Let’s meet the BTS PETS:


Jin tweeting “Jjanggu who’s ugly but cute” (Savage dad)


Suga tweeted “Holly only likes the people who give him food” (savage dog)


Jhope tweeted “ Don’t you think you’re too cute? Why are you so cute?” (Indeed a cutie)


Namjoon tweeted “I want you Monie Monie“ (Like the chorus in BS&T)

JIMIN: DOSUN (RIP the cutie passed away T^T and so far Jimin didn’t get another pet)

When asked about his dog he said “I don’t have him anymore. Dosun are you doing well?”


When Tae tweeted “i miss soonshimie..” He really adores animals and babies!


When asked about his dog Jk said “I have a Maltese at home. It’s name is Geureum (cloud) and I miss him/her a lot.” (Awwww)

BTS are perfect as they are, but knowing that they love animals just make me adore them moooore. 
By @mimibtsghost

A Guide to Dream Daddy, by someone who has never played it

Mat Sella: He’s adorkable and runs a coffee shop 7/10 

Damien Bloodmarch: Good! Pure! Needs Protection! 9/10

Hugo Vega: “See you in class, bitch.” +1 points for being voiced by Ray Narvaez 8/10

Brian Harding: He’s probably nice but I always feel insecure around him 5/10

Craig Cahn: Tumblr doesn’t talk about him that much but he has an adorable baby so 7/10

Robert Small: Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll 10/10

Joseph Christiansen: Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually an unholy demon that needs to be purged from this earth -8/10

The AH boys being proud of themselves will never fail to make me into a mess.

Jeremy being proud about Go Nitro? The best. I wish I could give him a hug. I’m so proud of his time and effort he spent on this.

Geoff bringing up how long he has stayed sober? Also the best. Withdrawal and the silent peer pressure of working at a place like AH must be a bitch. I’m proud of him for being healthier. He gets a hug too.

Michael showing off Iris to everyone? The cutest and also the best. He has an adorable and healthy baby girl despite coming a month early, and honestly, what do you expect from someone with a DNA combo of Michael and Lindsay? The whole Jones family deserves hugs.

I can’t think of anything else but please add on with proud moments so we can be proud of the swearing adult men and women we adopted as children at some point.

his little princess / draco malfoy


p.s. I’m most likely going to write a part 2 before any of you ask. ;)

word count// 2,351

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December the seventh had been the due date for your little pink bundle.

Three days had slipped by and every second of those very long days felt excruciating to endure. You were a little over forty weeks pregnant and more uncomfortable than ever. Sleep was near to impossible and the immense amount of fatigue only worsened every other thing you felt. The baby’s kicks were quite strong and you couldn’t seem to enjoy them as much as you had near the start of the pregnancy. To top it all off, Draco was more protective than ever and any little moan or whimper that escaped from you made him spring into action. Irritability had become your number one symptom and your main target was Draco.

It was December the eleventh, the start of the fourth day after your due date. You woke up to minor contractions, but it didn’t get your hopes up since you had been experiencing them daily. You had slept a grand total of three hours and lied awake in bed, a hand resting on your large belly full of at least eight pounds of baby. The red letters on the clock read 5:45 and it remained dark outside, the bedroom’s only form of light being from the clock.

Rain hit the glass windows and roof, creating a soothing melody as you stared up at the ceiling. Draco’s arm lie around your waist and his large, vein filled hand rested on your belly. His steady breath washed over the back of your bare neck and the stray hairs from your tousled bun tickled your skin as he breathed out. You melted back into his warm chest, your palm going to rest on top of his and your fingers slotted between his against the material of your long-sleeved shirt. The contractions were continuing to plague your body and although they were spaced apart and fairly minor, they were still a bit painful. The only place you felt content was with Draco.

A swift and harsh kick to your ribs from the culprit in your belly caused you to suck in a sharp breath, your eyes screwing shut in discomfort. The little girl inside you hit the same spot where yours and Draco’s hands lie and your muscles tensed as he stirred behind you. A soft hum vibrated his chest and his arm tightened around your waist, his palm lightly squeezing your stomach in acknowledgment of the unborn child’s kicks. He pushed himself up on his forearm when you shifted uncomfortably, your ribs aching and a small contraction pulsated through your lower abdomen.

“Contractions again, sweetheart?” He asked gently and ran his fingers over your swollen stomach.

