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Can't you limit your dad's access to your account? So that he cant take money out for the hell of it?

Unfortunately, no. My account is a sub-account under his, so he’s technically the primary account holder for all of the accounts in our household. I would change that, and get my own, but I have no idea how to do that, and he refuses to teach me anything that’ll be of use in adulthood. He feels that, as an adult, I should already know these things… even though no one ever taught them to me. (<sarcasm>Yay osmosis!</sarcasm>)  Sometimes I wonder if he actually cares if I fail in the future, because sometimes it sure feels like he doesn’t. It’s a frustrating cycle, living in this house, but as it stands now I won’t be getting away anytime soon. 

Thank you for your concern though. <3 It means a lot.

“When I pass, you shall look up to me in the night sky, and I shall look down at you, with love and with care.” 

Monty left us one year ago, but he hasn’t left my heart. He’s a huge part of my life, and the reason I wake up every morning and tell myself I will live another day. I miss him greatly, but has taught me to explore things I’ve never done.

A few months ago I told myself I’d never know how to use SFM. But here today, I’ve made this, because I kept telling myself Monty wouldn’t allow me to give up.

Created using Source Film Maker (SFM)

And non-watermarked version is available, just shoot me a message!

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did your parents let you manage your own money for clothes etc as a teenager?? how did you manage it if you did?

At the age of eleven, my dad opened a bank account in my name and paid my monthly pocket money into it. I was responsible for buying all clothes other than school uniform, birthday presents for friends, school lunches, transport, etc. I spent six years of my life living in £5 New Look pumps and charity shop jumpers as I could afford literally fuck all, especially if I wanted to buy a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of cider that week. It caused a lot of arguments but overall it taught me how to budget and I am grateful for that. Papa Moon was also responsible for driving my ass down to a charity shop when I was sixteen and forcing me to volunteer every Saturday so I could get retail experience. He is a true endorser of pure hard work


Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

Come Live With Me by pygmypuffle [?, 5k]

Harry is a first year university student in need of a new place to live, Louis’ the one who puts out an advert for a room for let, but with one exception: heterosexuals need not apply. Luckily for Harry, he’s far from straight. 
University, roommates | POV: H (mostly)

You taught me how to be someone by TattoosAndTwinks | @fondlarents [T, 5.7k]

World famous actor Harry Styles comes out with longtime boyfriend Louis Tomlinson at the 49th annual Academy Awards, but things don’t go as planned 
Modern history (1977), famous (H), established reationship | POV: both
Part 2 of made in the a.m. series

Waterstand - CH4

‘Well, tell me first how you can drive this truck,’ Amethyst said.

‘Oh, my dad taught me how to drive a clutch when I was 14. This is kind of complicated, but it’s similar.’ Pearl pat the steering wheel.

‘What, was he like a country hick or something?’

‘We lived in Montana on his ranch. He and my mother got divorced and she took me to the city.’

Amethyst nodded solemnly. Divorce is never fun.

‘I never got to visit him because it was too far away.’ Pearl sighed, and leaned back in the over-sized seat. ‘I got to ride horses every week when we lived with him. It was really nice.’

‘Where’s your mom now?’

‘She died when I turned 18. I moved in with a roommate for a year, but she got married and moved in with her husband. We were best friends until she met him.’ Pearl squeezed the steering wheel tightly. ‘They had a son and she practically ignored me afterwards.’

‘That sucks. What a bitch.’

‘No! She was really nice.’

‘Did you like her?’

‘Of course I liked her, we were best friends.’

‘No, did you like her?’ 

Pearl looked over at Amethyst, who was grinning.

‘Y-yes. I did.’ She looked back at the road.

‘Why didn’t you tell her, then? Lock that chick down.’

‘I did! I did, but she told me she was straight, and that she had met a guy she was interested in, and-’ She sniffed, and wiped her face. ‘Let’s stop talking about this.’

Amethyst’s brows came together. She pursed her lips and looked forward. ‘We can talk about me, then.’

