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Mike + Music HCs

((Mikes playlist on Spotify INSPIRED ME))

- Mike went out and bought an old Walkman (at this time I think they’d be around 5 years old) with the money he got for his 16th birthday

- He got a blank cassette to put his favourite songs on

- All the songs he picks, he heard at the other losers’ houses

- Songs include: Material Girl which he heard at Eddie’s house on his radio, Thriller which Richie showed him, Man in the Mirror, Kiss which he heard at Bill’s house, Under Pressure which was another one from Richie, Take on Me from Stan, Africa, Footloose, and so many more.

- Mike listens to his new music while he’s doing work around the farm

- His grandfather hates it, he says it’s a distraction and gets mad when he tries to talk to mike but he can’t hear

- He apologizes a lot every time his grandpa gets mad and he’s somewhat excused

- The bike ride from the Farm into town is pretty long but now that Mike has something to listen to, the ride is a lot more bearable

- The others already have their own music devices but they’re still really interested in Mike’s

- They’re always giving mike new songs that they like and giving him mixtapes to listen to since he has the most listening time out of all of them

- Sometimes when mike is in his room he will turn up the music and just dance and sing in his room

- One time ben caught him singing and was completely blown away by how good he was

- After that day, Ben always brings up how good Mike is at singing and the other losers beg him to show them but he’s too shy

- The only other loser that heard him sing is Stan when they were studying together (which includes review for Stan and also showing Mike a few things)

- Finally after like 3 months of begging, Mike finally sang for them

- It was Dont Stop Believin’ And mike went all out. Motioning with the song, swaying, he just let loose

- Of course the other losers were so supportive and they loved it so much. After he was done Beverly went up and hugged him for being so brave to finally do it

- After that, he was more comfortable and would sing more often

- Bill had a stereo at his house so when the losers had sleepovers there they would turn on the radio and all sing together. Mike and Richie always seemed to know all the words and would do some pretty sick performances together

- Mike would have such a big beautiful smile whenever he sang and danced

- It became somewhat of a hobby of his and everyone loved it

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Who's the mushiest of babies from the otp4

their all mushy fuckers. but lets break it down:

Puppy- he’s hurt mush. he’s big and tough with a wicked since of humor- but inside he’s all mush that can’t get out. He’s spent so long bottling it up to hide it from his bro that even when he’s somewhere safe enough to let it out, he doesn’t know how to any more. So it sits and festers and leaves him so so alone…

Edge- this boy. he’s secret mush. he’s stealth mush. you don’t know he’s mush till he’s sure he likes you and can trust you. though its a very short list of monsters who he’s that level of Comfortable with. not even his brother makes that list any more- its been a long long time since Red last saw his brother be mushy.

Cash- He’s open about his mush. he’s a big tough fell boi and don’t need to hide the fact that he needs a cuddle smooch sometimes. Anyone stupid enough to try and use that against him is going to get mind fucked.

Rus- Pure Mush. Rus is tale verse, he never knew there was such a thing as having to hide your mush till his paths crossed Edge, Puppy and Cash’s.

Random headcanons~

  • Part 1 of many
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-Dabs on them haters

-“So no head?” Many broken skateboards (Poor MC)

-Probably created the deep web

-Would be perfect for a L’Oréal commercial

-Would send MC and Yoosung bad memes in the middle of the night, just because he’s bored.

-Spams MC in the morning to wake up

-Time isn’t real, it’s a myth

-Sleeps whenever tf he wants

-Can’t be taken seriously

-Probably out of the whole team, gives the best advice

-Eats everything unhealthy nonstop, gets abs

-His fav vine is probably “What tHE FUCK IS UP KYLE!?” Or “mah dICK FELL OFF”

-Obviously covers depression with memes

-He’s a sad bean sprout

-Trust worthy of any secret

-Works his ass off

-Is called a cat abuser

-Could get away with murder

-Praises The Lord, But doesn’t act like it

-“Welcome to bible study, we’re all children of Jesus.” *Coke sniffing in the back*

-Wouldn’t actually do drugs

-Has a sweet heart and would do anything for his team members, especially if MC is in his life.

