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Part 1: I struggle a lot with getting along with my family because I stand up for equal rights among everyone no matter their sexuality and gender. My family is Christian as am I but they still like to point out that my way of thinking is messed up because the bible says so. And I just wonder, to what extent does the bible cover sexuality and gender? Like I believe the bible is the truth but I believe more that God is a just God who loves every life and I don't want to believe he would condemn

Someone for their sexuality and for the gender they identify with. I don’t want to dislike my family for their ways of thinking because it’s honestly how they were taught to live but I also hate that I feel like an outsider and that they feel the need to “pray for me so I can know the truth” just because I disagree with their views. I guess what I’m asking is how do we know what kind of Christian to be if the bible sees anything other than heterosexual as sin? Yet also wants us to love everyone and there’s just so many things to say about the bible. Such as, it was written so long ago in a time where women had limited freedom and were seen as last place always. And where lgbtqap people (and so many more) would be persecuted. What should I believe ??? I’m just so confused and love God so much but I don’t know. Am I going to hell for believing in gay marriage? For equality?

The reason why it’s a big issue is because people have varying interpretations, and I’m not going to argue that mine is more accurate than another’s. Let your family pray you you, and you should pray for them too. Love them regardless of their beliefs. Strive for harmony with your family but don’t stop fighting for equal rights. I can’t tell you what to believe, and I can’t tell you the correct interpretation of every passage without a doubt - I’m not inerrant. All I can say is continue to seek him and love everyone - from the oppressed groups to the raging homophobes.

My Father is never patient
but he taught me how to
read time and my Mother
only talks about reality
but she taught me how
to write fiction and my
Sister has thought
about a way to give
up but she taught
me how to live and
you never loved me
but you taught me
how to love.
—  Maybe we teach what we want to learn.

i. He taught me how to see the world in color

ii. Because black and white weren’t enough

iii. Because then I would have seen him for what he was,

iv. Yet I was too hungry for what I couldn’t see.

—  I guess there’s always a price, whether it be a broken heart or a million bucks, to growing up 
A Man Who Taught Me

There was a man
He told me to be logical
And so I studied
There was a man
He showed me what it means to be selfless
And so I did my best to be like him
There was a man he taught me nothing is impossible
And so I lived with an open mind
There was a man who made me see true friends are worth everything
And so I cherished my friends above anything else
There was a man that told me to live long and prosper
And so I do my best to be healthy and be as happy and successful as I possibly can
There was a man who told me to be me
And so I could do nothing more than live how he’d always shown me
There was a man who told me logic isn’t everything
And so I was creative and vivid with my dreams
There was a man who compared life to a garden
And so I thought about my life in a new light
There was a man who is here no more
And so I cried until I realized he was still here
There is a man that’s here in his words
But I can’t say I won’t miss him
There is a man who I can visit in old films
But I can’t say I won’t get a little teary eyed, even if it’s a funny moment
There is a man who warned me not to mourn
But when someone feels so out of reach there isn’t more I can think to do
There is a man who some say has died
But I can’t help but feel he’s still alive through us and all he has done.


all time favorite ships → kiritsugu/irisviel

Kiritsugu was being too indulgent of his sadness, and for the purpose of advising him, Irisviel shook her head strongly. “What’s stored within me, the vessel of the Grail, I will not give to anyone. When the Grail is filled, the one who has the privilege of owning it - it’s only you, Kiritsugu.”

The elders of the Einzbern only wish for the completion of the Grail; that is their sole desire… but for this young couple, after this, they still have wishes that need realization. Dreams that need realization. Kiritsugu shut the lid of the notebook computer and hugged Irisviel tightly. “No matter what, we can’t lose.”

For his wife, right now compared to her family’s desire, Irisviel cares more about her and her husband’s ambition. This fact deeply moved Kiritsugu.

here's something my dad taught me not long before he went to be with the lord

"don’t bitch and complain about how miserable your life is when you know you can fix it. if you really want your life to get better, then fix it yourself. no one is going to hold your hand through it all. you have to do this yourself. it’s called growing up."

what bothers me about marauders' era fics/headcanons

is that they literally forget that there was a war going on. even in hogwarts, the only ‘safe’ place left, imagine how awful it would be?

imagine sitting in class being taught by a teacher rumoured to be a death eater, a killer. imagine going to school with children who’s families have killed yours. 

imagine kids at school teasing you. then bullying you. then using dark magic on you. all in the safety of your own school.

imagine kids boasting about how they’re gonna torture people like you when they’re older. imagine getting older and seeing it happen.

imagine being neglected your whole life, and when you’re finally wanted, accepted, it’s by a gang of what may as well be hitler youth members.

imagine thinking someone’s gone bad, realising years later they died to end the war, like you would have, regretting how you hated them for the rest of your life.

imagine spending your life thinking destroying mudbloods is right, and then coming to school and suddenly everything you know is wrong.

imagine abandoning your little family because death eaters are after you. your son will never know you. your wife will never understand why you left.

imagine the war being over and watching the man who killed your friends cleared of all charges just like that, because he said he was being imperiused.

imagine hearing that your best friend betrayed your other best friends to Voldemort. imagine thinking it doesn’t make sense, because he loved them so much, he was their best man, he was their son’s godfather, he bought harry a baby broom, but he betrayed them and you can’t understand why. 

imagine the world celebrating the defeat of the wizard you’ve spent your life trying to destroy while you’re in Azkaban, knowing the only friend you have left hates you, and you deserve it.

imagine not knowing who to trust for 11 years. imagine refusing to love anyone again, because what good’s that done anyone in this war before? 

and then cry. because all of that, canonically, has happened at some point in the harry potter world.

