My brother apparently has the greatest phone conversations?
  • Andy:Hello?
  • Andy:Yes, what's up?
  • Andy:Seventeen POUNDS of pepperoni?
  • Andy:I don't know, set it on fire!
  • Andy:Uh-huh.
  • Andy:She did WHAT?
  • Andy:That's a LOT of pepperoni! I don't know!
  • Andy:How are you going to get it out?
  • Andy:Okay, well, I'll talk to you later. Don't sprain anything. Bye.

literally just sat on google images with my mom for at least like 5 min just looking @ pics of adam and showing her all the cute ones

i’m sitting in a common room in my dorm painting my nails and some random dude came in with a guitar and now we’re just awkwardly coexisting, this gayass nail-painting kid and dudely guitar practicer. it is certainly An Experience

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I was bored and had nobody to hang out with so the boy I liked knew this - that I was bored and had nobody to hang out with. And so he texted me "Call Me" and so I automatically assume something is wrong so I call and he says "I'm working so this is as close to hanging out as we can get" (he's a pizza delivery driver right now) so he drove around with me on Bluetooth, entertaining me for an hour just so that I wouldn't be lonely and I think i'm in love

Marry him.

You should be in love, that’s the kindest sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Oh my God. Marry him.


10 Songs Challenge

I was tagged by the wonderful @lilyyspotter and all I have to do is write down the first ten songs that come up on my shuffle and my favourite quotes from them 

Reckless Serenade by Arctic Monkeys 

‘when she walks the heavens hum a stun gun lullaby’

Gasoline by Halsey

‘Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me’

UGH! by The 1975

‘Hes just a simple diabetic that prevents the empathetic’

I don’t like you anymore by The Last Shadow Puppets  

Enticed me for a second time today only for me to realise the same’

for him. by Troye Sivan 

Sickeningly sweet like honey, don’t need money

White Leather by Wolf Alice 

I scream screams for us

Silk by Wolf Alice 

And when she sleeps she hears the blues in shades of black and white

New Romantics by Taylor Swift 

could build a castle Out of all the bricks they threw at me 

Scumbag City by The Strypes 

Sunday morning’s indiscreet, Saturday left clues

Tag youselves everyone!

When I stared at him it took me back to the time we were both in the back of the car, he was on a trip. He would stare at me while I sang along to the smiths. I caught him staring at me while singing and he just gave me this look of reassurance, smiling. His head was slanted, he didn’t turn his head or stop when I caught him. He just looked at me smiling so entertained and said “go, go keep going” holding my hand the entire time waiting for me to start singing again.

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kusaka, dio brando, dan moroboshi, nakadai, and juuzo

  1. juuzo: he’s the smexiest
  2. dan: he might not be a 1000% awful guy, there might be good in him yet
  3. nakadai: at least he entertains me
  4. kusaka: is shit
  5. dio: just the absolute worst