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It’s Dragon Appreciation Day, something our museum does with gusto. Meet Draorex hogwartsia, a species of bone-head dinosaur that the museum named in 2006. Its name means “dragon king of Hogwarts”, giving a shout out to both dragons and the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. You can appreciate this dragon-looking dino by checking out his bizarre skull in our Big, Bad and Bizarre exhibit, or see a cast of his skeleton in Dinosphere.

me: isn’t it funny how batman used bats as a symbol to showcase fear because that’s what hollywood established with their horror or otherwise movies early on, when in reality the majority of the species are cudddly and resemble kind-hearted sweethearts that crave pats and hugs?

bruce wayne in his corner, secretly wanting exactly that but never having bothered to correct anyone on what they assumed his batman gig was all about: 😢


Marine Frank™ [requested by: @marinefrank]

You were about to make a medical comment, Jim?

So, I was thinking about what a goddamn badass Leonard McCoy is.

Actually, I was thinking about drug shortages. I am a resident in the United States. The United States of America. First world medicine, folks. And sometimes - all too frequently - I have to revise the treatment plan of a healthy patient undergoing elective surgery because I do not have access to the ideal drug.

In other words, I compromise.

That’s a sickening feeling, friends. 

Which brings me back to Bones.

Bones, Chief Medical Officer on a five year mission in deep space, where no man has gone before. Bones, who cares so goddamn deeply. Bones, desperately filing requisition forms for medications that he has no hope of receiving in the foreseeable future. Bones, elbow deep in a unfortunate ensign that caught the wrong end of a blast in engineering, sweat dripping in his eyes, nagging thoughts of, “is his name Jason or Joseph?” Bones, mad as hell because medical takes another budget cut. Bones praying frantically to a god he doesn’t believe in, “oh, please, not again.” Bones, eyeballing a unknown species and making a quick judgment call, based on a hasty heart rate estimate and an eyeballed weight, the effective loading dose of a - probably - renal toxic drug. Bones, hissing at Spock to shut the hell up, all the while making his own calculations. Bones, who years after the mission has ended, bolts up out of a dead sleep in a panic of adrenaline, because endless nights of call have made gentle awakenings impossible. Bones, staring dumbstruck at Starfleet Medical’s supply rooms. Bones, dedicatedly carting his tiny medkit on his hip, facing an alien world with a tricorder and a few hypos. Bones, hiding in his quarters for days, pouring over all of the federation’s published xenophysiology records, searching for a connection, wondering where it went wrong. Bones replaying the day’s scene in his mind, fear still gripping his chest as Jim sleeps peacefully in the biobed. Bones alone in the field, performing a bilateral finger thoracostomy on a blue-lipped yeoman who reminds him a little too much of Joanna (if somebody does not write this fic, I will). Bones, fresh out of med school, feverently murmuring his oath with conviction and wide-eyed naivety. Bones blaming himself. Bones bitching about the unpredictability of genetically modified antimicrobials. Bones needing a goddamn drink. Bones, contemplating the nuances of therapeutic nihilism. Bones, forcing himself to meet Jim’s eyes as Jim officiates a funeral. Bones, calculating pharmacokinetics in his head. Bones, knowing there was nothing to be done, but dammit, what if? Bones, painstakingly documenting his every discovery, every treatment plan, every failure and every triumph, for the next generation of medical professionals. Bones in his office with his head in his hands. Bones, absolutely giddy and shaking with relief, “Don’t be so melodramatic; you were barely dead.”

Practicing medicine is terrifying. Every day, I am horrified at the thought that I will not be able to provide for my patients. I love my field with every breath in my body, but the responsibility is overwhelming, and sobering.

Disease and danger, indeed.

“By golly, Jim, I’m beginning to think I can cure a rainy day.