‘Go ahead.’

‘There’s not much to say. I had a shitty childhood. My mom sucked. My dad wasn’t around. He was a nice guy, he just wanted a son and not a daughter. I finished high school and stayed with my mom and freeloaded off her until now.’

‘There’s nothing else? What about your friend?’

‘Garnet? Yeah, she’s cool and I hope she’s alright. Met her in middle school.’ Amethyst grabbed the knife out of the back and felt her hair. The clean cut she had performed kind of turned it into a bob, and she scowled at the way it must have looked.

‘What did you do in your free time? I’m sure had a lot of it.’

‘Hey, don’t be condescending at me!’ Amethyst pointed a finger. ‘I, uh. Well, I, hmm. I cosplayed,’ she finished quietly.

‘You what?’

‘Cosplayed. You know, like I dressed up as people? From TV shows and stuff.’ Amethyst looked the other way and started refining her hair. She cut a few layers off to make it thinner, and the tips swooped out in some places.

‘Oh, Rose said she did a lot of that in high school before we met. That’s very nice,’ Pearl said. She looked over and inspected the haircut briefly. She smiled, suddenly noticing how cute her partner’s face shape was.

‘Man, you really know how to give a compliment.’

‘Sorry.’ Pearl knew she wasn’t good with words and talking to other people, and her smile disappeared.

Pearl checked the fuel gauge. The truck had been almost full when they left, which was excellent. 

‘Hey, when are you going to let me drive?’ Amethyst said.

‘I’m not sure you can,’ Pearl replied. ‘It’s got a really complicated clutch system and-’

‘You said you’d let me, though!’

Pearl groaned. It was like dealing with a child. ‘I’ll teach you, when we get to the fort.’

Amethyst nodded and kept rough cutting her hair. After half an hour or so, they noticed the fort in the distance. There didn’t seem to be any zombies nearby, and from the cab the women could see a long way.

Pearl parked the truck in front of the gate, and Amethyst hopped out. A man with a gun came out of the station and pointed the barrel at her face. Amethyst’s hands went up.

‘Get the fuck out of here. We aren’t letting in any women,’ the man growled.

‘What the fuck man, are you guys gay in there?’

‘Shut the fuck up, bitch! Hop back in your semi and drive off before I blow your teeth out.’

‘Dude, what’s wrong? At least tell me why I’m not allowed in.’

A loud bang sounded in the air, and Pearl screamed. The door opened, and Amethyst climbed in as fast as she could.

‘That’s a warning, you cunts! Don’t come back!’

Pearl shifted into gear and the truck jolted forward. ‘Are you okay? Did he hit you?’

‘No, I’m not shot. He did poke a couple holes in the cab, though.’ Amethyst leaned back and exhaled deeply. ‘That’s the biggest thrill I’m going to need for a while.’

‘Looks like we need to find another safe place.’

‘I think the truck will do. Let’s park a few miles down the beach, and we can start gathering supplies and building a home. Gay ass mother fuckers. What’s their problem with women?’

Pearl didn’t answer. She simply kept driving, and almost tipped the truck on her turn to the freeway.

‘Careful, pierogi!’

‘Sorry,’ Pearl said. ‘I just want to get away from here.’

‘It’s okay. They aren’t going to chase us or anything.’ Amethyst reached over and patted Pearl’s thigh. Pearl jumped at the touch. ‘We can just be renegade lesbians, doing our own thing and being badass.’

Amethyst leaned against the door, but inhaled sharply and withdrew from it.

‘Are you alright?’ Pearl asked.

‘Oh, shit, he grazed me. I don’t think there’s any buckshot in there, though. God damn, my luck is horrible today.’ She got into the back of the cab and started rummaging around.

Pearl considered telling Amethyst to watch her language, but she had probably done worse that day.

‘Jesus Christ! Shit, God. Woo, boy. Fuck!’ Amethyst’s curses spewed from the back of the cab.

