The Incongruous | Thomas & Steph |

Earth was a peculiar place, all he saw he didn’t expect, the waste of water he saw made him feel sick, knowing of his dying droughted planet of which his family suffered, the long lost abandoned quest that still saddened him, he’d lost his kids, his wife and never be able to return, they would be long gone by now.

Thomas wasn’t particularly social or well taught in the trade of human living, however he’d escaped the probers once and couldn’t afford to step out of line again, he was putting all his observations into practice as he actually managed to step out onto the street, walk down and examine the people, try some new things. He’d grown attached to a drink in particular, to an obsessive unhealthy point, coffee and caffeinated drinks he craved them everytime he got nervous, all his usual moods and behaviour was back to front here but he adjusted slowly. 

Strolling into a nearby coffee shop, he entered holding his hat down and hiding his eyes, wearing a lean waist fitting suit in blue plaid, a fedora that matched along with his tinted blackened golden rimmed sunglasses. The sunlight was bright and almost too hot in the magnified beams of the window to stand, highlighting his ghost white appearance. His heels clicking as he made his way to the counter, he felt brave and a little more determined than before, he’d been settling for weeks now and slowly it started to sink in. Removing the shades and looking up at the waitress to reveal his pearly blue eyes, he tapped his fingers along the counter and waited to order, finding himself staring at everything a little too much to be ordinary, an overly fascinated expression. 



As per usual, I’m sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about Dragon Ball.  As a kid, I was never able to figure out why Vegeta and Bulma got together.  I mean, she’s this independently wealthy genius, and he’s a short, genocidal member of a near-extinct warrior race.  Then it dawned on me…

Vegeta + Bulma





don’t imagine tony coming home from the hospital after cacw all alone because rhodey is still in intensive care, sitting down on the sofa- it’s black because they keep staining the cream ones, and looking at the dust and the emptiness covering everything- there’s still plates in the sink and steve’s jacket on the coat rack. wanda’s slippers are in the middle of the hallway, there’s a taser that belongs to nat on the coffee table and a half drunk coffee cup that must’ve belonged to sam.

and don’t imagine him thinking of all the empty bedrooms he doesn’t know what to do with, they’re just there collecting dust because no one is ever going to come back to it, don’t think of him going to the rooms and ripping the sheets from the beds and pushing the things off the drawers because they’re never coming back, pulling out clothes from the cupboards and stuffing them into boxes. don’t imagine him going to steve’s room and faltering and not being able to go inside so it’s the only one still left exactly as is, with his sketchbook hanging off his desk and his boots haphazardly strewn on the floor. don’t think of him going to the kitchen and throwing out all the food he doesn’t eat but bought because they liked, removing pictures of them from the walls.

don’t imagine the avengers’ house, all bare and empty of anything that reminded him of them, don’t think of tony sitting in the middle of the living room, hunched over and crying, hands clutching a smashed photo frame. the glass cuts his hands. he doesn’t care.

just don’t.

Unexpected (Calum Hood Imagine)

  “Come on. Please come to my party tonight.” The Calum Hood was currently begging me in the middle of our English lecture to attend his frat party. Over the past few months of school we had become quite good friends, sometimes getting coffee or hitting the books together. He had never been able to get me to go to his dumb fraternity parties because I hated majority of the frat boys. And most of the girls who were there were easy, just looking to hook up. DOn’t get me wrong I loved to party and get a little drunk but not with Calum’s crowd. “Just this once, I won’t leave you alone and I won’t let anyone spike your drink. I’ll even call you my date so the other boys don’t try to hit on you. Okay?” He continued trying to persuade me as we walked out of the lecture hall. “Ok I guess, but what do I even wear to a frat party? Is it different than a normal party?” I asked as we crossed the lawn towards my dormitory. “I’ll stop by your room before the party and help you okay? I got to go but I’ll see you later babe!” Calum winked and took off in the opposite direction. 

