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i'm reading your tags on the hanahaki kunikidazai post I made and oh boy. Kunikida collapsing on a mission after insisting he was fine and feeling better would absolutely throw off Dazai because this is Kunikida we're talking about. He's ALWAYS there and truthful and on top of things. Kunikida says he's fine so who is Dazai to doubt that? The one time Dazai doesn't read Kunikida as well as he usually does is the one time Dazai misses something crucial

what’s fucking me up is that we k n o w kunikida would do this, too

he’s banked on the fact that he’s truthful and honest 100% of the time when he needed dazai to know something, especially pertaining to a case. we know he’s a little oblivious but he means so well, he tries so hard to be good, that dazai understands in his bones that when kunikida says he’s fine, then he’s fine. no questions asked. no comments necessary. and that’s dazai’s downfall.

and the one time kunikida says he’s fine and he’s not? dazai will believe him. dazai won’t even think to question it. and kunikida knows this in his heart of hearts, knows his time is coming to an end, and still refuses to do anything about it because he thinks no good will come out of it?? and that’s what’s fucking me up right now

dazai sees kunikida collapse, and maybe for a split second he sees what could happen if he chooses to believe that everything he touches dies, or that kunikida is too good of a man to last on this earth, and for once in his life the mission they’re on gets finished in record time so dazai doesn’t have to see his partner not get the help he looks like he needs

the aftermath of this alone would be heartbreaking and i’m here for it

linguini from ratatouille is the most accurate representation of a broke millennial, like he has no idea what he wants to do with his life and has a shitty apartment and gets drunk and has intense anxiety and actually acknowledges how weird his situation is. like, he just found this rat that can cook and can somehow communicate and control his actions by pulling on his hair and that’s weird af, but fuck it he really needs this job so fine let the rat cook, he doesn’t even care how weird his life is anymore he just needs money.

Honest to god Wade is me

@whatthefoucault yes that’s exactly what he was wearing and i said what i said, Carter Baizen in his first few episodes was finer than fine 

look at that smirk in the last gif and tell me u wouldn’t let Carter Baizen in all his rags for shirts, scruffy face, curly hair glory Dick You Down™