head and figure drawing



(more specifically, my face, in many different angles :o )

I was recently trying to draw some characters kissing and could not for the life of me figure out how to draw head tilts from a side angle, the jaw does some weird shit that screw with my mind’s drawing abilities. Sooooooo, to improve with this I took just a whole bunch of selfies and drew myself! And wow it was really really helpful! I also experimented with a few emotions and expressions because faces crinkle up in real strange ways and I wanted to figure out how to draw it.

So here are my sketches from this exercise, ahahahaha, my face. And I would 100% recommend doing this if you’re having trouble drawing specific facial angles or expressions, its so handy in trying to figure out the short cuts and drawing muscle memories. 

If you want to know, this drawing exercise was to help me drawing da:o art, and whole lotta kissing. (ignore the page numbers, there is no missing page 5, I accidentally skipped writing it)

i guess this is kinda like a mock/fake cover for hero!kook au of kookmin? If I ever wrote/drew it or whatever >w>;; [my original tweet]

if anyone is interested, basically it takes place in canon universe, BUT kookie is fighting evil by moonlight! and winning love by daylight!!! As Fencing Man, his powers are a magical voice, and wielding a fencing sword, ofc. One of his fans happens to be his fellow BTS member Jimin (ofc) whom Kookie will end up encountering as his alter ego when Jimin finds himself in trouble and in need of a saviour! When you’re saved by a dashing hero with an angelic voice, of course Jimin’s heart has to get just a little moved…. okay maybe a LOT moved…!

Aaaand there’s more details, but I won’t reveal for now, hahahaaha (and because from just this blurb, u can tell how bad i am at writing lol)


Someone save Solas from Miel.

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

Tuesday Tips - All In Your Head
Do you ever feel like you’ve just ruined a figure drawing by drawing the head too big or too small and it looks all weird? Here’s something I realize I’ve been doing. While I’m doing a quick full body gesture, I put down a circle for the head position. Once I figured out the body, loosely, I go back and draw the head over the circle, using it as either the “outer” edge or “inner” foundation of a larger head, depending on the appropriate proportions needed. Works for me. -Norm



Saw ep. 7 on the 25th. So obligatory Qrow art. I wanted to draw a series of sketches like a sketchdump, or movement study, but this is what it became. Sketchy style as always (yeah….). I won1t go into detail about ep 7. , but I love it, the art and animation is amazing, and the music incedible and catchy. Can’t wait for the next episode (no I really cannot. I’m anxiously waiting..,and waiting..).

But… it’s nice to re-enter the fandom. ^-^

pathlosergm  asked:

Hello hello! Just a quick question, if you don't mind the asking: I've been re-reading your DCU stuff on AO3, and I have only now realized you've never had the Joker make an appearance (that I've read). Was this deliberate, or has he just not been relevant enough to your stories that he simply hasn't been needed?

I just haven’t really felt like writing any stories that involve him heavily - maybe just because he’s unpleasant? idk. plus i don’t really write a lot of actual hero v. villain stories, which is where he pretty solidly belongs in my canon. writing more comics-y fanfic is hard, haha.


Swap and Swapfell!!

im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip