It was an unusually cold night in Auranos. It was especially cold in the space between the king and the queen.

“I forbid it, Cleo.” Magnus growled, his features tight.

“Oh, you forbid it?” Cleo questioned. She stepped closer to her husband, eyes flaming dangerously.

“I am the king, if I forbid it, I expect my orders to be obeyed.”

“And I am the queen. You forbid nothing.” She whirled away from him, but was stopped by his hand on her arm, pulling her back to him, slamming her into his chest. 

“You’ll not leave this castle until I say so, is that clear?” He glared down at her. She ripped herself from his hand.

“You are a brute, Magnus Damora.” She hissed.

“You married me.” He shot back, already losing his will to fight with her.

Not. By. Choice.” She bit out and stomped from their room.

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Irving laid down on the bed, shifting to get comfortable underneath the bedsheets before laying his head on the pillow, closing his eyes and his chest heaving up and down in a relaxed manner. He dozed off slightly, today’s work having exhausted him. The presence of his wife only made it easier for him to truly relax at night.

“Marry me again.” He muttered in his sleep, his mind in a haze. He was becoming more exhausted and Kaylan still didn’t know about him being the Lord Burner and now they had Kyle, he had to protect his son. 


Rouge Boys

“When Jensen and I met, we thought we had the world by the balls and we found out together that we really did not. I’ve seen him fall in love, get engaged then get married and now become a father, and he’s seen me do the same. We’ve seen the same with Misha. This show’s been a wonderful opportunity to really explore so many facets of a character, but also to see each other grow and I think it’s one of the few shows that’s been able to reflect that. We’re not young boys anymore, we are fathers and husbands and friends—we’ve seen birth and death and everything in between. I think there is a little bit of that camaraderie that’s reflected on the screen.” - Jared Padalecki

“We used to think that being silly onset, cracking up during a scene and that kind of thing, was being really unprofessional. We would make efforts to stop messing with each other. But now we take the time to enjoy laughing about something stupid. I think it’s really important to make each other laugh. All of us will be on set just in tears laughing way too often. We could literally put out an entire DVD package of just bloopers, it would be hours long.” - Jensen Ackles 

“I think that there’s something particularly resonant about our show in that it’s tapping into those timeless myth narratives, but it’s doing it in this very relatable way, with the modern dynamic that goes on between these two brothers. So the audience has, on the one hand, this epic mythology that they’re drawn to, but on the other hand, they’re seeing it through the lens of two brothers who are just trying to survive in the world. Everything is on such a huge scale in a lot of genre shows that you don’t really get an emotional impact because it doesn’t really feel like something that could happen. But I think that somehow, we got the right mix.” - Misha Collins


So last night I had a dream about Roberto. In this dream, we were apparently married, but I had to go back in time to see his past self for some reason–deliver a message or something, maybe? Anyway, he saw me wearing the crown his mother had worn, and he thought I’d stolen it, because this was before we’d met/married. But then I gave him my wedding ring to show him we were married in the future. But he didn’t trust me completely because, that being before we’d met, he thought he’d married me out of obligation/duty only, and not out of love. ;3; So there I was in the past with my husband who didn’t know me yet or love or trust me.

Happy Birthday to me, lmao. XD

Okay but what if when the Warden and a romaced Alistair get married, the Warden incorporates what Alistair said when they first met into their vows? Basically what I’m saying is please imagine Alistair Theirin crying his eyes out because the love of his life just said “The best thing about the Blight is that it brought us together”