Still about Colin's M&G

Q: How does it feel to know that so many people look up to you, that you’re their inspiration, that they became a better person because of you?

Colin: *gets speechless* Oh, oh. You know, that’s… I’m just an actor, you know…

Fan: “And a singer”

Colin: “No”

Fan: “You’re a great singer!”

Colin: *blushes and continues to answer* “You know, it’s nice to have people like what I do. It’s great for everyone, I guess. I’m very grateful. Thank you for saying that”


It’s been a long year and 7 months since I came into this fandom. It was a few months into me starting college, and my depression had just started coming around, not that I really knew. But, since I discovered Mark, and got into this amazing, lovely fandom, I’ve made so many more friends and improved my artwork beyond what I ever imagined. 

Ever since I knew that Mark believed in me, I’ve gotten so much better and so much more confident. Mark, it’s thanks to you that I’m finally achieving my dream of going to a university to do an Animation Degree. I got accepted (on a condition) at all the places I applied to, not only for my work, but for the passion and self belief that I could make it. Thanks to you, I’m finally achieving what I always wanted.

My work has changed so much for the better, from the first fanart I did back in 2013 to my latest few fanarts I’ve done, along with my cosplays from the beginning of the year, to just this May!

So, Mark, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. Thank you so much for believing in me when nobody else did, and for lighting up my darkest hours.

- Charlie Woodham