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Can you please stop petting my husband?

Original request: Can you do one where T'Challa gets turned into a cat by Loki, but then Captain America finds him and he doesn’t know he’s a cat and starts cuddling him and babying him until the reader, T'Challa’s wife, explains what happened?  I would die laughing!

A/N: this wonderfull human @cupcakequeen1999 keeps giving me those great ideas! Go check out her own writing blog @cupcakequeen1999-3 she is getting started and she is a great writer! Also I wrote this while our ‘Easter Family meeting’. Happy (late) Easter or what you celebrate! Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (oh god, you know me already don’t you?)

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader, Loki x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1.2 k

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James Potter Imagine 4

Just a lil something i came up with i hope y'all like it :)

also, ships are getting a little crazy ill try and keep up but please be patient!! :)

Your head immediately turned in the direction you heard the noise coming from. You spent a lot of time in the forbidden forest and it was dawn on a Saturday. You decided to just explore around, see what you could find, so you were obviously intrigued by the crunching leaves coming from your far left.

A stag gracefully walked out from the trees and made its way toward you. You held your breath in awe. You crouched down a bit and slowly walked towards it with your hand out. The stag looked as though it rolled its eyes and came bounding dowering you, bumping you with its head. You laughed to yourself and began petting it. 

“You should’ve seen it!” You were excitedly telling your best friends James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

Sirius smirked at James but you didn’t notice, too busy retelling your experience this morning to your friends. 

“I mean, It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The most gorgeous stag came out and it didn’t even look scared! It was magnificent!! I hope I get to see it again, it was astounding!”

Remus burst into laughter and you looked at him confused.


“N-nothing, nothing,” Remus calmed down.

“Well I think,” James said, sending an odd smile his friends way before turning to you, “it sounds amazing. I have no doubt that it is the most beautiful specimen ever.”

There was a moment of giggling and you remained totally and utterly confused. 

“What is so funny?!” you asked accusingly.

“Nothing!” Peter attempted to assure you. 

Sirius looked over to see an older Ravenclaw girl exiting the Great Hall. 

He winked to you and got up, “I’m gonna get going.”

You and Remus both rolled your eyes and James gave him a thumbs up.

“Alright, bye!” Peter shouted to him as he rushed off.

“Have you seen our deer friend James?” Sirius was asking you with a smirk.

“Why do you keep doing that?”


“You, James, Remus, even Peter! You keep asking me about James with that.. weird, creepy, look on your faces. And you won’t shut up about the deer I saw but you won’t tell me why you’re so intrigued!”

“I,” Sirius grinned, “have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

You stared at him blankly, waiting for him to continue.

“But,” Sirius licked his bottom lip, “you can go ask James what’s up.”

You groaned and began stopping towards the Gryffindor common room.

James was sitting in the boy’s dormitories by himself attempting get antlers to appear on his head without becoming a full stag. He was supposed to be writing his potions essay, but Evans would be sure to help him out later.

He had just gotten it when his door was swung open in an alarmingly violent manner. 

“Okay,” you began, clearly not noticing the large antlers on top of his head, “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I want it to stop! I told you like last week about that stag I saw and yeah, It was pretty groovy or whatever but I don’t see why you and your stupid friends are taking it this far!” 

You were pacing back and forth now, your arms swinging wildly as you complained to your crush, “I mean, honestly! If you had me in on the joke it would be fine, but you’re all just making fun of me!”

James remained silent, eyes wide, staring at you and praying you’d leave without noticing anything was amiss. 

“Well?” You shot at him angrily and turned to get an explanation for his silence.

James opened his mouth to explain but you held your hand up.

“Do… do you have…. antlers?”


“James, you have antlers.”

“Okay but its-”

“Merlin’s beard!” You cut him off, just putting two and two together, “You! It was you! Thats why everyone was so bloody weird!”

James smiled innocently, “Yep….” 

Your face fell, “So when I was talking about the stag…”

“You were talking about me…” James was attempting to be casual but you could see the smirk he was trying to hide.

“Oh my god!” You blushed and put your hands on your face. 

“Hey,” James said getting up and laughing, “it’s fine, it’s not like-”

“Ow!” Jame’s antlers got stuck between the posters of his bed and the wall, making you laugh.

He squatted down and turned his head to get himself unstuck, untangling the curtain from his antlers as he walked closer to you.

“I mean, if I’m that gorgeous as a stag, how beautiful do you think I am as a human?” He grinned cheekily.