-Is a risk taker

-He’s genuinely and great guy and anyone says other wise they better have a valuable reason before I hire a hit man.

-He deserves the wORLD

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-This is my second, But first post for MM💓Hope you enjoyed the whack canons. I plan on posting more for the other babies💓

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headcanons of how protective/jealous Alpha!Fatgum would be over his Omega!s/o when it comes to being around other Alphas? (i'm sorry these have all been fatgum/fitgum thus far i just really love this man a lot ^^; ) -OmegaNon🐺

Oh yesh, this is perfect, I had fun with this and I honestly hope you enjoy these headcanons OmegaNon🐺!!! Also, keep these requests coming if you’ve got ‘em cause I love ‘em!

- Mod Eclipse  🍧🍧🍧

🍬 Okay, so it’s pretty hard to stir this alpha’s jealousy, like, insanely difficult.

🍬 If Fat Gum did become jealous, he’s not going to beat around the bush, though it depends on the situation!

🍬 If you’re chatting with another alpha and don’t notice his intentions (but Gummy does), he’s going to march straight over to you both and move his arms around you, pressing his nose to the spot behind your ears, scenting you while glaring at the alpha darkly, a low and deep growl of possession escaping him; guaranteed the alpha will back down at the scent of your alpha’s anger and possessive scent! Fat Gum is an intimidating alpha to any sane person when mad!

🍬 If you happen to be chatting to his two alpha sidekicks and neglecting him attention, he’ll get huffy and sit with you, pulling you into his lap while he nuzzles you and rubs your hips, making your conversation that much harder to continue on with.

🍬 If you’re purposely trying to rile up Gummy by going up to random alphas around Fat Gum, he absolutely loses his shit!

🍬 Not only does he feel betrayed by your actions, he feels angry at himself, thinking that he’s done something wrong to push you to do such a thing!

🍬 Gummy will actually result to absorbing you into his fat and bringing you somewhere private to sort out your issues! Prepare for a fight and some hot and steamy make up sex with a possible knotting!

Among the numerous illegal activities the Black family were involved in, this particular tradition took place when one came of age, and began the process of becoming an illegal animagus.

Of course, Sirius Black doesn’t wait seventeen years. He befriends a quiet boy whose eyes are too old and have too many secrets, and when these secrets are revealed, it is Sirius who knows what he needs to do. It is Sirius who steals heavy books from the section of the family library cloaked in dark spells. It is Sirius who recruits two other boys into his Black family tradition, only it isn’t just tradition anymore, and this is a different kind of family.

Walburga Black spoke with poison her whole life, and occasionally she killed with it too. A second cousin who put his hands where they were not granted. A house elf who heard secrets not meant for her ears. A healer who failed to save her daughter, barely two hours old and two years before she named her son after the brightest star in the sky. The bite of a black widow is not usually fatal to humans, but Walburga had always been a particularly venomous person, as her husband would often rage at her. She would rage back and remind him what spiders did to their mates once they had no use of them.

Orion Black wore the curved horns of a ram like a crown of armour, but they were useless when protecting his family name, the name he married his own blood for in order to keep pure. He preferred brute force over reason, which was effective when used to inflict fear and pain. Yet fear and pain were weak motivators when it came to blood traitor sons and crazed spouses. Orion was the leader of a flock scattered far across a field, and he did nothing when the wolves came howling.

Ten months after Regulus Black turns seventeen and ten months after the Dark Mark is branded in to his skin, he transforms into a sleek black cat in the middle of Grimmauld Place, surrounded by men in masks. Of course, Sirius hears about it eventually. He jokes how they always fought like cat and dog, but cannot bring himself to laugh. In many cultures, black cats are considered a bad omen, guardians of death. A year after he transforms, Regulus Black is drowned in a cave by an army of the dead, where he guards them forever.

Deaf! Lance

I’ve seen a lot of different Lance head canons and Au’s, but consider the following.

