I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that Korra and Asami both had relationships with the opposite sex in the beginning of the series (LOL poor Mako)

So we never thought that they would end up together (or at least I didn’t)


Lance flirting with girls

Keith doing whatever he was doing with Allura in season two (including the hug and holding her in his arms) - (Even though tbh Keith has literally had no romantic interactions with anyone…Same for Lance actually, he flirts a lot but never gets a girlfriend LOOL)

I don’t know about you, but I think the creators are tying to possibly trick us again

There are signs literally all over the place, the only difference is that Lance and Keith weren’t exactly friends in the begginning like Korra and Asami. But hey, it’s a known fact (and frequent stereotype) that rivals can turn into lovers. JUST SAYING!

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for the fluff prompt can you do "your lips are warm" and "Aw , you're blushing like a rose" ? Thanks :DD

Back at it again with the late replies to prompts AY 👉🏻 Also it’s 1am and I haven’t proof-read through this I apologise if this is just a big load of shite


“Michael, do you think I’ll ever kiss someone?”

Michael’s attention wavered, causing his character on screen to miss his block and die, resulting in a game over. He didn’t seem to care though as he turned to Jeremy and raised an eyebrow, setting down his controller.

“Dude…” he began, struggling to find the right words. “Did you seriously just ask me that?”

“I’m being serious Mike!” Cried Jeremy, throwing down his controller and pouting like a sad puppy. “How long have we been in high school? Long enough to get a girlfriend, Micheal!”

His best friend lowered his eyebrow and sighed. “Not everyone will get a girlfriend straight away bro,” he said sympathetically. He wasn’t lying, he for example would never get a girlfriend… but that wasn’t his concern right now.

“Micheal I don’t think you understand,” Jeremy stated, looking up at his best friend. “A high school girlfriend is key for an successful relationships to follow,” he continued, gesturing with his hands to get his point across.

Michael hummed in agreement, “how so?”

Jeremy locked eyes with Micheal and leaned forward, enough to make the boy blush a little.


The single statement caused Michael to choke on his drink, turning to face his friend.

“W-what about it?” He squeaked out in response.

“Do you know how to kiss Michael?” He said again with the same solid tone.


“EXACTLY!” He cried, pointing at his friend with enthusiasm. “And have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Michael tried not to laugh. “No.”

“I rest my case,” he sighed, deflating back into the beanbag. “Us boys need practice Mike, otherwise we won’t know what to do for the real thing.”

“I see…” said Michael, lowering his slushie. ‘This… could work…’ he thought to himself.

“I thought that when we entered high school everything would be different…” his best friend continued, fiddling with the lint on his sweater.

“Mhm,” Michael said again, leaning closer to his friend. ‘I’m going to do it I’m going to do it I’m going to-’

“Does this mean I’ll never get a girlfriend? Or if I do, I’ll be lousy at kissing and then they won’t want me anymore cause I haven’t had a chance to practice in high school and-”

“You can practice with me.” 'Holy shit I said it holy shit holy shit holy shit holy-’

Jeremy started at his best friend, cheeks flushed and mouth agape.

“You… you being serious..?” He squeaked. Michael nodded a little too enthusiastically and Jeremy’s face grew a few shades brighter. “Well… I…uh… I mean…”

“Awe Jeremy, you’re blushing like a rose!” Michael giggled, trying to lift the awkward atmosphere out of the air. Jeremy stuttered out a response, nothing that Michael could understand. The boy knew that Jeremy would try to avoid the statement, eagerly searching for a way out - Michael would have to take this upon himself.

He had never thought much of how his first kiss would go. If he was honest, Michael would never have imagined it would come to this - kissing his best friend in his basement for 'practice’.

The kiss lasted only a second or so before Michael broke away. He didn’t dare lock eyes with Jeremy, who was dying on the beanbag opposite. His face had reached a new shade of red as he stared back at his best friend. 'He just kissed me holy shit I just got kissed by my best friend. Does he like me like that? Did he enjoy it? Should I have enjoyed it? I’m not gay though - am I bi? Is it bad that I want to kiss him again I mean his lips were really soft and cute and oh god-’

“You were pretty good too I guess,” he heard Michael mutter, finally looking up to face Jeremy. He didn’t seem to register what he had just said out load, Jeremy was more focused on the dark brown eyes looking back at him. “So did that 'practice’ help or-”

Michael was cut off with another pair of lips crashing onto his. His mind short-circuited as he realised it was Jeremy who was kissing… JEREMY WAS KISSING HIM!

Afterwards the two lay there, staring at each other for a couple of minutes, their game and drinks long forgotten. The boys both wore a small smirk on their faces.