Sighing at his comforting touch, your head bobbed up and down on the pillow. “Yeah,” you breathed meekly and smiled weakly up at the concerned face of your husband. “But I’m fine. They’re still not strong and irregular.”

Draco moved his hand up to your flushed cheeks and brushed away a few sweaty strands of hair. Your hot flashes had only worsened as you progressed in the pregnancy and it was embarrassing to sweat without having done anything. He didn’t seem to think anything of it, but you felt like an unattractive beached whale.

His fingers never ceased in stroking your hair and you smiled tiredly when his lips pressed to your forehead. “Do you need anything, love?” He murmured against your skin. “I can get you some tea or make some breakfast.”

“I need you to cuddle me,” You moaned and shifted onto the side facing him. Your face burrowed into his t-shirt clad chest and you breathed him in, feeling completely at ease by his side. He made the discomfort and pain you felt bearable.

Chuckling, Draco brought you in flush to him and he heard your muffled giggles at your bump getting in the way. He smiled lovingly at you, his ice colored irises drinking in the tired smile on your face. Your hair was wildly tousled from tossing and turning all night, your skin was free of any cosmetic product and the pregnancy glow still radiated from you as it did in the beginning. He had never imagined himself to be lying in bed with the love of his life tangled against him and he didn’t quite understand how you had fallen in love with him, but he was sure as hell glad you had.

You tilted your head further back to meet his eyes just as you experienced yet another kick from the babe inside you. It was much softer and less of a karate chop to your ribs than the previous kick. Draco felt the gentle jab in his side since your belly was pressed to him as close as physically possible and you smiled when he slid your shirt up, revealing the large baby bump. You had acquired some stretch marks, but he paid them no mind and lowered his head to talk to her like you knew he adored doing.

“Hey baby girl,” Draco cooed in the gentlest tone he could manage. His fingertips danced along your bare bump and you admired the adoring smile on his face when she kicked at the sound of his voice. “It’s Daddy. Again.”

“She’s probably tired of hearing your voice, my love,” You teased and ran your fingers through his blonde locks.

“Shush,” He said and shot you a warning look that made you giggle. “Don’t listen to Mummy, princess. She’s mean to Daddy and—Oi!”

You had smacked his head and tried to stifle your laughter his messy hair. “Don’t tell our daughter that, Draco!” You scolded.

“Anyway,” Draco said and lowered his lips to your bump again. He brushed them along the stretched skin, a mark brandishing the once smooth flesh on your stomach, and goose bumps arose on your belly as he kissed it softly. “You like keeping Mummy and Daddy waiting, don’t you? We’re ready to meet you, princess.”

The clock ticked over to 6:00 and you shut your eyes for a mere second, taking in the soft sounds of the rain hitting the glass window. You had barely been submerged into darkness for a millisecond when you felt a gushing sensation between your legs as if you had peed on yourself, but you knew full well that it had not been that.

On December eleventh, the fourth day after your due date, your water had broken and labor begun.

Panic. Unshakable panic fell upon the house, capturing Draco in its claws. It seemed as though the split second your water broke and you pulled your very pregnant self from the bed, the contractions began to grow ever so slightly stronger. As your nose scrunched up in discomfort and your digits yanked your shirt over your stomach again, Draco caught every grimace of pain and he felt his body frozen to the bed. His eyes were glued onto your face and he watched as your hands came to rest just above your hips, riding the contraction out until it descended to nothing.

“Your water broke which means you’re in labor,” Draco said slowly, the words slowly seeping into his brain and when they did, the panic settled in further. “Bloody hell, you’re in labor!

You couldn’t help but giggle and take his hands in yours, pulling him from the king sized mattress. Your fingers traced over his knuckles soothingly and you tilted your head back, your y/e/c irises twinkling as they gazed into his icy blue ones. “I suppose baby girl heard you and decided to surprise you, my love,” You murmured and grinned.

He gaped down at your smaller frame before pulling you to him, his arms wrapped around you and his hands rested on your waist. The large baby bump pressed between you two and he kissed your forehead multiple times, the burning of tears already blurring his vision. “I’m about to be a Dad,” He mumbled shakily into your neck and you held him tighter as he shook slightly in your grasp.

A gentle, subtle smile pulled at the corners of your lips. The pads of your fingers ran along his back and you pulled back to kiss his forehead. “You’re going to be amazing, Draco,” You hummed softly and felt like crying yourself at his soft, adoring expression. “Now, I’m kind of in labor so we should go to the hospital.”