You blushed and rolled your eyes, “Oh shut up.”

“If I do remember correctly, you said something along the lines of, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” is that right?” he said with a smirk. 

“James Potter, you are by far, the most conceited person I have ever met,” you said half serious-half joking.

“And you, y/n y/l/n, are by far the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

You grabbed his antlers and pulled him into a kiss, which ended in you both laughing as you looked into each others eyes.

“Besides me, of course,” James added. 

okay this turned out to be shit! hope u have a wonderful day!


Quick shoot of Hylia! Added a filter because the light was too bright, turned out really nice!
I love her posing so much. Very sturdy. Love her shoes too! Her feet are a bit too wide for them but it doesn’t show that much if you don’t pay attention to it.
The last 2 pictures are bonus pics, Chanel was wondering what I was doing on those shelves so she came to check it out and she gave some head bumps to my legs, that’s her way of saying I should pet her.

Those Pesky Cabinets

Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1500

Summary: Living in a dorm with your famous younger brother Sanha and his friends wasn’t easy, but at least you had someone something to look forward to after a tiring day…

Author’s Note: (I’m so bad at titles omg I’m sorry) Hey guys! this was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash and I’m actually really excited about this because I LOVE this idea, and because this is my first time doing a request!! Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors that I missed! Hope you like it! :)

- Admin Bekah

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A picture causes a thousand smiles

By E.L.B

This is an apology phanfic for @phan-and-destiel and everyone else I hurt emotionally with Evil’s last phanfic.

Disclaimer! Because I feel like I need to say this. This is a work of FICTION! Dan and Phil are two very good friends or they’re more than that and don’t want to share that with the internet (Because the internet is scary) AND I RESPECT THAT. This is just me creatively expressing my appreciation for everything they do for the Phandom!!!!  LET’S DO DIS SHIZ!!


Imma do a blip of what this will be about cause I don’t do that. After much deliberation Dan and Phil finally decide to come out to their crazy mental INSANE phans. But it’s not in a way anyone anticipated… except those few that “Called it”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluff with jimin,when you finally become his gf and he wants to remember every thing that you guys do.

Thanks for the request! I did my best, but Jimin’s not my strong suit. I hope you enjoy anyway!!! <3 Bibi

“Jagiiii!” Jimin called to you, wrapping his arms aroundyour waist. He kissed your neck gently while you giggled a little bit. “I missed you,” he grinned.

“It hasn’t been that long,” you murmured, smiling at him. You were standing outside in between a glittering lake and a lush set of trees, the grass of a beautiful meadow brushing against your bare calves. Your sundress blew lightly in the breeze, and you felt a bit self-conscious from how attached Jimin was to your hips. He pulled away from you after you bumped him with your elbow. You turned to face him, but you were surprised to see him with a small notebook in his hands.

“What are you doing?” you asked, tilting your head to see what he was writing.

“Nothing!” he said quickly, inadvertently jerking the notebook back towards his chest. You stared at him quizzically, but let it go. He put the small notebook back in his pocket and took your hand, leading you towards a small path near the trees. “It’s really pretty over here,” he smiled. He seemed slightly nervous, but it only made him cuter to you.

While the two of you walked, a small cat came out of the bushes and mewled at you. Jimin looked between you and the cat quickly before releasing your hand. He knelt down and offered his fingers to the cat, who sniffed them carefully. After some consideration, the little cat bumped her head against his head, asking to be pet. His face lit up as he grinned up at you, and you knelt down beside him to pet the cat, too.

The silver tabby trotted away after her fill of attention, and Jimin stared after her wistfully.

“She was really cute,” you laughed, seeing his pouting face. After you stood, your boyfriend took out his notebook again. Before he wrote anything, though, he glanced up at your hair.

“Oh, you have a…” He reached out and gently pulled a leaf from your hair, letting it go with the breeze. You adjusted your hair, tucking some locks behind your ears. He was scribbling soon, and you frowned at him.

“Really, what are you doing?” you persisted. You were very curious at this point.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, still writing. You snatched the notebook from him, and he looked surprised. His cheeks turned a light pink as he tried to get his notebook back. “No, wait! I’ll tell you, just don’t read it!” he pleaded, but it was too late.

We had our first kiss today. Her lips were so soft… She was blushing a lot. It was adorable.

She said ‘yes’ to becoming my girlfriend! We’re dating now. I’m really happy.

[F/N] is really beautiful right now. She let me hug her from behind. The scenery is really pretty…

I kissed her neck. It was really warm.