“So… you want to practice some more?”

ShinePHD (Previously known as Einshine, full name is Charles Hikaru Tachibana-Schwingendorf) is a 20 year old Japanese-American Youtuber who used to have over a million subscribers, but recently created a new main channel. His current channel, ShinePHD, has over 100,000 subscribers. He is known for his Minecraft content, anime-themed videos, vlogs, and his “comedy” skits. He has also collaborated with many other very popular youtubers, such as SkyDoesMinecraft, SamGladiator, TheAnimeMan, Sharla in Japan, and many others in the Minecraft, anime, and jvlogging communities.

Recently, it has come out that he had a sexual relationship with an underage girl in which he was abusive and manipulative. He also had other relationships with girls that showed he had a preference for young girls with little to no sexual experience. Through his Snapchat, he has flirted with fans regardless of their age, and has pursued relationships with underage girls, as seen in Ashley’s case. 

The accounts of the girls who have come forward can be found here:

Ashley (The 15 year old girl, had a relationship with him from Feb. 2016 -Aug. 2016)

Lindsay (One of Einshine’s first girlfriends from around Nov. 2013 - May 2014)    

Wendy (A girl who was recently manipulated by Shine around Sept. 2016)

General Summary (Everything Shine has done, examples of racism/sexism/pedophilia, problematic videos he’s made, etc.)

The original pastebins, screenshots, and pictures can also be found in these posts. 

*All girls are using fake names

With girls, he paints himself as the kind of guy who never seems to get a girlfriend, and that he always gets friend-zoned. He also claims to any new girls that he meets that all of his past girlfriends were abusive or insane. He has also never been able to get a girlfriend in real life, and has only been able to get them because of his reputation as a Youtuber and talking to them through Snapchat.

Shine typically goes after female fans who are young,  have little sexual experience, or have never had a boyfriend before.  He tries to win girls’ sympathies by making it seem like he can never get a girlfriend, only had abusive girlfriends, and only ever gets friend-zoned. 

If possible, please reblog this or link people to this blog to get the word out about this guy. He is dangerous and his fans should be made aware of what kind of person he is, since the majority of them are young girls. 

An Interview With A Pooka (Human!Bunnymund x Reader) (Request)

Picture Not Mine

thebraixen:  Reader x human bunnymund please ●♡●

Word Count: 5625

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Protective (JB)

Request: JB scenario whereby he (protective bestfriend that has a crush on you) picks you up and you’re wearing something too showy and revealing, he gets jealous as a lot of guys started to hit you up in the club and he couldn’t resist himself too so he confessed as it led to something….? heh thank you!

Length: 1,856 words

Genre: Fluff

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Your Kids' Bios (Calum)

Sienna Mae Louise Hood

As a baby/toddler:

Sienna was Calum’s little princess. She was his pride and joy. She was his life now that he was a father. He was really jealous when Luke and Michael had their little boys, but now he had a princess to spoil. He loved her to the moon and back. He cried when she was born and when he held her for the first time he promised her that he would never let anyone hurt and and that he would always be there for his little princess. (He also promised to take her shoe shopping whenever she wanted and to Disneyland once a year). You were both so happy to have a little person in you’re life. She was an excellent baby cooing and smiling at everyone, that was until they went home and she cried for half the night. She basically lived in Calum’s arms, she hated when he put her down. So he didn’t basically. She was a giggly baby who loved to show off in front of her uncles, dancing around in a Minnie Mouse dress.

As a child:

Sienna is so dainty, innocent and cute, Calum made sure that no one would be able to hurt her. She was a really well behaved girl, she liked reading, finger painting, tea parties, making friends but mostly ballet. She had been doing ballet since she was 3 years old, in a tutu, tiny ballet slippers and a little bun at the top of her head. She was really good at it and her teacher reckoned that one day she could be an amazing ballerina. Calum is always so proud seeing his daughter on stage, doing graceful little bunny hops and then much more complicated routines as she gets older. He buys her flowers ever time and she runs into his arms every time she gets off stage, smothering him with kisses. She believed everything her Dad told her, whether it was that she was the best dancer and the most prettiest girl in the world or that Santa wont leave her any presents if she pulls her baby brothers hair. She absolutely adored her dad. She was the boss of him though, you had to do it her way or no way at all. She was a bit of a diva, but that was mainly because of Calum’s constant doting and spoiling.

