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Good Behavior | 1.06

How will you make sure it doesn’t get all fucked up again? What will you do differently?

I thought you would help.

Women in pro hockey make $1000 a year and men make an average of $2.6

Women had 8% TV coverage of their sports in 1999 and it’s currently somewhere between 3-4%

Women in bob sledding still aren’t allowed to compete in teams of 4, only 2

Before Sochi, the first time women’s ski jumping was allowed, an official report went out saying something akin the lines of “the jumping is harmful to their ovaries”

After a female tennis player broke a record, the first thing a reporter asked her when she walked off the court was “can you twirl and show us your outfit?”

A women who was the first female head coach (volley ball) in Canada was fired for being a lesbian. An Olympic medalist with years as a capt.


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I hope today's been good, did you enjoy it?

first day of internship was great! everyone was really nice and easy to converse with and i wasn’t as overwhelmed as i thought i’d be?? i was so focused on work that my shift ended 20 minutes ago and my superior was like

“Alison~” “yeeees” “GO HOME.