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(Kirishima, Kaminari and Katsuki hanging out in the common room) 

Kirishima: I can’t believe some of the things people throw away money on these days.

Kaminari: You’re right! I say if you’re gonna throw money away do it…at a wishing well maybe?

Katsuki: Tried, didn’t work.

Kaminari: Really, how come?

Katuski: You’re still here.


Attractive World - “La brosse à dents.” (Director’s cut) 


Pizza Head Halloween 90s Commercial Pizza Hut


“Charles, it’s been months since Erik died. I’m sorry i wasn’t there to accompany you. I know how much he meant for you. I’ll go back home as soon as i can.

Love, Raven.”


whenever dan makes phil watch something with him (kanye sets, f1, sports, etc), phil’s only stipulation is that he gets to snuggle with him on the couch - arm slung across dan’s waist, legs tangled together, head on dan’s chest. he gets to hear dan’s heartbeat accelerate every time something exciting happens on screen and uses it as an opportunity to laugh at his never- ending enthusiasm.

dan doesn’t mind because phil’s laughter resonates through his body and into his own, and it makes him feel safe and loved. plus it’s the perfect position for dan to plant kisses on the top of phil’s head during commercial breaks, hand stroking his back absentmindedly.