‘Are you religious?’ Pearl called, wincing.

‘No, are you? Christ!’ The shorter girl was having a hard time wrapping her wound this time without pain.

Pearl hesitated. ‘Yeah, I guess.’

Amethyst crawled back into the passenger seat. ‘Maybe it’s time to abandon that. Look around you, pierogi. The dead are all around us. They ain’t in heaven, huh?’

‘Hmm,’ Pearl grumbled. She wasn’t about to have a debate, but she was willing to drop the subject and never speak of it again. Pearl looked over, with the intent of communicating that point, but instead shouted, ‘Did you wrap that with paper towels?’

Amethyst recoiled slightly. ‘Y-yeah, why?’ 

The truck slowly came to a stop. Pearl locked the doors and led Amethyst to the back of the cab. She sat her buddy down, and started searching for supplies.

‘Ah, here we go.’ Pearl reached into a high up storage compartment and grabbed a first aid kit. She opened it, and began unrolling some gauze that was inside. She let it drop on the bed of the cab, and ripped the paper package of an alcohol swab.

‘Oh, no, that’s going to sting,’ Amethyst said, leaning away.

‘If it stings, that’s a good thing.’ Pearl sat next to Amethyst’s arm, and tore off the paper towels. She started swabbing.

Amethyst shouted, and had to grip the blanket and grit her teeth to keep from moving. ‘Hoooooooooly shit!’ After a moment of screaming on Amethyst’s part, half the ordeal was over.

‘Ok, stay still for this.’ Pearl began circling the gauze around Amethyst’s arm. A little bit of blood soaked through the first couple layers, so Pearl made a note to change the bandage later. ‘This stuff isn’t really meant for this, but he didn’t have any cotton pads or anything in here.’ She rested her hands on the bandage for a moment when she was done, wrapping around Amethyst’s bicep slightly.

Amethyst sighed when Pearl took her hands away. ‘Try not to flex your arm or it’ll come off.’

‘Sure thing, sweet pea.’

They both climbed into their seats, but Pearl removed the key from the ignition and threw it on the dash. ‘This has been such a long day.’

‘Hey, it’s almost over.’

‘Yeah, I guess. Do you want to stay here and sleep?’

‘I’m not really sleepy, but I have another idea.’

Pearl tilted her head. Amethyst unlocked her door, opened it, and started climbing onto the hood of the cab. Pearl followed her, and kicked the door closed on her way out. 

‘What are we doing?’ she asked.

Amethyst made her way to the top of the trailer. ‘We’re going to dance,’ she grunted on her way up.

Once they were both on top, they looked around. The sun was close to setting, and the sky was unusually pink and purple given the overcast. Amethyst took Pearl’s hand, commanding her attention.

‘I’m short, but do you want me to lead?’

‘I didn’t agree to this.’

‘But you know you want to agree.’

Pearl smiled. ‘There’s no music.’

‘I’ll whistle. Or hum. Or something.’

‘Fine, you lead.’

Amethyst grinned and started humming. It was almost like a jazzy swing tune, but slower and less chaotic. It was interlaced with the occasional bar of whistling. Pearl noted that her partner had a surprisingly smooth voice when she wanted to. She imagined she was a great singer.

They moved back and forth along the length of the trailer over the course of Amethyst’s song. It was peaceful, and Pearl could almost forget they were on top of a stolen freight truck, surrounded by zombies, and almost sure to be dead in the next few days. Instead of trying to put that out of her mind, she allowed herself to relax into the rhythm of their dance. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Amethyst stopped humming for a moment, but kept moving. ‘I considered R&B, but you seem like more of a jazz girl.’

Pearl nodded. Amethyst continued her song, probably making it up along the way. Pearl looked down at Amethyst’s hair. It probably wouldn’t be this clean for very long, and she rested her cheek gently on it. They watched the sky go dark as the sun set behind the clouds. It started drizzling. They both looked up, then at each other, then rushed back into the cab. The few zombies in the area turned their heads at the door slamming.