“Right.” Draco heaved a sigh and blew it out heavily. “You’re in bloody labor. Oh, merlin.”

Seconds trickled by, turning into minutes and following with hours. You had gotten decked out in the hideous hospital gown and the IV’s had been stuck into your veins. Nurses came and went, checking your progress along with an occasional monitor of the baby’s heartbeat or asking if you needed anything. You had dilated to a four and the contractions had gotten closer together, much stronger, and more painful. The whimpers leaving your mouth only worried Draco more and if you weren’t in immense amounts of pain, you would’ve been slightly amused.

Your eyes screwed shut in discomfort and a soft whimper fell upon Draco’s ears as he stood at your bedside, stroking his pale fingers through your hair and along your perspired forehead. He hated seeing you in pain and there was not a thing in the world he could do to make it better. He did all he knew to do and that was to make you as comfortable as possible.

Draco bent down to your level and kissed your head gingerly, his right hand clutching yours. “You’re almost halfway, love,” He cooed softly and brushed the pesky hairs out of your face. “You’re doing so good, taking those contractions like a champ.”

Blowing out an intake of air, you pushed a weak smile up at him. “I think labor is kicking my ass, but thanks Draco.”

He chuckled. “I’m not even the one in labor and its kicking my ass more than yours.”

You giggled and rose up against the pillows to peck his lips. You squeezed his hand, grinning, and said, “You’re taking labor like a champ, babe. I promise.”

“I think I’m supposed to be telling you that.”

A mere two hours prior, you had been at four centimeters dilated and gotten the epidural. Ten centimeters came in the blink of an eye and the time to push was upon you before your brain could process it. The hospital room was in a flurry of nurses and doctors prepping for delivery, the spotlights had been switched on, and your legs were positioned to deliver your baby girl. With a pounding heart and your belly flipping with nerves, Draco grasped your right hand firmly and murmured comforting words into your ear through the chaotic events unfolding rapidly.

“Alright, Mrs. Malfoy,” The doctor exclaimed from the end of the hospital bed. “It’s time to push.”

With a fleeting glance into your husband’s stormy irises and the distant sound of nurses reassuring you, you tucked your chin to your chest and pushed. A strangled cry elicited from your mouth as one of the nurses counted up to ten and you pushed through until she reached ten before sucking in a deep breath, dropping your head to the pillow. Draco stroked your hair and continuously peppered kisses on the top of your head or on the slightly dampened skin of your forehead.

“M’so proud of you, my love,” He hummed into your ear.

“I love you, but we’re never having another baby after this,” You huffed, already exhausted from one push.

Draco chortled. “Whatever you say, darling.”

“Push, Mrs. Malfoy!”

For the second time, you tucked your chin in, took a deep breath, and pushed as hard as possible because you wanted that baby out. The pressure and burning sensation began to intensify and after a mere few moments rest after the second push, you were going again. After a total of five pushes, the little baby girl was out and loud crying filled the hospital room. The moment your eyes laid on the doctor holding your baby, wiping her off a bit, tears spilled over onto your cheeks and you looked up at Draco. A small cry left your mouth at the sight of his eyes glistening with tears of his own and he stooped over to kiss your lips repeatedly, the taste of salty tears into the kiss.

“I love you so much,” He whispered and wiped the wet streaks on your cheeks.

“I love you too,” You sniffled.

The doctor placed your baby onto your chest, a blanket draped over the naked newborn and her little cries lessened to whimpers. You sunk your teeth into your lip, holding back a fresh wave of tears, and placed one of your hands on her head and the other on her tiny back. You pressed your lips to the top of her head and traced your fingertips along her back, soothing her whimpers to nothing.

Draco gazed at his two girls in awe. The tiny glimpse into you as a mother had already taken his breath away and he could feel himself falling deeper into the pit of love he held for you. Very carefully, he brought his hand to the pink cheek of his little girl and drug his finger along the soft skin as if it were porcelain. Never had he seen a more beautifully ethereal thing in the entire world than the bundle that lie on your chest. She had only been in the world for a few minutes and he was already enthralled. He was so in love with the tiny human he had created with you.

“My little princess,” He hummed gently and never ceased his finger against her small cheek. “She’s so beautiful, Y/N.”

“Of course she is.” You giggled. “She’s your daughter.”

“I think it’s the other way around, my love,” Draco said adoringly.

