“I’m so glad Zico is not in Conduct Zero/Bastarz it’s better without him!”


He produced them an awesome song, spends nights at the studio to make it perfect,  promotes them on twitter, asks everybody to support them just like him and block b, goes to their mv set to monitor them, He is the leader what the hell more do you want from him to do? Stop making him look like an asshole who only cares about himself and puts down his members damn….

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How would be lazy/morning sex with Yongguk?

Lazy morning sex with Yongguk will feel really romantic and special. Despite his intimidating attitude in the MV’s, Yongguk is actually really sweet and introverted guy.
Morning sex with him, will be after a hot night of making love, where he might have been a little bit too rough - bitting and sucking on your neck, or gripping a bit too tightly at your sides, while thrusting in and out of you with inhuman pace.
So morning sex would be all about worshipping you and your body, making it up to you for the last not so lovey-dovey night, planting sweet kisses all over your face, shoulders, kissing the still fresh hickeys on your neck, caressing your sides gently.
Expect a lot of foreplay and teasing. He won’t make you suck him off, since this will be all about you, but he’ll definitely want to eat you out - very slowly, seductivly licking, nibling, kissing his way down your body, untill he reaches your core, dipping his tongue in and out, teasing and playing with you, untill you beg him to give it to you properly.
The actual sex will be more of a love making, very slow, warm, gentle, but still with a bit of spice.
Let’s face it - Yongguk knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and desired.


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How would Jay ask you to be his gf?

tbh (even is he looks so tough in his MVs), I think he would be pretty shy at first, if he really likes you it would be a lil difficult for him to find his words.

then,when he would finally gather the courage, he would ask you out,like a simple “not-a-date”

and then he would wait for the perfect moment to ask you, he would probably use his failed aegyo

and he would laugh right after like a lil idiot

and then he would stay still waiting for your answer.

omg ok so recently my grandfather developed a hhuuuUUge taylor swift obsession, so yesterday i was playing the mine mv and i paused it and he said taylor looked beautiful in that scene so i screenshotted it and edited it and it was this

he won’t sTOP fangirling over her ethereal angelic beauty and perfection and he even said that he now wants 10 copies of it that he can frame and put all over his house in kolkata he’s ALSO promised to devote one entire room of his house to taylor im yELLing this guy sings indian classical music and he’s in love with taylor this is the most unexpected dream come true this is the real deal

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well, judging by the fact that i can't stop crying after this freaking comeback trailer, it's pretty safe to say i live for suga when it comes to bts. for real though, WHAT WAS THAT? THAT WAS PERFECT???? OMG

HE IS SO PASSIONATE I’M SO PROUD OF HIM??? I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ACTUAL MV AND EVERYTHING ELSE BUT also welcome to the club where we cry over him all day bc min yoongi????is perfect????

This is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s just perfect. Even though the MV is nothing very special the scenery, costumes and the quality of the cinematography present a high quality video. You can’t take your eyes of those 5 perfect guys stares. Zin presents his beautiful voice as always, I think his voice is very beautiful and unique. Yuki also doesn’t disappoint with his amazing drumming skills. When you listen to it really close, you can be truly overwhelmed with how fast he drums. The twin guitars are my favorite thing ever. Not only is Teru teh cutest thing ever and I swear I’m in love with him, but his skills are amazing. Hizaki shows off his incredible fast guitar-playing skills. He is just an amazing guitar player, I really respect him. I love the fact that Jupiter doesn’t have a rhythm guitar and a lead guitar. Both Teru and Hizaki have solos and when they play together is just sounds so unique. Not to forget Masashi, quiet and mysterious as always also contibuted to the awesomeness of this music. See you soon baby!

Make sure to go see this MV and check out the band. I promise you won’t regret it, they are the best (in my opinion). I just love them so much. WE HAVE ALL THE LOVE WE NEED IN THE WORLD!


I kinda expected it to come out on thursday before mcd??

oh god I cannot function I’m literally shaking and crying this was so perfect oh god oh god

I waited 3 years for this crap and it’s better than I thought it would be oh god

this is 1000000000000% Heechul it’s unreal he’s basically just himself the entire mv and oh god

the only thing that bothered me a bit is that we only saw Jungmo for like 2 seconds ugh but I guess I should be used to it by now

I’m just

I’m dead I’m really really dead

someone H E L P M E my bias did a thing T_T

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Likkkkke girl i was soooooo fnzjkvcnlc when i saw this fucking mv!!!!!!!!!!! like what the hell it's so fucking good! i love this! but i think that if it was the first mv i saw of them, i'll stan Ukwon for sure! he looks so good like ommmmmggg!