‘Do you feel better?’ Amethyst asked.

‘Yes, I do. Thank you.’ Pearl smiled and thought for a moment. She felt comforted by her new friend, and Amethyst was certainly charismatic enough to be fun. She decided that if she was going to die, having spent time with Amethyst was consolation enough for that.

‘You sleep in the bed, and I’ll sleep up here. We can switch tomorrow night.’

‘Why don’t we just both sleep in the bed? It’s big enough for both of us. Besides, if you sleep in the chair, you’ll be stiff tomorrow, and your arm and leg might not heal properly.’

‘It sounds like you’re making excuses just to sleep with me.’ Amethyst winked.

‘No,’ Pearl said with a roll of her eyes. She moved into the back. ‘I just know that you are the more capable one here, and I want you to be ready if I need protection.’

Amethyst sat on the bed and scooted up to Pearl. ‘Yeah, protection,’ she said quietly.

‘Ugh,’ Pearl grunted. She laid down and turned toward the back wall, away from Amethyst. She tried to suss out why she was so threatened by Amethyst flirting. Maybe she desperately didn’t want to be in a relationship during the zombie apocalypse, but even if she flirted back that wouldn’t happen, right? Maybe she honestly didn’t like Amethyst enough to enjoy flirting, but, after some thought, Pearl decided that was not the case. She was honest with herself and realized she did like Amethyst. 

Pearl took a deep breath and tried to go to sleep. Amethyst had thrown the blanket over both of them, and she was quite warm herself. Maybe it was a bad idea, and maybe Pearl was grasping for one good thing in the whole shitty situation, but she came to terms with the fact that there was some feeling for Amethyst there. They’d only known each other for a day, so she figured it was a good idea to keep it to herself for a while.

.. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ .. ~..^..~ ..


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this Very Important image just popped into my head: Jason braiding Tim's hair.

Cat you genius Kageyama you~

“Jay are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Tim was sitting cross legged on the living room floor in the Wayne mansion with Jason kneeling behind him, fingers entangled in Tim’s long, dark locks. Jason had spent 15 solid minutes trying to separate Tim’s hair into sections and frankly he was starting to get worried. Jason had seemed so confident in his braiding skills when he had sprung the question on Tim 15 minutes ago, but now Jason just seemed like he was all talk. Jason scoffed.

“Psht, yeah totally. This little girl I helped one time taught me how.”

“You let a little girl teach you how to braid hair?”

“Hey, it was dark, it was cold, she was lost, I just kept her company until her parents came back looking for her.”

Tim giggled at that. Just thinking of a little girl teaching Red Hood how to braid hair was just so amusing to him. Tim started hearing quiet mumbling coming from Jason as he tried to remember the little girl’s lesson. Tim felt little tugs on his hair. He guessed Jason had remembered.

“What are you two doing?”

The two looked up from the floor to see Bruce standing in the living room doorframe. He had on a sharp suit, clearly he had just arrived from WE meeting.

“…uhm… braiding Tim’s hair…”

“You call that a braid? Looks more like a knot to me.”


“….erm… no…”

All of a sudden Alfred appeared from the kitchen holding three mugs of what looked to be coffee. After setting two of them on the coffee table and one into Bruce’s hands, he noticed Jay’s valiant attempt at a braid, and tutted at him.

“Master Jason if that is what you call a braid I worry for the day you have a daughter of your own. Ahem… allow me.”

Jason’s mouth fell open as Alfred knelt behind Tim and swiftly- yet carefully- undid the knot that Jason had tied in Tim’s hair. After a few tugs more. Alfred asked for the hair tie, which Jason provided him, mouth still hanging open.

“There,” Alfred finished, shakily getting back up.

“I-It’s perfect,” Jason stuttered.

“Where’d you learn to do that, Alfred?” Bruce said as he sipped his coffee.

“Thomas and Martha thought you were going to be a girl. I simply made sure I was prepared. Hah, they were so shocked when you came out instead of the ‘Bertha’ they were expecting.”

