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literally record your brother whenever he does anything he seems hilarious

Ok, here’s the best thing about my brother that I’ve been wanting to talk about: He is essentially Murdoc and as horrible as that sounds, it’s actually really amazing and I love it. He’s definitely not abusive or cruel or anywhere near as twisted as Murdoc is so that part is out the window. However:
-He constantly walks around without a shirt on
-His sense of humor and mannerisms are all very Murdoc-y. Someone will be like “Hey! You can’t smoke in here!” “….watch me. *flicks lighter*”
-He has a hard time expressing genuine affection and the most I’ll get is an affectionate punch on the shoulder but I know he loves me anyways! :)
-Total ladies man who don’t belong to nobody
-Favorite color is turquoise!
-He loves music more than anything. His room is completely covered in keyboards, mixing equipment, and other various instruments. And yes, he does play bass!
Haha, so yeah he definitely reminds me of Murdoc in a lot of ways. I could go on and on, but this answer is already hella long so I won’t bore you. Once again, he is one of the kindest, generous, and most amazing people I have the blessing of living with, so don’t think he hits others, uses people for his own gain, or is an asshole because he’s not. He’s basically just Murdoc if Murdoc was nice. If that makes sense.
Also, my personality is pretty similar to 2D’s (or so I’ve been told) so together we pretty much make the ultimate sibling duo! (Except we don’t fight as much as Murdoc and 2D do.)
And yes, he is hilarious. I will definitely try to get some of his antics on camera. But for now, you can have this picture of him kissing a dolphin when we went to Costa Maya!



T: I swear to god I’m not. I don’t even know your name, how could I know where you work? I just wanted some food.

R: Well, don’t come here if you’re looking for something edible. My name’s Rachael by the way. Rachael Winston if you need full name for creepy stalking purposes.

T: Tobias Reagan. What does stalking mean?