A Request

With a fresh sheet of thick parchment laid in front of her, Avie took to writing her letter with care and consideration. It wasn’t often she wrote to those so high up in The Sunguard’s ranks, save for her mentor.


We have never met before so please allow me to introduce myself. I am Lightward Avie Sin’thorel of the Sunspear. I write to you with a request that I hope you may be able to assist me with.

I am studying under The Sentinel in order to become a Spellbreaker. He has tasked me with seeking out and experiencing all kinds of magic in order that I may learn how to break them. He mentioned that you once helped him in this endeavor and with the Legion looming on our doorstep, I humbly request that you bestow the same favor to me. I would very much like to know what fel magics feel like before I am confronted with an Infernal on our front doorstep.

I cannot offer much but my gratitude and continued service and loyalty to The Sunguard in return, though perhaps I can arrange a gift to your estate from mine if there is anything you have need of.

My deepest regards,

Lady Sin’thorel.

She finished off the letter with the golden wax seal of her family, ready to be sent upon first light.



Hello i told You that i will Update You and i Do it ;)
Today my Master gave me the Task that i have to Do 1 edge every Hour. I can Do it every Hour or Collection them and do them later, But i Need to hold the First Edge for 10s and for every Edge i have to add 10s

For Example
Edge1 = 10s
Edge2 = 20s
Edge3 = 30s… And so on

And for every Edge, i am not able to hold the hole time, i Need to Tell my Master. what Happens for every Edge i Cant hold… I dont Know.

He gave me the Task at 8am so now i have 2 edges in Store…

And now i will Add a “#” so You can find the Denial Periods ;)
And i will add every post to this “#” until i am allowed to cum Then i will create a new “#”

I write to free my soul. I write to pour my heart.
I write to understand what I’m thinking.
I write because the words clogged in my veins makes it difficult to breathe.           I write for myself. I write for the Moon I love soo much.
I write for those teeny tiny dusty particles & the blazing meteors.
I write for the giant fiery stars that stand millions of light years away yet seem to appear like diamonds planted in the night sky.
I write for the amazement my mother’s eye held when she sees me trying to prove my point in an argument.  I write for the proudness reflecting on my father’s face when he sees me accomplishing tasks without any help. I write for my friends who believed in me when I lost hope in myself.  I write to express myself. I write when it’s too much or when there’s nothing at all. I write when I can’t let my pain flow through tears. I write when I cannot contain my happiness.
I’ll keep writing until I’ve tasted every word, familiarized myself with every syllable and copied each and every passing thought in the folds of my diary. I’ll keep writing….

-Heranaaz.// I’m a writer.