As a teenager:

Sienna grows up a lot at around age 12-13. She quits ballet for cheer-leading. She stops being cutesy and her school skirt becomes shorter each week. She stops listening to her dads ever word, and does the opposite to what he tells her. She gets a boyfriend. She doesn’t do her homework. She sneaks out to go drinking with Alex Clifford and Aria Hemmings. She definitely isn’t her daddy’s little girl anymore. She likes boys, horror films and 13-17 discos, the kind that every parent knows illegally sells overpriced alcohol but they think their child is too innocent and smart to even consider it. She no longer likes Disney movies, playing barbies with Mummy, tour bus cuddles with her uncles and she doesn’t want to spend quality time with her Dad. Ever. The little girl that used to cry everyday that he was on tour, now thinks hes embarrassing and screams “I hate you!” at him every time he tells her that she’s not aloud to do something. She is 5'8 tanned girl with long dark girls and a face that belonged on Maybelline commercials. She is what teenage boys would call “Sexy” and it made Calum worry about her, especially because she had more boyfriends that he had hit songs. They work it out eventually though and she agrees to hang out with him if he tries not to embarrass her in front of her friends.

** Nickname:** Si _(But she prefers her first name) & _Bug-A-Boo (Her Dad, since she was a baby)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Style: Girly, Hipster with a hint of stripper

Personality: Confident, bossy, likeable, some might call her a slut, but underneath it all she is a fragile, caring girl.

Likes: Fries, parties, cheer, boys, roller coasters, getting dressed up and milkshakes.

Dislikes: Staying in on a Friday night, idiots, science, sausages and when her dad’s fans call her “cute”.

Best Friends: Aria Hemmings, Maeve Horan, Anna Payne and Ryan Clifford.

Boyfriend: Alex Clifford, much to her Dad’s protests (but he was a sweet guy really).

Pets: Family dog called Molly and a Bunny called snowflake though she desperately wants a snake.


Ethan Thomas David Hood

As a baby:

Calum really loved his little princess, but he was so excited to have a little man in the house. He wanted to teach him to play soccer (Si despised it) and play Lego’s with him. He was so excited for him to be born and once again cried the first time he held him. You thought Sienna cried a lot, but Ethan cried almost twice as much, giving you a headache as soon as you arrived home. You went for a nap and left Calum alone for the first time with him. He left the baby alone for literally a second, when he heard his newborn cry and a little girl’s giggle. Sienna, your sweet little 5 year old, had kicked her newborn brother. Calum screamed at her, which made her cry so now he had two crying kids and that made him cry because he was already so stressed and tired and he loved his family so much and he just wanted them to get along. When you came down stairs Calum had Ethan sleeping on one side of his chest and Sienna half draped over the other, and they we all sleeping. After than your kids learned to get on with each other…well they kid of had a love/hate relationship. Ethan was a really hungry baby and he was so cute. The fans called him a miniature Calum, and that was exactly what he was.

As a toddler/child:

Ethan was such a poser from a very young age. You dressed him up in really cute outfits and he was happy to pose for anyone who wanted to take his picture, whether it was you or a fan. He was literally a selfie “queen” from age 4. He was certainly cute and Calum would proudly say “He gets if from me!” when people would comment on him. Calum had finally gotten all he wanted in a son. Ethan loved playing Legos and was happy to spend all day playing video games with his dad. Best of all he was a soccer prodigy. He loved the sport and was amazingly good at it. By age 10, he was tough for even Calum to beat. He was a funny little thing, joking about everything no matter how serious it was. He was very popular at school despite clinging onto your leg and crying on the first day. He played soccer with the little boys after school and even inviting some girls round for tea. Calum and Sienna teased him, saying that he had lots of little girlfriends. He was really embarrassed and said that he was never ever going to get a girlfriend ad that he wanted to marry you instead. Calum just laughed knowing that that wouldn’t last long eve though his son was barely 5.

As a teenager:

Ethan grew up as quickly as his sister did. As soon as he started secondary school, he wanted little to do with his parents - even though they still had to drive him everywhere and he had to be home before dark. He lost interest in school and video games and instead wanted to be out with his friends. He worried you so much the first time he stayed out past curfew, Calum assured you he would be fine, but started to put his foot down when it became a regular thing. He was determined not to let his son go wild, after completely loosing control of his daughter. Calum warned him many times but Ethan just responded by sneaking out, covering a nearby town with graffiti and even trying weed (but he completely regretted it). Calum was about to completely loose his head, but then he had angry complaints of a dad of Ethan’s ex girlfriends, claiming he had cheated on her. Calum looked into this and was completely outraged when he found out that your son was a player. Ashton’s son, was a bit wild to be honest, but wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they hurt his family. As expected, both of Luke Hemmings sons were the kindest, sweetest most caring young guys he knew. Even Michael Fucking Clifford’s sons were both complete gentlemen when it came to girls (and he would know that because one of them was dating his daughter) but his son - was an asshole. Calum couldn’t believe it. He grounded your son for literally 2 months, and suck to it. Ethan was so angry, but he channeled all his aggression into soccer and by the end of it all, he was still a hard partier, but at least he knew how to respect people. And his soccer career really seemed to be looking up.

