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Dont wanna pick kak since thats too obvious so Josuke!

Omg we both sent each other Josuke

  • Why I like them - what’s not to love about the Pomp Prince he’s way too cute
  • Why I don’t - There’s only one thing he did that I didn’t like in the entire manga and that was not really react or comfort Okuyasu after Red Hot Chili Peppers almost killed him but I like to think that was because Jotaro was there and he didnt want to look lame
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - mmm I really liked the hunting episode in the anime, but in the manga I’d say it had to be Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable I’ve read that chapter so many times
  • Favorite season/movie - HE’S ONLY IN ONE, SO.
  • Favorite line - “I’m more of a love kinda guy.”
  • Favorite outfit - His stupid fucking waffle shirt grew on me but I think I like his red sweater thing the most
  • Brotp - Josu/yasu/koichi
  • Head Canon - He watched Grease ONCE and it changed his entire way of speaking.
  • Unpopular opinion - He sees Jotaro more as a dad figure than he sees Joseph
  • A wish - Show up after DIU damnit.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - Don’t die but uh. Yeah.
  • 5 words to best describe them - Angry Son Who I Love
  • My nickname for them - Josuk

Wow, there sure are a lot of a lot of Lens here!


Ooh… chekkit out, that Len looks pretty hot.

…Does he need a cold drink.

Definitely, in this heat- Wh- whoa!  Are- are those two- kissing!??


This is like that… selfcest yaoi that you like to read.

Haku, you’re the only one of us who reads that cra-

OMIGOSH I- I’m pretty sure that’s- that’s illegal!

….Haku, pl-




Haku.  I’m not going to turn around.


…Haku please-

Neru!  I- I don’t think it’s gonna fit-


U-unbelievable!  I… I can’t tear my eyes away- away from-

…Haku I’m not turning around until you stop.



I think he’s looking at you.

Aah hahaha, made ya look!

……I hate you.

things I want in BBC Les Mis:

  • fantine’s squad
  • the courfeyrac/marius friendship, particularly the “I have come to sleep with you” line
  • the enjoltaire death scene. pls
  • triumvirate friendship!
  • jehan’s death scene
  • Father Mabeuf
  • battle of waterloo? like not the whole fuckin tangent but just the scene with thénardier and pontmercy would be rad
  • georges pontmercy!
  • gillenormand (as long as he’s portrayed as the asshole he is)
  • gueulemer! he is always forgotten rip
  • the musain ladies like floréal, madame hucheloup, louison, matelote, gibelotte, etc
  • that scene when marius thinks he’s ugly and courf is all like “no dude wtf you’re hot as hell”
  • romani javert,,, PLS im so sick of the whitewashing
  • just a diverse cast in general

Let’s talk about the way they’re smiling at each other

Let’s talk about her hand on his cheek

Let’s talk about the way Lucas tilts his chin up when Maya leans in to kiss him.

Let’s talk about how he closes his eyes, ready to enjoy the moment

I mean, let’s just talk about this beautiful scene

(It was pretty hot too right!)

(also, not my gif)

Marauders in the 2000s?

Imagine if the marauders had been in Hogwarts in the 2000s though. Just picture it. My Chem, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the height of their emo careers, and everything else that was happening then:

• The boys arguing over which band was the best, Sirius yelling over all of the others whilst Remus quietly says Bowie was better then any of those bands
• James wanting to cut his hair so he had a fringe like Frank Iero and Remus immediately confiscating his hair shears, and Sirius threatening to dye his hair black and pierce his lip. Again.
• EYELINER. Lots of it. Remus did not complain about this because Sirius looked hot
• Peter having one of those checkered belts with the studs and only wearing skinny jeans for the whole of fourth year, but he somehow got away with it??
• Scene girls
• Someone playing the G note at lunch and the third year that ran to get his black parade jacket
• Remus would go on about how it was a phase and say how James would regret this. He’d sit with his leather jackets and smiths albums but he had to admit, damn was Teenagers a good song. He would still listen to MCR secretly
• Lily thinking the marauders were all stupid but she actually had a poster of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross on her wall
• Everyone having those MP3 players and portable CD players that skipped when you walked
• Tears when Panic! split. The school was divided temporarily
• Best album debates in the common rooms
• Dark Slytherin aesthetic and piercings everywhere, teachers can’t control it
• The whole great hall breaking out into a chorus of I Write Sins Not Tragedies at the great feast and McGonogall not knowing what the hell was happening
• Snape hates it all and loves Blood On The Dancefloor