OH GOD IT IS!!!!!!!!!! I agree, holy shit I wasn’t even sure what I was expecting but that was not it and oh my god they did it so well and ngl I found it really hot lol like idk, I had to keep pausing it to squeal to myself

I don’t blame you!! He was gorgeous throughout the entire thing! And his voice oh my god I’m so proud of him :’) And in the other songs, he can do everything I stg?????


Kim Yoon Ah reveals MV for OST track “Lucid Dream” ft. Olltii

Jaurim’s vocalist Kim Yoon Ah revealed a mysterious music video for the OST track, “Lucid Dream” from the drama Missing Noir M.
Missing Noir M is a short 10 episode drama that airs on OCN. The drama revolves around a genius who attended Harvard University at the age of ten before working at the FBI for ten years. He decides to move to South Korea and becomes the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit. While appearing as a perfect person on the outside, the main character actuallhy holds a deep and dark secret.
The music video for the track “Lucid Dream” features rapper Olltii where the two make an effective collaboration for the drama. Kim Yoon Ah’s sweet and graceful voice balances out Olltii’s strong and furious rapping in the song.
Additionally, the music video displays clips from the drama, revealing many scenes of detectives studying the cause of death for multiple crimes, going from the investigation room to the hospital.
Check out the music video

Via Koreaboo

By Unsa

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ahh hey i read the tag on the tyler post and he said it in his new song 'fucking young' (its actually a pretty good song imo) ^^

i just listened i love the concept of this mv? it’s literally so beautiful and the color correction is so perfect im screaming

Just here to vent.Dont need to read.

Okay first of all,I like yaoi okay.But not gayish yaoi.You’re probably thinking wth does she mean? Let me explain.I like yaoi which is not girly.I love yaoi where the uke is badass and not girly.I love yaoi where the uke is still manly and can beat someone up if they want to.For example: Aoba from DMMD.Aoba is the perfect uke. I hate yaoi where the uke wears pink shorts shorts and a cropped belly shirt. I hate yaoi where the uke wears girls clothes(except if its a lemon scene).I hate yaoi where the uke is a fucking girly diva.I hate yaoi where the uke is naked and seductively swaying his hips side to side while wearing high heels in an mv.I hate yaoi where the uke acts like a freaking girl.I hate yaoi where the uke wears a skintight leather catsuit with cat ears which shows of his feminine curves as he smirks seductively and bend over to show off his ass.I hate yaoi where the author tries to potray the uke as sexy and seductive and like a freaking girl!I hate those types of yaoi okay.Yaoi is ManxMan.Why would you try to make the uke girly when he’s a man! Whats the point of yaoi if you try to potray the uke as a girl!

Hey Everyone, welcome back to BasicBlanks! I bet you guys have been waiting for a while for Exo to finally upload their MV for Call Me Baby, but the long wait has ended! It was released on March 30th 2015 and since then they have had 13,477,318 views! WHOA that’s a huge amount of views!

As the first scene plays Kai opens the song with his powerful rapping powers! Following along with Baekyun’s angelic voice, hehehhe he’s so sexy in the first scene and in the rest of the voice!! His solo tho ahhhhhh too perfect!

The dance is amazing I can’t wait to watch all the tutorials for it! The member’s were perfectly in sync, they’re definitely not going to disappoint us this year! The song itself is very catchy, Sm town must be having a theme for songs since Exo’s Call Me Baby has the same concept as Shinee’s Your Number. These boys must be really wanting our attention, well they won’t have to beg for it long. We’re already anxiously waiting for them.

I’m very proud of Exo especially from all the drama of Kris and Luhan leaving. Exo was able to get through and make a great Comeback! Let’s give Exo a BIG thumbs up for all their efforts! Exo Fighting!!!!

That all for today! Thank you for reading! Comment below and follow my blog!

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I post every Sunday, so I hope to see ya next week!  Good luck!