Your face flushed as you realized what it was.

“I was just trying to remember everything that happens, ya know? So can remember and be happy…” he trailed off, embarrassed. He couldn’t look at you, but you couldn’t look at him, either.

“Well, uh…” you started, “there’s a better way to do that.” He looked up at you hopefully.

“Can I see your phone?” you asked, holding out your hand. He gave it to you, and you stood close to him. You held up the phone to take a selfie with him; he smiled into the camera, but right before you snapped the picture, you kissed his cheek.

The picture came out well, catching your embarrassment and his surprise.

“If you want to take another one, just let me know,” you murmured. “You don’t have to ask me to take pictures, either.”

Jimin hugged you tightly after that.

“Thank you, Jagi.”

This is my little buddy, Otto. He is the spawn of Satan, and he purrs entirely too loud. His favorite hobbies include killing birds, dressing up in his lobster costume, running in between your legs while you’re walking down the stairs, head bumps, and being petted right above his nose.
He just wanted everyone to see how cute he is with a bow tie on. 😊

Because Willow wrote that Daddy!kink and spanking fic I asked for, then said something about trying to write Mickey asking Ian to be his Daddy the first time they do it and having to trash it, so I decided I needed to do this, even though no one’s asking for it.

Set in the future, no drugs, wife, baby or Terry. Unknown location, established/exclusive relationship.

“Ey! Where you at?” Mickey called as he unlocked the door to their apartment and let himself in.

“Back here!” Ian yelled back. He emerged from their shared bedroom to kiss his boyfriend. “Where ya been?”

“Some of us gotta work, remember?” Mickey scoffed as he threw his keys onto their tiny kitchen table. He moved to the living room to plop down on the couch and immediately started digging in the cushions. “Where the fuck is the remote?”

“Someone’s kinda wired,” Ian said as he bustled around the kitchen.

“It was a long day,” Mickey mumbled, still looking.

“Mick,” Ian said gently. He scooped the remote off the table and tossed it to him.

It hit Mickey square in the head.

“Fuck!” he hollered.

“Shit, shit,” Ian said, rushing over to him. “Fuck, I’m sorry, Mick. I thought you would catch it.”

“Well I fucking didn’t!”

“I’ll get you some ice.”

Mickey grabbed his wrist. “Don’t. Just..stay here.” He leaned into Ian’s shoulder.

“Want me to kiss it and make it better?” Ian teased.

“Fuck off,” Mickey grumbled.

Ian brought it hand up so he could run his fingers through Mickey’s hair. Mickey whined in the back of his throat. “You sure you’re okay?” Ian asked.

“I’m fine. That feels good.” Mickey lifted his head to bump against Ian’s hand when he stopped the petting.

Ian continued. “What happened today?”

Mickey shrugged.

“Tell me.”

“Why the fuck should I?”

“Mickey,” Ian probed. “I know what you need when you get like this. I can take care of you, but you have to do as you’re told. Remember?”

Mickey sighed. They didn’t do the Master/sub thing often, just when Mickey felt like this. Like he did now; like he was vibrating out of his bones, like he skin was too tight across his chest. Like his brain wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

He sighed again. “This fuckin’ bitch we’re working for. Doing her garage floor, you remember?”

Ian hummed.

“Anyways, she says we fucked up and wants us to fix it for free. For fucking free! All the guys are pissed at me. Sayin’ I should be the one to take a pay cut, ‘cause I’m the boss and whatever. When I told 'em fuck that, like five of them left. Just fucking left! Like I didn’t hire 'em when no one else would, take a chance on them.”

“They’ll be back,” Ian said once he was sure Mickey was done.

Mickey humphed. “You don’t know that.”

“I do,” Ian insisted. He tugged gently on Mickey’s hair. “You’re a fair, excellent man. And a great boss. They won’t find any better owner than you. They’ll be back.”

Mickey closed his eyes and nuzzled against Ian’s boney shoulder.

Ian bumped him playfully. “You know I’m right.”

“Yeah, yeah. You always think you are.”

“Because I usually am. Now. Is this all you need tonight?”

Mickey hesitated.

“No, it’s not,” Ian decided. “What is it? Tell me.”

Mickey shrugged. “I want you to take care of me. Make me not think.”

“Anything else?”

Mickey leaned away, looked down.

“What is it, Mick? I won’t know if you don’t tell me.”

“I wanted to ask you somethin’.”