I actually really loved tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, so much better paced than Friday and involved some of the strongest characters combined in their own significant storylines.

  •  Robert buying breakfast for Aaron, having a cosy meal in the pub and having fun trivial dorky conversation about curry like a NORMAL, NATURAL couple
  • Robert making sure he stays in both Chas and Aaron’s good books by sacrificing a hot meal
  • Robert trying to be funny being his smug ass self hinting towards being Holly’s best looking subject to photograph. Like??? So good?? I’m totally here for pairing random villagers together in these small scenes. They make such a difference!
  • Chas returning healthy, happy and with the continued support of her son and his ‘you say jump, I say how high’ boyfriend
  • Chross rising!!
  • Chrissie pointing out that Andy is in fact no better than Robert FINALLY (even if she did switch back on the forgive and forget attitude that good boy Andy always gets)
  • Aaron standing Robert’s ground, “he killed your mum and shot your dad” letting him know he’s not in the category to put Andy before him. So important!!!
  • Aaron not acting extreme towards the fact Chas already knew, I’m proud of him for not kicking up a massive fuss - such progress in his temperament
  • The Whites just roasting each other and setting themselves up for disaster
  • Lachlan’s sexual assault actually being brought up in the topic of a negative offence instead of being shrugged off
  • awkward Marlon being awkward Marlon

YES to it all, I have zero complaints, happy me is happy.


Hillel – animated, intelligent, handsome – this dude really had it going on. His Slovakian length served him well both in limb and face. He looks like he’s still having fun – hasn’t reached that point of ‘Oh please not another picture.’ You know when we started taking pictures it was so fun and creative – after about 20,000 photo sessions it is very difficult to maintain enthusiasm. I think a big reason we started getting so heavy into contorning and distorting ourselves is that it was a reaction to these pretty boys in the music scene, these guys wearing makeup and trying to look as handsome and beautiful as possible. We always were trying to look like a cover of Mad Magazine.  – Anthony Kiedis

Learning Your Lesson

From this request: can you write a really smutty Dom!sam one shot? Like the reader is being flirty with someone (other than sam) and he gets really jealous (what the reader wants) and he just becomes this daddy or master character in order to teach the reader a good lesson



Sam looked over and saw you practically bent over the bar, talking to the bartender. He was into it, too—his eyes were practically glued to your cleavage. Sam ground his teeth, trying to suppress a growl. He couldn’t make a scene, not here in public, and definitely not while working a case.

God, you looked so hot. Your dress was skin tight, hugging your curves. It was low cut, showing off your best assets. But Sam hadn’t wanted you to wear it out in public—he wanted it to be something only he saw you in. But it had been the only dress you’d had and the gala was the only chance the Winchesters had to find the jewel.

Sam quickly found his brother. “Have you found the jewel yet?”

“Don’t worry, I already took it and handed it off to Cas.”

“So can we leave now?”

“Are you kidding? Free booze and pretty ladies? Not to mention I look damn good in this tux.”

“Right. Well, Y/N and I are leaving.”

“Have fun.”

Sam stalked over to the bar and grabbed your wrist. “We’re leaving.”

“Sam!” you said, turning. “What–”

Sam pulled you away from the bar, heading for the parking lot. He opened your door and carefully shoved you inside.

“Sam, what the hell?” you asked, watching as he walked around the car and slid into the driver’s seat. He slammed the door behind him and shoved the key in the ignition, the car roaring to life.