Nickname: Ethe (Family) & Lil Dude (Calum, even though he’s taller than him since age 15)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

**Style: ** Jock

Personality traits: Confident, funny, asshole, smart, honest (after learing that his dad will always find out the truth)

Likes: Soccer, apples, video games, girls, parties and the beach

Dislikes: Horror Movies, lemons, girls who turn him down and his dad (sometimes)

Best Friends: Harry Irwin, Kade Malik, Lilia Clifford and Noah Horan

Boyfriend: Kaylee Payne (after breaking up with her at age 13 and again at 16, when she gives him another change he respects her)

Pets: Family dog called Molly


Ashton’s KidsMichael’s Kids Luke’s Kids - Coming Soon

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Would you write something for shy boys Okamura+Sakurai+Kasamatsu touching their partner's chest/breasts for the first time? Please and thank you!

Kasamatsu: After dating for a while, urges got to Kasamatsu. You would sometimes catch him staring at your chest, only to look away and deny it if you mentioned how you saw his eyes wander. He could only hold himself back for so long.
“C-can I touch your breasts?” He stammers after a nice, long kiss. You chuckle and comply, taking off your shirt so that he could get a nice grasp. His face is painted crimson as he gives them a gentle grasp, loving how soft and warm they were. He’s too bashful to go any further than caressing them at that moment, but he does look forward to the day you’d both be ready for more.

Sakurai: It was an accident at first. All Sakurai wanted to do was surprise you by giving you a hug from behind, but he misplaced his hands, accidentally ended up touching your boobs. Sakurai feels like flinging himself out of the nearest window due to the embarrassment that floods his body. He pulls away, stuttering apologies and promising to be more careful next time, but you pull his hands back onto your breasts and hold them there. “Your hands are warm, Ryou.”
His face is frozen in a blush for the rest of the day, but he can’t deny that he enjoyed every second of it.

Okamura: He was anticipating this for the longest time. In all honesty, he thought he would never get a girlfriend, much less one who would be such a good kisser. In a particularly heated session, his hands would move up your torso, giving your breasts one small squeeze before pulling away in embarrassment.  His face is bright red when you look up at him, and he would pretend like nothing happened if you try to question him about it. He’d settle for holding your hand for right now, but the tingling sensation on his hand fuels his anticipation to go further.

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i have so many questions about your college au. are ushiwaka, kuroo, bokuto, and oikawa all already on the same team? are ushiwaka and oikawa friends? where is daichi in all of this? is iwa-chan really not apart of oikawa's life anymore? so many questions

ok ok ok i could draw a whole manga to illustrate all of this and lord knows i have neither the time nor the skill so let me write it down for you because i just have SO MANY HEADCANONS

(I’m warning you this is long.)

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did they just end hendall the day before harry’s birthday lol

A source close to the singer said: “They are still going to carry on as friends.

“Harry doesn’t want to settle down so he would never get a serious girlfriend during this phase of his life.

It had the potential to become a proper romance as Kendall’s family were very keen for them to date.

“But in Harry’s eyes it was never anything official.

“Harry and Kendall have got back together before but, in her eyes, it’s very much off at the moment and he’s arguing it was never even really on.”

mycove01  asked:

Indeed, Snotlout faces speaks volume when Tuff says he's never getting a girlfriend, but did you notice Ruff's reaction ?... she backs up and refuses to high-five his brother.... that's just huge !

So huge indeed! I love the detail. It highlights some interesting things about Ruffnut’s character.

Typically, Ruffnut loves making jibes. She’ll launch a number of them at her brother and the other youths in their social circle. However, Ruffnut also knows her limits better than Tuffnut. You’ll see her look disapprovingly at her brother sometimes as he gets carried away and says some things that cross the line. Here is one such instant where Ruffnut feels Tuffnut has crossed the line.

It makes sense that Ruffnut would consider this unacceptable to say. Tuffnut’s words are hitting at an insecurity Snotlout has suffered for many years. Anyone can see it… Snotlout desires validation, and tries to seek it out by outrageously flirting with first Astrid, then Heather. Snotlout is someone who does crave a romantic relationship, to the point he will start to imagine romantic connections forming when no such connection exists, or acting in denial despite knowing someone is uninterested in him. Tuffnut’s words are more than a little jab at this point; though Tuffnut probably does not intend to be that mean, these are going to sting with Snotlout.

