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instead of richie saying “welcome to the losers club asshole!” he says “stop saying i look like chicken little! hes a coward! and i am NOT a coward” then he just fucking bashes pennywises head in with a baseball bat


Imagine being Negan’s little sister. You can keep him in check every once in a while, but not always. So when word gets around about the Alexandria community coming under new authority, Negan wants to pay them a little visit and let them know who it is that’s really in charge.

Author’s Note: That gruesome head bashing of two of Rick’s group never happened. Alexandria has heard tales about ‘Negan’, but have so far escaped their notice. At least, they think they’ve escaped notice. Also, beware of swearing! It is Negan we’re dealing with, so… :)

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Daryl X Reader

Rise and shine, Princess! Time out is officially over.”

Jerking out of the peaceful slumber you had been in just moments before, it takes you a moment to gather your wits before blindly reaching for the plastic clock you know is sitting on your nightstand and chuck it at your bedroom door. It breaks apart on impact.

Now is that anyway to treat your favorite brother? Up and at 'em, sweet cheeks. We’re rolling out in ten.”

“You’re my only brother, jackass.” You hear Negan scoff on the other side of the door. “And you couldn’t have given me an earlier warning?!”

Move it. Now! Or you can stay put for another day. See if I care.”

Grumbling all the while, you push yourself out of bed and start dressing for a day outside the walls. After all, this whole time-out business was total bullshit and it wasn’t your fault your brother’s wives were so fuckin’ sensitive. Because seriously, who knew that putting one of his wives in their place when she got a little too mouthy would lead your brother to banning you from your normal duties around the compound.

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Playing with Fire | m.yg

So you summon a witch, not prepared to get burned.

firewitch!suga/yoongi short/drabble?/oneshot?

genre: some comedic aspects and idk loll

word count: 2.7k

A/N: In spirit of Halloween lol??? 🎃 I just thought he looked the part from this picture 😆

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Audrey Jensen + weapons

the final destination movies really are filled with great life lessons like don’t drive anywhere near trucks with big ass logs bc you will get your head bashed through the back of your car and don’t use a tanning bed because you will literally burn to a crisp… truly words of wisdom i will carry with me for the rest of my life

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The future brings bees. Bees and honey. Sort of a double edged sword.

Taurus: If we could make friends out of clay they wouldn’t necessarily be worth less than normal friends, but please come outside. We miss you.

Gemini: You can hide from a lack of something. Fear of empty spaces is unfortunately common.

Cancer: People who say that neon colored things are artificial has never tried eating flowers.

Leo: Improperly formed curses can go haywire, bounding off and smacking into things with no real rhyme or reason. Its not your fault.

Virgo: There is the person you pretend you are and the person you pretend you are not. Bash their heads together to knock them out simultaneously.

Libra: The cartoon dogs in the walls are curious things. They have not seen a person in a long long time.

Scorpio: The elastic of your underwear can make an excellent slingshot in an emergency.

Ophiuchus: The stars and I are sorry to say, your intense desire to hunt and kill the seventh president of the united states is doomed. He is dead.

Sagittarius: It cares little if you ignore it. Its not looking for attention.

Capricorn: Build so many bridges it becomes impossible to see the sun. You are the spider to this web of infrastructure.

Aquarius: Try something new. Don’t break the skin.

Pisces: As long as golf continues to exist you will be plagued with nightmares.

Just because Trini is just as strong as the other Rangers, it doesn’t mean it (always) makes up for her height.

Like when Kimberly is on Trini’s shoulders to play chicken in Kimberly’s pool against Zack (on the bottom) and Jason (on top), because Trini insists she can handle it and won’t play any other way.

…Except Trini spends the whole time jumping so she doesn’t drown while Kimberly kicks her for continually threatening to lose balance, shouting, “That’s not how you win the game, Trini! For the love of - ! Just let me hold you!” in between Trini’s own (half-burbled) shouts of, “Never! I got this! Just. Stop. Moving, you amazon!”

Signs in a Zombie Apocalypse

The fearless leader who is done with crap and somehow knows what the hell is going on: Capricorn, Sagittarius

The one with the guns and blowing crap up: Aries, Gemini

Goes on a risky supply run because they don’t care about crap they just care about food might as well die trying right: Taurus, Leo

Screams but bashes zombies’ heads in anyway: Libra, Scorpio

Hides in the cellar or attic or some random house and boards up all the windows: Pisces, Virgo

Is the zombie: Cancer, Aquarius

Dragons are British

So i think you might like to hear what draconic langue in my game so my two players that are dragon borns got in a cussing match but the actual players use British slang and gestures so now the draconic langue is now British insults and hand gestures

For example the two were fighting over how to fight a boss
Gold (in common) im tired of ur shit man
Silver(in common) yea but at least im using my brain
Our cleric starts to get uncomfortable and looks like they are gonna cry
Gold(in common) lets use our native tongue to finish this
Gold(in draconic) oi mate ya fukn wanker at lest shes not a gerbil and my father dosent smell of elderberrys (flips off silver)

Yea so this is what our game is now

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If you were to advise young girls on what to look out for in guys, what would some of the things be?

typically my advice is to stay away from men for as long as possible. Odds are that the majority you run into, will hinder your growth. So my advice is to look out for men, rather than look for anything in them.