“Go ahead.”

“It’s kinda weird.”

Ian laughed. “Nothing’s gonna sound weird to me, baby. Come on.”

“I was wondering.. if I could.. um, call you something else. Besides sir.”

Ian pursed his lips. “You don’t want to call me sir anymore?”

“No, no. I do. Just..something else too.”

Ian nodded, slowly grinning as he understood. “You want me to be your Daddy,” he whispered.

Mickey swallowed and nodded.

Ian ran his fingernails over Mickey’s back. “I’d love to be your Daddy, baby.”

Mickey finally met Ian’s eyes. “Thank you,” he said softly.

Ian leaned forward and kissed Mickey gently. He cupped his face and let his tongue slide against the older man’s. “Thank you, baby, for trusting me. Now, go to the room and strip.”


I know, I know. I might continue, if people like it?

Feline Lucky

Follow-up to this post.

Adrien starts displaying some cat-like tendencies, and Marinette is finding ways to cope.

One positive side effect of Marinette’s relationship with Adrien was the change in Cat Noir. He was noticeably more focused during battle. He’d been effective before, but he was doubly so now. They moved and fought together seamlessly, and taking down akumas had never been easier.

Of course, the change was not without its drawbacks.

For one, she had to hear his awful puns all the time now. He even texted them to her when he was stuck in a traffic or bored during a lengthy photo shoot. She pretended to hate them, but the closer they grew, the harder it was not to laugh at ridiculous messages like “I’m pawsitive these lights will melt me if I’m not rescued soon by my lady.” or “What’s a cat’s favorite part of the house? The claw-set!”

She and Adrien were officially a couple at school, much to Alya’s delight. The magic wore off quickly, however, when Alya realized just how nauseatingly cute Marinette and Adrien could be together.

“I swear if I hear one more stupid pet name…” Alya muttered darkly as Marinette gently combed Adrien’s hair.

Nino nodded, “It’s total overkill.”

Marinette snickered, “You’re just jealous Nino only ever calls you babe.”

Alya blushed and Nino stared, “Babe?”

“That’s not true. It’s not.” She glared at Marinette, “Stop trying to cause trouble, lovebug.”

Marinette just laughed, Adrien quickly joining her.

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Red and Green coming across a Mimikyuu who wants love. From Red.

Green nearly ran into his fiance as Red suddenly stopped in front of him, standing as still as a statue. 

Though they were on vacation, Red didn’t waste any time dragging Green out into the more forested and wild areas of Alola, ready to meet any pokemon that happened to stumble across them. Bright eyed with a large grin, Green couldn’t recall the last time Red looked so excited. 

However, their journey hadn’t gone that well. So far, neither of them had met any new pokemon from Alola. 

Well, until not that is. 

In the shadows of some trees, a small, lone shape was crouched down. Green couldn’t tell what it was doing and he couldn’t tell what pokemon it was either. 

Red didn’t let that deter him. He was already moving forwards. 

“Red!” Green hissed. “Be careful!”

Red threw Green a deadpan look, and Green scratched his neck awkwardly. “Yes, yes I know I know, champion but I can still worry.” 

Red sighed, and a small smile twitched at the corner of his lips. He turned back around and crept towards the small pokemon. 

Red was careful not to get too close to the little thing. As soon as he saw it tense, he stopped. He crouched down slowly, just as the pokemon turned around. 

It was small roughly the size of a pikachu- and was in a strange costume that looked just like the little electric mouse pokemon. Red’s eyes dropped down to the fake head to the two small dots in the middle of the costume’s body. They were wide, staring at Red. 

However, there wasn’t any fear, or even hostility that Red was expecting. No, it seemed to be as if it were studying him. 

Red smiled softly at the little pokemon. Though he had just reached Alola a few days ago, even he had picked up on its name- Mimikyuu- from legends that floated around the locals. 

“Red, what are-” Green started from behind, but Red waved him off, making his gestures gentle and slow. Without taking his eyes off the Mimikyuu, he reached back into his backpack and pulled out a small handful of berries. 

The bush behind Mimikyuu was empty. Red held out his hand, palm flat, so the bright berries shone. 

From behind Red, Green watched in utter amazement as the small, crooked pokemon crept up to Red, jumping back every time Red even slightly shifted. 

Now that Green thought about it, he had never really seen Red around wild pokemon. Did Red actually do this with every pokemon he encountered? Or was this just a special case? Green made a mental note to ask him about it later. 