Lance looses his hearing after trying out a new weapon on Shiros and Alluras orders during a risky scuffle with the Galran. Only for him to not realize the weapon user is required to have ear protection due to the incredibly loud backlash. At the end of the fight Lance calms down enough to realize his ears are ringing and bleeding. That night he looses all his hearing in his right ear and most in his left.

He realizes that even if they go back to Earth he’ll never really hear his parents voice again, or hear his siblings gentle laughter, or the wind rustling through the trees.

It’s only when Lance is screaming in his room and sobbing does he hear a whisper of a sound- his own heart breaking with each scream.

Lance hears phantom noises, often tensing or shaking when it happens, often hearing the screaming from the dying Galran he had killed that day.

Shiro blames himself despite Lance telling him not to.

Shiro develops a habit of rubbing Lance’s ears and trying to be visible at all times whenever he’s around his boyfriend.

Head canon that Steve is an ass slapper to his SOs.

Tony standing at the counter, trying to pour in the perfect amount of creamer in his coffee when Steve walks by him and just slaps his ass without looking.

Tony leaning against a wall talking to Bruce about something that’s going to revolutionize things and Steve walks by and offers a hello and Tony opens his mouth to greet him back but all that comes out is a startled yelp as Steve slaps his ass and leaves.

Tony doing yoga with Natasha and nodding along as she tells him to do something and then nearly falling flat on his face when Steve walks by holding a heavy punching bag but he’s still got a hand free to slap his ass.

Tony bantering with Clint and then stopping mid-word, speechless, as Steve walks by and slaps his ass loudly enough that Clint looks horrified and whispers “oh my God did that hurt as much as it sounded like it did?” (Answer: A little bit, yeah.)

Tony explaining the concept of TV personalities to Thor even though he also doesn’t really understand and Steve comes up behind him and slaps his ass and tells him he’s going for a run and Thor is… not appalled, but he knows he’d never get away with slapping Jane’s ass as much as Steve slaps Tony’s and he’s sort of jealous and offended at the same time.

Tony nodding along as Steve asks if Bucky can stay with them and get rehabilitated and happily leaning in for a kiss when Steve wraps his arms around him, then shrieking when Steve grins cheekily and slaps his ass before dipping him for a kiss.

Bucky looking around, bewildered, because wtf the fuck? What the fuuuuck? What is this, the fucking Twilight Zone? “What the hell??? Steve?? You couldn’t get a date to save your life and now you’ve got a guy that lets you kiss him after you smack his ass? I don’t like this time I want to go back to the forties when you were awkward and ugly.”

“Steve was never ugly he was just short,” Tony retorts, and Steve beams smugly at Bucky and lifts his hand and very deliberately slaps his ass again.

Phantomhive Twins Headcanons

These are just a few of the headcanons I have for the Phantomhive twins. Feel free to disagree or add to this list. Some of these I have held for years while exploring the Two Ciels Theory…and now with recent developments, I’ve thought of many more…

1. They slept in the same bed while growing up and even after they started sleeping in separate beds, one would often join the other, especially on stormy nights.

2. Our!Ciel has never gone into their old bedroom since returning home as the Phantomhive head, which is why we as readers have not yet seen it.

3. Sebastian the dog would sleep on Our!Ciel’s bed when he was sick to comfort him. This may be one of the reasons why Our!Ciel named his demon after his dog, who was his protector and source of comfort.

4. Real!Ciel protected his younger brother while they were in captivity, even going so far as to volunteer himself for cult activities in his brother’s place so that he didn’t have to suffer them.

5. Winter was particularly bad for Our!Ciel, due to his asthma. He didn’t get to play outside very often, but when he did, Tanaka would bundle him up extra well so that he stayed warm.

6. The twins were evenly matched at chess.

7. Real!Ciel was more mischievous than Our!Ciel and would often get into trouble, or get his brother into trouble.

8. Vincent gave Real!Ciel the blue Phantomhive ring shortly before or on their 10th birthday, which is how the boys ended up with the ring at the cult.

9. Real!Ciel knew from a young age that he would one day become the head of the Phantomhive family, and this fact weighed down on him, though he would try not to show it.

