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Have women ever been trusted to live independently at any time in history? Seems like this kind of treatment was reserved for old spinsters, and a young woman were always to live with relatives who looked after her best interests until she was married. The idea women should get a career and be independent is proving an unmitigated disaster for society.

Manslation: Women cannot be trusted to live independently. They require 24/7 supervision from people who know what’s best for them, because they definitely can’t figure that out for themselves. Women have gotten all kinds of wrong ideas from not being subjected to constant oversight, ranging from “I’m a real human being” to the truly dangerous “I should be able to have my own fucking life.”

Kaladesh storyline starts SOON AAAAAAHAHAHA

The Eldritch Moon storyline ended with a bang a month ago. Very, very soon, we kick off the Kaladesh storyline, and it’ll get going FAST. This week you’ll get to meet some new people, hear more about Saheeli Rai, and read a few tidbits about what event is buzzing on Chandra’s home plane.

And then in less than a week, as a legion of WotC folks heads to PAX West THIS COMING WEEKEND HOLY SMOKES, we’ll blow the doors open, spilling an avalanche of ingenious invention-y details about Kaladesh the world and Kaladesh the set. Streamed panels, social media reveals, discussions from pros, cosplay, a blast of Magic Story episodes, behind-the-scenes making-of anecdotes – you know, the stuff we like to do around PAX time.

We got a glimpse of Kaladesh last year in Magic Origins, but I can honestly say that we’ve barely scratched the polished copper surface of this place. I am just brain-poppingly excited – like pawing-my-own-face anxiouscited and happyfreaked – that we’ll finally get to share all the work that went into Kaladesh.

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Pink Floyd “Echoes” - 2001: A Space Odyssey 

Kubrick + Pink Floyd = Head Explode 

Actually, I can’t even remember the last time I watched the movie without doing this.