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In my d&d group I have gained the title of necromobster as I've been raising figure heads and lords for weekly pay as well as family members so I may fuel my canary funding.

When life gives you dead lemons I suppose, I hope you offer a no raise no fee service

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I think Ill print all the pictures youve posted of yourself,piece them together like a puzzle to make a complete human and then draw a face for you because this is getting frustrating(Unfortunately,I suck at drawing so youll have a stick figure head)

BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA stick figure heads are acceptable, because they’re all I can draw, too ;)


Audrey Jensen + weapons


the progression from “no i’m not talking to my spouse” to

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Remus and TPOH's RGB sharing tea. Or exchanging words. Interaction!! Something!! Remus seems like a super cool oc!!!

Remus is a little introverted, luckily RGB is talkative enough for the both of them :D

(also look at RGB tryin to keep up with the guy’s pace lmao)


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3


Pose-able and POSSIBLE 💘Bethyl💘…
I did this “photo shoot” with them (LOL!) in my front yard on November 13th, 2016. I also made the subsequent photo/collage edits here.☝🏼️
I recently acquired this latest edition of a Daryl Dixon action figure by McFarlane Toys that includes the “FrankenBike” (AMAZING detail on both the bike and the figure btw!) that he built at Alexandria in Eric and Aaron’s garage with all of those spare bike parts. Dwight has once again stolen his bike in the most recent Season 7 episode of TWD–“Service”–so hopefully this Beth and Daryl action figure imagine foresees Daryl soon finding Beth at the Sanctuary while he is imprisoned there by Negan, him stealing his bike, crossbow, and vest back, and then the two of them escaping together. Awwwwww… FEEEELZ! *sigh* 💞😌💞
Now… how’s THAT for a headcanon??? 😄👍🏼

And I gotta say… THIS Daryl figure looks more like Norman in the face than any of the other previous ones. I wish they had gotten the face of Beth’s figure as accurate. She just doesn’t look quite like Emily to me. Anyone else here agree??? 😕
The other complaint I have about her is that although she comes with a knife, she does not have her brown leather sheath on her hip to hold it…? Daryl has a sheath for HIS knife… why not Beth??? Plus, this latest Daryl figure should actually have Beth’s knife and sheath on his left hip as per most of the Season 6 episodes. And oh yeah… Beth’s height ratio to Daryl’s is off–she is so tiny next to him! I’ve pointed this out before as have others who have bought her action figure.

As far as the new Daryl goes, no complaints other than Beth’s missing knife + sheath and that his right hand doesn’t grip his crossbow as securely as the previous versions of his figure do. But I managed to make it work for these photos I took. Also, in replicating the famous Bethyl handhold in cemetery in my fourth photo/edit above, his crossbow strap isn’t long enough to fit it over his head and across one shoulder so that he can hang it on the front of his body like he did in the actual scene in order to give Beth her “serious piggyback” ride. 😍

i guess this is kinda like a mock/fake cover for hero!kook au of kookmin? If I ever wrote/drew it or whatever >w>;; [my original tweet]

if anyone is interested, basically it takes place in canon universe, BUT kookie is fighting evil by moonlight! and winning love by daylight!!! As Fencing Man, his powers are a magical voice, and wielding a fencing sword, ofc. One of his fans happens to be his fellow BTS member Jimin (ofc) whom Kookie will end up encountering as his alter ego when Jimin finds himself in trouble and in need of a saviour! When you’re saved by a dashing hero with an angelic voice, of course Jimin’s heart has to get just a little moved…. okay maybe a LOT moved…!

Aaaand there’s more details, but I won’t reveal for now, hahahaaha (and because from just this blurb, u can tell how bad i am at writing lol)