@zacharyquinto: i can’t stop thinking about how much you’ve evolved and expanded these past four years. how easily you’ve stepped into yourself with powerful intuition and confidence. watching you grow is one of my greatest pleasures and learning from you is one of the greatest gifts. your beauty is unparalleled - inside and out. your inherent goodness is a constant inspiration. and your wisdom is beautifully humbling. saturn returns to carry you into your full potential with power and limitless possibility. i cannot wait to watch you embrace it all. i love you so much. happy birthday my love @milesmcmillan

sure, with Dan’s rebrand, we talk a lot about he has grown a lot. throughout the years he’s been more confident to dress how he wants, speak his mind, and overall grown as a person. but like so has Phil! Phil in 2017 has been more comfortable with bringing up sexual innuendos on his main channel, talks more about boys, and just providing more content where he isn’t so restrained. he’s making content for himself! he’s a 30 year old man! 

More B99 AU:

“It’s too late,” Geno groans into his arm, facedown on his desk. “Sid gone on date, I’m miss chance forever. Soon he marry that boring man and have three beautiful babies with his eyes and curls. And I’m be single and eat cereal on couch forever.”

“No, wait, maybe it’s not too late,” Flower says. “Did you see Sid do that one hair tuck?”

“What hair tuck?”

“It’s where he takes that curl that hangs near his right temple, that one, and he giggle-snorts and tucks it behind his ear while he looks at his feet? That’s when you know he really likes someone.”

“He not do that yet,” Geno says slowly.

Flower pulls him to his feet. “There’s still time, go, go.”


One disastrous date avoided and two bottles of moscato later, Sidney’s pink all over and laughing on Geno’s couch at Geno’s poor impression of Mickey Mouse.

“Soviet Mickey Mouse, maybe,” Sidney says. He looks very, very beautiful, and it takes Geno’s breath away.

“Hey,” Geno warns, not very seriously at all. “Is offensive.”

“Sorry,” Sidney says, then unsteadily tries to get to his feet. He topples into Geno instead. “I should…go home.”

“No, you–you take bed. I’m sleep here, on couch,” Geno insists. He also stands up, biting his lip as Sidney gazes up at him, his eyes sparkling. “Brush teeth. Be back soon.”

Sidney watches him leave, looks down, then tucks one curl behind his right ear. 


The blond sat deep in thought, as he’d spent much of his time over the past few days. Everything seemed to pass by in blur. He was still covering Owen’s classes during the day. After work, he’d head over to the house to what little time with Ellie that he could. He’d go back to his family’s home after, to make sure his siblings were taken care of & put to bed. Levi would meet him there. Though he was sure the man would rather return to his own, quiet home. Levi had put up no fight each night when Archer asked him to stay by his side. 

Arch? Baby?

He was meeting with a lawyer on Monday morning to discuss his options regarding the custody arrangement. While he was technically allowed to see Ellie as much as he liked, he hated doing it under the very watchful eye of his ex-husband. Things were tense & awkward to say the least. 

While Ellie was first & foremost his main concern, she wasn’t all he had to worry about. With their marriage ending & Tobias releasing him from his duties at the label, Archer would have to secure work for himself as well. Of course, until he knew what the result of the custody dispute would be, he wasn’t sure what he would be able to do or what kind of hours he would be able to work. 

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how did jacksepticeye "accidentally" stop one of your first suicide attempts?

It wasn’t one of my first I misspoke it was actually my second tw for child abuse and suicide mention.

Back in 2015 I ran into the man who abused me as a child, I had no proof and never told anyone so he was a free man and the way he spoke to me made me suicidal

I locked myself in my room but turned on videos because if my room was quiet my mom would have gotten suspicious


specifically this video, I’d watched the first few minutes but had to leave for the very event that brought me face to face with the man who sexually abused me

I was sitting there contemplating my pain pills bottle when jack goes

“hi I’m jack I’ll be your friend for today you can just sit back and relax and hang out with me”

and something about that drew me in and made me put down the bottle and start watching the video and by the end I was laughing so much I forgot why I’d been sad.

Call it cheesy or dumb or a stupid reason not to kill myself and maybe I would have chickened out but in that one instance jack was able to distract me idk I’m sorry

Just Another Lester

Rat sat with his back against a tree later that night. He was alone, the others were off either checking the supplies or resting. He still wore the dark-leather armor and uniform of a dead man, he carried the rifle of a dead man as well. The thought struck him, how strange it was. Stranger than that, was the thought of how he had killed a man that day.

A man who was trying to kill him and his friends. But still, he… not his demon, had killed a man. The boy’s hands dug into his pockets and fished out the various items he dead mercenary carried. A golden locket, a silver pocket watch with an insignia, and an extra knife.

The knife was of better quality than the one from the bandits, so that was a plus. A curved skinning knife. He made a mental note to give his old one to one of the others later as he slid it inside his boot.

The pocket watch was nice. Silver. That meant it was worth something. But the insignia is what pulled his attention. The front cover was engraved with a lightning bolt and cloud. Thunder or I’ll shoot! The man shouting those words played over and over in his mind. Obviously a code, but how it worked, it could not say.

Slowly, Rat pulled out the remaining item. The locket. It appeared aged and worn. The gold flaked here and there. Cheap item then. He fumbled the thing for a few moments, until finally it opened to reveal a photo inside. Squinting, Rat tried to make it out. It was a young girl, perhaps around Rat’s age or a little younger. She wore a blue dress and bonnet. Rat’s eyes narrowed at something on the inside cover. Carefully, he held it up to the moonlight to read an inscription there. Lester and Emma, with a heart etched around it.

The locket fell from his hands as Rat muttered a soft curse. For some reason, he was shaking. He wasn’t sure why, nor could he stop it. Though the thoughts of the locket came back to him. Lester. That had to have been the guy’s name. Emma. His love.

Lester, the man he had killed. A young mercenary with a love back home. The profile hit too close for Rat’s comfort. True, he had no one back home for him, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t one day.

Would he be destined to end up like Lester?

Just another corpse left behind?


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Every time you mention Trogolia, I just think of Trogdor from Homestar Runner. Have you heard of it?

Trogdor was a MAN!

I mean, he was a DRAGON MAN!

…Or maybe he was just a DRAGON!