face reality and base all your efforts on sound practical reasoning. 

5: Your keyword is freedom. If you have “free rein”, you can accomplish wonders, but if you feel bound or limited, you lose your enthusiasm and accomplish little. You would be a good explorer or Peace Corps volunteer, as you learn well by travel and experience. You are a diligent student if interested in the subject, but you may fail in subjects for which you see no useful ends. You should be eager for new experience, and shun monotony. In your quest for knowledge, you will become interested in discovering answers in books and magazines. An avid reader, a fluent talker, and a versatile doer, you are the witty conversationalist and brighten any group by your mere presence. You are here to learn and experience the value of freedom and should not tie yourself down too severely. Your talents once learned, prepare you for a literary career or a a position in sales and dealing with the public.

6: You are here to learn a sense of responsibility for your family and community. 6 is the love and domestic vibration and requires that you be responsive to the social needs of others. A fine sense of balance must be acquired so that you can equalize injustices. This keen sense bestows artistic abilities as well as judgmental talents which can be utilized in the legal system. You should develop compassion and understanding necessary to ease the burdens of those who will naturally be drawn to you. You are among those who serve, teach, and bring comfort to humanity. A wide choice of professions is yours including nursing, teaching, welfare work, ministry, medicine, restaurant enterprises, a legal profession, and possibly veterinary or animal husbandry. You may also choose to end a career in the arts, interior decorating, or hairdressing. 

7: You are here to use and develop your mind. Your words should be full of wisdom when you decide to talk. Your strong intuition helps in any line you choose and gives insight when needed. You may be an enigma to others, and even to yourself at times. You like to read, think, and meditate. Many times you have to relay on your soul-force to solve difficult material problems. You may delve into the occult, the mysterious, and the phenomenal side of life. Music and other arts are in harmony with your keynotes. You may be drawn to the church, science, or research and analysis. A career in mathematics or investigation could hold your interest. You should learn to open time by yourself in the woods or by the seashore where you can get in touch with your inner self and your deepest thoughts because your destiny is to use your mind.

8: This is the number of power and ambition, the number of the executive, the boss, who lives by brain and brawn. You will learn to work and will want to see everyone else working. You can push people to become successful in their own right. You should lead and show by example how to profit in business. You are here to learn to handle power, authority, and money. You can build a business empire and should work to that end. You want success for your family and for the family name as a matter of pride. You want your offspring to carry your name with honor and dignity. Sports is another field open to you, as this number vibration bestows great strength and endurance. Many famous athletes operate under an 8.

9: You should be the universal lover of humanity, patient, kind, and understanding. You are at the peak of life’s expression and must turn and show others the way. You seem to receive wisdom from above; thus you know that the true way of happiness is in service to others. You are the marrying type, strong in passion and compassion. You easily acquire money or wealth, and know how to preserve it. You are never petty, but deal in broad concepts and can attain success in the face of difficulties. You are here to show others the way, through your breadth of thinking. You can choose from many professions; education and medicine are the most usual. You may become an orator, writer, or lecture with equal ease. Communication, foreign service, statesmanship, and leadership positions are easily within your capacity.

11: The keywords here are altruism and community. You came into a unique and testing incarnation. You must practice “love thy neighbor as thyself” and use it as your foundation. Your strong intuitions are of value in gaining wisdom and inspiration. 11 is one of the most difficult vibrations because the demand for high standards is constant. You must learn patience and at the same time be able to make quick decisions. Seek for balance between the material, physical life which has to be considered, and the inspiration, spiritual life which underlies your self-understanding. You can succeed in the field of science because all new inventions and discoveries such as laser rays, research in fields of anti-gravity or kirlian photography, or any area of electronics would appeal to you. You could choose to be an astronomer or an astrologer, or a bible researcher and interpreter. You may become a teacher or writer in the field of philosophy. You are original and creative and could become and inspirational speaker. 11 is an esoteric master number of spiritual import. It bestows courage, power, and talent with strong feelings of leadership. You must not let this power go to your head, since frame and recognition are likely; instead realize that true mastership is service.