Bruce choked on his coffee.

The boys choked on their laughter.

“Well it was a good try, Jaybird. Maybe next time you’ll get it. I told Steph I’d patrol with her tonight so I’m off. Bye babe,” he pecked Jay on the lips, “Bye Alfred, Bye B.” Tim ducked out the door, no doubt heading to the cave.

“Well that’s my cue to leave as well. Gotta brush up on my braiding skills. Roy’s probably waiting up for me. Bye Alf… Bye…Bertha.” Jason winked when he said that and choked back laughter as he promptly left before Bruce could chase after him.

He wasn’t about to let this one go.

As a child, I knew a fascinating woman.  She was a tiny redhead with a voice like nicotine-crushed gravel and a habit of adopting as many injured or orphaned animals as her house would hold.  She was a contractor/carpenter by trade, and always had these long, Morticia-Addams-style curled eyelashes.  She grew up with a large pack of older brothers and they taught her things like putting dogshit in a bag on someone’s front step, lighting the bag, ringing the bell and running away.  She taught me how to play Blackjack.  She was the first woman licensed to ride a two-wheeled motor vehicle in her home town.  She adopted a son and raised him, though he died as an adult before we crossed paths.  I later found out the reason she’d never had biological kids was because her mom was exposed to DES, but that’s another story.

I met her because she lived up at the top of a hill with a park at the bottom of it, and I saw her cats out in the front yard in these little harnesses and wanted to pet them so I climbed the hill, knocked on the screen door, and asked.  I was maybe seven.

-The cat-harnesses turned out to be more for eagle-protection than cat containment.  The eagles could pick the cats up, but they couldn’t fly away with them because of the tethers, so they had to drop them.

She taught me a lot.

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Excuse me Professor but how did you survive?I mean you were bitten many times by a poisonous snake.Or did that never happen?


Your Muggle film showed several strikes. Nagini struck once then pulled back to tear my throat open. A fatal strike no matter how you view it. However, I am a Potions Master. I was very familiar with Nagini’s preferred way of killing. I had already devised an antidote for Arthur Weasley when he was struck – multiple times by the snake. After the poison was stopped in Arthur’s blood I refined the antidote and kept it with me. 

That night, knowing very well I was to meet death, I took the antidote and a time-charmed Draught of the Living Death. I then taught my Healing Spell to someone I trusted. Whether or not that was foolish would only be told with my eventual death.

However, I am alive so my trust was well founded. As to the precise circumstances of my actual survival? I believe I have given you enough to make your own assumptions. The precise manner in which I survived… well, no one gets the same story twice, and neither do you.

~S. Snape, Potions Master

My husband got me this cookbook right after he got home from deployment. It was the first time we were living together (we got married and he deployed right after). I still cherish this book so much. It teaches you how to host dinner parties, set tables, cooking techniques, what each pan and dish is used for, how to organize your kitchen, etc. This is the cookbook t taught me to cook. And looking through it, has made me tear up. It brings back all the memories of learning these things. The failed meals that Cody assured me were okay. And the first time successes.

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do you think kaya didn't invite jack or he didn't go? because they dated and i think they once said in an interview that their relationship ended in good terms(?

I’m not really sure.  I don’t think their breakup was on good terms, since Kaya has said, “He was getting famous and wanted to sleep with lots of girls, as guys do. I was going through things with my mum, he had family issues, he lived in Derby and I lived in London. [Our break-up] was horrible, the most painful thing, but it taught me so much about myself. I was so obsessive, in need of love, scared of being alone.”  And I don’t know how big the ceremony was, so it may have just been her close friends there.

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I went to Fordham and lived a few apartments down from where Lana did for a bit while she was at school and it was amazing 💕💕 also one of my profs taught her philosophy and he had a picture with her and he brought it in for me because he knew how much I loved her <3

Oh my gosh!! That’s awesome!