And the thing is… Ruffnut understands Snotlout’s insecurity perfectly. We see Ruffnut struggle through similar insecurities. In “Edge of Disaster,” we see Ruffnut feeling frustrated because the youths recognize Astrid’s greatness, but fail to see her own talent and genius. There is a little bit of desire to be recognized within her, too. Furthermore, Ruffnut might also desire some sort of romantic relationship given how we see her flirt since her mid-teenaged years. She hits hard on Hiccup in HTTYD when she says she likes crazy. She almost seems to flirt with Heather in “Have Dragons Will Travel.” She gets hit head over heels with Eret when he shows up, and she is very insistent on being recognized by him.

Now we can interpret Ruffnut as someone who does not suffer single blues. Maybe she is someone who is content all the time, and it’s just the case that, when crushes come, they hit hard. She is not very good dealing with her feelings, and thus acts a bit overkill when romantic interests arise. I think that interpretation is totally feasible and aligns very well with her character. Yet if it is the case that Ruffnut feels some need to be in a romantic relationship, as we see her flirt with some people throughout her teenaged years… then Tuffnut taunting Snotlout about never getting a girlfriend is something doubly taboo to Ruffnut. Tuffnut would be taunting Snotlout for an insecurity Ruffnut also feels. She would know exactly how painful it is to worry about never entering a romantic relationship. She would be battling with the same worries, so to hear Tuffnut voice that as a joke… ohhhh yeah, she definitely won’t high-five him for that!

Tuffnut is just meaning to do a little jab, a little give-and-take like the youths commonly do. I headcanon Tuffnut as asexual and aromantic. He’s certainly someone who thinks less about romance and relationships than anyone else, to the point him being in a relationship never crosses his mind. Tuffnut shows “love” to Macey and Chicken… not to people… which means that part of Tuffnut’s mistake here is Tuffnut not understanding how it feels for someone else to suffer single blues. Making a little joke about not being in a relationship is not something Tuffnut understands as being incredibly sensitive. It takes his sister, who understands the emotion far better, to glare at him. By not high-fiving, she gives her brother a clear indication of how uncalled-for a joke like that is.

One little action from Ruffnut… but it says so much.

1D Harry Styles freezes out Kendall Jenner after two-timing with stylist Pandora
One Direction singer insists he did nothing wrong

HARRY STYLES and KENDALL JENNER have “cooled off” their romance after The Sun on Sunday revealed he two-timed her with a Brit stylist.

And the ONE DIRECTION heartthrob’s current relationship status is definitely “complicated”.

He’s had a difficult week dealing with the fallout from last Sunday’s revelation that he hooked up with Pandora Lennard in the UK — days after a romantic hol with model Kendall.

Ladies’ man Harry, who likes to make out he’s a reluctant lothario, insists to friends he did nothing wrong because he and Kendall were not official.

That’s despite her sister KHLOE KARDASHIAN saying the pair were “dating”, although admittedly she did add: “I don’t know if they’re like boyfriend-girlfriend.

“Nowadays I don’t know. People are weird with stuff.”

The next thing you know Harry will be spouting a Ross-from-Friends-style “We were on a break”.

We hear Kendall has been fabulously chilly to Harry but the pair have a ton of mutual friends in Los Angeles.

A source close to the singer said: “They are still going to carry on as friends.

“Harry doesn’t want to settle down so he would never get a serious girlfriend during this phase of his life.

It had the potential to become a proper romance as Kendall’s family were very keen for them to date.

“But in Harry’s eyes it was never anything official.

“Harry and Kendall have got back together before but, in her eyes, it’s very much off at the moment and he’s arguing it was never even really on.”

We have been loving Kendall’s “bothered, much?” act since the news broke last Sunday.

Awkwardly, she was with Harry for the first time since their St Barts New Year love-in at a birthday party for his new manager Jeff Azoff, who is her childhood friend.

But since then she’s looked fierce walking the runway in Paris, shared videos of her messing about with her glam pals, partied with the Barcelona football team and posted a snap of her looking deep in conversation with KYLIE MINOGUE’s hunky ex ANDRES VELENCOSO.

Harry on the other hand has been showing his mum and stepdad around Los Angeles and was snapped in a swanky Palm Springs restaurant with a fan.

The star turns 22 tomorrow. Kendall got an invite to a small bash he is throwing before things went slightly pear-shaped for the pretty couple.

Despite all that, there’s still more chance of her turning up than ZAYN MALIK.