Cultivate your self-esteem, your passions, become financially independent.

Cultivating self-esteem: i can’t stress this enough, it must be there before you go near men. Most men will damage your self-esteem. It doesn’t even have to be deliberate on their part. It can be something like them not responding to your communication needs and you will turn that inwards, and see that as reflecting your self-worth.

My advice to brown girls is typically the same as well. To build those things first. But then i guess, reluctantly, I do advise them to date. Because they will often be discouraged from dating. And in my experience, no woman from our cultures has managed to get away with not being paired to a man without breaking ties, no matter her initial reluctance. And your parents pickings will definitely be far worse, in that the aim of parents choosing for you (whether anyone admits it or not) is to continue patriarchal control over you.

So coming to what to look for in men:

1) look for how he reacts when you disagree with him. This is the biggest thing imo. Does he get irritated. Does he budge. If he does budge is it reluctant “I guess you’re right”. Do things seem to always be followed by a but. What you want is someone who is impressed and admires you. Not someone who is annoyed that you know better or more, because that would mean he wants to maintain himself above you. Also, men can admire you for being intelligent or opinionated but still manage to reduce you for it: either objectify you or infantilize you. E.g., aw its so cute she knows a lot. OR it’s hot that she knows a lot. Avoid  both. 

2) is the conversation conducive: it’s more than if he is just listening to you and can regurgitate what you’ve told him about yourself. Does the convo have a flow. Do you get to say what you want. Does he hear you out, ask questions, show interest.. or is he just waiting for an entry point in the convo where he can insert himself in order to relate to you. Because the first one feels wholesome whereas the latter, while okay, will make you feel empty in the long run. 
(and i personally like it when i have said what I want, and the guy still stays quiet on the topic until I ask him so ‘what about you’. I like it when they are quiet and don’t speak unless instructed.. this applies for any men in my life not just dating  lmao but anyway)

3) look for how he talks about other women.. what it is that he talks about when he talks about women. Look at how he looks at other women. Ask him about the women he has been attracted to and how he became attracted to them/what about them he liked. Ask this for real women. Ask this about fictional women. Always be mindful of whether he is objectifying women or not. If he is objectifying women, he’s not capable of real love so forget it. How to know whether he is objectifying women or not? Ask yourself if you or any women you have known would become attracted to a man in the same way/same scenario that he is describing to you.

4) Porn, dominance & attraction: this one is by far the hardest for me to describe. It does go in with #3, about how they talk about women. You can ask the guy about his current porn use, age at first exposure. What he thinks about and gets off to lol. But I have found that they give it away in their verbal language and body language. Like the example of the guy I talked about who I had asked who he was attracted to/ if he ever found someone sexually attractive that he did not find emotionally attractive. And he mentioned his boss and then told me how he did fantasize about her, then goes “you know when you wanna put someone in their place….. oh you don’t know??” If a guy “falls for you” real fast, to me that is an indication of him having objectified you. Love takes getting to know. If he seems to have a “type”, i am personally weary of those men. Any type at all. A body type, even a personality type. Because they still manage to reduce women into categories. You cannot and should not fall in love with a category!

5) how he makes you feel about yourself: related to the above. It’s his responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. I have stated elsewhere that I believe, that unless a woman has clinical type self-esteem issues, the average woman’s self-esteem issues in a relationship actually stem from their male partner’s failures. Their male partner is either objectifying other women which comes across subtly in conversations or the way they behave. So if you are not feeling good about yourself while you are with him, you’re not crazy. He is shit. 

6) age old how he treats others: how does he treat people in the service industry. Does he get annoyed when his food at the restaurant takes longer. Life is a game of patience, and he won’t live if he doesn’t have any.

7) sense of responsibility: does he pick up after others. Not just himself. But others. This is observed. But also you can tell from the stories he tells you. What does he do for others? It’s the kind of thing where eg., the house phone rings, who has to go for it or else it goes unanswered? Would he put the dishes in the sink or leave them around for someone else to pick up?

8) what is he telling you about himself: related to above.. When we tell stories, we all want something taken away from them about ourselves. What is he trying to get across? Most men’s stories are about a display of power and dominance, rather than having been helpful. Take notice!

9) How he relates to other men and things deemed feminine: does he have a lot of guy friends (these men are a lost cause lmao). If he tries to distance himself from anything that is related to women, stay away from that man. E.g., he doesn’t watch click flicks… or  watches them cos they are good to watch when you don’t want to think so much. Also relating to #3, you can also check that from how he views female characters in movies, TV shows and books. If he sees their perspective or not. I remember one guy told me that robot girl from ex-machina was crazy, and that’s all he had to say, and i wanted to bash his head in cos of how dumb his thoughts on the movie were….. If he can’t see from the female perspective in shows and books where it is literally spelled out, he lacks emotional depth and empathy. 

I can’t think of more. Over the years I have mentioned quite a few as I came across! But I haven’t interacted much with men as of late so it’s not so fresh anymore. Just look for any display of dominance and dehumanization, both in words and in actions. I do have an advice tag


#friendly reminder that kenna fancied bash from the minute she saw him #forever bitter about it tbh