Red didn’t shift when the Mimikyuu stopped before his hand and snatched a few berries from his palm, whipping around to eat them quickly before retrieving more. It didn’t let either Green or Red see it eat, but the small crunches gave away what it was doing. 

Red smiled and drew his hand back when his palm was empty. He sat down fully in the grass. 

The Mimikyuu paused and stared at Red for a long time. Suddenly, a strange, shrieking noise came from it, and it launched itself at Red.

“Red!” Green cried, running to his fiance’s side. But instead of seeing the Mimikyuu mauling Red as he suspected, the small pokemon was nuzzling into his bony chest, chirping in thanks. 

Red giggled, the small sound shocking Green and Green stilled. Red lifted a hand to put Mimikyuu, and Mimikyuu bumped its head into his hand, accepting the pet. 

“Looks like it likes you,” Green said, unable to keep the relief out of his voice.

Red nodded and patted the ground next to him. Green sat down next to Red. Though Mimikyuu gave Green a wary look, it did not move from Red’s lap. It began making an odd, snuffling purr, and settled into Red’s lap. Red continued to pet it, careful not to remove or move its costume around. 

Green found himself mesmerized once more by his fiance- his perfect, bright, and wide grin and his joyful scarlet eyes. He hadn’t quite seen an expression like that in… well, Green didn’t think he had ever seen an expression like that on Red’s face.

As Red continued to pet Mimikyuu, he reached back into his bag and pulled out a single pokeball. Green waited with bated breath to see what Red would do. 

Red held out the pokeball for Mimikyuu, who stopped nuzzling into him and instead sniffed it. It looked up at Red, then back down at the pokeball.

Red pointed at the pokeball, then pointed at Mimikyuu, then pointed at himself. He looked at it hopefully, and held out the ball for Mimikyuu. 

Mimikyuu stared at the pokeball, then back up at Red. And Green watched in utter shock as the pokemon gently butt its head against the pokeball, getting sucked inside the a flash of scarlet light. The pokeball flashed a couple of times, but whirred after only a few moments, clicking into place.

Mimikyuu was caught. 

Green jumped up to his feet. “I can’t believe-! You caught it by only feeding it a few berries!” Green rocked back and forth on his heels before starting a pace as Red stood up. “How-?!”

Red chuckled at Green’s antic and grabbed his hand gently, pulling him down for a kiss. Green made a small, surprised noise but quickly kissed back. 

“You know, every time I think you can’t surprise me anymore, you prove me wrong.” 

Red’s eyes widened at the admission, then hugged Green tightly. Green squeaked at the strength Red put into the hug, but hugged back just as tight. “You should let that little guy out. I think it wanted a bit more of your attention, you know.” 

Red nodded, and with an elated grin, Red called out Mimikyuu. 

Hold Me (00qad)

Alex stealthily walked out of the kitchen with long and sleek strides, munching on a gingerbread cookie and thoroughly feeling like a misbehaving child who wouldn’t wait for the biscuits to cool down and immediately steal them; he had never done something similar - he had never eaten homemade gingerbread biscuits.

As he swallowed down the last bite, Alex’s eyes took in the way James was slumped on the sofa, a deep furrow in the middle of his forehead and his eyes crinkled at the corners in deep concentration, a finger following the rim of a tumbler filled with whiskey. He sat down next to him, enveloping an hand around his knee in silent comfort: he understood the heavy cloud of sadness that weighed down James during the festive season, the way his mind obsessed over the few memories he would still have of his parents celebrating Christmas together and giving him presents “Q has made a mess of the kitchen”

“He always does” James answered, briefly glancing up at Alex and thinly smiling at him before going back to staring into the amber-hued depths of his drink as if trying to find something he had lost; it was more calming than looking into the other’s man keen irises, hellbent on unravelling his thoughts and easily read his mind.

Alex quietly acknowledged James’ desire of privacy and tentatively closed the space between them, resting his head on his shoulder and subtly inhaled the scents of gunpowder and expensive cologne clinging to his tanned skin; he always feared of resulting too needy when in James’ company, intimidated by the coldness seeping from his muscled frame - it was an irrational fear: James had held him in his arms and kissed his mouth as fervently as Q and Danny did “Someone should teach him how to cook”

“If Danny hasn’t managed yet, it means that Q is a lost cause” James pointed out with a trace of hilarity in his deep voice while trailing a digit along the edge of Alex’s hairline before slipping his fingers in his soft, chocolate-colored waves in a tender caress; all of his lovers seemed to be particularly sensitive when it came to their hair being petted and James was never averse about indulging them.