Yeah, Leonard McCoy. I think you can.

bts scenario: comfort

for some reason, fluff always does way way worse in terms of notes and it makes me sad :( like i’m a horny bitch too but who doesn’t want some love every once and awhile. anyway, enjoy! xx

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jin: jin’s long fingers trailed lightly over the skin of your shoulder as you leaned into him. you had been stressed lately and jin decided tonight would be a good night to shower you in love. “you’re doing so good baby,” jin praised, “working so hard.” jin’s fingers continued to trail over your body as he left loving kisses in their wake. your eyes closed as you bathed in the comfort and after awhile you fell asleep in jin’s arms, warm and soft. 

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yoongi: “it’s okay, baby,” yoongi spoke softly, “cry it out.” the dam behind your eyes broke and tears began to trail down your face, biting your lip to try and hold in the sounds. yoongi softly shushed you and pulled you into his arms, his hands running comfortingly up and down your back. soft kisses were placed on the crown of your head as your sobs began to slow. “feeling better?” yoongi asked with a soft smile. you nodded, pulling him into a kiss. 

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hoseok: hoseok knew as soon as he saw your tense shoulders and turned brow that you were stressed. you frantically moved around the kitchen as you prepared lunch for all of the boys. of course, all of them having specific diets and it was too much for you to remember who could and couldn’t eat what. “baby, take a break,” hoseok said as he came to massage your shoulders, his voice giving no room for argument. “come lay with me yeah?” a kiss was placed on your shoulder. 

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namjoon: namjoon’s finger lightly tangled in your hair as he ran his fingers through the soft strands. “take some deep breaths with me, okay?” he asked and you followed his slow breathing. the stress from your shoulders seemed to loosen and you placed your head against his collar bone, “thank you, joonie.” namjoon shook his head, “no need to thank me, babe, i don’t like seeing you this stressed.” you smiled up at him and leaned into his embrace, finally feeling content. 

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jimin: “smile for me, baby?” jimin asked as he took your hands in his. you shook your head and you hid your face in the crevice of his shoulder. “babyyy, my baby, my love, my life, please smile for me.” you couldn’t help as the nicknames brought a smile to your face. jimin smiled his adorable eye smile as he watched you, “there we go, my beautiful baby.” you blushed and tried to push him away but jimin just pulled you closer, “let me love you.” 

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taehyung: as soon as taehyung found out you were feeling stressed, he picked you up and held you close to him, never letting you go. “tae,” you begged as you tried to squirm out of his arms. “nope, you’re not leaving until you feel better.” you huffed but eventually relaxed into his arms. taehyung began to slowly massage the tension from your lower back and after a few minutes he noticed your slowed breathing. “sleep well, baby.” 

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jungkook: jungkook’s strong arms held you close to his body as he trailed kisses down your neck. “take tomorrow off, okay baby?” he didn’t give you a chance to reply as he captured your lips with his. pulling away for air, jungkook began to place kisses all over your face. you couldn’t help but giggle at the ticklish feeling and he finally ended with a last kiss on the tip of your nose. “now there’s that beautiful smile that i love so much.” 

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Remy - Ratatouille Ham Potato Leek Soup

“Boneapetit!” - Remy


  • 3-4 Russet Potatoes (Sliced)
  • 2 Leeks
  • 3 Tpbs Butter
  • 3 ½ Cups Chicken Broth 
  • 1 Large Rat
  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream
  • 1 Large Onion (Finely Diced)
  • 1 Pinch of Chives (Per Bowl)


  1. Melt butter in saucepan on medium heat. Add onions and leeks. Cook until onions are translucent.
  1. Prepare Rat by skinning and gutting. Remove head, tail, and bones. then dice into cubes, sauteing the chunks in separate pan with oil. Season with Salt and Pepper to taste
  1. Transfer both into large cooking pot along with sliced potatoes. Add in your Chicken Broth.
  1. Using Potato masher, mash potatoes until desired consistency and texture. Then add in your Heavy Cream. Feel free to add more cream if you desire a more creamy soup. Stir well and and let sit for 5 minutes before serving. Top with Chives.

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