10. Our!Ciel knew from a young age that he would not inherit anything as a second son, and thus harbored feelings of jealousy towards his brother, even though he still loved him.

11. Real!Ciel was always very protective of his younger brother.

12. Real!Ciel swallowed the blue Phantomhive ring while the boys were held captive to protect it from the kidnappers and the cultists.

13. The twins have a telepathic connection (think about Our!Ciel’s dreams/visions about his twin in the two most recent arcs).

14. Real!Ciel found strong women scary and thus didn’t want a strong wife, but Our!Ciel didn’t mind.

15. Our!Ciel, being more shy than his older twin, would simply go along with what his brother wanted to do, even if it was against his better judgement.

16. The words and actions of Our!Ciel since his return to the Phantomhive household are more representative of what he thinks his older brother would say or do than what he himself would say or do, since he has assumed his brother’s identity and repressed his former self.

17. Real!Ciel walked first but Our!Ciel spoke complete words first.

18. Vincent and Rachel went to great pains to ensure that both boys felt equally loved, right down to buying 2 of the same toys.

19. Real!Ciel spent more time with Vincent and Our!Ciel spent more time with Rachel.

20. Our!Ciel, being the younger, more sickly twin, never had great self-esteem. Thus, he feels tremendous survivor’s guilt over the death of his brother, and feels that his brother should have lived instead (another reason he took on his brother’s identity).

Bonus #1: Tanaka, Vincent, Rachel, Frances, and Angelina were the only people who could tell the twins apart.

Bonus #2: The boys loved playing hide and seek in and around the manor.

4 Jikook Soulmate AUs

1. Hair Woes

*Jimin loves dying his hair. Cotton candy pink, tangerine orange, platinum blonde, silver, you name it. He’s probably done it. He does so in hopes that he’ll see someone with the exact same shade as him to identify his soulmate.

*Jungkook is simple, he doesn’t plan on changing his black hair but his soulmate has different ideas. 

*He wakes up one day with a shock of baby pink hair and chokes on a scream. Brown was fine, blonde was fine, hell even orange or red was fine. But now he looks like a poofy cone of cotton candy and that totally clashes with the ocean blue t-shirt he was planning on wearing. 

*Jungkook grumbles while he tugs his black sweater sweater over his head, the only thing that looked okay in his eyes. His friends were never going to let him live down his image as the puffball he so vehemently denied being. 

*Jimin walks to his first class with a bounce in his step, feeling fresh with his new hair color. He spots a tuft of pastel pink hair in the distance and frowns because he thought he was the only one on campus to try that hair color first. 

*But then the boy catches sight of him and starts charging in his direction, finger pointed straight at him. Jimin points at his own chest, “Me?”

* “YOU! OF ALL COLORS!” And then it clicks, the fuming boy in front of him (he kind of looks like a puffed up bunny…) is his soulmate, which is why he had the same hair color. So his strategy did work after all. 

*Jimin envelops him in a hug immediately, catching Jungkook off-guard and effectively shutting him up. 

* “Nice to meet you soulmate! My name is Jimin! What’s your name?” The cheeriness drains the irritation out of Jungkook and replaces it with sudden shyness and a tiny squeak of “J-Jungkook.”

*Later, Jimin manages to convince Jungkook to let him keep the pink hair for a few weeks until he dyes it back to a soft hazel brown. He agrees on the condition that Jimin lets him borrow his sweaters since his clothes happen to match the crazy colors better than Jungkook’s collection of plain t-shirts. 

2. Complete the Heart

*Jungkook has half of a black and white chrysanthemum flower imprinted on his wrist, incomplete until he meets his soulmate. At least that’s what the expert who looked at his wrist said. 

*He meets Jimin through Taehyung and feels himself crushing hard immediately.  His face falls in disappointment when he sees that the half of a flower on Jimin’s wrist is a black and white dahlia, the flower he sees all the time on Hoseok hyung’s wrist. 

*But Jimin grabs his wrist once he sees it, eyes lighting up in excitement. “I finally met you! I’ve been looking for my soulmate for years!”