Your cheeks flushed and you sighed in content, the babe on your chest stirring before falling still again. “Freya Leigh Malfoy, already stealing hearts at a few minutes old.”

“That’s my girl.”

Dean was watching T.V. when he heard it. It was a strange, very quiet sound. Low and gutteral—a growl?

Dean scooped up the remote, squinting until he found the mute button and punched it pointedly. And he heard it again, but this time it sounded even more faint, reminding him of the quiet sounds of a motor attached to a fan. Then, footsteps. Wet. Sloppy. Heavy steps trudging across the tiles of the bunker.

Dean stood, wrapping a hand around his gun still resting against the small of his back.

The sounds were closer. Closer. Closer. Then…


“What the hell, Cas?” Dean said, letting go of the cold metal in favor of a glare at the puddles forming at the base of Cas’s shoes. In fact, Cas was completely drenched with the runoff from the blizzard outside, leaving him looking like the soggy end of a mop.

Dean gestured to Cas’s wet form: “Dude, you’re making a mess, what, did you roll around in the snow?—” then, Dean paused, holding up a finger, “wait, shh.”

Cas scowled. “Dean, did you just shush yourself—”

Dean held up a hand with a stern face. “Shh!” he said again. And, there it was again. The quiet growling… no, purring?

Dean looked Cas up and down suspiciously, noticing for the first time that the angel’s hands were hidden behind his back as if he were hiding something there.

Dean raised his chin, suddenly looking down at the angel like a child, who was, incidentally, avoiding eye contact.

“Cas,” Dean said carefully. “Baby, what’s behind your back?”

Then, in the background, a mewl.

Dean’s eyes widened, his tone changing immediately.

“Cas, please tell me that is not a cat behind your back right now, or I swear to God…”

But Dean didn’t finish because, in a second, the angel was stomping, wet and furious towards his boyfriend, blue eyes cold and hard. And, at that moment, Dean could swear Cas’s vessel was taller than him because he didn’t usually see the angel look so intimidating—outside of the bedroom.

“What, Dean?” Cas said. His voice was calm and collected, but there was a chill in it that sent shivers down Dean’s spine. “You swear to God, you’ll what?”

Suddenly, Dean backed up against the couch with a thump. And, Cas looked smug.


“Dean,” Cas said confidently, acting as if his ass hadn’t just meowed. He took another step forward, as if he were about to kiss his boyfriend, but instead, brushed his nose along his jawline until he was whispering in Dean’s ear. “I’m going to pull my hands from behind my back and I want you to think very carefully about your next words. Do you understand?”

Dean closed his eyes briefly at the skin contact, swallowing, then nodded.

Then, as if he hadn’t just threatened Dean with the wrath of God, the angel’s face broke into a soft, curly smile as he pulled a wet, scrawny black cat from behind his back. The angel tickled under the cat’s chin, cooing with crinkly eyes, bumping his nose against the cat’s pink one.

Dean’s eyebrows raised as he eyed the black, patchy fur ball. The thing was starved, dirty and frankly, hideous. And yet, Cas looked as if he were adoring a new born baby and not a mangy cat.

In contrast to his gruff voice from only a moment ago, Cas spoke sweetly to the cat while directing his words to Dean:

“This is monkey,” he said. “I found her behind a dumpster.”

And Dean started to crack a smile as he watched his boyfriend who looked like an adorable wet mess himself, cuddle the scraggly cat until it purred in his arms.

“This is your new home,” Cas purred back.

This snapped Dean back to reality: “Cas,” Dean started to protest, but was cut off quickly when Cas’s head snapped back up to Dean, expression fierce in warning.

Damn Cas, Dean thought, how the hell can you manage to be both adorable and scary as hell?

“I’m talented like that,” Cas said smugly. Then, when Dean’s eyes widened comically, “Dean, you should really watch how you address me in your thoughts, some of them smack very close to prayers and I’m pretty good at tuning in to those.” He finished with a wicked smile that made Dean’s cheeks heat up.

Dean cleared his throat, then stared at the bundle of dirty dripping, fluffy masses in front of him with a sigh.

“Ok,” Dean finally consented. “Welcome to the bunker monkey.”

“Thanks,” Cas said, leaning forward and giving his boyfriend a wet kiss. When he pulled away, the cat started crawling up to Dean’s shoulders, purring heavily as he cuddled against the warm, dry heater he’d found, soaking Dean’s shirt.

