He was so freaking cute :D 

Just few stories, ok :D 

From Kladno: 

  1. A girl i stood behind; “Can you write "Lucince”“? He wrote LUC…and then "uhm, what was that?” Me, because i am rude person:D “Jeez, he can’t even write” He started laughing and was like “Well, i didn’t pay attention at school much…” “Thank god you are hockey player, then” *Fro laughs again* “yeah, thank god, i don’t need those stuff much” :D *like writing, duh, who needs that* 
  2. When it was my turn, Lucinka gone :D i was like “write Heduš and Elis, please” “Together on one card?” “Yeah, i don’t want to hold things up.” *Wrote Heduš, questioning look at me* “Now plus or and..” “How to write Elis?” “Normally, E-L-I…” “S or Z” “S!” :D Poor guy ♥ 
  3. Can you also sign my shoe? :D “uhm, sure?” …so i took my shoe off…“OH MAN THOSE ARE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS ONES….AMAZING WHERE DID YOU BUY THOSE?” “on aukro” “THEY ARE SO AWESOME!" 

From Kamenné Žehrovice (10 km from Kladno)

  1. Waiting for Fro and Cup (and Rozsi, which was surprise for me, i didn’t know he’s gonna be there!) to arrive….."Someone wants to tell us something…or sing to us?” my hand shoot up and i started “Froliiik navidad, Frolik….Uhm, you don’t know this one? OK, don’t mind me” (AAAAAWKWAAARD)
  2. “you need to resign the shoe, i wanted it closer to logo!” “Sorry! HEeey, Michal,” touching Rozsíval’s knee to get his attention, “you gotta see this!” Rozsíval didn’t even move:D “Heeey, Michaaal!!…” “It’s fine, i’ll let him sign them too, no worries, he’ll see them” “GOOD, he HAS TO!” :D (When it came to signing the shoe by Rozsíval he didn’t say a word, so it’s just Fro fangirling over my shoes:D) 
  3. “Would you also sign my flag?” “Sure” *signs* “Uhm…shouldn’t you get new marker?” “No, still fine” *adorable small giggle* 
  4. People taking too long with Rozsíval, me standing in silence next to sitting Frolík, men behind, in front, next to me…..Fro: “Here, take one more card, i need space on my table” :D wtf? :D probably bored :D so, it occurred to me outta nowhere:D “You shouldn’t shave, you looked so much better with the beard!” *everyone around laughs* “I knooow….but…” ..Man behind “it’s just for playoffs!” “I know, but couldn’t he have his own private little playoffs all season long?” *Fro laughs again* “OK OK I WON’T SHAVE THAT MUCH NEXT SEASON!”  (Thank me, Winterpeg fans…ladies!:D)
  5. Asking Rozsíval to sign my book about WHC 2011. “Sure” …took it away from me, started signing with black marker at the darkest place on the page. “Nooo, why on the darkest place!” “What? noo it’s fine, see, perfectly readable.” *innocently smiles at me* …EXCEPT NO, IT IS NOT READABLE AT ALL:D

  6. i made fro fro laugh like 10 times that day….i can die happily now! 

Seriously, Winnipeg, if you won’t treat him well, i’ll get you! He’s adorable, ok! so you all better love him.