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My dad has played the drums for as long as I can remember and I showed him a video of George playing. He was like super freaked out because he doesn't cross his arms when he plays which is supposedly really uncommon and really hard. He said that either George was taught that way or is so tall and long limbed that it's more comfortable for him to play like that. Sorry. I just wanted to share my random fact.

"so tall and long limbed" i’m so dead right now when will he let me live imagine how much further he has to set his drums oh dear god send help to me im not okay

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psst, gratsu for the ship meme? :3

i’M SO GLAD YOU SENT THESE TWO! Because they’re one of my otps omfg

  • Who is the restless sleeper?


  • Who eats cereal for dinner?

they both do fuxking nerds

  • Who wears odd socks?

Gray (when he bothers to where them oh)

  • Who reads more?

Gray secretly reads a lot… but he has to wear glasses to read, so he gets embarrassed about it. When he first read around Natsu, he was afraid that Natsu would mock him, but Natsu just found it really freakin adorable

  • Who prefers a bath over a shower?


  • Who can knit?

Ur taught Gray how to knit and nobody can convince me she didn’t

  • Who has the weirder laugh?

Natsu omfg

  • Who gets more jealous?

Gray is more jealous, Natsu is more possessive 

  • Who sleeps with a teddy bear?

Neither… but Gray owns a bear his mother gave him when he was a child, and that’s very precious to him

  • Who still uses internet explorer?

NATSU (he cannot handle technology omfg)

  • Who is the most sentimental?


  • Who can play an instrument?

Gray can play the kazoo???????

  • Who has the worst sense of direction?

THEY BOTH DO! But Natsu has a good sense of smell, so he is slightly better (and Gray hates him for it)

  • Who cooks breakfast?

Gray is actually a pretty good cook tbh

  • Who is the early riser?

Neither… they just like cuddling tbh because they’re wonderful fluffy nerds oh

//2:29 a.m. thoughts//

When I look at myself, I see nothing. I see an empty soul, trying to find its way out of a human body. He sees me as beautiful. Worthy of living. Worthy of being. How can people perceive things so difference?..So distant?
He taught me how it was to love. How it felt to be loved. While I was at a loss, he showed me how it was to be desired. He loved me…and love was not quite what I understood. Why would someone want to stay up all night on the phone talking till 3 a.m about love, and loving? What I didn’t understand was that love is not something simple. It is not just something you can avoid. When you lay in your bed, constantly thinking about this one person on your mind, that is love. Love is caring. Love is sweet. But love is time. Love is damaging to the mind. That is what I don’t get about love. How come I do not perceive love as others do?

#1 Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd (This is my personal favorite so I did this one first)

Mark to me embodies this song. Living a life for happiness and love. Especially because this song is from a father’s perspective, teaching his son what’s most important in life, I could imagine that Mark’s father was like this with him. He taught him how to be a man, by loving him and teaching him what’s most important in life. Mark became the amazing man that he is today because he lives like this.

George Harold Harrison wasn’t only the “quiet one” lead guitarist of The Beatles, he was a legend who left the earth way too soon, and today we are celebrating this grand man (tomorrow as well). George Harrison. He is my hero. He taught me about life and how it goes and things pass and that even though I’m in the darkest depth of time that everything will be okay because life is just ongoing. I don’t even know if I would be here without him, but I do know he changed me for better. He taught me compassion and love. George Harrison isn’t the ordinary man but who cares when he was a beautiful musical angel. When living a spiritual fellow and now he is gone but he died a hero and will live on in the hearts of many. George Harrison is my inspiration and I hope you all celebrate him today as I did and still do. Happy birthday my beautiful little ray of sunshine and we will surely carry on with your music of love.

"The Hostess Will Be Right With You"

I’m gonna stop asking “How stupid can you get?” because people are just taking it as a challenge.

Today, a gentleman approached me as I was holding a tray full of drinks.

"The hostess will be with you in just a minute, Sir, " I told him.

"Table for three," he replied back. He also held up three fingers in the likely event I didn’t know how many three was.

Are you fucking kidding me? On what planet does it make sense that the person who is going to deliver your food and drink is the exact same person who is going to seat you? By the way, are you deaf? I just told you to wait a goddamn second so that the person whose job it is to seat you can come and escort you to your table.

Who taught you how to live? UGH

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At one point in my life I decided to date again and the other person was romantically attracted to me but It made me severely uncomfortable because of how mushy gushy he was. I proceeded to tell him that I thought we should break up and he tried really hard to make me feel bad and take him back even after I explained to him my lack of romantic emotions. I don't get why people do that?

romantics are just weird. i dont think they understand anything outside of romance (hehe sorry its pretty true tho). people are just desperate because we grow up being taught that romance is the end goal in life and living without it isnt an option. honestly how many movies do you see with a complete absence of romance? not being in romantic love isnt even an option.