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I have to admit, I think a major reason why I can't accept that all the new airbenders are descendants from the old is because the main argument for that theory is that Bumi got airbending and he was the son of an airbeder. But, I've always been taught that you can't prove a theory from a single result. Without confirmation that there were any other descents of Air Nomads who got airbending, Bumi manifesting it is basically just circumstantial evidence.

Did you just say circumstantial evidence to me? Did you just throw some science my way?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


Yeah. I mean, canonically speaking, we are to understand that the Air Nomads were ALL airbenders (every single last one of them) and that they all lived in one of the four temples. The Fire Nation wiped them out. Aang is acknowledged up down and sideways as the last Airbender. There are no other surviving Airbenders hidden away in the swamps somewhere like Yoda or anything like that. It was a total and complete genocide.

Now, is it conceivable that the occasional airbender procreated elsewhere? Sure. We know from what Aang says that he traveled all over the place as a kid - he talks all the time about his friends around the world (and we even meet King Bumi who is clearly umpty-ump years old). People are people, so it is not inconceivable (and quite frankly I’d take it as a given) that airbenders had flings outside the temples. So I can buy there might be some latent airbending genes out there and that Harmonic Convergence might have triggered them.

But all of them? All of the new airbenders? Coming out of latent genes from generations prior? Not hardly. It was a spiritual thing. Spiritual things do not tend to embrace things like DNA. That’s the point. There isn’t going to necessarily be a scientific explanation for it, skeptics notwithstanding. I am with you on this one, Anon. 

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tell us some things that we don't know about you. (like things that you don't talk about on ur blog!)

ok! here’s a bunch of useless facts bout me:

- I’m introverted. I’m not shy or embarrassed it’s just that people are exhausting and I don’t like being the center of attention. I NEVER contribute to class discussions so my history teacher 2 years ago told my parents in an interview that he couldn’t tell if I was pissed off or paying attention in class :)

- I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 11

- I have saved multiple friends lives multiple times in really dramatic ways too. Once I had to tackle a friend off the road or they would have been run down by a car.

- I’m 5"7 and I haven’t grown any taller in over a year I’m starting to worry that caffeine really does stunt your growth but then I remembered that I also don’t care because iced coffee is incredible

- I have a list of Leslie Knope quotes on my phone

- I also have a list on names on my phone that I would name my future children but I don’t want children so I don’t know why I have that list

- My hair is brown but in the right lighting it can turn red and blonde (I didn’t even know if happened until my friends pointed it out one day. I’ll try get a photo of it)

- I’m half Asian *insert high pitched screaming* I know. it’s insane. me!??? multi cultural!??? in the 21st century!!??????!!?!! no one believes me when I tell them. I feel like white people refuse to believe people can be HALF white and HALF somethings else. it’s embarrassing.

I’m gonna shut up now


The bar in Cambridge,

blues and greens

as preppies like

But he was Portuguese

Sexy man

Who taught me about freedom

We shared a love of the truth

His Pulitzer

My business

Our hearts lived

Apart and at a great

And comfortable


And his first kiss on


When he argued

For his limitations

Daring me to love

Him anyway

Nine years later,

three cats

and laughter

I’d dared

And lost

The argument.



Trumps all

And the intense stare

across the theatre

Eyes locked

A slow, understated


I thought was sexy

Only to find

he was just depressed

The black jaguar

The penthouse

And me



Beside sadness

And how I lost

three years there

which weren’t as fun

as three years lost

in a trailer park

along side him

in the pick up

Marlboro reds

and flamingoes.

Real, sexy years of tequila

And jerkey, Montana and shooting ranges

He had a glock

Under his pillow

We’d have been ok anywhere

And then there was Yale

And the Olympics

And shells on the Thames

And the river Charles

A green Porsche

and the secret society

His book

My glamorous job

Endless betrayals

his with others


by absentia

And he had a lisp

and was a valet

and loved me like

No other and

I wanted to make him

my Pygmalion

and I could have

If only

We hadn’t lost a child

And one I distrusted

hypnotized me

And another

dying to love me

left me dying to be free.