Alex sighed deeply, pleasure simmering softly under the sensitive skin of his scalp “True” he agreed “It’s ridiculous, though: a grown man unable to even make himself a plate of scrambled eggs”

“If he could, Q would live entirely on tea, sweets and takeaway” Before James had started dating Q, the young quartermaster had often forgotten to eat and had claimed that a packet of vinegar-spiced crisps constituted an adequate meal for a man in his thirties; removing those filthy and unhealthy habits from his mind had been a long and gruelling work for James, who had spent the first months of their relationship popping in Q-branch only to bring Q some balanced meals. Luckily, now he also had Alex and Danny helping him feeding Q “I don’t understand why: he actually likes eating”

Alex hummed “He likes working more” he mumbled as his eyelids slipped close, bliss and contentment rushing through his veins.

James dropped a kiss on his forehead and snorted when he felt a set of paws gracefully landing on him and a fluffy head bump against his stomach, requesting some petting. As he looked down to get rid of his glass, he saw that it was Pampuria - the vaguely obese white Persian - demanding cuddles and groaned at the idea of having white hairs allover his suit “You’re a meanie” He pouted.

Pampuria scrunched up its nose and mewled displeasedly; James was ready to bet on his career in MI6 that Danny had taught to the bloody cats how to understand English.

“Stop talking to the cats: you sound like Q” Q was the official crazy cat lady in their relationship, who would spend hours petting those little monsters and cooing over them like a mother lovestruck by her children.

James huffed and bent his head down to shut Alex up with a kiss, his tongue tracing those soft and plump lips in a way that clearly asked for permission to plunder his mouth. The other man promptly granted him access, welcoming him in the slick warmth of his moist cavern that still tasted of stolen biscuits; the heavy tang of whiskey and the crisp taste of gingerbread mixed on their taste buds and drew an appreciative groan from both of the men “Did you steal the cookies from under our lovers’ noses, Mr. Turner?”

Hearing James calling him by his surname with that honey-dripping voice made a deep blush blossom under Alex’s skin “Are you planning to tell them, Mr. Bond?”

“There’s no need” Q voice was playfully stern and as the spies looked up at him, they saw a gleeful grin painted on his lips “Really Alex, stealing the biscuits is something I imagined James would do” he said as he bent down to retrieve a still huffing Pampuria in his arms and sat down in James’ lap, long and spidery fingers scratching the cat inbetween its ears and his head resting against James’ chest, close to Alex’s face.

“Where’s Danny?”

“Still in the kitchen”

“Oohh, did he finally evict you?” James teased.

Q harrumphed, immediately backed by Pampuria’s hissing “It’s not my fault the decorating thing wouldn’t work”

“You made the pastry bag explode, didn’t you?” Alex sighed fondly while James’ laughter shook them.

“It clearly was defective” Q sniffed.

“Or maybe it’s you, who’s defective” Danny quipped in.

Alex looked up and smiled at him, taking in the smudge of flour whitening his cheek “Come here, love”

Danny quickly cuddled into Alex’s side and leaned in to kiss James’ stubbled cheek; the rich scent of whiskey made worry sink its sharp claws in his lungs - James mostly drank when he was upset - but he squashed it, thinking that probably Alex had already done something to uplift their lover’s spirits “I love you” Three different voices echoed him warmly, making Danny dizzy with happiness: it had been a very long time since he has enjoyed Christmas and he felt so blessed at having the possibility of spending it with three men he adored so much. He wanted James to be as happy as he was but Alex, who was basically experiencing a real Christmas for the first time, and Q, whose mother still sent him the most awful presents and tender cards, had explained him how James probably missed his parents during the festivities; he couldn’t understand, not really: just like Q, he had had a normal childhood and his parents had loved him before he had come out to them - and for that reason he would make sure that year after year, they gave James some good memories to hold on to and make Christmas a better time of the year for him.


And now…

The Sob Story!

I have four pets, so as you can imagine I have to make frequent trips to the pet store. Whenever I go down I usually drop by the lizard and bird enclosures to see what they have available. I am of the opinion that pet stores shouldn’t sell actual animals, but that is neither here nor there.

I was checking out the Canaries when I heard tapping on the glass above me. When I stood up, I saw the enclosure held a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure. Now, anyone that knows Conures knows they are very bouncy, active, and EXTREMELY social.

