:: Inquisitor Sethras Adaar ::

“I am only simple man. But if every simple man do simple things, we can do much. We can bring peace and order. This is the Inquisition.”

Inspired by the Qunari/Vashoth tarot card, I decided to undertake the biggest digital art project thus far and draw…my nugget son. 

Seth wears batik, an Indonesian textile art that is also common to my country, Malaysia. (texture edited from here) I really wanted to plonk something of me onto him. 

His arm Vitaar is also adapted from the tarot card, but I added the contour lines to resemble the Orb. 

Imagine walking with Woozi when you notice one of your shoelaces came undone. Right before you were about to reach down to tie your shoelaces, Woozi kneels downs and does it for you.


Johnny Depp vs. Rebel Rebel by David Bowie