He said nothing as he drove to the motel. You could see his jaw clenching under every passing streetlight. You could see the shift in Sam’s personality, even in the dark. He was no longer Sam; no, he was a darker version, the version that rarely came out.

The version that punished.

The version that controlled.

The version that made your panties soaked (or rather, would have soaked them, had you been wearing any).

You remained quiet for the rest of the ride, not wanting to test the limits—yet.

Sam pulled into the motel’s lot and screeched to a halt in front of your room. “Out.”

You did as he said, stepping from the car. You waited for him to open the door, wondering what would happen once the two of you were locked away inside.


You stepped inside and stood in front of the bed, watching as Sam slid the locks shut. He stood for a moment before turning to you.

“Do you know why I’m mad, little girl?”

“N-no, sir.”

“Really?” Sam stepped closer. “No idea at all?”

You swallowed. “Is… is it because I was… flirting with the bartender?”

“So you admit you were flirting with him. Purposefully.”

“Yes, sir.”


You carefully slipped out of your dress, leaving you completely bare. You’d forgone underthings tonight—well, you had to. That dress was too tight to fit anything under it and still look decent.

Sam stood, his eyes trailing over your naked form. He carefully sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here, little girl.”

You knew what he was asking (demanding). You carefully bent over Sam’s knee, your ass up, presented for Sam. His hand lightly traced over your cheeks, causing tingles to flood through you.

“This,” Sam said, landing a harsh smack on your ass. “Is mine. Do you understand, little girl?”


Sam smacked your ass again. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

Another smack. “Who’s ass is this?”

“Yours, sir.”

Smack. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, sir.”

Smack. “What did you do to deserve this punishment?”

“I flirted with someone else, sir.”

Sam landed a few more harsh smacks on your ass before shoving you to the floor. You watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled his semi-hard dick out. He presented it to you and you immediately opened your mouth, letting him shove himself deep into your throat. You sucked him, feeling him harden in your mouth. His fingers tangled in your hair, pulling you toward him.

Soon, he shoved you off of him. “On the bed.”

You crawled up onto the mattress, watching as he pulled his clothes off, agonizingly slow.

“On your back,” he commanded.

You plopped down and spread your legs, letting him see your dripping pussy. His fingers ran through your lips.

“Someone seems to have enjoyed their punishment,” Sam growled. “That means they didn’t learn their lesson.”

You squirmed slightly. “No, sir, I learned my lesson.”

Sam smacked your pussy, sending a jolt through your core. “Who’s is this?”

“Yours, sir.”

“Damn right it is.” Sam’s hands gripped your hips, pulling you toward the edge of the bed. He slammed into you, not giving you time to adjust to his length or girth. “This. Is. Mine,” he said, accentuating his words with each thrust. “I get to do with it what I want.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sam glared down at you, a strange glint in his eye. “You don’t get to cum tonight, little girl. Understand?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

Sam abused your poor pussy for hours that night, cumming inside of you, bringing you right up to the edge. Finally, he flopped down onto the mattress beside you, turning over, his back to you.

That hurt more than any spanking.

You knew better than to ask to cuddle with him. You sadly curled up on your side, covering up with the scratchy comforter. You hoped Sam would be in a better mood in the morning.


The next morning, you woke up to a strange sensation between your legs. You cracked your eyes open and saw Sam’s face nestled against your sex. His tongue was lapping up your juices, his lips were curled around your clit.


He peered up at you, smiling. “Good morning, baby.”

“What are you doing?”

“Well, your punishment was that you couldn’t cum last night. But today’s a brand new day.”

You whimpered as Sam’s finger slid into you, intensifying the sensation.

“Come on, little one,” Sam said. “You can do it.”

Within a few moments, you reached a mind-numbing climax. Your back arched but Sam remained attached to you, taking everything you gave him.

You collapsed against the mattress, your chest heaving.

Sam crawled up, his lips pressing soft kisses to your skin, the last one landing on your lips. “Feel better, baby?”