And one I adore

Is out of reach.

Finally, I look

Back to my father

And wonder why

,he hurt me so.

No sympathy requested

No complaint here stated.

As I lay dying

I read the swords

(Like on the tarot card)










And finally,

The last

So what.

I saw him

The other night


in a golden orb

His face shone

With a gentle pride

At me.

“I did it

all because

I loved you

And your

triumph is

My job

well done.”

I may be late

To the library,

to the party

To discover


I may be late

to You tube

And behind

In the polls

But I am not

surrendered in pain

I am triumphant with


I am “it”

And “no”is my best


And  “yes” is its great cousin

How might I

Find my man

Until I know

The man in me?

She who asserts

And discerns,

Establishes boundaries

Is on her side

And behalf.

She who fights for her best

And takes no prisoners.

She who knows

Her worth

And protects it

With ferocity

She who would be him

if he were to arrive as me



Only If For A Night

Live from the Mango tree
Ain’t no beast can take from me
Basically what I’m saying is can’t no beast
Take for free
Lose an arm, head, hand, leg, or feet
How can you proclaim defeat
If you’re not deceased
Grandpa taught me two things
Never give up and fight with your head up
Can’t wait for what’s next up
In these days God has blessed us
He also told me great love is worth waiting for
She knows who she is, baby I’m chasing yours
Back to the beat like the street
On my knees, sweat and tears streak as they bleed
On the streets that made me
Peace creates free and hate needs to leave
I just hate to delete cuz it takes those away from me
When I only had a couple
When we all got in trouble
At least we ALL got in trouble
Losing friends fast like the breaking of glass
People come and pass
Till that ass is lined right into your past
And flash, camera taking pictures of the moments
Polaroid picture of a polarizing figure
Feeling so north polar like
Don’t walk into my house with all that ice nigga
Am I supposed to hide my shine
Because it makes you feel behind the line
But you and I are a combo like lemon lime
I would never do this without you any time
So why do you feel I’m doing this for myself
Even if I am, you still get my wealth
Cuz my art to me is for me to feel free for free
So if I ever did owe you an explanation
I would show you through artistic demonstration
I don’t really talk much anymore
And I no longer walk up for any awards
I am a bird in the sky with sunshine to fly towards
Beautiful eyes, Caramel skin, her amazing life force
Everyone I love, I would die for
No need to recite more

Live From The Mango Tree
Amaru 2016

They ask me what it’s like to work on SNL Saturday Night Live Arabia.

Here is the answer:

* I thought it will enrich my experience as a director, but it did more, it taught me what it’s like to be an “Entertainer”, like Michael Jackson, he was not just a singer or a dancer, he was an entertainer, it’s way more fulfilling to learn how to fully entertain an audience.

* it’s scary and also pleasing to work with the biggest crew you can ever work with, it’s nothing like doing a feature film or a TV series, you are not just working with the same team, they are a big army of creative and passionate men and women, each of them can offer you something new to learn.

* When you do a film or a series you get to work with the same actors or stars for the whole project, but in a project like that you work on each episode with a new star, get to know him/her and know their personality and capabilities, it’s like the longest casting experience.

* Working with the new talents we have, that amazing cast formed of new actors who are full of talent and ambition is such an eye opening experience, it teach you that talent is everywhere, and you have to have an eye to notice them before anybody else.

* Writing, writing and writing, to work with such a creative creative writers who can solve any problem in a heart beat, come up with the best concepts and know how to design a joke is such a humbling experience and it teaches what a 100 films wont teach you.

* When you do a film, you work for more than a year or two only to show it once, but in this project you almost do a film/ a show every week, you get a totally different feedback every single week, from a live audience which won’t lie to you, and then on TV where you can measure the reaction of the masses on social media and such.