  “Wait, Calum Hood is going to be here in like five minutes?” My room mates were currently freaking out at the fact that I was personally invited to Calum’s party. They were your typical party girls and sorority girls who loved getting to know the frat boys. Especially if their name was Calum Hood. “Yes, he’s taking me to the party after he helps me find an outfit.” I said as I stood in front of my wardrobe in my underwear. There was a knock on the door, “Oh my god! He’s here!” They squealed from their top bunks. “Shut up!” I snapped as I let him in. “Tell me you’re not going to the party dressed like that.” Was the first thing Calum said when he saw me. “Why what’s wrong with it?” I joked, embarrassed that I forgot I had next to no clothing on. “Absolutely nothing, just I don’t want other guys- ya know never mind.” He trailed off and joined me in front of my wardrobe. I took a good look at his profile, he was wearing a black snapback, black skinny jeans with a hole in the knee, black Vans, and a grey t-shirt with a giant yellow smiley face on it. “Cute shirt,” I smirked. “Shut up,” H laughed, shoving my shoulder lightly. “Okay, here.” Calum pulled out a white lace, cropped halter top and a pair of shiny black disco pants. I got dressed while he found some black combat boots to go with my outfit. “Thanks,” I said as I zipped my boots and flipped my hair one last time. Calum stood by the door, watching me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he blushed a little bit before opening the door for me, “After you.” I grabbed my phone and walked out in front of him. “Bye Calum!” My room mates called after us. I rolled my eyes. As I lead the way down the hall I could feel Calum’s eyes on my ass. I turned around suddenly and slapped his arm playfully, “You’re such a boy!” I giggled. “What?” He played innocent, but his cheeky smile gave him away. “You picked these pants out on purpose didn’t you?” I said as I fell into stride next to him. Calum shrugged, “Maybe. You look good in them,” He said, pretending to let his eyes focus their gaze on my butt. “Stop!” I pushed him as we exited the building. 

  “I won’t leave you alone okay,” Calum reassured me, resting his hand on my back as we walked up the steps of the frat house. I nodded and we entered the house. “You want a drink?” He asked, pointing his thumb towards the kitchen. I only nodded because I could barely hear anything over the sound of the music. As he pulled me through the crowd I felt someone grab my butt, stopping I turned around to find who did it. “Hey, watch yourself buddy.” I snapped at a boy who looked like he couldn’t even remember his own name. “You’re asking for it in those pants.” He slurred. “Oh yeah? Well then you’re asking for this-” I went to slap him but Calum caught my hand. “Step off mate. Show some respect.” Calum warned him, slightly pushing me behind him. He turned back, resting his hand on my waist and I lead the rest of the way to the kitchen. I sat on the counter as Calum made me a drink. “I could’ve handled it,” I muttered. “I know, but that guy was fucking huge and drunk. He might of crushed you if he fell over after you knocked him out.” Calum smiled to himself as he focused on the drinks. I laughed quietly and watched him. “You know if you want to leave, I can take you back. I don’t want you to feel-” I stopped him, “It’s fine Cal, you wanted me to come so I’m going to stay.” Calum looked up at me with a grin, “Call me that again.” I furrowed my eyebrows, “Cal?” The smile on his face grew, causing me to smile. “I like when you call me that.”

   Several hours later and a few drinks later the party was winding down and there were only a few people left. All of Calum’s bandmates and several close friends. Calum and I were sitting on the couch and his hand was rubbing my leg slowly. “Some one bring out the guitars!” A voice called from the kitchen. “Mate do you really think I can play that thing drunk?” Luke whined from the floor, where he had his head shoved against a pillow. “C'mon it can’t be worse than when you’re sober.” Calum teased, kicking the younger boys’ leg. Luke let out a muffled groan before lifting himself up and heading towards the back room. He emerged with a guitar in each hand. Michael shook his head when Luke offered it to him. Calum sat up and stretched his arm out for the guitar. Settling the instrument on his knee, Calum looked towards Luke. “What song mate?” “Rolling In the Deep?” Luke suggested. “Okay, no promises.” Calum said, glancing at me. I smiled as they started playing, taking another sip of my drink. Calum and Luke both managed to play the song correctly for the most part, despite their drunken state. “Well done.” I whispered into Calum’s ear when he leaned back. “Thanks babe.” He smirked, pulling me into him. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes.