You nodded, your arms wrapping around his neck. “I’m sorry I was bad last night, sir.”

“You learned your lesson, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then all is forgiven.”

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your fanfic was so good,,,, oh my god my heart kept on squeezing and pounding 💕👌 please tell me about nursey offering to be dex's plus one and when he first sees dex at the wedding!!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

hi anon!!! thank you for the lovely message, and i accidentally just rewrote those brief scenes (of this fic) from nursey’s POV (oops) so enjoy ~ (poems referenced are Louise Erdrich’s Wild Plums, Conrad Aiken’s Tetelestai, and of course Jack Gilbert’s The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart)


“So,” Nursey drawls, hoping Dex will continue to not question him about the increased-frequency calls. He’s running out of excuses. “You practicing your dance moves for whatever hot date you found?”

“Oh, fuck,” Dex says.

“What is it?” Nursey asks.

Dex is silent on the other end for too long. Irrational worry strikes at Nursey – this is why he tries not to give a shit. Once he gives a shit, he starts panicking at every little thing and can’t stop. Albeit, it’s also way too late to stop, seeing as he spent like half an hour trying to pick clothes that were hot-but-still-loose-enough-to-dance-in before every excruciating lesson with Dex.

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I've never seen anyone utilize the scientific fact that when an Australian hears the chant "Aussie Aussie Aussie" they have to reply back "Oi Oi Oi" ... You could harass JR and RH for endless fun because they wouldn't be able to stop themselves yelling Oi in unison

okay so like I’m out of the house rn but hopefully by the end of the day expect to see some Hot Pics of: that scene from roger rabbit where he bursts out of the wall singing “shave and a haircut two bits” except with the other Junkers hunting junkrat saying “Aussie Aussie Aussie” and him shouting “OI OI OI”

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hello :) could you please do jikook headcanons based on "painting greys" by emmit fenn? its a song and the first thing i thought of when i listened to it was jikook CUZ ITS SO DAMN HOT I NEED UR HEADCANONS OK BYE THANK U UR AMAZING

This sounds sexy no lie ha ha. I hope this lives up to you expectations.

+ Imagine Jimin is a thief, hit man, spy or something like that and Jungkook is like the FBI or police officer trying to catch him or something.

+ Jimin is after something for this rich man and Jungkook catches wind of it. So they’re both at this party the dude is hosting.

+ Jimin spotting JUngkook at the party but instead of hiding, goes over to Jungkook cause he knows Jungkook has nothing on him.

+ Sexy slow dancing scene where Jungkook is low key trying to integrate Jimin, but Jimin just smiles bashfully and advoids the questions like a pro and aims the conversations towards something else more suggestive but Jungkook keeps integrating.

+ Jimin sneaking away to go steal something and Jungkook trying his hardest to catch him but it’s too late and Jimin is already gone leaving rose petals behind.

+ A few months later Jimin is hired by someone else to help take down a rival politician.

+ Jimin suddenly appearing in Jungkook’s apartment and Jungkook knows Jimin is there because Jimin left rose petals in front of his door. However, Jungkook isn’t on edge when he notices but goes in curiously only to find a sexy looking Jimin dressed in black on his couch (black slacks, a black dress shirt that has the top three buttons undone and hair slick back)

+ Jungkook wondering what Jimin is here while Jimin keeps rubbing his hands over Jungkook’s chest and arms, smiling cheekily “what, can’t visit my favorite agent?” Jungkook narrowing his eyes in suspicion but Jimin keeps his smile as one hand goes from Jungkook’s chest down to tug on Jungkook’s pants button.

+ “What’s your job this time?” Jungkook whispers the question in Jimin’s ear as he has Jimin pin against the counter as the other is up Jimin’s shirt, “stealing another painting?”   “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jimin responds as he scratches at Jungkook’s bare back.

+ Jungkook trying hard to track Jimin down but can’t for a bit.