Feature films might still be my biggest passion of all but I’m extremely grateful and thankful I was assigned to work on this huge and ambitious project, I think this is the hardest format for a program in at least the Middle East and the most entertaining and enriching one as well.

I can’t be more anxious about how it will be received when it’s screened on TV.

20 Feb. OSN Ya Hala HD

No gold can buy my love, unless it is your heart

you brought me flowers at spring
when it bloomed all around us
he brought me flowers in winter
when everything was freezing and dying

you took me to the beach
when it was but a walk from where i live
he took me to the mountains
a thousand miles (and a thousand times asked ‘are we there yet?’) from home

he taught me to count the moments
while you taught me how to count gold
he made me love all the little things
while you made me crave what’s hyped

you and he, different yet the same
both taught me things
both loved, and not ‘loved’
you loved me as something for your arm
he loved me for my soul

and in the end
you may have given me a ring
but he left me a promise
and that’s all that will ever matter

Fullmetal alchemist au?

I don’t know if this has been done, but I was just thinking about the possibilities the other day. Hear me out here:
-Hiccup lost his leg trying to bring back his dad, got an automail replacement
-Gobber is an automail engineer and taught Hiccup how to build it and such, so he can fix it when it gets damaged
-Hiccup mostly either does metal and fire alchemy
-Hiccup’s expected to become a state alchemist because his dad was one and was in charge of the town they lived in (might become one so he can get his leg back??)
-Toothless is a chimera (mix of a panther and some lizard probably) that Hiccup rescued from a lab after (releasing)? all the others, as he’s against chimera type alchemy. Toothless was missing a leg so hiccup made him an automail one and Toothless stuck with him after that

Jack is the one I’m still figuring out, but here’s some ideas:
-Jack is a homunculus, but is “fun” instead of one of the seven sins (he could also be the new lust)
-Jack almost died saving his sister but she transmuted his soul to either armor or like his favorite sweatshirt and the rest of his body is visible because he used ice alchemy to build the rest of it so he’s visible (this one is kind of a stretch)
-Jack is a state alchemist and he’s trying to provide for his family, and he tries to be conspicuous about his identity to protect them so he goes by Jack Frost rather than Jackson Overland. He also isn’t noticed too often because of his attempt to be hidden, but he still gets lonely
-He definitely uses both ice alchemy and a form of air/wind alchemy where he solidifies the particles around him so he can “fly”

Let me know what ideas you guys like or any sorts of additional things you have!

diskwrite-ffxiv asked:


Send me 💎 and I’ll tell you how my character feels about yours!

Bex’li adores Ojene for so many reasons. When he first met her, he respected her as an adult and veteran. His mother had taught him very early that their lives were only possible because of people like Ojene and Sylbfohc, so he had a great deal of respect for both of them. 

As he got to know her better, shared in some of her memories, his respect grew but he also started seeing in her, someone who was actually a lot like himself in some ways. Someone who while she didn’t hold back critique of his choices and views, supported him. 

He likes that she’s one of the few people out there that does look at his cute little face and just dismiss him as a child. He knows she’s someone that he can go to and speak to about things and she’ll -listen-.

To add to that, he loves that she’s got a sharp tongue, she’s clever, she’s not afraid of pissing people off, she’s deadly, and she’s funny. He love spending time with her chatting and even enjoyed being her date at that one party.

Whether she realizes it or not, he does not look at her and see the age difference. His affection is more friend than the sort of love he’d feel for his mother but he considers her family and would do anything to protect her if he needed to.


// remember you

I knew deep in my soul,
that I’d never love anyone
the way I loved him.
That I wouldn’t ever feel
as alive as I did,
when I was with him.
No matter how much I tried
not to love him,
or how bad I tried
to replace him,
my heart wouldn’t let me.
It was unfair; unjust,
to live a life without him.

Instead I took his
memory with me,
everywhere I went.
I embraced the
love I had for him,
into everything I did.
Losing him wasn’t planned,
and loving him wasn’t either.
But he taught me how
to love and be loved,
and I decided to love
for both of us.