*Jungkook looks at him in confusion, because his soulmate is Hoseok hyung, not him no matter how much he wants it to be. 

*Then Jimin puts their wrists side-by-side and Jungkook’s eyes widen as they complete each other perfectly. “I thought…isn’t your flower a dahlia?”

*Jimin smiles at him, “No, a lot of people mistake it for dahlia flowers, but it’s actually a chrysanthemum. They look really similar don’t they?”

*Jungkook’s mouth quirks up in a smile because he got what he wanted for once in his life. 

3. Mental Link

*Voices start sounding in Jungkook’s head once he turns 18 which means his soulmate had turned 18 before him, his hyung. 

*At first he was annoyed, but he learned to tune it out when necessary. 

*Jimin was pleasantly surprised when he heard a soft, breathy voice in his head beside his. He decided he loved his soulmate’s voice the moment he heard it. 

*They’d met rather quickly, deciding on a cafe they both knew. Jungkook was very thankful he’d gotten lucky enough to meet his wonderful soulmate so early. 

*Their mental connection is rather handy. Jungkook has troubles in math so Jimin tells him what to do in his head during a test. That doesn’t count as cheating…right?

*When Jimin is bored in philosophy class (listening to Namjoon go on and on about the wonders of philosophy), he talks to Jungkook in his head. But that just means he randomly bursts out into laughter which makes everybody look at him weirdly. 

*Jimin gets worried when the voice in his head isn’t there. Turns out Jungkook is just spacing out and literally has no thoughts running through his head which explains the silence. He smacks the younger on the head when they see each other again. 

*Another time Jimin wants to hit his soulmate is when Jungkook reads hardcore smut and forgets that yes, Jimin can hear him reading out loud in his head. What’s worse is that Jimin needs to keep a straight face while he gives this presentation on the male anatomy. 

4. Red Strings

*Jimin has always been fascinated by the thing red string tied to his pinky, seeming to never end until he found his soulmate. 

*On the other hand, Jungkook gets annoyed. He has to tug at it in irritation when it gets caught on the car door or gets tangled up and knotted. But he doesn’t dare cut it loose, scared of breaking the bond.

*Jimin’s side of the string is smooth and intact while Jungkook’s side is frayed and little worn-down but still good. 

*Jimin decides to follow his string on a whim. Jungkook feels a tugging on his pinky and yanks at it, brushing it off. 

*The tugging gets more frequent until he yanks one more time and a small ‘oof’ is heard. He looks up and sees Jimin sprawled on the ground, Jungkook’s sudden yank on the string he was following pulling him down. 

* “Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry!” Jungkook helps him up immediately, not fully registering that he found his soulmate. 

*They spend the time getting to know each other (well Jungkook can’t even look Jimin in the eye yet), swapping phone numbers and promising to text.

*Jungkook plays with his string at night, tugging on it and wondering if Jimin can feel it on the other side. 

*Jimin often fiddles with the string when he’s nervous like he can feel Jungkook’s presence on the other side and relaxes. 

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i know you ship remadora but i was wondering what your thoughts were on the hospital scene from HBP?

(( OOC: Ah, yes. That scene. I know a lot of people find the hospital scene at the end of The Half-Blood Prince an uncomfortable interaction between Remus and Tonks, and I don’t disagree with you. However, I personally think that we are given such a lack of context surrounding that scene that it would be unfair to interpret it as a stand-alone interaction, especially given the fact it’s viewed completely through Harry’s narrative.

I’ve actually been doing some research recently on the timeline surrounding these events, and especially the period between the final two books perhaps you’ll find out why soon. Dumbledore’s death and the Battle of the Seven Potters took place roughly a month apart, at the end of June and the end of July 1997. During this time several things happened: the Order moved their base to The Burrow, there was another mass break-out of death eaters from Azkaban, and guess what else? Remus and Tonks got married.

Now a lot of people assume Remus and Tonks’ relationship didn’t officially start until after the hospital scene, when they were seen holding hands at Dumbledore’s funeral. But I think it’s massively unlikely that Remus and Tonks decided to become an official couple and then immediately get married… all within the space of a month?