+ Jimin doing a lot of dirty work (like beating up people, stealing information, threatening others) all while not leaving traces.

+ Jungkook finally catching Jimin but not knowing what he is doing.

+ Shooting, lots of shooting between the two groups, Jimin never aiming to hit Jungkook though.

+ Jimin visiting Jungkook again. Jungkook trying to figure out who Jimin’s customer is while they make out on his couch but Jimin answering back in codes and riddles.

+ Jungkook figuring out who Jimin is working for and who they’re after and trying to stop them.

+ One crazy shoot out and one of the politicians workers shoots Jungkook and Jimin shooting the worker in the head once they got away.

+ Jimin visiting Jungkook in the hospital (dressed as a nurse) and leaving rose petals for Jungkook once he wakes up.

+ Jimin switching sides and joining Jungkook to take down his customer.

+ Before Jimin could leave Korea, Jungkook catches him, but instead of arresting him, Jungkook joins him and they both flea to start a new life.

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Prompt Abby taking care of Marcus while he's sick, and he's acting like a big baby.

Here you are, my dear! I secretly like the idea of Marcus acting like a child and whining while being sick. I can just imagine Abby rolling her eyes at his antics but still taking care of him because she loves him. During the scenes we’ve seen so far, Marcus is the kind of person who diminishes his own pain/discomfort but I think that deep down he wouldn’t be the best of patients, at least not when he’s alone with Abby. He’d nag about feeling hot and then cold or toss and turn in bed :D Hope you’ll like it! 

I love you, even when you have the flu

After being a doctor for more almost 20 years, Abby is fairly convinced she has seen a lot, but nothing had prepared her for taking care of a sick Marcus. Raising a child almost seems easy compared to this. Sighing, she leans against the bathroom door, “Marcus, are you planning on coming out soon or are you just going to live in the shower?”

“I’m in pain”, Marcus croaks, which turns into a coughing fit and is accompanied with lots of groaning.

Rolling her eyes and muttering men are babies, Abby opens the door and walks into the bathroom. “I’m sure you are”.

The sight that greets her makes it difficult for her to keep a straight face, but she manages barely. Marcus is leaning against the wall with his head bowed down, water dripping from his hair. Hearing her enter the room, he lifts his head, looking pale and absolutely miserable. Putting on her Doctor Griffin face and giving him her I am so not impressed with you – look, Abby hands him a towel as she turns off the water. Muttering a thank you, Marcus wraps it around his waist before stepping out of the shower. Well, trying to step out of the shower is a more accurate way to put it. After trying to lift his leg over the bathtub and failing a couple of times, Marcus falls back against the wall with a groan. If it weren’t for the fact that Abby hadn’t been sleeping well due to his constant fidgeting and whimpering in bed or that everybody at the camp seemed to need her input or advice, she might have felt sorry for him. In reality, she was getting frustrated and she wasn’t the most patient of people to begin with. Letting out a deep sigh, she moves towards him and helps him out of the tub. Looking as if the action had absolutely drained him, Marcus drops his head on her shoulder as his hands hang beside his body.

“Marcus, you’re dripping water all over me”, she gently chides

“M’tired”, is his muffled response and Abby can hear the pout in his voice

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Because I love Ocarina of Time, and I saw Yuugi dressed as Link, so I decided to draw Atem in Gerudo clothes (actually, it’s him as Nabooru, my favorite sage). I’m not even sorry.

I’m kinda bored, so I decided to do a little thread: Draw YGO characters dressed as someone from TLoZ. (I can feel it, nobody will join me ;-;)

My original idea was to draw a scene from the game, when Nabooru asks to Link: “Would you go into this tiny hole and get a treasure that’s inside?”


Well, enjoy!

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the brothers reactions to their friend giving them the ugLIEST TACKIEST SWEATER TO EVER EXIST for their birthday and claiming "They knitted it themselves"

Oh my god I love this I’m cackling!!