Dean sighed again, but this time he was smiling at the way Cas’s face lit up at the situation.

“You’re welcome,” Dean said, pulling Cas in close to him. “I love you, you monkey.”

Cas smiled and kissed Dean again.

When they pulled away: “Just to be clear,” Dean said. “I meant you.”

Cas reached up and pet the cat again with a relaxed smile: “I know,” he said. “I love you, too.”

Louis Tomlinson has to have one of the most versatile looks I’ve ever seen. He can do adorable smush baby, punk, fucking SIR, prettiest of the pretty, laddy lad of the lads and so much more that my brain doesn’t have the capacity to come up with descriptions of now. But he can literally pull off any aesthetic and look like it was made for him. I’ve seen pictures of him that I wouldn’t even think were the same person. He can just pull off any vibe and I don’t understand.
This is an incoherent mess, but I can’t brain right now.

BTS Reaction To Seeing Your Baby Pictures/Videos.


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*Mama Jin Mode Activated * He would admire every single picture and video. Asking for copies of his favorite ones. Your baby pictures would be the topic of discussion for days to come.


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*This Dramatic boy* As soon as he heard how adorable your baby voice was in the videos he’d stop everything and play it back just to hear it over and over.

Rap Monster

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This Man Child would be dying from the cuteness that was your baby pictures, they were too much for the God of Destruction to handle. (Jimin is your mom fangirling with him)


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Our Sunshine would LOVE everything about your baby pictures, He’d love the person who took them, he’d love how cute you were in them and he’d love you even more after seeing them. Telling you that you were an Angel even as a baby.


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As your VERY embarrassing baby videos played in front of his eyes he’d get second hand embarrassment, turning into the soft Mochi he is. Asking you what you were thinking when you decided to walk around your house bare ass without a diaper on.


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We all know how much this boy LOVES children, He is all over your baby pictures as soon as he sees them. He wants 100 copies of every one, He wants to hear all the stories behind them, and he will not shut up about how cute you were. (You’re Suga)


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This boy would be so rude ;-; He would not believe that it was you. He’d ask who the adorable baby in the pictures were, When he found out it was you He’d act amazed, asking what happened to all your cuteness. Earning a slap from you and laughter from your parents.


Perks of Bucky and you having a son:

•your son will have his ‘everything’

•from his father’s looks

•to his father’s charm

•to his father’s accent

•he has adorable baby fat


•father’s try keeping their daughter or sons away from y'all kid

•probably naming his Sebastian or James Jr.

•mommy’s boy

•so many questions

•having the amazing Avengers as aunts and uncles

•Tony spoiling the hell out of him

•Steve spoiling the hell out of him

•sam cracking jokes about how they look alike

•Peter and him being best friends even though Peters older then him by a couple of years

•Clint and Natsha baby sitting him

•being hydra number one target now

•getting kidnapped or shot at a lot

•having some of his father super soldier serum translated inside of him

•sports kid

•enjoys track, football, basketball and swimming

•gets in trouble for standing up for other kids

•gets bullied about his father being a monster

•parents fearing him because of who his father was

•swooning all the girls

•enjoying a good book with Loki

•Thor and him are training buddies

•teasing Peter and Sam when they all hang out together or go for a jog and says 'on your left’ or 'on your right’

•being a smart boy

•homeschooling him when things get rough in school

•school fights and being called up to school

•loving him no matter what because he’s y'all baby boy no matter what age he is

•Wanda telling him stories about pietro

•cooking with vision

•him most likely ending up with Peter

You have a weird sneeze (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he wasn’t surprised by it but it was kind of annoying because it was more than one sneeze that came out weird- “um that’s a weird sneeze. One is more than enough”

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Jin: -the boys would start laughing at you he got angry about it- “she can’t help it. Leave her be”

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Suga: -you would get embarrassed because it was the first time you did it. He smiled at it amazed that you did it- “that was so weird. I like it”

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J-Hope: -he would think it’s kind of cute even though you hated it, he loved it- “you’re so adorable baby”

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Jimin: -you put your whole body into your sneeze. So he always watched so he could see how much you moved when you did it. And ended up dying most of the time- *gif*

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V: -you came to surprise him but before you could scare him you sneezed and he knew exactly who it was- “hey baby. You came here to see me?”

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Jungkook: -he would start laughing as soon as you did. You normally had one kind of weird sneeze but this one was different from the rest- “oh that one is a new sound”

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