A much more likely theory is that they had been in an established relationship for way longer than that, probably since the beginning of the Half-Blood Prince. We know Remus is an angsty little shit who refuses to believe that he’s good enough for anyone, let alone Tonks. She even says, “I’ve told you a million times…” so Remus and Tonks have been very aware of each others feelings for a while.

We also know Remus panicked and left Tonks after he found out she was pregnant - therefore it’s not entirely unlikely he may have done the same thing once before, because of an equally daunting situation. I think it’s likely that Remus realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tonks, completely freaked himself out, and left.

And listen - if your boyfriend went from madly in love with you to completely ignoring you… you’d bloody well confront him about it in a crowded hospital ward too. If Remus had been refusing to talk to Tonks for a couple of weeks, and that hospital scene was the first time he had been forced in a room with her, then no wonder she reacted how she did. And let’s be honest, at this point Remus definitely needed a few people telling him what an idiot he was being.

So, Remus chills out, let’s himself love the woman he wants without punishing himself, and marries Tonks like he wanted to all along. And they all lived happily ever after the end.

Of course, these are just my personal head canons - and if you disagree, cool. Ship who you wanna, they’re just fictional characters after all. But I think this theory works with what little canon information we have, and maybe explains some of the reasoning a little bit more. ))

supergirl headcanons

- Alex used to think it was normal to check other women out

  • she checked Astra out and convinced herself that it was a heterosexual thing to do
  • she honestly thought that she was just admiring how good other girls looked when really she was being gay

- Cat has watched scifi movies with Carter

  • she may not pay much attention to them but she watches them because he loves the movies
  • Carter is a movie geek and Cat may not like them she loves seeing him happy so she will buy all of the movies

- Kara is friends with near every baker in town

  • they all  love her because she leaves a tip and remembers the names of the employees
  • she taste tests new recopies for them some times

- Kara tries to have lunch at least once a week with the other super friends

  • she and Winn will geek out over a scifi movie
  • James and her usually joke about Clark and other things just enjoying the company
  • Lena and Kara will talk about the latest fake rumors about her and Lena always decides to pay for lunch
  • Cat will invite Kara to have lunch with her once a week at least usually under the guises of work but it always ends with them learning more about each other
  • Alex and sometimes Maggie get lunch usually they bring it to catco so Kara can work while they eat

- Lena owns an orphanage in national city

  • she visits every week, and ensures that the kids get the best care\
  • the media and even Kara does not know about it because she does not want the kids to feel like they are just  a charity project to her

- James likes to take pictures of nature in his fee time

  • when he was with his dad he used to take pictures of nature because  there was not all that much to photograph and after his dad’s death he continued to do it
  • it makes him feel closer to his dad so he does it when he has the time to, it makes him feel more at ease

- Winn convinces all of the super friends to watch movies together at least once a month

  • he deiced after every thing that it would be a good bonding experience for them all
  • they argue over the movie each time and they have a list of movies that have been banned

- Maggie pretends to be a lone wolf

  • she acts like she does not like working with other but she secretly enjoys the joking and how they all work in sync
  • at game nights she is one of the first to actually partner up for games, and not always with Alex

when i first saw that picture of eddie with his cast all i could think about was eddie coming back from the store with that written on his cast to richie. and richie noticing a tiny tear running down eddies cheek. richie rushing to him, kissing his nose and wiping it away while mumbling various curse words about “that fucking asshole” who drew on eddies cast. Richie then noticing a red marker on the floor, grabbing it and drawing a big red v over the s. eddie would then just sit there beat red and smiling like a dummy resisting the urge to lean over and kiss richie right then and there

Eddie having a panic attack and Beverly reaching for his backpack to find his inhaler. It takes too much time for her to look for it, so she unzips everything and dumps the entire bag out, folders and notebooks flying everywhere.

In the middle of the mess sits a beautiful, old inhaler that she snatches and shoves into Eddie’s mouth. He takes deep breaths against the lockers, still shaking, while Beverly tries to reorganize his things.