Osomatsu: He’d be disappointed you could have given him cash or even a gift card instead, and his face will betray him for a couple seconds when he sees his lover look upset, “Haha I love it babe it’s so… unique!”  When you ask him to try i one he tells you it was all too hot in late may to wear a sweater and will neatly fold back in the box.  He won’t throw it out but he won’t wear it either, he’s gonna hope you forget about it

Karamatsu:  He L O V E S it!  He makes you shirts once in awhile so to see you make a sweater for him, it brings him on the verge of his tears.  His brothers will definitely throw up from how tacky the whole scene before them is.  He’ll try to wear it every opportunity he get’s to show it off.

Choromatsu:  He sucks at lying so you can tell right away when you see he’s happy, when confronted he tells you as delicate and vaguely, “that it’s not his style.”  He’ll see you nod, “You’re right you can’t even wear it in this heat, would like me to make you something else?” He’d politely ask you to knit him a small green wallet and is thankful you can be so dense sometimes.

Ichimatsu: He will will quickly change out of his sweatshirt and wear the sweater with a small thank you.  He knows if he wears it now he won’t have to wear it in the future.  If his brothers say a single word about him, you, or the sweater he will murder them.

Jyushimatsu: He adores it!  he will actually wear it out when the weather gets colder, sure the colors and patterns may be a little…bold but he you made it and that’s all that matters.  Plus you put so much time and effort into making it and look so happy how could he say no to that smile?

Todomatsu:  He wants to love it, he really does but he can’t.  He will be s fake and let you know how amazing he think thinks it is and can’t wait to where it once the weather is cooler and would immediately hide it once you leave leave.  He’d take it apart and re-knit it into something more suitable for him to wear.  If you ask him about it he’ll say his brothers made the wash to hard and he tried to salvage it the best he could.

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While on the topic , what sort of lovers do you think the following are? Vegeta Future Trunks Goku Gohan Personally I'd peg gohan to be very gentle with Videl (/. \ ) I'm sO Embarrassed djsodr I need to soak in holy waTER

Originally posted by lifetimetv

Sit down and let me tell you, kids

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ok last night i went to a party and there was a big sexual tension between me and this guy i had just met there, at some point we were in the corridor between the bathroom and the entrance and when nobody was there, which was for a good 30 secs only, he fucking grabbed my face and made out with me and it was so hot. just like in movies. and then nothing else happened and i went home bc it was late but wow im just replaying this scene in my head over and over again

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can you do an imagine where its Harvey's final heart scene (with the hot air balloon) except the farmer is also scared of heights? <3

You look at the balloon, then at Harvey….then back at the balloon again. As much as you really didn’t want to go on it, Harvey already took the time to rent and pay for the balloon. A hot air balloon ride certainly isn’t cheap.

“Aren’t you afraid of heights?” you asked. 

“Deathly afraid. Having you here with me is a comfort, since you’re so courageous.” He smiles at you.

You force a laugh. “Haha…Yep. Courageous.” There were so many things you were afraid of going wrong. Starting off, the balloon had patches sewn on in many places. The balloon could rip at any moment while in the sky! If that was one of the first reasons to be scared, then there’s many more to think of. Especially falling. 

Harvey politely opens the small door for you, letting you in first. 

You feel the balloon start to ascend. This wasn’t so bad. Just as long as you don’t look down you’ll be fine. Yeah. Unless the balloon breaks and you fall.

“Are you feeling alright? You’re looking very pale.” Harvey raises his hand to your forehead, “You don’t feel sick.”

“Harvey,I’mscaredofheights.” once you realized how high up you two were, fear struck hard. So many things were filling you with fear. The ground wasn’t stable, it was getting heard to breathe, and if you looked anywhere that wasn’t Harvey, you’d actually see how far the ground was.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me then?! I wouldn’t have taken you If I’ve known.” He drew you close, hugging your shaking form. “It’s okay to be scared.” he whispered.

“I know, but atleast I have you here to protect me.” you laughed as you stood on your toes to kiss him. “Now let’s get off before we die.” you smile.