22: You must express a basic building urge, accomplish things in a big way, and work with large groups or business concerns. You would enjoy the import-export business which could demand long distance travel and meetings with persons of authority. You like to take an inspirational idea and put it to practical use. Self-knowledge is very valuable to you. 22 gives the promise of success. You know how to use your ability to adjust the physical laws of life and living to demonstrate esoteric wisdom. You could become an executive in banking or financial affairs in a national capacity, or help organize businesses for others as an efficiency expert or the like. As an ambassador to foreign countries, you would demonstrate statesmanship. You like to be occupied in some large enterprise to challenge your power to achieve. Your lesson is to learn to take charge of large organizations and corporations and to handle money efficiently and usefully for the benefit of large groups of people. 

33: You should be steady and reliable and develop a strong desire to protect others. You would like to live close to nature, and this urge may influence you to choose a life in agriculture. Your goal would be to produce food on a large scale to provide sustenance for the hungry of the world. You would never be found in any profession that could act destructively to humanity. Your talent may lie along the line of the arts: music to bring harmony, painting to bring beauty, or literature to promote education. Service in the field of medicine an healing could also attract you. Possibly, you would choose the law as a way to protect others through justice. Since the 33 consciousness is almost beyond that of humanity, a place within ministry or priesthood could lead you to the realm of your dreams as world savior. You may be required to sacrifice your own desires for the need of others in order to fulfill your Life Lesson vibration.

44: This number stands for strength and complete mental control over your life while on earth. It requires discipline in every department of life so that you may be instrumental in promoting the material advancement of the world. Your mind must be trained to let the higher forces work within it, and you must keep your body and environment in order so that you are ready for any opportunity to achieve this same results from others. Your high energy potential is meant to further evolution by helping others set their world in order. You should try to promote better ethics and justice in the world of business. You must recognize reality, then use what you learn to alleviate the physical burdens of others. You are the instrument by which this alteration takes place. By displaying bravery, resourcefulness, courage, and discipline; you serve as an example for others. Edgar Cayce is an example of the 44 vibration. 

Please remember that these are just general descriptions of the numeric vibrations pertaining to the Life Lesson Number. Not everything may resonate with you, and that is perfectly fine. Numerology is meant to be tool to guide, not a stringent set of rules to live by. 

Stay tuned for follow up posts on the Soul Number, the Outer Personality Number, and the Path of Destiny Number


rainbowninicono  asked:

headcanon of todoroki having weird/crazy s/o who laughs at almost everything from things just falling down too random commercials

These head canons aren’t from when they are dating, but more about how they started dating. So like first impressions and such. I’m not very used to writing head canons so hopefully they turned out alright. 

And of course, since it’s my beloved Todoroki, it became way longer than anticipated, which is why I decided not to add any of while they were dating. 

The coffee puns were found online. 