When she picks up a notebook with Richie Tozier across the top, along with little hearts and smiley faces and tons of “R+E”s and crudely drawn glasses, Beverly smiles a little bit to herself, doesn’t make a comment and sticks it back into Eddie’s backpack.

She’ll tell him that if he ever wants to talk about girls or love or, well, boys, with someone who doesn’t think with a penis, she’s here, but Beverly leaves it at that.

Eddie will come forward when he’s ready.

headcanon is that after sherlock met john he rushed out (and in fact, did not go to the mortuary) but rather went and grabbed all his stuff and moved in to 221b right that instant and told mrs. hudson “I’ve found him, oh my god, I’ve finally found him” and he tried his very best to decorate the flat all cute and mrs. hudson just watched fondly from the doorway as sherlock tried to decide where to put the drawing he did of his own feet and she helped move the chairs when sherlock was debating on where to put them and then as he left he hugged mrs. hudson and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said in a sort of dreamy way “we must be on our best behaviours tomorrow hudders, we’ve got john watson to impress.”  

Dragon Age LI’s with smartphones (part 1):

Alistair: he uses way too many emojis and writes just the way he speaks (yeeeeeees?). He sends funny gifs to everyone and swarms Morrigan’s phone with texts consisting solely on poop emojis (which really irritates her). He calls the warden in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep- and she’s sleeping right next to him (he finds this incredibly hilarious). He follows tons of mabari puppy accounts on instagram; he rarely posts any pictures (usually just pictures of cheese) but he loves uploading stories with silly filters. He has over a thousand books in his kindle app, and he loves the idea of carrying a whole library inside his pocket. He buys lots silly trinkets on aliexpress. He tweets whatever pops into his head, he always gets tons of likes and retweets.

Fenris: he ignores everyone’s texts, he never answers the phone (unless it’s Hawke). He spends a lot of time watching educational youtube videos, in secret. He’s a big fan of duolingo and never misses a day of practice- he’s hoarding lingots to unlock more lessons. He enjoys rage-reading tweets of people he hates and complaining out loud, while Hawke just nods and kisses his forehead. He absolutely hates emojis and gifs (only he secretly loves gifs, but he will never admit it). He collects pictures of bunnies. He accidentally subscribed to Anders’ blog updates and he doesn’t know how to make the emails stop; he decided it was best to create a new email account. 

Cullen: He uses a moderate amount of emojis, but he always uses them wrong (what? this wasn’t a smiling chocolate chip? and none told me? I’ve been using it for months!- cue giggles of everyone around him). He has a secret pinterest account only to follow the inquisitor’s account: that way he’ll always be able to surprise her with perfect little gifts. He uses the phone’s built-in calendar for everything, he’s a schedule freak. He has neatly arranged folders for all his apps. He has developed an addiction to bejeweled, which he plays even at the war table- he says he can quit whenever he wants, he just doesn’t want to yet.  He loves sending voice messages, long voice messages, and he records reminders for himself. He takes a lot of selfies just to check his hair, sometimes he forgets to erase them. He monitors facebook to see if the recruits are idling instead of working, he comments under their statuses (is this your way to help the inquisition, Jimmy?)

I can’t sleep and I keep thinking about Louis’s posts tonight and like analyzing and doing a close reading and like why did he use twitter and instagram? Why didn’t he just tweet always you or just make the full phrase the caption of the instagram? And then I realized that this way the message isn’t just ‘always you.’ With the picture, it’s also 'always me and you.’

So imagine that Aragorn invited Pippin, Merry and Sam and their families to Gondor after a few years. Faramir is waiting and suddenly a little kid ran past him and Pippin yelles “Faramir!” and both of them goes “yes?” and that’s how Faramir knows that Pippin named his little tiny hobbit kid with his name and he goes to Eowyn with teary eyes and yells from the halls. “MY LOVE WE ARE GONNA HAVE ANOTHER SON AND WE ARE GOING TO NAME HIM PEREGRIN!”