This little guy was in his cage alone, and so desperate for attention he kept bumping his head against the glass to try and get pets while I was holding my finger up. 

I went to visit him again today and there’s some good news; he’s not depressed, but as the sales associate I spoke to said, he gets very lonely. They have 600+ animals in the store and can only spend 15 minutes a day with him sometimes. And worse, he’s been there since November - 7 months as of today.

I want to get him out of there before he does get depressed. In all likelihood I won’t be able to keep him - and I’ll probably get my ass kicked for sneaking him into the house when I do - but I just want to get the bird out of there. You know, before corporate deems him ‘unsaleable.’

I did the math, and I’ll need about $938.00 - $998.00 to get all of the supplies needed for him, which I’ll list now so people have an idea of where the money is going;

Conure - $539.00
Parrot Starter Kit - $169.00
Cage Top Gym - $24.00
Crumbled Paper Litter - $17.00
Bird Snuggle Hut - $15.00
Rope Ladder Toy - $8.00
Kabob Chew Toy - $9.00
Disco Ball Bell Toy - $5.00
Bird Swing - $5.00
Food, Main, Nutri-Berries - $37.00
Food, Supplement, Conure seed - $23.00
Vitamin Supplement - $18.00
Cuttlebone+Holder - $15.00

I get a welfare check for $310.00 every month - HOPING to get a call back on one of the many resumes I’ve put out so I can switch off welfare then just work my butt off, but for now that’s my source of income. So, I could save up in three months, not including this one as my older dog has vet expenses. BUT I would like to speed the process, if only to get him into a home sooner.

Also, I’m naming him Dipper.

Reblogs very much appreciated.

So here’s the good stuff! 

So with that in mind, cheap commissions! 

What Will I Draw?

Pretty much anything! Though I do reserve the right to say no, and that’s legit the worst thing that can happen. Just ask, and I will try. My already low standards are practically non-existent at the moment.

Most examples are under the cut for length.

Sketches - $5.00

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Mia is a Scottish Fold which accounts for the adorable ears.  She has osteochondrodysplasia which accounts for the lack of speed.

Her condition doesn’t really bother her much - it just means she doesn’t move around as quickly as she used to.  Of course, she’s a senior lady at 11 years-old, so that also helps explain her slow but steady pace.

After 5 years living outside, the wonderful people at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Springfield, Oregon, scooped her up and are dedicated to finding a great home for Mia’s golden years.

Mia is super-loving and affectionate.  She gets so excited to see people that she chirps her hellos! She also loves giving kitty head bumps, lying in laps, and hanging out on sunny windowsills. 

She’s a little uneasy around quick-moving cats, but gets along fine with calm kitties who respect her speed and her age.

Call Beth at 541-255-9296 for more on Mia!

good things that dogs do:
- the lil pat click pat click thing their paws do when they walk on hard surfaces
- when their entire backside wags when they wag their lil nub tails
- when they kick their feet up like a lil happy dance when they walk
- when they bump yr hand over their head bc they want u to pet them

Rules and Regulations

Written for the Destiel Ficlet Challenge

Prompt: Lights and Cameras

Partner: Irebelledforthis


Castiel will never understand how the person responsible for delivering mail to the apartment building keeps their job.  How difficult is it to tell a three from a four?  He’s lost track of how many times he’s ended up with mail in his box addressed to the apartment directly above his.  Usually, it’s those advertising flyers that everyone gets or the occasional credit card offer.  Once it was a glossy magazine all about cars or mechanics or something.  For the most part, he’ll recycle the ads or, if it looks like something worth keeping, he’ll leave it on the little table next to the mailboxes.  This one, though.  This one looks important. 

It’s from the department of traffic enforcement. 

Castiel turns the envelope over in his hands as he decides what to do.  He could chance leaving it here for his neighbor to find.  But what if it’s a summons or legal matter?  If it gets lost or thrown out and some sort of penalty results, well, then at a certain level, it would be his fault.  It’s probably best if he takes it directly up to apartment 4C where Dean Winchester lives.

He climbs the stairs to the fourth floor.  The long, white-painted hallway with the fraying grey carpet looks identical to his own on the third floor.  Just like his, apartment 4C is the second door on the right.  Standing outside, he can hear rock and roll music playing through the door.  He’ll knock one time, he decides, and if there’s no answer then he’ll slip the envelope under the door. 