  • On the first day of school, he caught sight of the lead of your mechanical pencil breaking after you pressed down a bit too hard on the paper. He didn’t think much of it as it happened to everyone. He just happened to be looking in your direction at that moment. He immediately turned away, his attention having been caught by something else, only to jump in shock when you spontaneously broke out into hysterical laughter and interrupted the entire class while banging your fist on the table. At that moment, he vowed to stay away from you.
  • However, that apparently was much easier said than done as your laugh seemed to be the most grating sound in the world and followed him everywhere. And to make it even worse: it never stopped.
  • Seriously. Someone drops a handkerchief, your obnoxious snickers could be heard not even a second later. The TV is turned on and the Febreze commercial starts running, a wave of giggles would fill the room. Todoroki encases your body and the bottom half of your face in ice and freezes you to the wall during a training exercise to get you to shut the hell up and you just start guffawing like an absolute maniac through the ice.
  • At first, you made him so uncomfortable. With him being someone whose smile is considered the eighth wonder of the world and you having won “Most Likely To Laugh in Death’s Face” for three years in a row back in middle school, he did not think you two would get along
  • Their relationship changed a bit during the sports festival when Todoroki had been talking in the hallway with his father. The tension was thick and he could feel anger building up inside him the more Endeavor spoke. In the middle of their conversation, a cheerful voice from behind him interrupted. “Hey, Todoroki!” you had greeted as you came to stand by his side. His rage was at an all-time high, and he had no patience for your stupidity. He had been about to harshly tell you to get lost when you suddenly looked straight into his father’s eyes. “This your Daddy?” you’d inquired, studying the intimidating figure before you with a serious look on your face. “Well, he seems pretty… lit.”
  • Then after laughing maniacally in the Number 2 Hero, Endeavor’s, face, you grabbed Todoroki’s arm and made a break for it, dashing down the hallway with your cackles echoing off the walls. The boy had briefly glanced back at his father and he swore he would never forget the infuriated expression the man was wearing.
  •  Todoroki had a newfound fondness for you after that.
  • While he had grown more tolerant of you, your puns made him want to bang his head against a wall.
  • “I heard you were having a bad day, Ojiro. Why don’t you tail me about it?”
  • “Hey, Kaminari, I vote you team captain. I think you’d suit being in charge!”
  • “Bakugou, just shut up. You’re always blowing things out of proportion!”
  • Todoroki had to swiftly come to your rescue when a flurry of explosions were aimed towards your cackling face.
  • One day, you two were chatting in the commons area of your dorm with him drinking tea and you nursing a hot coffee in your right hand. He had been sitting quietly in the rare, comfortable silence that happened every once in awhile between the two of you, though he knew it would not last long as you always found something to laugh about. He sighed when your lips parted, preparing himself for another one of your awful puns.
  •  “Hey, Todoroki.”
  • “Yes, (Y/N)?”
  • “Words can’t espresso just how much you mean to me.”
  • You doubled over with laughter and held your sides at your own (self-proclaimed) amazing humor. Todoroki stared at you in silence before his hand darted out to grab the back of your head and crash his lips against yours. You immediately froze at his actions. The kiss lasted for several more seconds before he pulled back and looked seriously into your eyes. “Your smile is brew-tiful.”
  • Dear God, Todoroki Shouto just made a pun.
  • You laughed again, but this one was much calmer and shyer than your usual one and there was a bright pink tinting your cheeks. “Oh, um, well… chai love you a latte.”
  • And then he pulled you into another kiss.

Don’t be fooled by the cupcake-like object– it’s Trilobite Tuesday! One of the most prolific Silurian trilobite zones in North America can be found beneath the rugged yet picturesque landscape of remote Anticosti Island, Quebec. Surrounded by the surging waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it takes a hearty soul to reach this densely forested, decidedly out-of-the-way locale. But such a venture is apparently well worth the effort for those with a true Paleozoic passion.

Not only are the 6,000 foot thick sedimentary layers of Anticosti bursting with fossils– in some spots they’re quite literally falling out of the cliff-sides– but many of the trilobite specimens so-far discovered, including Diacalymene schucherti (seen here as an enrolled specimen), Failleana magnifica and Arctinurus anticostiensis, provide solid evidence that back some 430 million years ago this was home to a megafauna, one filled with trilobites of unusual size and spectacular preservation. After a major 2004 scientific revision, 52 trilobite species have now been recognized from Anticosti’s rich Silurian layers, comprising an impressive 30 genera. And while material from such formations as the Jupiter and Gun River may not be as well known to either scientists or collectors astrilobites from more renowned North American locales, as more academic and commercial expeditions head to this craggy outpost, Anticosti Island’s status as a trilobite haven seems destined to steadily increase.


Summary: Knowing how powerful a telepath you are, Steve seeks your help with Bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Telepath!Reader

Word Count: 1441

Warnings: none really

A/N: Its really just friendship fluff here, but there’s room for a sequel :) @nerdyandproud9

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“Yeah, but Steve, memories don’t work like that,” You laugh, sipping at the warm coffee. You watched as Steve sighed, looking lost as he discarded his coffee. You felt bad, considering he’d come to you in search of help.

You were a telepath; a gift given to you since before you were born to read people’s minds. It was a power you struggled to turn off, considering it took a matter of seconds before you could start shifting through their memories, learning their darkest secrets.

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Attractive World - “La brosse à dents.” (Director’s cut) 


“Charles, it’s been months since Erik died. I’m sorry i wasn’t there to accompany you. I know how much he meant for you. I’ll go back home as soon as i can.

Love, Raven.”


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