  I woke up to the sound of the coffee maker. My legs were cramped as I stretched them out on the small sofa. I accidentally kicked Michael who was sat at the other end. He opened his eyes slowly, grumbling something incoherent. “Sorry,” I whispered. Calum shifted underneath me, before falling still again. I got up slowly and made my way to the kitchen where Ashton was sitting at the counter with his head in his hands. “Bad hangover?” I asked, looking in the cabinets for ibuprofen. Ashton just muttered yes as I passed him a few pills and a glass of water. “How was your first official frat party?” He asked. “Good, actually. Pleasantly surprised.” I smiled, pouring myself some coffee. “He likes you a lot you know,” Ashton said, taking the cup I handed him. “Who? Calum?” I asked, I tried to fight the smile off my face without success. “Yeah, and I gather the feelings are mutual.” Ashton laughed lightly. “Yeah he’s alright.” I giggled as Calum stumbled into the kitchen, bumping against the door frame. “I thought you left,” Calum pouted as he buried his head in my shoulder. “Aw are you tired Cal?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair. He had lost his snapback sometime in the night. Calum groaned in response and moved to lean against the counter. “Do you want something more comfortable to wear?” Calum asked suddenly. “Yeah that’d be nice. Calum nodded and gestured for me to follow him upstairs. "Use protection!” Ashton called out. I flipped him off and followed after Calum.

  “Here,” He handed me a pair of sweats and a black muscle tank. I stripped down, not caring that Calum was still watching me. “Did, uh, did Ash say anything to you about me this morning?” Calum asked quietly. I nodded slowly, “Uh yeah…” “Dammit I told him not to say anything I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and I didn’t want you to feel like you had to say anything back-” “Cal?” I interrupted him. “What?” He asked suspiciously. “Do want to be my boyfriend?” I asked, feeling a surge of confidence. Calum smiled at me, “Are you being serious?” I nodded, giggling at his confusion. “Obviously yes I do.” He pulled me into a hug. “That was not the response I was expecting.” Calum confessed. I laughed against his chest. “Well, it was the only way to get you to stop rambling.” I pulled him down for a kiss. 

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BTS has a rare day off and they’re on their way to the movies.

Tae : hyyyyyyung! Hyuuuuung!!! Yoongi Hyuuuuung Let’s watch transformers!!!!

Yoongi: *sighs* who gave him coffee??? I told you to never drink coffee you brat. And I’m okay with transformers.

Jimin : Tae, which flavour of popcorn do you wanna get? I won’t be able to finish mine so we can share if- *hears a whine so he stops talking and turns around to look at Jhope if he heard it too*

Jungkook : did you hear that?

Jin : that sounds like a dog whining.

Namjoon : let’s go look. But let’s not get ourselves in trouble.

•They end up in an alley and see two guys harassing a small puppy by pulling his tail and yanking his ears•

Tae: OI! WTF ARE YOU DOING? *moves closer to the guys but is stopped by Jimin who has his arms around tae’s shoulders rooting him to the spot*

Jhope : *smiles brilliantly* let’s not get ourselves into trouble okay? Let me go talk to them :D

Jin to Namjoon : I don’t think the kids should witness the Jhope we are about to see.

Jimin : *sees Jhope walk to the two boys but since it’s a narrow alley all they see is Jhope’s back as he whispers something to the boys and Jimin has to physically restrain himself from gaping at how all colour leaves the boys’ faces*

Tae: *whispers to Jimin* hobi hyung is just talking to them, why do they look so pale?

Jungkook: *over hears 95z’s conversation* just what did hyung say to them?

They all watch Jhope pick the puppy up and walk back to them with the biggest smile on his face.

Jhope : *smiles and coos to the puppy* can we keep him? He’s cute!

At that very moment Namjoon’s brilliant mind decided to pack their bags and promptly flee somewhere so he could only nod.

Kookie : WTF just happened????

Jimin and tae : We would never know!

Tae to Yoongi : I’m not scared of you anymore *looks at Jhope playing with the puppy* nope, not scared of YOU anymore.