It’s not like he doesn’t know who Dean Winchester is.  He’s spent the last three months living beneath him and in that time, he’s learned to recognize some of the classic rock he insists on playing most nights and there’s no mistaking the sleek black car he keeps parked in the lot.  Everything about him is loud and brash and Castiel is quite sure that Dean is never lacking for female attention.  With that swagger and leather jacket and those green eyes—

Castiel only realizes he’s still standing motionless outside Dean’s door when the door from the stairs opens.  Turning, he sees a woman digging keys out of her purse to open 4B.  He nods a greeting to her, then raps quickly on the door.  


Immediately he hears footsteps approaching and, for a quick moment considers shoving the envelope under the door and dashing for the stairs.   But then the door opens and Dean is standing there, the music louder now.  He’s dressed in a well-worn green Henley and Castiel might be more than a little distracted by the way he has the sleeves pushed up.

Probably he should say something instead of standing here with the envelope clutched in one hand.

Dean furrows his brow.  “Cas, right?  From downstairs?”  Before Castiel can respond, Dean’s eyes widen.  “Oh hey, man, is the music too loud?  I didn’t think it was but I can turn it down if it’s bothering you.”

“No, no.  That’s not it,” Castiel says.  “I, uh, this was in my mailbox and it looks important so—“

”Come on in,” Dean says, taking the envelope from him while opening the door wider and stepping back. 

Castiel had no intention of talking to Dean, much less entering his apartment, but he finds himself taking a few steps inside.  As Dean closes the door behind them, Castiel chances a quick look around.  The layout of Dean’s apartment is identical to his own, of course, but Dean’s is sparsely furnished.  A futon sits in the middle of the living room facing a small television perched on an unfinished chest of drawers.  An actual record player is surrounded by a couple of bright orange milk crates filled with albums.  Castiel doesn’t have a lot of furniture either but his favorite armchair holds the blanket his sister crocheted for him and the south-facing window is lined with a variety of plants that thrive in the sunshine. 

While he’s looking around, Dean has opened the envelope and he’s peering at the papers inside.

“You have got to be kidding me,” he says.  He thrusts the paper at Castiel.  “Can you believe this?  This crap can’t actually be legal.”  He rattles the papers until Castiel takes them from his hand.

It’s a traffic ticket for a red light run at the intersection of Fifth and Sullivan Streets.  It includes a photo taken from the traffic camera mounted on a light pole. 

“How can that be proof?” Dean argues.  “Those things are probably rigged.”

Castiel studies the picture.  “It certainly appears to be your car,” he says.  “It’s pretty distinctive and that is your license plate, correct?” 

Dean snatches the picture back.  “Okay, but look.  That might not even be me driving.”

Castiel wonders if Dean has a girlfriend he lets drive what appears to be his prized possession.  “Has someone else been driving your car?” he ventures.

“Of course not!”  Dean looks horrified at the very thought.  “But my point is that you can’t tell it’s me so how can it be legal?”  He looks smug now, pleased with his own argument.

Castiel holds out the letter that accompanied the picture.  “It says here that you can appear in traffic court if you wish to contest it.”

Dean pushes a hand through his hair and Castiel pretends not to notice the way it stands in short spikes.  “Shit.  Two hundred and eighteen bucks.”

Castiel can see that he’s upset.  He knows he should say something comforting at this point.  But the logical part of his brain overrides things and what comes out is, “Perhaps next time you’d be better off not breaking the law.”

Dean stares at him for a long moment, surprising Castiel when his mouth curves into a smile.  “Oh, a goody-two-shoes, huh?” He takes a step towards Castiel, leans in and winks.  “I know your type, Cas.  Usually means you’re hiding something.” 

Castiel feels his face redden as he pushes the paper back to Dean.  “Good luck,” he says as he hurries to the door.

Downstairs he opens his own door just enough to slip inside, then closes it firmly behind him.  He leans against the door and breathes, listening to the muffled sound of Dean’s music from the floor above.  When he feels something warm brush against his ankle, he bends down and scoops up the skinny black cat.  Golden eyes peer up at him as the cat relaxes in his arms.

“Nobody knows you’re here but me,” he assures her.  “It’ll be fine.”


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Comforting Curls

Title: Comforting Curls

Pairing: Grubin

Summary:  There was something reassuring about Joel wanting his hair played with. Something about knowing that even if Joel had had a bad day, Bruce could make him feel better by doing such a mundane thing.

Notes: I live for fluff and boys with curly hair, so there’s nothing better for my first attempt at shiphaus then the combination.

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